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Like the title said. I'm sure all writefags here have experienced/are experiencing this troublesome issue, so I'd like to hear what you guys do whenever you come across one.

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[x] Fondle Cirno-sensei's boobs.
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Think on the scene I'm stuck at before sleep. Let the events play themselves out overnight in my dreams. Write down what happens the next day.
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Just write something else. It helps sometimes.

Or failing that, moan and whine about it for year(s) until the block goes away!

Sometimes music or images can spark up the want to write again.
No. 2208
Ask yourself if you've lost sight of your original narrative purpose. Even if your intention was to only write fluff or something light on plot, you should ask yourself this question from time to time, lest you become engrossed or enamoured of certain characters or events and end up derailing the entire story (Hello IPF). If it HAS been derailed already, then determine a destination in which you'd like to take it and introduce something to get it back on track.
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Don't stop writing for longer than a day, even if you don't have time to write more than a few sentences, and even if the result is so bad that you feel like deleting it. Just about every blown deadline I've had so far has been a result of taking a day off for some dumb reason and encountering absurd difficulty with getting words onto paper when I try to come back to writing.
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I break through it with force of will!

Or, sit around and read. Trying to imagine the scene playing out in my head usually helps, but then I have to explain to people why I'm talking to myself.
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Or just music in general (for those not writing action adventure stories), which I have found to be a tremendous help when writing.

Personally my problems with writing mostly arise from the style of writing I use, which can be demanding sometimes. At these times I usually sit down and reread Egil Skallagrimsson's Saga, or some similar work (the Saga of Gunnlaugur Serpent-Tongue is fucking hardcore, by the way) which often manages to reignite my inspiration by way of sheer badass factor.

So it basically comes down to setting the mood. All else follows from that.
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Interesting hearing that from you, specifically. Do as I say and so forth, eh?
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Way to not read the full post.
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1. Talk on IRC, get chewed out, figure out that everyone (including me) are morons, and then analyze the philosophy of the arguement.

2. Listen to some Hachi or maybe Iemitsu or actually a Darius series or Zone of the Enders soundtrack. Even Piano.

3. Sleep until something gets to me. Sleep is the medicine of everything and nothing.

4. Grope Cirno.
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Go read the suggestion boxes on MSPA.
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As stated, music helps.

I try to play out the scene(s) in my head between updates. Of course, since my story goes on a weekly basis (theoretically), it gives me more time to revisit things I thought up the previous day.

You should also reread your last update, so you know what happened and how things were when you left off.

Finally, just sit down and write. Even if you have to slog through it, do it. Your beginning might seem like crap, but by the end your post will be much better.
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Thanks for the feedback, people. Really, I didn't expect the response to be this vast, but I appreciate it.

>[x] Fondle Cirno-sensei's boobs.
>4. Grope Cirno.

Who wouldn't?
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I usually try and play the scene out mentally, from start to finish, usually focusing on the big stuff I think the reader should know and work from there.

As stated before, Listening to some music can help get your ideas flowing. In fact it's what I'm doing right now~

I suppose this is the method I should start following from now on. Since I always lag behind so much in writing/updating.
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What I do is I pop open a separate document and start writing... stuff. Whatever comes to mind. I don't go back and correct it, and I try not to stop writing for as long as I can. It doesn't need to make sense or anything, just keep writing. It'll be a garbled mess, but, if you try to focus on whatever you're stuck on, you'll usually get something out of it. Then you can turn that into something a bit more polished. If there's nothing useful, keep writing garbage until you get something. It'll come eventually.

Also, yeah. Don't stop to take longer breaks if you can help it. You'll fall even further out of the groove, so to speak. At least I do.
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Also beware of video games, while they might help, they'd usually make things worse in terms of delayed updates.