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I am the moon in the sky, and the ebb in the tides.
I am the wind and rain upon the mountains and the drift of the continents.
I am the air that surrounds you.
The ground beneath your feet.
The sun that hides behind the clouds.
I am the warmth of a fire in the cool still of night.
And the cool breeze of the ocean on a hot summer's day.
I am white and I am black
(Though in truth, there are neither)
The echo of the past
As history repeats in the future.
I am the lady of the border.
You may call me Yukari.

>> No. 2840
mommy, the weird old lady is ranting again
>> No. 2841

Don't look at her, dear!
>> No. 2842
Have't you taught your daughter to not listen to strangers?
>> No. 2843
Let's all point and laugh at the ranting old hag!
>> No. 2845
Unlimited Boundary Works?
>> No. 2862
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expected response to expected responses.
>> No. 2866
I thought it was rather interesting myself.

Huzzah for alternative forms of creativity!
>> No. 2867
Quite interesting indeed.
I would like to see more of this.
>> No. 2869
I do love you Yukarin~
>> No. 2877
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Yes, lets.