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THP is back online. Posting on it doesn't work, thought.

Pic related, it's Wiseman not being bad on a not bad site.

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It's been that way since we moved.
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>THP is back online. Posting on it doesn't work, thought.

I thought that was why we had to move. THP is up and can be browsed, but it's thoroughly fucked up in terms of interacting with it and the current owner can't be bothered to remove it or replace the whole mess with a redirect to www.touhou-project.com

Having a dead site that looks like it's alive is 10 times worse than the site disappearing outright. If it just went outright 404, more people might make an effort to find out where their favorite stories ended up.
No. 3535
Actually, as far as I can remember, THP couldn't even be browsed when we moved here. It was just a page full of gibberish, and nothing else.
No. 3537
I've been able to view the original THP site in the past. It's always looked exactly like this too. From an explanation the mods gave on this site (regarding the new boards not showing up on the top of some of the old boards), HTML pages are generated whenever a new post is made. There's obviously no database on the old site, so there's no way to make a post, and you just get the same old cached HTML pages over and over.

On the plus side, it's been months since the last post on the old site, so a perceptive user would notice that something is wrong, even if they don't know about the move. Doubly so if they try to post and ask "what the fuck happened to this story/this site?"
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Holy is a dick. He couldn't make a simple redirect or give us the database at the time. But now the domain redirects just fine to doujinstyle, funny that.