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In this thread we give honorary funerals to well-served writefags that no longer function.

Allow me to do the first honors by laying to rest one of the classics, Tetrominon, the beloved Darth Writefag, writer of Youkai Mountain Limited Adventure on /youkai/ (obviously) and Welcome to Paradise on /th/. He shall be remembered lovingly and with massive FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFs.

No. 2002
inb4 "lol HY"
No. 2003
lol HY
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Goodbye, Gensokyo Man. Thank you for being the spark that ignited this blaze called THP.
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No. 2008

That guy was a fucking lunatic. And he had stopped updating long before that little fiasco.
No. 2010

I still couldn't believe it when I saw it. It was so surreal that I didn't want to believe it.
No. 2011
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Let us not forget YAF. Whatever faggot he may have been, i really liked TS1 and 2. That crazy shit was just funny before stories became more quality around here.
No. 2021

You mean the guy whose ego imploding fucked /shrine/ over for a while?

Also we should mention Scorn, because his lazy nigger factor is so high, he doesn't even go about posting scat threads anymore, let alone continuing what stories he did start.


One must always salute him because if not for him, there wouldn't be a THP or any of the good times that followed. It'd be nice to run into him because after all, he is a legend among legends.


Kira I presume when he imploded. But I must say /th/ sprang back from that rather quickly.
No. 2022
I love how 1/2 this thread is summed up with


He's covered wars, you know.


Apparently was a she.
But like most writefags here, MENTALLY UNFUCKING STABLE.
No. 2023
Confirming that GM is a she from talking to her for several years before WUiG even started. And she's not "mentally unstable" for the most part, just lazy and easily distracted by things like Baldur's Gate and DnD.
No. 2029

you mean like most of the other writefags here?
No. 2031
It takes a good degree of insanity to write for free on the internet, and then take writing advice from anon.
No. 2039
Without the IRC regulars, this site would never have come back.
No. 2068

Yes it was they that rallied for the site's revival, too bad some of them don't seem to vote.
No. 2076

Fine, no way to argue that.


Other then the mods, they are probably STILL going on about THEORIES and SCHEMING.
in during
No. 2082
Mostly we just chitchat, toss sketchy story ideas back and forth, and link to danbooru a lot.

...we're kind of lame.
No. 2089
>going on about THEORIES and SCHEMING

Are you talking about like, back when Kira was writing, or maybe UN Owen? That only really happens when there's a story running that's hugely popular and full of mysteries.
No. 2091
>some of them don't seem to vote.

This, fucking this. 50 or so people on IRC jesus christ. Why can't those bastards vote.
No. 2093

A number of them don't even visit the site.
No. 2149
Nigger please, we do vote, we just don't all read the same stories.
No. 2150

I do.

I can't read everything, though.
No. 2183

If by THEORIES and SCHEMING you mean DICKS and HOMOLOVE, then yeah.

If you mean, like, actually relating to stories then no. I can't remember the last time something story related came up in the channel.

Then again, I really only stay in there because I'm a mod and I want to be available should someone need something. I don't pay attention to it a lot.
No. 2188
So then, is IRC not worth visiting unless you're part of the circlejerk/need a mod to do something for you?
No. 2192

It's an okay place, spontaneous bursts of homolove aside. It's pretty much all just general chatter, right now it seems to be the UFO cast and why people like or dislike certain characters when it comes to gameplay, though no doubt in a few minutes it'll drift into Castlevania or HY streaming games or something else unrelated, punctuated with danbooru links. Eventually someone will say something about dicks, and at least two people will reply 'D-dick!?' because that never gets old, seriously.

Oh, also Giddy being an angry little man and complaining about everything HY does pretty much all the time. I would suggest at least taking a look around. Personally, I think the more of the site that can easily be in contact with the irc channel, whether or not you use it regularly, the better off we would be in case something happens to the site. Worse comes to worse, at least complaining about irc faggotry would have a legitimate basis.
No. 2194
>implying HY does anything
No. 2225
About a certain incident, that was merely caused by one or two people, not the whole channel. That and thin skin is thin.
No. 2241

You mean IRC Hitlers?
No. 2268
IRC is bad and you should feel bad for asking.