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I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread about this, so I'll make one. I want to know about your tastes in fiction, THP.

For me, my favorite written work is Paradise Lost. Besides the exquisite beauty of its meter and the solemn profundity of its subject matter, Milton's interpretation of the various characters, Satan in particular, even though he isn't the hero; captivated me. And when, by chance, I came to learn more about English history and of the circumstances surrounding the English Civil War (Milton was a staunch supporter of Cromwell's Protectorate) I came to appreciate it even more, because I realized that amidst his retelling of the book of Genesis, he had metaphorically encapsulated his reflections on the transformations gripping society in his own day. It's really nothing short of genius.

As for fiction outside of print, it would probably be LoGH, which is in the picture there. It's a classic and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it and enjoys well-thought out war, politics and drama. To use a not very apt example, think of Code Geass had taken place in space and had actually lived up to whatever potential it had and then some, rather than becoming a poorly written trainwreck of non-sequiturs.

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I like all sorts of fiction. That said, I find myself reading more and more scifi than anything else these days. Then again, it might be because I haven't bothered to look for good books either.

It's hard to crown something as my 'favorite', as there's been many a book that has impacted me. But well, if I had to pick a couple of authors I'd certainly mention several Russian authors - Turgenev, Chekhov, and Tolstoy. Not that it's an exclusive club, I also am a big fan of Hemingway, and several other western writers/playwrights (Fo, Beckett, Miller off the top of my head).

In general it's safe to say that I like books that have a historical quality to them, and offer ideas and interesting situations. This spills over into non-fiction, and I find myself absolutely fascinated by actual history. But that's not the topic at hand.

Outside of print, I'd also have to point to LoGH. It's a well thought out epic. There's nothing else quite like it out there in the audiovisual realm.
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I'm rather fond of The Divine Comedy. While I haven't read it in a while, I've always been interested in how a single text from so long ago has consistantly influenced people's views on heaven, hell, and purgatory.
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Because there's nothing else quite like it, as far as I'm aware. Dante was writing at the end of the medieval age and the beginning of the Renaissance and so, he embodies both traditions simultaneously.

Did you read it in translation or the original Italian?
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I enjoy The Lord of the Rings.

But sometimes I read International Law and Multiculturalism and the like.
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As one could guess, I'm fond of epic poems such as the Sagas of Iceland, the Iliad&Odyssey or Beowulf. There is something timeless contined within such works as well as the great beauty of the language and verse found within.

As a passionate reader I have also read much of the western literary canon, and despite a heavy slant towards the works of dead white european males, most of it is really good. Aeschylus, Sophocles and Virgil in particular stand out among the ancient poets and playwrights.

So yeah, a lot of old books. As for modern fiction, I read a lot of fantasy and scifi.

But if I had to pick one work of fiction (hell, make that literature in general) that I've enjoyed above all others, it has to be Finnegans Wake. Certainly not for everyone, but I still recommend it.
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Hmm... there aren't many written works I get to read, just because I don't have the time to touch most of them. I do, however, have plans to read Dale Brown's works, especially the Patrick McLanahan series.

Speaking of which, is there any recommended WW2-centric fiction works, especially anything revolving around snipers?
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I have problems with the romance languages, so I had to settle for a translation.
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The Count of Monte Cristo. Una-fucking-bridged.
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Hm, I'm not *too* picky on what I read, to be honest. But, I really like science-fiction, especially post-apocolyptic fiction (if that counts).

I'll also go for anything that's considered creepy, unsettling or just down-right strange. That said, I really want to get my hands on some Lovecraft stuff. Haven't exactly had the chance to really read any of it.