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Just a topic I thought I'd make out of a general curiosity. As is plainly obvious, every writer has their own unique spin on the various touhous we all know and love (or hate), some drastically different from one another. I've noticed people saying things like either A Flea in the Dog House or A Fairy's Tale - depending on who you ask - having arguably the best Flandre the site has ever seen. Everyone seemed to love Grue's Koishi or HY's Remilia. The examples go on and on.

This has lead me to wonder just what the most popular depictions of each character on THP actually are. So... List some touhous, and list the stories that have your favorite version of them, possibly along with a brief explanation of 'why?' if you have the time.

For example, I really liked Rumia in Doktor Q's A Different Story. While she was still an evil monster at her core, she showed a cunning intellect, and even some semblance of compassion towards a human... Even if it wasn't entirely altruistic of her. She was venomous, she was enigmatic, she was largely unpredictable and surprising.
The fact that she could take down Yukari is a major bonus, too.

I'll post more if this actually gets some replies.
Also, please refrain from delving into a 'My opinion = god tier, your opinion = shit tier' argument, if at all possible.

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The SDM Crew.
Remilia: HY's without a doubt, but there's a couple other good ones
Flandre: Depends on what you're looking for, since it's a matter of direction: A Fairy's tale (for sheer quirkiness and braininess), GH (Potential character growth), and HY's for being cute yet signs that she'd know more than even Remilia.

Sakuya: I'd say GH at the moment, though some folks are too quick to harp on Sakuya's cold perfect side and not her more girlish air headed side.

Meiling: Out of stories that she's been a part of, I'd say HY's and Tesla's.

Patchy: GH's.

Koakuma: HY's (then again I suspect many base their Koas off of his)

Kaguya: Little Lost Soldier (fiesty, soft spoken, yet supportive)

Yukari: SO far, AoS's (Otherwise she wouldn't have won out), HLA2 might change my mind though.

Alice: Norseman's (Is it that hard to write a sane Alice?)

This is just for starters.
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>I've noticed people saying things like either A Flea in the Dog House or A Fairy's Tale - depending on who you ask - having arguably the best Flandre the site has ever seen.

I think you may have confused Flea with A Scarlet Stained Memoir.
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Hina: Tetro's for sheer sexiness, Vodka's for involvement in actual plot, and Lion's for probably the most realistic depiction.

Tewi: Blamethyst, hands down.

Koishi: Grue's version. Simultaneously lovable and terrifying.

Kogasa: Fallout Writefag had her exactly as she seems she should be. That, and the one short story where she catches the guy in an alley.

Ellen: Fallout Writefag for a good, in-depth depiction, and the PC-98 story in /others/ for a more HNNNNGGH version.
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Cirno = anonymaster

I haven't many stories here, but my favorite writer is him because of his characterization of Cirno and his writing style.
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Cirno = GensokyoMan

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Yukari and Ran: Norseman

Nothing else really comes to mind
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Eirin = Teruyo

Cunning? Check
Manipulative? Check
Provocative? Check
Sexy? Check
Dere moment? Check-oh holy fuck this shit is awesome.
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Cirno: GM's version is still one of my absolute favorite presentations of the character. Sure, she was simple and not as deep in character as some later versions have been, but that simplicity is precisely why she was so endearing. The exuberant little sister we wished we had. Besides, if there's any character in Touhou where simplicity is fitting, it's her.

Rumia: While I'm not sure it was the "best" version of her, one of my favorite versions of her was Scorn's. Completely unapologetic about what she does, she was not just a hungry little monster who controlled darkness, but was pretty much the physical embodiment of mankind's most primal fear. She did not merely control the darkness, she was the darkness, as well as that which humans feared was lurking inside it. Simultaneous the night, and that which went "bump" within it.

What made her so much more interesting was Anon's misguided attempts to correct this behavior only served to show how they completely missed the point of her.

Mokou: I feel bad about this, but my two favorite versions of her aren't even based in Gensokyo, itself. First, there's Kira's GA:SD Mokou, who was a wonderful mix of the "tomboy", "childhood friend", and "girl next door" character types into the type of girl you'd be equally happy either trying to romance or just hanging out and palling around with.
Beating her out, however, is HY's Captain Mokou. A lovely badass of a leader who seems like she could inspire just about anyone to gladly follow her straight into the bowels of Hell itself, if need be. Out of all the stories I've enjoyed only to see go on "indefinite hiatus", hers is without a doubt the one I feel the worst about not being able to see continue.

Flandre: While I'm on the subject of characters with so many versions I like that I can't choose just one...

GM's "All You Can Eat Bad-End Buffet" version was one of the most unsympathetic yet downright fun versions I've ever read, especially with the knowledge that pretty much every single choice offered involving her had at least one option (and sometimes more) that would result in instant death. What made this fun, and not an irritating bitch-fest where everybody endlessly argued over which was the best or worst choice to pick, as the fact that these life-or-death interactions with the little walking nuke were driven by rules as to what would or would not probably kill you. Rules that were very explicitly laid out for us early on by another character, and so long as we adhered to them as well as we could, we had a good chance of getting out of her company relatively intact, even if the same couldn't be said for our dignity.

Then there's HY's version, who took the craziness down for the most part, aside from a few choice moments, and injected her with enough pure moe to kill half a continent with DIABEETUS. I dare anyone to imagine her running around, flapping her arms while going "Rawr!" and not feel the urge to HNNNNNGG. You can't. You just can't. What made this so much better was the way it was employed in one of my favorite "suddenly, OH SHI-" moments when she bursts in on quiet moment between the protagonist and Remilia to show off her impersonation of Smaug.

Countering that, there was then Owen's own great take on her, where he pretty much went the other way on the poor girl's sanity, cranked the crazy up to "11" and broke off the knob. Even without the additional mystery of the initial fake-out involving an original character who had just enough similar traits visible at first to make us wonder if that was really Flandre, she was still a compelling puzzle of a character, where part of the fun was figuring out which parts of her clearly fragmented psyche were coming out to play at which times, and when we should be more afraid of her than we usually were.
And boy, did we ever learn when we were supposed to be afraid...

Rounding them out, and pretty much topping all of them, though, is Princess Tepes's Flandre.
Seeming at times to be more "eccentric" than downright crazy, with a wonderful dash of sarcastic snarkiness that I think has some basis in canon (such as when she tells Aya about how she believes Remilia is full of crap when she talks about controlling fate) but is strangely underused in favor of more crazy or moe. Her ramblings are always fun to read, and they follow just enough of a logical progression to keep them from going too deeply into the realm of "random" non-sequitur.
I find that particular point to be especially important, since it feels like a more "true" representation of insanity, in a way. What always bugged me about the "PENGUIN CHEESE PIE GALOSHES LOL I R RANDUM" thing some people try to pass off as being "crazy" is the fact that even in actual "crazy" people, their thought processes generally do follow some form of logical flow of thought. It might still be strange from a more "sane" person's perspective, but if you looked into it you could still see the connections in their ideas, and that the jumps they might make aren't as seemingly random as they might initially seem.

Aya: Sanaek's, hands-down. While the character alone is enjoyable enough, what makes her stand out most to me is the fact that she is a very notable example of a character that's a romantic interest that Anon has managed to remain on-target and faithful to without any sort of actual "route-lock" being in place, if the writer is to be believed.

Lily Black: Patchwork's. Not entirely fair, since as far as I can recall that's the only time I've seen her in a story, though I admit that could just be because I haven't read any others she might have appeared in. Much like Aya, what part of my fondness for her is due to the portrayal of the character herself, what I like even more is what the character represents. Where Aya displayed that, yes, Anon can actually commit to a character without being railroaded onto them, Patchwork's cynical cafe proprietor served to show the amount of untapped potential there lies within the less-exposed characters of the Touhou universe. While big-name types like Yukari, Remilia, Keine, and so on will almost always have their times in the spotlight, there is a great amount of stories that can be told with the lesser-seen characters, especially the ones who aren't even developed that much officially. While the major players have some room for interpretation, that's nothing compared to the amount of freedom to be had from the likes of a Lily Black/White, Koakuma, or Kisume. They are like blank canvases, just waiting for a writer to fill them with color and life, and this gives them a lot more potential versatility than someone like Yukari.

Admittedly, I don't think there's any real way anyone can properly claim any representation of any character as "the best" without having gone through and seen every possible story to feature them here. It just isn't fair, otherwise. What if there is a better version of a character, and you just haven't read them yet?
So, of course, this whole thing boils down to being more about what my favorite versions of a character are, which is hardly the same thing as ranking the actual quality of a character, even if that quality is a factor in why they're my favorite.
I wish I could offer better than that, but I cannot. That's how it goes, though.
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>this whole thing boils down to being more about what my favorite versions of a character are

OP here: Pretty much the point of the thread, despite the (in hindsight) poorly chosen thread title.

>List some touhous, and list the stories that have your favorite version of them, possibly along with a brief explanation of 'why?' if you have the time.
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>she is a very notable example of a character that's a romantic interest that Anon has managed to remain on-target and faithful to without any sort of actual "route-lock" being in place
That's the thing, once the protagonist actually hooks up with a girl, the readers will be fiercely devoted to her. All of the bullshit arguing about targets always happens when anon is still just planning to go for a girl, sometimes before even meeting them. At that point, a lot of anons are devoted to seeing one girl become the romantic interest...just not the same girl. And they're afraid that if they spend time with any other girl, she'll start to win people over, so they argue over every choice.

This is one reason people kept complaining about casual sex at the start of HLA. We had pretty much agreed on ultimately aiming for Yuyuko, but we had hardly even flirted with her and people were acting like we were already married and that it would be some kind of betrayal. That attitude even caused a huge problem later when anon jumped the gun on using the three words before Yuyuko had figured out whether she felt the same way.

It's a problem that a lot of stories have to deal with, but I don't think there's really a good solution. I just watched as Flan and Rumia won almost everyone over in Gensokyo High, when I'm not romantically interested in either of them and completely hate Rumia. The story has focused on them to the point that I've pretty much lost interest, and even the few scenes with Sakuya just make me long for her even more. I fought it as long as I could, but it's just been a huge disappointment.

So yeah, to get back on topic, Taisa writes my favorite Sakuya. She's been friendly and charming (and flirtatious), she's gone out of her way to help us out numerous times, she's been very understanding about our retarded antics from breaking lightbulbs to getting bitten by Flan - the latter (>>/th/93884) being my favorite scene with her and probably the best example of how much she cares for everyone. If that isn't wife material, I don't know what is.
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Klaymen's Nitori of the first SCIENCE! thread. I don't know if other writers have written a Nitori-centric story here, but I think his Nitori was (and is still) the most enjoyable.
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Scorn's Rumia is my favorite character from anything on these boards. Perfectly written embodiment of darkness.