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Figured I'd do a lookout in case someone finds a full download link for this game.

The game's site: http://www.sanbondo.net/gsw01/index.html (you can find a trial version there)

I know I'm not the only one here excited by such a fan game.

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All I find are patches if you have the game already. Where do you get the trial? Unless it's hidden in plain sight or something.
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I realized my error now. I should note If anyone found the actual trial file instead. since it seems the full game isn't quite out even it seems.

My humblest apologies in this regard.
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Nothing "quite" about it. The trial version was released for a buck at C77, and the patches are support for it.

Still worth looking out for though.
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Has anyone found the download for Labyrinth of Touhou Plus Disk (It adds 10 new floors and some more characters to the game)

And for convenience's sake, the download to the game itself.
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Now all that's left is the Super Touhou Wars demo, but at this rate we might be better off waiting for the full game.
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Pretty much. Demos don't end up on share very often. I think only two demos ended up on share from C76. And I'm seeing a total of 3 on there now, so don't get your hopes up.
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Now to spread the word.
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you can get the update patches from here; some instructions:

Run the files from the same folder the main game file (gsw01tr.exe or similar) is in.

Use the 1.0.1 before the 1.0.2 patch.
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Update: the 1.0.3 patch is out on the game's website.
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How to play? What are the controls?
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Has anyone found a link for Touhou Katsugeki Kidan by Gattling Cat/ Operation Jaguar? It's a platform action game with Momiji.
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Operation Jaguar is a blog that talks a lot about touhou fangames. He (Apple) doesn't make them himself; from what I've gathered he makes stuff like SD clocks and tote bags.

I assume that game is the latest GATLING CAT Momiji Platformer, coming out at C77? That is just a trial, and it hasn't shown up yet anyways. If it's one of the earlier ones you want then I could post it.
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I think it's more than just a demo since I seen a vid of the final stage.

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Yeah, that's an older one.