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I was just playing some PC-98 touhou, when suddenly it struck me-
Hell, the music is fucking awesome as ever, it deserves better quality.
Why won't ZUN release some re-makes or something? As much as i like 16 bit music, those things deserve natural sounds.
I know it has less than 0% of happening, but i'm still hoping for some remakes.

Nitori always related.

No. 2821
Actually, he -has- done re-makes. They still sound 16-bit-ish, but you can tell they're actually higher quality versions. I think he wanted to preserve a partial chiptune feel for nostalgic purposes.

Look up Akyu's Untouched Score vol. 1-5.
No. 2822
100 gb+ music not enough for you?
No. 2823
only 100? you must have the lossy collection

The lossless collection is up to 450gb.
No. 2824
I mean something like, the same exact notes from the 16 bit versions, just with actual piano/trumpet/other instrument sounds.
No. 2825
Can someone give me a link to DL vol.2?
No. 2826
I grabbed the 91 gb Touhou lossy music collection.
Took me an entire month to complete it and it was well worth it. I don't need the big ones, waste of space and time.
No. 2827

Uh, try over 600 Gb.
No. 2828
Actually just under 500 GiB. Still worth it for being able to convert into whatever I want.
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You have seen the light, my child. And that light is Lotus Land Story and Mystic Square. Realize this, that Shinki's theme is the one true ode to God, and that other lesser beings shrink away in it's presence. Pic super-related.
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Needs new natural-sound versions:
Bad apple
Magic shop of raspberry
Infinite beinng
Inanimate dream
The grimoire of Alice (not the horrible UNL version)
Casket of star
No. 2832
You mean like http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?t5hutzmjhwt or http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?e2mnmomhtoo ?
No. 2833
Not bad, but it's only half-there.
It seriously lacks the oomph of the original versions.
No. 2834
In my defense, all I did was slap different instruments on the midi data.

Also, http://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/html/music_old.html

In case anyone wants to do better.
No. 2835
-That's exactly the thing: It shouldn't be MIDI.
What i meant is that it should be re-done to be on a same footing with PCB/IN music (and the games that come after....)
No. 2836
That... that's why I put the link to the midis, in case anyone wanted to take the data and put Zun's instruments on them.