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I am a writefag. Over a year ago, I tried writing a CYOA, but it stalled after a few posts, because I quickly reached a point where I simply didn't know what sort of situation to present to my audience, in a way that would cause the story I had come up with to progress. So, uh, maybe some other writefags could give me advice on how not to fall into this rut, if I were to try again?

(Pic related, not that I expect more than one or two people to remember)

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I miss Plague Doctor.

And Sanae freaking out while we try to attend to her wounds. THEY NEEDED TO BE TREATED TO PREVENT INFECTION DAMMIT.
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Go with the flow. When you don't know what to do, allow Anon to take direction, even for a bit. Even if the first random step in whatever direction isn't progress, it may lead to you being inspired and coming with something, not unlike getting lost and walking in a random direction and you see the road.

Also, think ahead of your story. Don't map it out completely, but think of the big, most basic elements or events of your story. Try to make them time-based, too, like "one week after arriving in Gensokyo this will happen".
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Fuck yeah Plague Doctor.

Milly pretty much got it, but another important thing to remember is that sometimes the story doesn't really need to go anywhere. A lot of the most memorable scenes from some of the best CYOAs were slice-of-life things (Ice cream fight!) so it's good to just let it happen if it comes down to it, now and then.

I do hope you try again. You had one of the coolest first-three-posts.
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I fucking loved Plague Doctor CYOA.
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I would post the other drawfag-created plague doctor image here so as to show my support, but I don't have it on this computer. Someone was thwapping the doctor on the mask in it, or bonking their head lightly, or something.

Anyway, yes. Get fucking writing again, Max. It was good.
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My advice as a writefag is actually the opposite of Milly's: do map out your story completely, from start to finish, as though you were going to write it as a novel instead of a CYOA. You don't need pages upon pages of notes or a whiteboard with a flowchart on it; just a little outline of major plot points in your head will do, so long as you have something. Most of the time, you won't need it at all, but when you feel like the story's losing focus, drop a plot point or two to encourage Anon to head back in the direction you want.

That's not to say that Milly's way is wrong; they've each got their advantages and disadvantages. If you 'go with the flow' and leave it to Anon, you're more likely to end up with a nice, easygoing slice-of-life CYOA, since that's what Anon is best at; the downside, as that dead story in /coriander/ goes to show, is that Anon will not provide any semblance of plot, and stories without any plot are not interesting. Making an outline and sticking to it ensures that your CYOA won't succumb to "filler episode syndrome", but if you're not careful to give Anon some control, you run the risk of railroading and sucking the spontaneity and fun out of the story. It sounds like your problem is more towards the side of the former, which is why I recommend the latter method of story planning to fix it.

So there, problem solved. Now write, goddamnit.
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Please come back ;_;
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THAT was the one. Thank you.