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Has anyone else had trouble uploading images? I was trying to upload an image over on /th/ but I kept getting an error that prevented me from posting. When I removed the picture attached to the post, it immediately went through, and attempt afterward to post the same exact message with the picture I intended yielded the same error message.

It was something like this:

Warning: md5_file() [function.md5-file]: Filename cannot be empty in /srv/kusaba/inc/classes/posting.class.php on line 145

Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /srv/kusaba/inc/classes/upload.class.php on line 63

I tried screwing around with the file name, and even directory, but nothing seemed to work for me. Any clue why this happened?

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How big was the file? I've gotten that error message before, and I eventually realized that the file I was trying to upload was over 2MB, so I think you may be running into the file size limit.
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Thanks for the tip. I just went and checked. It was being displayed as 2.00 MB, but a more exact size check says it weighs in at around 2054 KB, just 6 KB over the limit. I was figuring it was closer to 2000 KB because I didn't bother to look close.

I guess that answers that one. I do hope we get a more informative error screen for this at some point though.
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>figure of speech
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Issue fixed.