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Is the recent board software update a KusabaX thing, or custom additions by our crack team of programmers? If the latter, can they bring back the little news blurb that used to be below the post dialog?

Also, automatic IQDB search is an excellent idea.

No. 3469
All me baby. I was too lazy to keep pasting addresses/downloading images first to search for artists. The fychan script inspired me somewhat to do it as well.

Also, do you mean the blotter (red text under post box)? That appears when we (usually me) put something there. Like I will now.
No. 3471
Any chance you could some kind of "jump to the bottom of this page" link by the "Last 50/First 100" set of links at the top of threads?

I ask this because my phone has no Home/End functionality, for stupid design reasons. I hate having to hold down the volume slider for a good minute or two to make it manually scroll to the bottom of the page just so I can see how voting is going on my story, or so I can get right to (or near) the most recent update, on other stories.

It's probably not a feature in very big demand, but I figured I'd throw it out there. It'd be a huge help.
No. 3472
Would it be possible to get an edit function? Post and delete is fine, but it runs into problems for revisions that aren't made immediately.
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So what happened that necessitated an IP change? How long will it be until the DNS catches up?
No. 3476
Host decided to migrate the VPS. I suppose the DNS cache depends on your ISP, those get updated/flushed every 24-48 hours on average. On the user end there's always 'ipconfig /flushdns' for windows and for linux you simply restart the nscd daemon.

Short answer: no
Long answer: It's not impossible but as far as I know no one has done so for kusabax and the devs think the feature is idiotic. It has been done for wakaba, but it's not a base functionality and no page/admin I've spoken to has any idea how they enabled it or how it works code-wise.

Personally I think it's not a good idea. It's a lot of effort for little payoff - edit features make sense on forums not imageboards. The potential for abuse is there and anything that needs to be edited can be deleted and posted again. Or a followup post can be made. If there's some sort of extraordinary circumstances and that isn't good enough for any reason anything can be edited through the database by an admin (either me or Kapow would do it though).

I was thinking of making it like the textboards (ie:/words/) with anchors for next thread, previous thread, top. But it's not as simple as I imagined it to be when I took a brief glance (well compared to the 4 or so lines in the right place it took for iqdb). So I might either do that or go with a simple bottom/top of page. Eventually.
No. 3477
On the subject of deleting posts, think you could make the passwords work better? Like make it so that when your IP suddenly changes or whatever, you don't also get a new password without noticing, since the randomly generated ones are all the same length and blocked by astericks? Why the hell are they hidden like that anyways?

One solution I had to (almost) completely remove the password issue is to completely get rid of the randomized passwords, and force users to write their own. It'd take a few seconds to do that once, and as long as the cookie stays, wouldn't need to be re-entered. And this way the user actually knows what their password is, so even if it's lost they can still delete an old/double post. It's not like these passwords need to be secure anyways, since all you can do with them is delete a post, and in most cases there's no way to tell one user from another.
No. 3482
A slight variation on this idea would be to continue generating post passwords with IPs, but to store the result as a cookie (the same way user-chosen passwords are stored), thereby giving that particular computer a fixed password from then on (or at least until the cookie expires). Not as obnoxious as forcing the user to enter their own password, decreases the likelihood of lost passwords for people with dynamic IPs, and is still about as secure as the current method.
No. 3483
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It took me 2 days playing around with all sort of shit to finally get on this site again.
I dobut that the normal user would have such tenacity to try and get on here.
Expect the user count to go down again.

On the positive side, firefox runs like hell now for me.
No. 3485
The host moved us to a new server yesterday and forgot to point the domain name to the new IP. They just fixed it a couple hours ago. I guess the site should run smoother now, at least.
No. 3486
I'm a an experienced linux user and competent sys admin (or at least I hope I am) as well as have experience with databases and apache. I can also work with C and am somewhat familiar with Java. I'm not web developer though. As such I'm not exactly in my element working with PHP (which is the bulk of Kusabax). I'm patient, willing to learn and read up, but I'm not an expert on it by any means.

Given the complex structure of the imageboard software (functions that depend on functions in other files and with a sometimes unclear hierarchy) this makes any task that may change the foundation tricky. I have to examine the structure carefully, see if doing something won't break something else and all that. I mean hell, at one point I thought that I was close to making rss feeds for individual threads but when I tested it locally I ran into very nasty issues. Debugging across multiple functions and files isn't fun.

As for your particular issue. I don't know how that's governed yet. I looked through the board files and found only mentions of the box, though not how it functions. It may be related to a randomnumber/encryption extension that I saw elsewhere. It may depend on the salt. In the database post password is just a hash. I don't know what the best solution would be. I guess I'll decide as I look into it. Unmasking doesn't seem to be a bad idea, but it would depend on having people write/remember those passwords. Your safest bet right now is to simply enter a password every time you post. Something you'll remember and is unique.
No. 3538
I like the new CSS, but the 'highlighted post' color you get when you click on a named anchor-type link like >>3486 is virtually impossible to read. Any chance of a change?
No. 3541
File 12657086172.jpg - (220.46KB , 1256x702 , wip.jpg ) [iqdb]
Changed it for now and it should be legible. I'm not the maker of the style sheet though. I'll ask for his opinion/fix whenever he's around.

It isn't hard to get your own custom style going if you ever want to tweak or change anything though. As evidenced by my own which took me like 10 minutes just now.
No. 3572
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No. 3582
The Mokou pic makes me think of a cross between a demon and a terminator.
No. 3631
File 126705192411.jpg - (61.92KB , 849x569 , error.jpg ) [iqdb]

Also, you might want to redirect the subdirectories to the same message you have the main domain redirected to, if possible. "The requested URL /th/ was not found on this server" is a little disconcerting.