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Nothing. Still nothing.

I kick back in my chair, rolling a few empty cans of monster out of the way with a clink. It's been over two weeks, and still nothing. Maybe I'll just play some more games, but... I can't. Bored. They're all the same, now.

I want to read updates, but there are none.

'Don't worry, we'll be back soon,' Wriggle whispers, with that voiceless voice. Of course, she's not really there. Only in your head. 'Me, too~,' Chen adds, just as weak as the first. All of my favorites. Their voices get weaker by the day. I know there's other stuff I could do, or read, but... it's not the same. I don't get to vote on those.

What wacky hijinx gets to happen next? I'm... starting to think it doesn't really matter. I was out with friends for the first time in years last night due to this boredom. We had... well, was it fun? It might have been. I'm not sure. I'd like to try it again, though.

The phone rings, and I answer?

“Hey, you there?”


“We were going to grab some Burger King. Wanna come with?”

I think about it. Normally, I'd say no. Go downstairs, make some instant ramen, and get back to reading. But... there's no need. There is nothing to read. And I won't be doing anything anyway.

“Sure. Be down in a bit.”

So, I go. Grab my coat because it's rather chilly, and my hat because it'd be strange to go out without it. And then, I step outside. The light is blinding at first, but, soon, my eyes get used to it. It's actually kind of nice out here. Maybe I should go out more often...


Ah, another day. It passes like any other; I get up, take a walk. Breakfast. Work. Come home, and call up a few of my buddies. Soon, we're having all kinds of fun. It's hard to believe that only a few months ago, I never did any of this. My computer was my only friend. And now...

“Say,” My friend asks, “What was that one site you were always talking about? You know, with all the stories? I was bored today, but I forgot what it was.”

Huh. What was it? I try to think, but... nothing comes to mind. Something to do with touhou. But... no. It's gone.

“I forgot.”


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Fixed. Not that it sounds any better...
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Becoming a normal person with healthy social life is actually my biggest fear.
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