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I am the moon in the sky, and the ebb in the tides.
I am the wind and rain upon the mountains and the drift of the continents.
I am the air that surrounds you.
The ground beneath your feet.
The sun that hides behind the clouds.
I am the warmth of a fire in the cool still of night.
And the cool breeze of the ocean on a hot summer's day.
I am white and I am black
(Though in truth, there are neither)
The echo of the past
As history repeats in the future.
I am the lady of the border.
You may call me Yukari.

No. 2840
mommy, the weird old lady is ranting again
No. 2841

Don't look at her, dear!
No. 2842
Have't you taught your daughter to not listen to strangers?
No. 2843
Let's all point and laugh at the ranting old hag!
No. 2845
Unlimited Boundary Works?
No. 2862
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expected response to expected responses.
No. 2866
I thought it was rather interesting myself.

Huzzah for alternative forms of creativity!
No. 2867
Quite interesting indeed.
I would like to see more of this.
No. 2869
I do love you Yukarin~
No. 2877
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Yes, lets.