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This thread is to elaborate on an idea to create greater exposure for more stories.

I'll ask every writer that can to please post 2-3 stories that he/she currently reads or enjoys and the board its on. An optional sentence or two about the story can be posted, but it's not necessary and shouldn't be motive to have one be carried away. The idea is to have the writers themselves recommend things and create awareness.

That said, I'd like to keep the thread clear of drama and prevent it to devolving into a powerlevel thread. All offenders will have their posts deleted swiftly and mercilessly for being off-topic. This is simply to share and to (hopefully) get people who had overlooked things to give things a try.

As for me:
Resonant with Vivid Tones - /eientei/
Gunman Redux - /th/
Madly Ecstatic Circular Hope - /others/

There are others, of course, but the point is not to list everything I like, but just a small sample of it.

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Well, I write the nameless story in /eientei/ and I currently read:

Fallout Gensokyo - by anon in /th/
Distilled Encounters of Festive Times by Anon in /shrine/
I Youkai - in forest is good but I'm a little behind.
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My favorites that are current?

HLA R2 /border/ by Patchwork (the first run is pretty nice as well)

A Fairy on Scarlet Lake /SDM/

Additional Distilled Encounters from Festive Times /shrine/

Gesnokyo High /th/

Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars /eientei/

DoLF R2's shaping up to be nice /eientei/
Just to name a few
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Oddly enough, the only stories I pay much mind to anymore are all on the same board.

There's Vodka's SHaG on /th/, which is famous for being the first major femanon story.

Then there's ANON on the same board that focuses on story protagonists being cooped up in the same world.

And last, but by no means least, there's KChasm's seemingly unnamed CYOA, which could be refered to as "Fleet Foxes" in regards to the OP picture. Main reason I like that one is because of how the environment is pretty much entirely different from any other CYOA I've read.
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I haven't had the time to explore each board, but I'll list down my favourite:

Ace Combat Gensokyo @ /shrine/
Aria of Deception @ /border/
Hakugyokurou LA (both) @ /border/
I, Youkai @ /forest/
Mayohiga LA @ /others/
Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars @ /eientei/
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Well, here's few.

>I, Youkai
This has been recommended many times, but I'll do it too, it's just that good.
Fragmentation of Memories written by Lion on /youkai/ is great, no doubt about it.
Much of stuff what HY writes is excellent, I won't name them all.
Aria of Deception at /border/ is one of my older favourites.
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Hm, 2-3? Well, if I had to pick...

Memoirs of a Vampire by glasnost in /sdm/. Updates are depressingly rare, but oh so sweet when they do happen.
Memento Aurora by Dune and Tesla, also in /sdm/. Can you tell I'm a /sdm/ fan yet?
Storyteller's unnamed story in /forest/ has a pretty awesome over-the-top protagonist.

...gonna have to sneak in krisslanza's Hakurei Shrine of Cards, too. It's something nice and different compared to the typical adventure shtick.
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Anything by glastnost.
Fallout Gensokyo on /th/.
No. 1503
Anything by HY.
Anything by glasnost.
Fallout Gensokyo on /th/.

I can't really bring myself to choose between each writer's individual stories. HY's IPF and glas' Underground LA are great~
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Oh gods, I have to pick? Let's see...

Aria of Disorder on /border/
Graze the Rainbow on /th/
Something's Happening at Gensokyo on /th/
Gensou Coil on /th/
Insert Original Title Here on /th/
Forest of Magic LA when it was still running, Scorn, ;_; on /forest/

Lots of /th/ love here, but... bah, there are so many more. I follow most everything, so picking anything in particular is difficult.
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...Um... That's Deception. Aria of Deception.

Sage for contributing nothing.
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What was I thinking about? This is why I need to pay more attention to what I type.
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Admittedly, I don't read much, but ones I've liked include:

*KChasm's story ("Fleet Foxes" would be a nice name.) in /th/, because of the writing style. Nice rhythm, and rather active. The atmosphere of it is especially distinctive.
*Hell's Ravens by Sayori in /underground/, because it's just ridiculous enough to be funny, but not so ridiculous that it gets boring. Pretty entertaining.
*Gensokyo Isn't Real, in /underground/. The surreal intro attracted me immediately, but since it just started, I'm not as sure about this one. How much different the rest of it will be is hard to say.

Also on that list would be I, Youkai by Klaymen in /forest/, and anything HY ever wrote, if it weren't for the fact that several people have mentioned those already.
No. 1531
Adding my little say, I guess. I have recently been enjoying:

Resonant with Vivid Tones, on /eientei/, by QWL. It's got Captain Reisen, in space. It's got lesbians, in space. It's awesome, he just wrote a recap, go read it.

I, Youkai, on /forest/, by Klaymen. Protagonist is a Youkai! Bumble around Gensokyo being cute and dangerous.

Something's Happening at Gensokyo, on /th/, by Vodka. This story is THP's long-running soap opera. Start at the beginning in the archives. Also one of the few stories with a female Anon.

Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy, on /eientei/, by Teruyo. This has a bad reputation for it's place in the start of the site, but since then it's been awesome. Crazy shit happens in Eientei. It is awesome, go read.

There's a lot more I'd like to mention but I'll leave it at that for here.
No. 1543
I enjoy:

Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars in /eientei/
Fallout Gensokyo in /th/
Underground LA in /underground/

And of course, a lot of the stories mentioned previously.
No. 1550
Favourites? Let's see...

Gensokyo High in /th/. Taisa is an awesome writer. Top of the reading chart since it started.
Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars in /eientei/ is a great read. Of course, if Harker updates, that is.
Hakygyokuro (both) in /border/, Patchwork is an excellent writer, and a fellow Wriggle enthusiast.
Gensokyoland Saga in /forest/. It has a Viking, that alone should warrant a close following.
Graze the Rainbow in /th/ by Angry Desu. Update, damn you!
Flight of the Lost Soul in /th/. Longest snowball war in words, otherwise is also an excellent read that shouldn't be missed.
Fallout Gensokyo, /th/, awesomeness ensues when you combine Touhou and Fallout.
Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy in /eientei/, first run's a bit messed up around the places, but round two is great.
A Scarlet-Stained Memoir in /sdm/ by UNOwen. A concluded story, it can still get you hooked onto it. The ending is...slightly irritating, but otherwise almost flawless.

And of course, anything by HY. I, Youkai is also an all time favourite, but it's been mentioned quite a few times.
No. 1571
So you are back.

Im sorry to hound you like this but I find your lack of updates to Ace Combat Gensokyo counter-revolutionary, comrade.

For content:
Little Soldier Lost in /eientei/ by Serial ATA
Storytellers adventure in /eientei/
Ordinary Rhapsody in the Bohemian Sense in /forest/ by MikoSpark
Both of the Hakugyokuro Limited Adventures in /border/ by Patchwork
Shikigami of the heart in /border/ by Sukima
Archetype of Self in /shrine/ by R.I.M
Ace Combat: Gensokyo in /shrine/ by PaperBoy
SDM LA chaotic variation in /sdm/ by Wiseman
Hell's ravens in /underground/ by Sayori
Bird brained adventure in /underground/ by Sanaek
Deeper Underground in /underground/ by Grue
The Landlord of Mayohiga in /others/ by ????
No. 1769
Deeper underground, in /undergrond/ (duh)
Gensokyo High, in /th/
Fairy on Scarlet Lake, in /sdm/

Given enough time and boredom, I read almost everything on the boards.
No. 1787
First of all I'd like to direct attention to two relatively new stories that I feel deserve more attention.

Yet-to-be-named LA in /th/ (The one where we are a Buddhist monk)
Bird-Brained Adventure in /underground/

As for other tales, I would recommend:

Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars in /eientei/
Ace Combat: Gensokyo in /shrine/
I, Youkai in /forest/
Magical Rhapsody in /forest/
Memoirs of a Vampire in /sdm/

Among others, naturally. There are quite a few names I have not mentioned that deserve it, but were I to do that I'd be listing two dozen stories or more. It is easier to simply conclude that most stories on these boards are enjoyable reads for one reason or another. In fact I'd encourage everyone to read as much as they can.
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Now I have an excuse to post here.

Fallout in Gensokyo - /th/
Ace Combat in Gensokyo - /shrine/
Fleet Fox (Pending an actual name) - /th/
Shadow over Gensokyo - /others/
Aria of Deception - /border/
A Different Story - /shrine/

And many, many more.
No. 1888
I've just recently started reading "The game" in /th/, and I'd recommend it.

Silver of Sovereign in /border/ is going towards awesome, also Tokiko love~

Also, Fragmentation of Memories in /youkai/.
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File 125471400161.png - (311.29KB , 525x750 , 7ba6af802e7fbfca85e568b91cc4ce3f.png ) [iqdb]
The Game on /th/, I have no idea why I didn't notice this little gem before. Sanae is such a good girl.
No. 2311
Among other favorites, I have acquired a new one. It's told from the perspective of Kogasa, who has been 'hunted' a bit too often by Sanae, and is now pants-on-head crazy.

Problem: I read it late at night, so I can't remember the title, the author's name, nor even which board it was on. Any help would be appreciated.
No. 2312
The Game, by Fell!eU97cKEiBQ
No. 2314

It's in /th/ as far as board location goes.
No. 2333
Thank you.
In hindsight, I feel completely stupid for not getting it right away, considering the post directly above that.