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2721 No. 2721
Okay, enough fucking around*, time to actually do this.

In the case of a retcon for the events of Hakugyokuro in Flight of the Lost Soul, jumping back to the last choice segment and cycling the selection:

[] Yes
[] No

*Pic related, it's what I've been fucking around with instead of getting shit done.

No. 2722
[X} Maybe.

[X]Sure, why not?
No. 2723
It depends, where/when are we going back to?
No. 2724

Right after Hina route was completed; probably to the choice of which touhou to pick.

Remember to not choose the green card.
No. 2726
[✠] Yes

Let's return to the original concept.
No. 2727
[x] Yes

There is no doubt in my mind.
No. 2728
[x] Yes
I have no regrets
No. 2730
[x] Yes.
This is the only path.
No. 2733
[X] Yes.

No regrets.
No. 2734
[x] Yes

No. 2735
[x] Yes

There's never been a retcon this large before, has there?
No. 2736
[x] Hell no

We made this bed, now we shall lie in it, or else be forever haunted by the specter of what 'once was'.
No. 2737
No. This' history on the making.

[x] Yes
No. 2740
[x] Yes

Back to possessing and living out others lives!
No. 2741

The choices will be different, just to avoid potential problems.
No. 2743
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You're too soft. Let anon eat its just desserts.

[X] No
No. 2745
File 125718409597.jpg - (34.28KB , 350x200 , snowball_fight.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Yes

About time we got this back on track. The Alice chapter is still one of my favorite things on this site.
No. 2747
> Remember to not choose the green card.

and to think that the green card wasn't even originally an option...
No. 2748
[X] No

And lose everything that we worked for? Hell no.
No. 2749
[x] Yes

Flight really went downhill after we stopped bodyhoppping.
No. 2750
[X] Yes

This is pretty convenient, since that's pretty much when I stopped.
No. 2751
[x] Yes

I was hoping you'd do something like this for a long time now
No. 2755
[X] No.

Disappear for a while and then continue to possess people.
No. 2759
[x] No.

Although I'm a bit confused how to it would go though.
No. 2769
[x] Yes
No. 2779
Seems like a pretty clear decision.

I'm sorry for all of those that want the current story to proceed, I'm calling this in. I'll start a new thread for the retcon series sometime before the weekend.
No. 2781
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