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Stealing mode's idea! Blowing off excess ideas, shorts, one shots, and CYOA ideas. I have too many of them builidng up. Even with the work that I'm doing on the side with them, they've started interfering with Moko. I'm going to try and put them here, blowing off a little bit of steam, so that I can keep going with moko. It's also nice to have this just to be able to keep writing when I'm stalled with one idea so that I keep in practice. Always good to keep tuning the art, you know?

Anyways, first up: Storyteller.

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This is a story about a story. A story that has been told a thousand times. Each time it’s told, it changes slightly. Bits are added, forgotten, and given a unique twist by each person who tells it, subtly changing it. This is just one of the myriad of stories that exist in this land...


“I’m tired,” you whine loudly. Trudging through the craggy, rocky terrain that makes up the northlands is always the part you hate most about your travels. While the people here are friendly and always have the best hospitality, getting from city to city is the most arduous part. Though, as you think about it, the landscape may be why the locals are so nice here. Desperate for information, stories, and they receive few visitors.

Your master just shakes her head. “As you’ve been saying for the better part of the day. C‘mon, it’s not much further now.” She waves her hand at the buildings rising from the horizon. “If we continue this pace, we should be at Kanadori by nightfall.”

Sighing, you continue to trudge along behind your master, yourself heavily laden. Your master is carrying her share of the supplies as well, but the distances that the pair of you travel require a vast amount of supplies. Weapons too, though those are only as a matter of last defense. Storytellers are expected to use their words to solve disputes. There are things in this world, however, that cannot be reasoned with. Beasts, bandits, brutes. All manner of unkind things that, while they may not want you dead this very instant, at the very least want what’s in your pack.

A stiff breeze blows up, causing the few evergreen trees around you to sway and dance about you and your master. She brushes a lock of purple hair from her face. You simply shiver against the cold. Just as you're about to grumble, your master puts her arm out, stopping your movement suddenly. She then points towards a few nearby trees. A quick scanning of where she pointed revealed a pair of glowing eyes. As you begin to reach for your weapon, your master moves to stop you.

"This reminds me of a story..." She begins suddenly, staring at the eyes in the trees, "I've probably told you this one before, but it's good you hear these stories many times. After all, you have to commit them to memory..."

The eyes from the trees continue to watch warily, but unmoving.

"Do you really..." before you can finish that thought, you master affixes you with a glare. "Of course, master Akyuu."

"Well then--

               A long time ago, well before the war between the gods and humans,
               there was a young woman. She lived on the edge of a large forest,
               similar to this one. Deep within the forest was a monster who lived
               sequestered away from others. So terrifying was this monster that
               people would not enter this wood, day or night, for fear of being caught
               and eaten by the monster.

               Though the girl had been warned many times, she refused to stay away
               from the forest. She thought herself an expert on avoiding the monster.
               Every day she went into the forest to gather materials, and every day
               she returned. Whispers began among the people that she herself was
               sort of monster. Eventually, she was driven from her home. With
               no where else to turn, the girl fled into the forest, making it her new

               Years passed, and the girl never once saw the monster. She began to
               doubt whether or not it even existed. Until one day the girl was
               gathering materials from the forest. As she entered a clearing one
               day, she was greeted by what appeared to be another human
               working, oblivious to what was going on about her. Nearby was a
               small creature, hovering behind the other girl. The girl moved
               to warn the other girl, of the creature behind her. The creature,
               however, took notice of the girl's actions. It moved closer to the
               other girl and made as if it was getting ready to strike. With out
               hesitation, the girl lashed out at the creature with a rock.

               Now the other girl took notice of the first, crying out upon seeing
               the injured creature on the ground. The girl rushed up to the other
               girl, asking if she was alright, but was simply pushed aside
               as the monster moved to care for the fallen creature. It paid little
               heed to the girl's presence. It became obvious, after a short time,
               that there was nothing the monster could do for the creature. It
               now turned it's full attention to the girl.

               For a few moments it raged at the girl, causing her to draw back
               in fear, finally realizing that she was in the presence of the 'monster'
               of the forest. The girl started to plead for her life, but was cut short
               by the monster. It told her that the creature had been one of it's dearest
               friends, and simply asked why the girl had felt the need to attack it.
               Unsure of how to reply, she answered honestly, saying that she
               had thought that the creature was about to attack the other girl.

               Silence passed between the two beings for some time. The monster
               eventually shook her head. She gathered the remains of the creature
               and began to walk from the clearing. The girl called out after the
               monster, asking it's name. It paused on the edge of the clearing, giving
               the girl an appraising glance. It finally replied. 'My name is Alice.'
               With that, it vanished into the forest.

"So, as you can see, not every creature you see before you is a monster." No sooner had your master finished speaking than a girl emerged from the woods.

"Akyuu? Is that you?" She called out.

"Ah hah! Aya! I thought that might have been your dog there."

The tall girl with short black hair laughed. "Yeah, that's my Momi. She's gotten bigger since the last time you were around. It's been what, almost eight seasons since you were last here? I figured that it'd just be your apprentice making the rounds by now."
The large dog bounded out of the woods rushing up to Aya. It's snow white fur now quite visible in the crisp air. It took turns sniffing Akyuu and yourself before settling back in next to Aya.

"Haha! You're not going to get rid of me that easily." Akyuu adjusted the pack on her back. "I've still got some seasons left in this old body of mine. Though, I'm sure you don't know of many people who make it to 116 seasons."

Aya's mouth opened wide in surprise. "Wow. I would have never thought you were THAT old. You're even more amazing than I thought." She pulled out a small piece of animal skin and some charcoal.

Your master shook her head and laughed. "There you go again, writing down everything you hear. You really should learn to remember these things yourself. But I digress. I assume that you're to be our escort to the village?"

A quick nod served as reply. "Yep, there's been some bandits and raiders sniffing around the town, so mayor sent me to make sure you were safe."

"Well then. It seems that I'm in your care. Lead the way, young miss."

You adjust the pack on your back, and follow the two older women who are chatting away exchanging gossip and tales. That's to be your position some day, story teller. Remembering the stories of those who can no longer tell them. It's your most sincere hope that you can live up to that hefty duty. The wind blows again as the four of you set off towards the buildings in the distance.
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Nice, works well as a one shot.
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Just out of curiosity(and because I don't want to fag up /th/) If I were to start doing GASD again, would you guys want me to pick up from where I left off, with a brief summary of events up to that point, or would you want to just start over?

Curious as to what you guys have to say.
No. 4234

Personally, I'd rather you start over. Mostly because I think there would be slightly better odds of you not dropping it again if you were able to start from scratch.
No. 4235
As much as I hate cliffhangers and loose ends, I think it would be best to reboot and start from scratch in this case. That way, even if the story winds up heading in the same direction as it already has, we can actually feel the build-up to that point.
No. 4236
Whatever would make you more inclined to continue writing it. A reboot is fine but only if you have it in you.
No. 4238

I think restarting would be the way to go.
No. 4242
Restart would be a better choice.
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This is why delays. This reason almost exactly, save the whole 'taking off overnight' thing.
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It has been brought to my attention that my previous statement has been misunderstood. The delays are because I'm FIGHTING that impulse, not because I'm trying to find ways to give into it.
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Oh. I always believed in you.
No. 4945
Show me true despair once again, Kira.
Get me even when i expect it. I know you can do it.
No. 4946
Oh, I have an idea that would do that, but it would require starting a new story. Not going to to that until I finish another one.
No. 4948
It's funny how Kira is remarking on his despair impulse, considering how the Snow End caused some other people to have it.
No. 4951

That's the point
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>1918 - 2005
Then who... Oh god, we're being haunted.
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Fuck you.
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Eerily relevant. Not sure if want.
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in b4 wiseman reference thread
No. 5185
The term is "in during"

>made of flame resistant fabric
So is that why he stuck around despite our mob torches?
No. 5188
Could you people not shit up Kira's thread with your Wiseman obsessing? You could go and make your own thread all about it.
No. 5189


Out of extra lives?
No. 5190
He is indeed now with Yuyuko, and that's the reason why I'd rather not see one of his last threads be mucked up by something like this.
No. 5191
different anon

Wait... he died? Seriously? That's awful. ;_;
No. 5192
Yep. See >>/th/118703.