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So yeah, was just on #thp a couple hours ago. Got into a incredibly minor (and stupid) argument with someone who I shan't name, and when asked who I was, they didn't seem to like the fact that I couldn't tell them ( I'm just an anon reader afterall, what am I supposed to say? ). Bam! Banned with no warning, or reason given. Funderful.

Admittedly I wasn't completely polite about being asked that by the person I had just argued with, what that is somewhat besides the point

The reason I make a topic of this (other than being butthurt), is because I thought this kinda thing was supposed to be discouraged. I thought the entire point of adding the web chat client was to promote people actually using the chat, and hopefully dispelling the poor rep that the IRC has. A rep, as far as I have seen, it doesn't really deserve.

So, my question is: How do we go about appealing a ban? It seems awfully silly if someone can permanently ban someone else on such a whim, and not have some way to appeal.

Or do we just expect people to start posting with a trip and build up a reputation so they don't get banned so easily? If so that seems counter to the general attitude of the site in the first place.

And my other question is: Has any one else has similar problems with the IRC? Other than a certain someone (you know who you are) kicking me repeatedly the very first time I got on just for laughs, I've had absolutely no problems. And heck, even that was fine because it was funny.

If it turns out that I'm an idiot and completely deserved it, or no one gives a shit, turn this into a general topic about how the IRC doesn't suck or something. I don't know. its not like this board gets much activity anyway

I sincerely hope this is the last time I'll have to post with a name, unless I decide on writing a story or something.

Oh, pic very related, by the way.

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The fact that the both of you got banned suggests to me that the op just wanted the two of you to cool your heads for a while.

And your incredibly dramatic argument was over copyright law. Copyright law. You weren't even arguing over the morality of it or anything like that--you were arguing over how many years it took for public domain to go into effect.

As I recall, the two of you kept screaming at each other, and one of you was steadfastly refusing to look at the Wikipedia page for some reason, and someone else linked the both of you to a chart that answered the question conclusively and the two of you kept screaming anyway.
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Do we really want irc drama shit on the boards?

Pic related: My reaction to seeing this shit thread.
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Yeah the boards have enough of their own shit to deal with.
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mmm. I love me some IRC drama.
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I'm sorry why should the board care about your butthurt and bawwww.

You got told to take it to pms, you didn't.
Shut it namefag.
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You coming into IRC and being an idiot and getting banned for it does not make IRC the bad guy.

Also protip: Most bans are removed immediately after being given. It's to prevent the auto rejoin, you see.
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See, I didn't know any of this, because I had nowhere to really find it out other than asking. Thanks for at least telling me that.

I feel retarded now. Self-sage for useless thread.
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We don't give a fuck about your problems, you probably deserved it anyway.
Take it to IRC.
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Who complains about a ban on the first day it was given I MEAN REALLY.
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The last thing we need is someone dragging out retarded IRC shit on the boards. Not only will the board not give a shit and sage you, but IRC as well doesn't want people slinging shit across the board.

Locking to prevent further faggotry. If you're banned in the future, take 5 minutes to fap, get a drink, make a sandwich, whatever, and then just rejoin and possibly apologize for being a dumbfuck if you were banned for dumbfuckery. Don't bring it to the boards.