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Yeah, saw the /jp/ thread. I, for one, welcome this. The needless elitism of the wikifags always bothered me. Besides, I'll be able to understand PC-98 endings when they get around to it.
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Somewhat useful.
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If it'll shut up the people who are too shitty to beat the games on easy mode (And yes, you are shitty. It's not that fucking hard.) then by all means.
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At least MS and EoSD do not work this way.
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Then go beat the others and play Normal which is only marginally harder. Especially MS.
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Since my old piece of computer can only work up to EoSD I never played PCB and later. I also already cleared EoSD on Normal (with continues sadly), though I am still struggling against Alice, Yuki and Mai in MS.
Also: Hax-Reimu in PoDD and Yumemi just hardly ever get hit for me, though I never noticed any difference in difficulties in that game, be it Easy or Lunatic.

Selfsage for subpar grazing skills.
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>Hax-Reimu in PoDD and Yumemi just hardly ever get hit for me

Obligatory image.
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I've heard rumors that ZUN doesn't even play test easy mode, and as a result some quirks pop up in them that don't pop up in harder modes.
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While this is true, it's only for individual patterns or cards in a few games. Overall, the difficulty is still much more manageable.

Unless you were trying to make a counterpoint and then forgot to, you're exactly the kind of person I can respect. Keep on enjoying the games, even if you can't play them all.
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My only counter would have been not being able to play the "easier" games from PCB onwards and being one of those suckers not able to 1CC anything. This in turn would make me appreciate game scripts I am not able to get to myself (as on that site in the OP).
So, yeah, no counter, I just suck at danmaku, that would be all.
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Did you know that when Alice's dolls form a star-covered shield in front of her, it reflects your shots back at you?

I struggled with Alice quite a bit until I realized this.
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MS Alice's dolls do that? I never noticed, but I am pretty sure that I always died to her shots while trying to calculate their movements.
No. 2262
Try pacifisting her once. You'll be able to see the difference, and the dolls telegraph the shield very clearly, so you'll be able to see when to stop shooting the next time you play her.

Knowing this little trick transforms her from difficult to embarrassing to ever die against. Ever since I figured it out, I've died more times on stage one than I've against Alice.
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My opinion is that anyone who results to open insults and bombastic language in this matter is an idiot. The matter itself is stupid, too.
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I usually end up killing at least one of her dolls about as soon as they pop up or respawn, might be one reason I never saw her mirror shield.
Mostly using Mima and sometimes Yuuka, for the reference.
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That's one hell of a mental image, there.
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This needed to be done a long time ago, if only for the reason that the translators are fast, and the patchers are horrendously slow. In game dialog for all of the games has been up on the wiki for ages. The endings could have been up there too, but no, we have to wait for a translation patch that might not surface for years, if ever. Meanwhile, some of us have actually 1cc'd all the pc98 games on normal.

That and maybe people having access to the PC98 endings will finally clear up this "PC98 Reimu is a different person / Touhou was retconned" bullshit that is so prevalent with writers on this site.
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Or maybe people went with it because they liked the idea, not because of ignorance of the PC-98 era endings.
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I'm curious about that as well, but another factor of that thinking is how her name is written differently in the windows game, but I think it was just ZUN adjusting things myself.

I think it'd be more interesting to merge the two histories.
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From what I've heard, Zun now refers to the "old" Reimu with the new spelling. Not really sure where I read that, but I remember seeing it in several places.

Honestly I think the only legitimate point anyone ever had for the two Reimu theory was the hair color change, not the spelling of her name. Of course, Reimu has changed eye colors ,of all things, in the windows games, so I think we can probably chalk that up to Zun being indecisive in his character designs.

By the way, am I the only one that had never seen the ending from PCB where Reimu wears that hat? I don't think I've ever even seen fanart of it, and that's pretty damn surprising considering the Touhou fanbase.
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Reimu's ESOD profile refers to the game being set not too long after the last one, Mystic Square.

Also, UFO has pretty much proved the PC-98 games canon, since the dialogue pretty much implies Reimu has been in Makai before.
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Did anyone also notice that UFO's bad ends are the most bad-end like in the series? Some of them don't even imply the characters escaping from Makai at all. I usually just restart if I continue, so I've never seen 'em.
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>By the way, am I the only one that had never seen the ending from PCB where Reimu wears that hat? I don't think I've ever even seen fanart of it, and that's pretty damn surprising considering the Touhou fanbase.

Actually, I seem to recall seeing a piece of fanart in which she wore that exact hat, but I can't remember for the life of me where I saw it.
No. 2330

I think she had purple hair in the PC-98 games due to graphics limitations and how it might be hard to have completely black hair.
No. 2335

Yeah unlike most bad ends which is the heroine giving up on the current try and vows to try again later, the UFOs one seem to be bad endish and seem to cast Byakuren in a evil light.