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I would like to know some information about your relationship with Another Dream.

As much as you want to yell at them, don't just say that you hate them. Being specific will prove helpful, but do be objective about what you say.

Anything from layout to organization, from deadlines to quality control, I'd like to know all of it. Do not try to sugar coat your statements; go straight to the point of what you think is wrong so you and I can understand each other.

This input will be put to good use. Thank you for participating.

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It's been quite some time since I read anything in Another Dream, so I downloaded 5a and 6a, and my comments regarding content quality and the like are based on their stories. I honestly don't care about the comics (I don't like Doroya's stuff, which is apparently the pinnacle), so I haven't considered them below.

- The fact that it is distributed solely in PDF form is dumb. If seems that they're trying to emulate doujinshi (presumably because 'NIHON SUGOI YO XDDDDD'), but the purpose of doujinshi is generally to be released at a single event, whereas AD is a web-based project from start to finish. The entire endeavor would be much improved by turning it into an fanfiction archive similar to Gensokyo.org (pre-archive crash, that is) and putting all the stories in an easily accessible web format. Of course, with such a system, they could still release PDFs for each update, should they so choose.
- If they were to do so, though, it would be imperative to find someone who knows how to typeset a fucking document. I see line spacing running the gamut from single to 2.5, margins apparently chosen using a dartboard, tabs with new and exciting lengths, paragraphs upon paragraphs of center-justified text, and afterwords in Comic Sans. Comic Sans, for Christ's sake. I could do better than this with WordPad and fifteen free minutes.
- The story quality is... better than I remembered, actually. NewAgeRetroHippie's shorts are, naturally, diamonds among oh so much rough, but I found myself enjoying Kilgayaman and Usually Dead's stuff, and scanning through the remainder seems to indicate that most of the writers are at least slightly above Fanfiction.net level (though I would hesitate to call their work 'readable'). Naturally, quality should be AD's first concern, but I have a feeling the poor quality is due to a combination of lax standards and having nothing but the Shrinemaiden talent pool to draw from, making it a problem not so easily fixed.
- I have no idea what their release schedule is, but anything longer than a few weeks to a month is too long. Average story size seems to be on the order of 5,000 words, which even THP's slowest writers generally manage to do in under a month, while managing to actually write well.

That's all that comes to mind for now, though I'm sure that's not an exhaustive list of what's wrong with Another Dream. Hope this helps someone.
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oh god why would you willingly use .pdf taking forever to browse a document is not fun
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I'd say one of AD's biggest problems at this point is simply its reputation. The low standards in the past have already screwed it over for any good writers, who could just release by themselves instead of being associated with the project. Even if they did, most people see the title and "know" not to waste their time with it.

It's going to take a while to get rid of that, but >>2344 made a lot of good points.
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Are you guys me?

Anyways, I read one issue of AD along time ago.
I wish I didn't.
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- I remember having a pow-wow about distribution format and PDF being the thing that won out. I don't remember the details of it, however, so they couldn't have been all that important.

The obvious solution is to keep doing PDFs while also hosting the stories in HTML format somewhere (collection of .docs is out because of people without Office, collection of .txts is out because of a complete lack of aesthetic style). I think this will make everyone happy and take minimal effort on our end to implement. Sound good?

- The next literary release will have formatting standards. I admit I only thought of font type and size, but it's trivial to enforce x spacing and y margin size so no worries there.

- I've assembled what I've been calling an Editing Roundtable for future releases so quality should not be an issue in the future. They will serve as the brains and the backbone I never presented when I was in charge of reviewing things. If you're still a bit worried about a bunch of facelessness, I will tell you there is some respected THP influence in this committee.

- The scheduling thing is VERY much up in the air right now as we're being bombarded from all sides (including internally) by ideas on how to improve on issues the current release schedule presents. The release schedule in its current format is on very shaky ground, and I have no idea how it make look by January. The idea of a release schedule may even be gone entirely.

Anything else I can address?
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Choja should have passed this along but I'll say it again: Another Dream needs to die. Form a new circle with a new name, new management (which I understand you already have), and new standards. Some or many former AD contributors will move on to this new circle, but it is not the same circle, it is not "the circle formerly known as Another Dream", it is something new. This is the most important thing.

Now, you have your shiny new doujin circle, how can you avoid not fucking it up like last time? Reject, reject, reject. Writing sounds like a 12 year old's Harry Potter/Totally Spies crossover fanfic, using suicide as a plot device? Rejected. Art looks like graffiti on a cardboard box by a wino with an oily rock? Rejected. Humor sounds like an M-1 comedy skit? Rejected. Don't tell me you had quality controls before, because you didn't. Nothing gets in this doujin unless it's interesting to read and/or pleasant to look at, no matter who made it, no matter how long it takes. That is what an editor's job is. If you can't do it, find people who can.

If it's impossible for you to not publish anyone's garbage without being torn asunder by drama and internet politics, as a last resort you could leave someone to keep Another Dream running simultaneously, and sweep everything off the cutting room floor into that stinking dumpster.

Have you ever noticed how some Japanese artists will revamp their website and only list their most recent doujins, completely disowning their older, shittier work? Learn from them.
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I like the idea of having more circles. I don't think it necessary for AD to die just because of it.
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Agreed. Then we know which one to avoid.
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Meh. My thoughts on the subject are generally ones of indifference. The good writers are good, the bad writers are excruciatingly bad, and I'm seeing very little in between. For the most part, I steer clear because the characterization most writers give to characters bothers me. Dunno what it is. Just seems somehow off. They seem somehow incredibly bland or way over the top.

I'll check it out every time they release it, though on occasion I really, really regret it. I don't particularly mind the .pdf format. Byte for byte it's pretty well thought-out. Some writers need to develop a more professional format (and more importantly, pick a better font) for their writing, though I'm not really one to talk. I write stories on an imageboard, for Chrissakes. I can't even choose a font if I wanted to (though in my saved documents it's either the MS Word default Calibri or Apple Textedit default Helvetica).

Oh, and maybe ask the guy/girl who's been doing cover art lately to do a few inserts. He/she's pretty damn good, and more of that sort of stuff would be better.
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Generally lacks consistency. A below-average school publication overall, and I mean that genuinely and endearingly.

I think you guys are honestly doing the best with what resources you have. Currently, the only thing you could easily address is consistency in formatting. People are acclimatized to justified text blocks, tidy margins, and healthy indentation. There is a degree of cleanliness and cohesion that people simply expect from your typical publication. This alone would bump you up to an average.

I have few reasonable qualms about quality control. I enjoy some stuff and I dislike others. The available talent pool is small, but I think you could try to actively recruit or encourage participation. AD seems a bit too solemn in spirit for what it’s trying to accomplish, since it’s a fan publication for fans. Take it easy. Priority is just making something fun and readable. You’re being solemn when you should be serious. Don’t try to emulate a copy team, since people then have a notion that this is going to be professional and shit. The focus should be on just getting stuff done instead of organizing yourselves into a team and assigning positions and the like. Flexibility is key when it comes to loose online projects like this.

I’d normally be a hardass and say you should just delay this to hell till you can hit a reasonable degree of quality, but 4chan’s /ic/’s has convinced me of humble beginnings. People have to fail in order to learn. Being less solemn would help people to stop worrying about failure, or worrying about submitting stuff to you in fear of rejection. If it’s shit, it’s shit. Just get people involved and then help them improve. So long as there’s improvement, people will be interested in what you have. Growth is always interesting to people. Just think of every issue as a draft, not a complete product.

Sorry if I'm incoherent and lack basic understanding of human nature. Absinthe makes you idealize and shit.
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