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Can we discuss some things in RaAN that I still cannot figure out to this day?

Who do you think Kisume is referring to when she says "May"?
Is May, Yuuka, amd is she dead in RaAN-verse?

>"May I kill, I may, kiss'me crying, crying in May," it hisses venomously, and you understand its warning perfectly and clamp back your shout. It (you can hardly think of it as a she) sticks out its hand again and rolls Letty over, patting her down. Unable to scream outwardly lest the mugger (you HOPE it's just a mugger) decides to hurt Letty, you scream inwardly. Why, why, why, why why did you not bring a weapon?
>"Kiss'mkill'mkiss'm may? May I not. Cry, cry I may. Cry you, lover? Cry in May." Its hand jerks back into the barrel. All of the creature's movements are erratic, twitchy. It reminds you unpleasantly of when the patients at the nursing home have seizures. You can barely make heads or tails of its singsong speech, and still don't dare move. It retreats its head, thank everything, and rolls back over to you.
>"May I?" One dark eye gleams from the barrel's glowing lip. Silence stretches. You realize it's waiting for an answer, fully aware that you're awake and not quite in so much pain anymore.
>"May I please?" The voice, the creature's one normal-ish feature, sounds like a little girl begging for candy. You nod, and that claw reaches for you again, beginning to feel over and through your dress.
>"Kids and kiss, lovers, lovers walking in the street. Kissed me in May. Missed him, missed May, Miss May. Miss May I would love, Miss May kills me. Kiss me?" No, you're not going to kiss it. Very much not. Fortunately that doesn't seem to be what it actually wants. It (she?) sounds disappointed, genuinely sad. "Miss May kill. The flowers won't come back. Kissume assume you'll kill, you'll kiss? Lovers kiss. Kiss and May kiss. May kills."

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I had always thought it was just her insanity, rambling the syllables of her own name and occasionally forming coherent sentences. Letty did mention the falling out between the seasonal youkai, and the possibility of death, but I dont think Kisume was talking about Yuka. If she was talking about Yuka, then she probably had a connection to her in some way, possibly even the reason for her insanity.

On a side note, I love how the battle after the Prismriver concert was done. The tension in the car ride, descriptions of everything going on, and just about every aspect of it kept me on the edge of my seat. Iku had always seemed a bit odd in the story, and the clues to her allegiance were hidden in plain sight, making the reveal that much better.
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>syllables of her own name
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Kisume was the one talking, hence the syllables kiss and may coming up everywhere.
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Yes, pronounce "Kisume". "Ki (like in the word 'kiss')--sue--meh." Exaggerate the last syllable and it can easily become "may/mae" rather than "meh."

I vote that down only as possible but not probable. She never plays off the middle sound of her name "su." (At least not in the listed scene; I admit not having read all of RaAN.)
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kissu is Kiss in japanese.
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How about you pronounce it like you're supposed to
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キスメ - [kisɯme]. 'Key', 'sue', 'may', roughly.
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man you have no idea how to pronounce japanese
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What exactly is wrong with how he's doing it?
(By the way, if you have some kind of crazy accent that causes those words to sound differently when you say them, that does not count as a valid reason for objecting to his examples.)
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To start, with the vowel sound in キ is like the "i" in "kiss" and "ink" and not the long "E" of "key." Remember: "nii-nii" not "ni-ni."

Actually, I think this is a pronunciation problem other Japanese people tend to have with names and words ending "...e." But メ is specifically "meh." Think of the word mei (niece) which, can be assumed to have the pronunciation of "may" (see: Meiling). The romanji alone should indicate something; Mei, in katakana, is formed of the two syllables メ and イ ("ih") and the "ih" is not silent.

You're right, accents will shift pronunciation in all which ways. But her name is not Kiisumei and your name is not Mark Twain.
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You're... not right. Quoting Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_phonology):

"[i] - This sounds like the English ee in 'feet'."
(This is the sound that イ makes, and the vowel sound in キ. Note that the 'ee' in 'feet' is the same sound as the 'e' in 'key'.)
"[e̞] - The e sounds to English speakers like a mix between short e in as in 'bed', and long e as in 'lay', though it is closer to the former than the latter."
(This is the sound that エ makes, and the vowel sound in メ. The sound of 'e' in 'meh' is the same as the vowel sound of 'e' in 'bed', so you were closer to being correct here, but neither of those two sounds is quite the same as the Japanese sound.)

To put this in formal terms:
Japanese イ: IPA [i] - close front unrounded vowel. Same vowel as in English 'key', 'free', and 'feet'.
Vowel in English 'kiss': IPA [ɪ] - near-close near-front unrounded vowel. Same vowel as in 'bit'; not present in Japanese.

Japanese エ: IPA [e] - close-mid front unrounded vowel. Uncommon in English; same vowel as in French "beauté".
English "meh": IPA [ɛ] - open-mid front unrounded vowel. Same vowel as in English 'bed' and 'head'.

Now, I'll admit that 'may' isn't a perfect approximation of メ either, but it is my personal, unfounded opinion that it sounds a little more accurate than 'meh'.
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It may just be me being dense right now, but that page is a mish-mosh of linguistic jargon I can't process without extensive Wiki'ng. Thanks for highlighting the information.

My dictionary does list イ い as either the "i" in "machine" ("feet") or the "i" in "kiss". I find the fact they it's wrong more amusing than the fact I've been saying "k'ih'sume" rather than "k'ee'sume" this whole time. But now that I run over (and listen to) some things I'm sad to admit that I have no clue which way I'm hearing it anymore after reading this, the wrong way or the correct way, save for when a lot of emphasis or volume is placed on the syllable. I can't even be sure if I'm hearing myself say "kimi" correctly anymore...
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tl;dr Japanese pronounce words as they are written, English speakers do not because English is a bizarre language.
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>English is a bizarre language.
Truer words have never been spoken
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I'm not going to join in the argument, but I just wanted to say that when I look up IPA stuff, I like to count on this site:

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Involuntary Pedagogic Adventure?

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I always think Indian Pale Ale.
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The evidence for Yuka being dead is considerable. She is known as being the 'Flower Master of the Four Seasons' canonically, and specifically associated with sunflowers. However we are also told that 'Summer' is dead, while all the other seasonal youkai which included the Akis, Liliy Black & Lily White were accounted for, though estranged. We knew that the fork-pin was something of a unifying symbol among them, and that they were presumably once more tightly knit than they were at the cessation of the story. We also know Yukari is gone and probably never coming back, and Yukari is one of the few beings of importance to Yuka in fanon. Most symbolic is Letty's gift to Cirno of the 'only flower that blooms year-round in Gensokyo', which Cirno used to stab Iku to death after calling down a crushing ice-storm. Canonically, it is Yuka's umbrella that is the only flower that blooms year round in Gensokyo.

Letty met Yuyuko, who acknowledged her as someone of importance even before their meeting, despite her having no clear ties to any competing faction. Letty knew Cirno had strange work responsibilities, and was never too surprised to see her outside when she should be working her nurse shift at Yuyu's business front. She also never pried too deeply, though she did take care of Cirno's wounded comrade, Youmu, even as Cirno cut their date short to follow Mokou to an after party, using the excuse of it being work-related. The implication is that Letty has her own sordid past which is why she is not discomfited when these things about Cirno are revealed to her.

>On a side note, I love how the battle after the Prismriver concert was done. The tension in the car ride, descriptions of everything going on, and just about every aspect of it kept me on the edge of my seat. Iku had always seemed a bit odd in the story, and the clues to her allegiance were hidden in plain sight, making the reveal that much better.


That was a good example of sharp-eyed readers and inventive writefags coming together I think.