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2360 No. 2360

Hey you.

Yeah, You.

C'mere a second.

You see this? Yeah, its a rock. But its a special rock. Its called the Hakurei Keystone.

Whats it do? What, you don't know? About Gensokyo of course! ... Huh, you pegged me for the type... but never mind that. This stone will take you to a magical land of action and adventure, and a magical land of sleepy perfection. Its an immaculate place who's beauty is only surpassed by its deadliness.

What? No, I'm not charging you. You look like the type who needs adventure in their life, thats all. Why am I doing this? Whats it matter to you, are you in or not?

Of course I'll let you get your stuff together, but you can only bring what you can carry, and I'll only be here for another hour, hour and a half tops, so get on with it.

This guy looks legit. My question to you is, would you go? And what would you bring if you did?

No. 2363
A weapon and a cellphone. That's it.

Not so much for protection or utility in Gensokyo as protection from the buttrape you are extremely likely to experience instead.
No. 2364
Coat, walking stick, sweet-ass hat. Pocketknife on a keychain, a decent backpack. I guess a sleeping bag or something. And just for a little while, a bokken.
No. 2365


...to throw at attackers?

In any case, before considering a shifty deal like this, I'd want to know if I could come back.
No. 2369
- A proper sword.
- A bag of clothes.
- A knife.
- A lighter.
- One of the emergency flashlights with a charger crank.

That's all I can think of.
No. 2370
>Hey you.
>Yeah, You.
>C'mere a second.

You just can't doubt the intentions of a guy who starts his conversations like this.
No. 2372
-A big ass victorinox: Useless in real life, useful in the middle of nowhere.
-A zippo. Never failed me so far.
-A box of matches. In case it decides to start now.
-Bensin. Gotta keep that light on.
-A gun I'm familiar with. At this point of this time, it'd be any 9mm.
-Several magazines. Enough to last until the human village, at least.
-Butterfly knife. Although I hate those things, they look harmless at first glance, and might be useful for a surprise attack in case a Youkai decides to play a little instead of killing me immediatly.
-A frog hairpin. I could use it to pray for help as a last resort. Praying: Useless in real life, useful in Gensokyo.
-Canned food and bottled water. In case I get lost. It's not like I can use a compass or anything.
-Cash. All I have (on Yen of course, you give us some time to prepare ourselves, no?)
-A set of comfy winter clothes (I don't wanna freeze to death in case I end up in Winter)
No. 2373
A few extra sets of clothes, a handgun, a shotgun, a bag full of extra mixed ammo to tie on my belt, a hunting knife, an axe or crowbar, a med kit, some dried meat and other provisions, a half gallon water container, a large thick towel that could double as a blanket, a few lighters, a book or two...

Finally a hand-held game system, a taser and a few packs of AA batteries (won't last more than a year, but hey).
No. 2374
- A pair of Jackboots
- A simple white shirt
- A waterproof Jacket
- A pair of trousers (Feldgrau)
- A leathern great coat
- A pair of gloves
- A combat knife
- A pistol (Walther P38)
- Three clips of ammunition (9x19mm)
- A flashlight
- A lighter
- A peaked cap

I know, it's stupid.
No. 2375
Hell, I didn't even think of boots.

Some steel-toe, metatarsal-guards would work. A pair of thick working gloves. Shin, knee, elbow, etc. pads. I wonder how well a Kevlar vest would work against minor youkai.
No. 2376
Ah, I forgot my watch. Something like this is vital!
There are barely people who know about outside fashion. That's why I think about dressing unusual, but nothing too strange.
No. 2380
I would, among numerous random things that are practical like watches or weapons, also bring along blueprints and specifications for various things, like cell phones, signal towers, computers, batteries, scientific textbooks (specifically about physical sciences), and the like. After all, that was one of the complaints, in a sense, about outsiders: they didn't know how to make what they were using. Heck, probably even my laptop, with more than a few spare batteries or backup generators, so that all the information could be compressed into one portable package.

After all, it would be nice to be considered one of the drivers of Gensokyo's magitek revolution.

... I think too much.
No. 2381
File 125608768478.png - (14.91KB , 641x301 , Embark to Gensokyo.png ) [iqdb]
sup /zom/

Surprised nobody has yet to mention a Japanese/ English phrase book. Y'know, might help.

Well here's my load out, whaddaya think?
No. 2383

No, you're right, the phone was a dumb idea. It's not like you could call the cops or anything. Nope.
No. 2385
A flower patterned beret.
A pair of glasses.
A black jacket.
A white dress shirt with a strip of autumn tapestry woven into it.
Black dress pants.
White socks.
A pair of black dress shoes.

Oh, and a lot of beer. A lot.
No. 2393
5 Moss arrows
5 Water arrows
5 Fire arrows
5 Gas arrows
5 Noisemaker arrows
10 Broadhead arrows
1 Bow
1 Pair of scaling gloves

Edit: Noisemaker arrows. How the hell did I forget noisemaker arrows?
No. 2394
Oh, wait. Rereading, I misunderstood your original post. My bad. Thoroughly my bad.
No. 2396
So if that's what you'll be bringing, where will you go upon arrival? Whats your goal once you get there? Assuming you land between the magic forest and the Misty lake.

Also, the "what would you take" question is still open for those who haven't posted yet.

I'd take the clothes on my back, my heavy coat, and my emergency bag which has a first aid kit, some trade goods and other necessities in it.

Also, my wooden walking stick. never leave without it.
No. 2397
I only need a towel.
No. 2399
The Hakurei Shrine. I'd probably end up at the human village at one point in time to trade something in for yen to donate.

My goal? To pass out from fatigue in front of the shrine after walking up those steps and hope the shrine maiden is kind enough to bring me inside and allow me refuge. I'd try to get extended boarding, as well.

Then I'd partake in drink with a certain little Oni. Maybe shove my thumbs in the miko's armpits while she's sleeping. Such a life~
No. 2400
File 125612375231.jpg - (110.01KB , 513x700 , 2a1655288d542e060ee9b893946d788b.jpg ) [iqdb]
My setup would be

- Benelli 12G. Overkill? No. Not if you have to face those grue in the forest, dear god.
- 2-3 boxes of 12G shells.
- Machete. with a jagged edge to use as a saw when needed.
- Good rope with fair amount of length.
- T-shirt of any kind, 3 of em.
- Biker's leather jacket to keep me warm.
- Military boots.
- 2 shorts, 3 jeans.
- 5 underwear since I don't like flipping it and use the B side.
- Durable canteen.
- a couple of Calorie-mate.
- PSP and a charger, with Monhunt Unite UMD. Maybe Kaguya should have it. If not, well. Considered that something to remind me of my old world.
- lighter with fair amount of fuel.
- camouflaged cap.
- Sunglasses for extra awesomeness.

and on top of all,

- 10,000 yen.
No. 2401


No. 2402


No. 2404
I can already imagine him, slowly undressing in front of a shocked and bewildered kappa while he says, "I have somthing to show you."
No. 2407
>clip clip clip clip


- Some kind of cap
- Oakleys
- A heavy coat with big pockets
- Some kind of cargo pants with more pockets
- A few heavy duty carabiners
- Machete
- Flashlight with spare batteries
- A few MREs
- Military grade gas mask
- A flask
- A couple of disposable lighters (Zippos will end up useless)
- A few useless things for bartering like a pager, cellphone, or some small/light electronic.
- An axe
- An Alice Pack or some other kind of military backpack
- Gloves
- First aid kit
- Boots
- Sleeping bag

If I end up having to run away for some reason, I'll just drop the backpack and hope things work out for the best. It might be nice to have a coat with your countries flag on it or some kind of identifier. I say this because it might draw someones (youkai) attention so they might become curious of you and maybe you can try to sell yourself as some unique individual who's interesting enough to not attack/eat.

My first goal would be making it to the village. It's definitely going to be awkward at first, but maybe someone will be nice and help you out. Try to befriend any youkai you see in the village so maybe they won't attack you if you get caught outside.
No. 2408
>clip clip clip clip
No. 2409
Assuming I'm not going to come out anywhere near the human village:

Mosin-Nagant - If I'm going to be dealing with youkai I want a weapon with some history, so the older it is and the more wars it's been in, the better. It's rather reliable, which is good because I won't find any spare parts. Bolt action is a disadvantage, but at least I won't blow through my ammo too fast.
As many clips (It uses clips!) of 7.62x54 as I can reasonably carry after everything else.
Smith & Wesson Model 29 - Do you feel lucky?
36 .44 Magnum Rounds

Backpack - Gotta carry everything somehow.
Hatchet - Utility, Combat
Swiss Army Knife - Utility.
Rope - Always need it
Two Canteens of water
Some MREs
Heavy Overcoat
Shirt, Boots, gloves, Ski cap
Denim Cargo Pants
Compass - No Idea if it'll work, but hey.
Paper, Pencil - In case I need to write something down, draw a map, write my last will as I lay bleeding, ect.
A few lighters - Useful for obvious reasons, also good for trading or impressing/distracting the natives.
Medical Kit
Paper English/Japanese Dictionary - No reliable source of batteries, and who knows how long I'll be stuck there.
Two small flashlights with batteries

First goal is survival. Best way to do that is to find and get to the human village as quickly as possible.
No. 2410
I don't know why people keep thinking of bringing guns to Gensokyo, they'd be terribly ineffective against anything other then say fairies, or plantlife.

Remember, youkai have superhuman regenerative powers from most things. Your bullets would just enrage them, or make them laugh. Not to mention the noise would just attract more youkai.

Assuming you would be able to go to one of the more 'safe' locations of Gensokyo, like the Hakurei Shrine or the Human Village itself, you should just need things to help you get started out.

So with that out of the way I'd bring:
o Various clothes (winter clothes, parka/liner, boots, things like that)
o Foodstuffs (MREs might make a good choice, though I'd probably get pretty fat if I wasn't being very physically active...)
o Water
o Money (Not sure how useful this would be, considering Gensokyo was sealed off a long time ago. I'm sure it'd have some value though)
o Entertainment goods (DS, PSP, laptop, books... the electronics might be limited use, due to their being no electricity I'd imagine, but hey, that's what Kourin is for right?)

Probably be best to end up at the Shrine or the Village. Anywhere else is a pretty big threat to my life.

I think I probably forgot something to bring, but eh. If I do I'll just add it later.
No. 2411

This exactly. The only way you'd be able to fight a youkai and live is with specialized weapons. Sorry rednec/k/s but your deagle brand deagle does nothing that they can't recover from.
No. 2412

I'll just have to carry silver bullets and holy water.
No. 2413
Can't we just take the rock, sell it to some eccentric millionaire and retire to a life of prosperity?
No. 2414
>Sorry rednec/k/s but your deagle brand deagle does nothing that they can't recover from.

Eventually they'd recover, yeah, but the speed youkai regenerate at is rather vague. Shooting one and then running the fuck away before they get up might work alright for the weaker ones, and the weaker ones are the only ones who tend to eat humans anyway.
No. 2415
What he said.

Also, regeneration or not, getting shot in the eye hurts like a fucking bitch. If that doesn't slow down a minor youkai, what will?
No. 2416
So what you all are saying is that the first thing you would do once you get to gensokyo is go to the human village and huddle like a little girl?
No. 2417
Honestly that could be a lot better. How do you know what tungsten is? Or how to "run electricity back and forth"? They left out gunpowder for fuck's sake. Metallurgy, human anatomy, basic recipes, come on. I hear the wing explanation is iffy but I don't know enough about that.
No. 2420
Right then, if you were to compile a guide of knowledge to bring with you to Gensokyo, or any historic times, what would it contain?
No. 2425
So the general consensus thus far is:

Big coat that makes us look bigger than we are (+1 intimidation)
Revolver/Pistol. Because handguns are badass.
No. 2431
I don't get that, really. You only have an hour and a half at most to pack what you need; who has yen readily available? You'd need to convert it, first.

Then there's Gensokyo's current exchange rate. The value of a yen may be worth a lot more, there. Supposing it's not - why do you think something as insignificant as 10,000 yen (roughly $100) is going to do you any good? Especially if you're stuck there, or do not plan on going back to the outside world. 1,000,000 yen (roughly $10,000) is more like it. Since there is also no guarantee anybody will let you stay at their place of residence for free, and no guarantee you'll find a job.
No. 2433
This is why I bring along trade goods. I have in my bugout bag a small pouch filled with jewelry.

No matter what happens in the world or where you are, a guy will always want to give a shiny trinket to the woman he fancies.
No. 2435
Even if the gun slows down a youkai, you just did a terrible mistake - you drew attention to yourself. Unless you're using a fairly quiet weapon, which might not have enough punch to slow down a youkai much, you'll make a loud sound.

One that may draw more youkai to you. You might be able to outrun one of them, but I wouldn't imagine you'd last long against a sudden rush of youkai, hungry for your delicious human flesh.

Also, on the topic of money, I imagine Gensokyo might have a very flexible currency system. After all, humans drop into it all the time - they aren't all from Japan necessarily. Foreign currency is bound to end up in the system.
No. 2436
Or the noise alone may be enough to scare the shit out of whatever is trying to kill you. Remember that many youaki seem to have about the same instincts as a wild animal, and animals usually don't like loud noises. Some might be curious enough to check out the noise, but you should be long gone by the time they get there.

>You might be able to outrun one of them
Even if you disregarded their superhuman strength and endurance, they can fucking fly. Evasion on foot is not likely, even if there is only one.
No. 2440
Nobody's brought up the point of silencers, yet?

Then let me be the first.
No. 2441
PROTIP: Silencers don't actually work like in the movies and reduce the weapon's report to a blowgun noise. Anyone in the vicinity is still going to know that something exploded in your general location.
No. 2443
It reduces the sound of the explosion but not the sonic boom. It still sounds like someone slamming a door.
No. 2444
File 125624745852.jpg - (11.61KB , 400x112 , vss_vintorez.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, and before I forget. The russians built some silenced weapons that use subsonic ammunition. The bullet moves slower but is almost impossible to hear.
No. 2445
I'm well aware of this. But in the forest, unless you're amongst a horde of youkai or near their nesting grounds, the chances of a second one randomly being within that vicinity are pretty small. Even with good hearing, they may not even choose to investigate, considering just the sound of nature.

Though I am talking about lesser youkai, as I'm sure you were, too. I don't expect someone like Rumia to let that go unnoticed.
No. 2446
If I don't die from the shock, then yeah, crying like a little girl sounds like a plan.
No. 2451
why go at all then?
No. 2452

I'm sure you fellas mean "suppressors".
No. 2456
-Shiny plastic baubles
-More candy
-Oven mitts
-Other baked delights?
-Frilly apron
-Extension cord
-Plastic bags
-Some kinda 90 cent toy that lights up when you squeeze it
-Salad tongs
-Pack of gum
-Bag of chocolate morsels
No. 2459

Who would eat such a person, I ask you?
No. 2461

Someone should start a 'survival CYOA' with random objects.
Imagine yourself trying to escape the forest of magic with a silk thread, a computer keyboard, a can of Mr Pibb and twenty-seven pieces of lego.
No. 2462
I make the lego pieces into the shape of a gun. Bein orky as I am, It'll work because I believe it to.
No. 2464
MacGuyver in Gensokyo?
No. 2465

MacGuyver would make it with the silk thread and a ballpen no problem.
No. 2702
Going over this thread, I see a few folks talking about the usefulness of guns. While it's true that a youkai would simply regenerate from non-magical damage from any common weapon, it's still a powerful weapon when backed up by the most powerful weapon of all in Gensokyo: Faith.

So you got yourself a .44 revolver? Okay, you could do some damage with that, but it won't actually stop a youkai just on it's own. Without a doubt though, you have something small in your hand that can make a loud noise and cause considerable pain from a distance, you can use that to your advantage as a psychological attack. Pain can be used as a deterrent, and I'm sure being shot in the head with a gun and surviving would be pretty damn painful, no matter what you are. With luck, news will spread among youkai about you and your weapon, and they'd be wary of you because they're afraid of your gun. If enough youkai start to believe your gun is something special, chances are it will be affected by their belief.

In the end, you have a gun that works against youkai, even if the damage isn't permanent, so long as the psychological effect takes root. There is one problem with the idea though, in that guns may be understood by some of the youkai that have been around longer. Guns had been around in Japan for quite a long time before the Barrier was established. There's really no way to prove that guns were widespread enough to reach Gensokyo pre-Barrier, but there's also nothing to say that all youkai had to have come from Gensokyo itself. There were large steps taken to modernize Japanese weaponry in the mid-late 1800's, starting several years before the Barrier was erected. While the idea might work on youkai born/created post-Barrier, there's a chance that it won't work against any that were around pre-Barrier, since they might know what guns are and be less likely to be convinced it's some kind of terrible magic weapon.

That aside though, if I were to go to Gensokyo, aside from maybe a knife for basic protection and some heavy clothes, the majority of what I'd bring would be pre-made food and snacks. Sandwiches, small bags of chips, sweets, etc., all to use to divert any intent on eating me. Bribe them with food they might not be able to eat, or even ever again, and suggest that you could get them more if they let you live.
No. 2706
I wonder if you could "assume" a history onto a gun.

By this, I mean think of the Single Action Army. There is a gun with history. It won the American west, was used by legendary gunslingers both real and mythological, and Even in modern day storytelling the SAA shows up ala characters like Revolver Ocelot. So while you might not have Wild Bills SAA, Would the history and mythos that surrounds the gun be transfered to any gun of that model? Would the legend of Dirty Harry's .44 surround any Smith and Wesson model 29?

Six shots, more than enough to kill anything that moves? My gun says "Desert Eagle .50" while yours says "Replica" on the side? Between your faith and my Glock 9mm, I take my Glock?

Its an interesting question to ask.
No. 2707
You are now imagining a musket shooting a master spark.
No. 2714
Musketeers in Gensokyo?
No. 2718
No. 2731
It is a miiii~racleee~
When you belieeeeeve~
No. 2739
File 125717782863.jpg - (94.55KB , 840x606 , A4O3Musketeerswmin.jpg ) [iqdb]
All for one...!

And one for all...!

Trinity Spark!
No. 2742
My flintlock dueling pistols would like to have a word with you.

They're from the 1800's and they're packed with history.
No. 2767
File 125725148686.jpg - (89.30KB , 800x640 , IMAGE_00108.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nice, I think I'll use this information in my work.
No. 2880
Many condoms.

One can hold a liter of water, you know.
No. 3071
Was that an FMP reference?

I think I love you.