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1975 No. 1975
Sons of THP.
I fear our time together is nearing thin.
However, I will be here.
To listen to all your confessions and sins.

No. 1977
I stuck some motors in a dead mouse that made it walk on two legs. Does that count?
No. 1978
-I double posted once.
-I often make horrible write-ins that always end up winning.
-I don't know who the hell are Sunny Milk or Lunar Child.
No. 1980
I never played any of the original danmaku games.
I only played the touhou fighting games.
No. 1981
I can never remember which Prismriver is which, and feel no real compulsion to figure it out.
No. 1982
I can't 1CC UFO despite people claiming it's one of the easier games. I have also 1CCd all of the other Windows games on at least normal.
No. 1983
Related to >>1982
I can reach UFO's last spellcard with 2 lives and 4 bombs and still manage to die.
No. 1984
I hacked all the games and read the endings without beating them. I don't have the patience for 1CC.
No. 1985
It was me. I was the one who killed Mima. I was the perpetrator behind the Subterranean Animism incident. I even took the liberty of placing a small vampire girl under house arrest for 495 years, and then framing her sister. I am the demon that lurks in ZUN's shadow, and the one driving him to drink. And I did it all in the hopes that he might one day bring back Shinki.

Alas, he did not. And for that we shall see yet another Touhou game come next year, and ZUN shall be many, many beers closer to rock bottom.
No. 1986
>It was me. I was the one who killed Mima. I was the perpetrator behind the Subterranean Animism incident. I even took the liberty of placing a small vampire girl under house arrest for 495 years, and then framing her sister. I am the demon that lurks in ZUN's shadow, and the one driving him to drink.

So you're Reimu?

As for me, I can clear EoSD's Extra Stage, but I haven't 1cc'd IN and I can't clear SA even with continues.
No. 1988
Sometimes, I post anonymously in my own thread just to stir up more shitstorms.
No. 1989
I never liked GM and her story. YAF was my favorite writer on here, i haven't read Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy since the middle of the the first run but still voted because i always voted. I think /border/ is the worst board on here with the worst stories.
Sometimes i really want to write GET BACK TO WORK NIGGER to Taisa because he used to update way faster but then i hold back because it would be really unfair towards him. I gave pretty much up on HY knowing that he will never write again and it doesn't bother me anymore. But i would donate if he would need money to keep the site afloat because there are 5 stories that i read on here. I think Grue is an asshole for leaving without a word. I have nothing against IRC but like to blame them for everything. Sometimes, before there were mods, i spamed votes to get an option to win on MiG. When WUiG was still on /jp/ and first to win, many of those were mine because i kept F5 the threads.

The worst things come later when the site is about to die because i don't want to get banned and use proxies.
No. 1991
Aha! So you're that faggot who kept hiveminding me and beating me to the vote!
No. 1993

Aha! So you're that faggot who...


You're that faggot.
No. 1996
I'm a lazy bum. Is that bad?
No. 2001
I contribute nothing except bitching and criticism, and still think I'm more valuable to this site than most of the userbase.

I would enjoy it if this site died, so I wouldn't have to continually wonder if someone I care about is still writing.

You're probably someone who enjoys reaction time over memorization. If you haven't played the pc-98 games, I would recommend you do so now. I really enjoy them, and I'm in the same boat.

In fact, the exact same boat.

Are you intentionally copying that guy on /jp/ and /bun/ that claims he can't clear SA stage two on easy but beat Flandre without dying? Because that's me and I'm flattered if you are.
No. 2004
So you DO exist!
Okay, I'm not the anon you quoted, but I saw a few of your posts on /jp/ and quickly disregared you as a troll. Probably because I'm on the EXACT opposite boat (Memorization vs Reaction wise)
No. 2009
File 125488025877.png - (36.91KB , 600x800 , b5acef5ac23b2c473cbbaa58fac4e8c40e5f32b5.png ) [iqdb]
I... I'm earning an internet reputation?

I'm earning an internet reputation!
No. 2012
-I should be updating right the fuck now but I've run out of steam after only one page.
-Following that, i hate how i can't seem to churn out the old walls of text i used to be able to do
-I hate most of the middle part of my story. A lot.
-I hate how the very style of my story has irreversibly changed, i preferred what it started out like, not what it is now.
-I prefer the touhou fightan games and think they fit the epic scope of canon far better than way spell card duels are presented
-I have never 1cc'd a single game, but i don't understand what is so hard about SA, i die in it as much as i do in any of the other games. With the exception of PCB.
No. 2013
I also fail at sage and double post.
No. 2015
I hate posting with a trip even if I've been writing here for a good while. Instead of making up new trips, I always post as Anonymous so readers can't bother my other threads for updates.

Despite that, it annoys me greatly that I have fewer votes in the stories I want to write compared to the others I play around with. It is also irritating that many readers don't notice key links or clues even if they are staring them right in the face.

I hate it when readers vote for safe or boring options to avoid coming up with good write-ins. I hate it when readers vote for stupid options because they sound fun and then try to fix their mistakes with even more stupid options.

But most of all, I hate it when readers don't vote.
No. 2016
So, it's okay if I keep choosing safe options in order to avoid fucking up because the story seems interesting enough for me to do so, instead of choosing the 'risky' option that most likely will end up with the MC dying-unless we find and analyze some cryptic shit that only makes sense to the writer - as long as I vote at every update? Good to know.
No. 2017
Well, I wasn't aware of you before, but I'm not quite that bad at SA. The main problem I have is that if I use the team with which I'm the best (Reimu A), then I can't get past Orin without continuing, at which point its better to just start over, while if I use Reimu C, I can get past Orin, but with not enough lives to beat Utsuho. Granted, if I played it on Easy, I could probably beat it, but I'd rather just work on another game to actually improve my overall ability.

Are you good with streaming? Because the biggest problem I've seen among those who have trouble with SA is that its the first game to really force you to stream well and that learning to play with something besides Reimu A helps a lot.

Just my two cents, but I've found that all of these problems can be lessened or eliminated by simply communicating with the readers. They aren't psychic and if you write the story with an expectation that they'll somehow discern the workings of your mind and vote accordingly, both parties will end up unhappy.
No. 2019

Write fags and Anon dislike fancy options and yet at times Anon likes stupid ones, perhaps not realizing CYOAs have advanced from the herp derp stage that might have been seen in early MiG and WUiG. Stupidity does not equal awesome, nor does more words mean better.


True but at the same time modern Anon are not write-in artists, and the chance of a well intentioned write in being seen as bad and being bitched at by someone keeps Anon from trying more. That or good write ins get ignored in favor of stupid shit.

And what some writers and voters forget is this: the common CYOA lead is generally powerless and frail compared to the girls, not the best grounds for making overly ballzy decisions.

As far as votes? well try talking with the readers and not be so utterly cryptic, you don't want to be mistaken for Teruyo or even Kira now, would you?

But the problem is that most writefags don't even bother to post status reports and as a result, there's those annoying bumps with "Updates?" and Dr. McCoy.

Let the reader know the flow of updates, and things should come clearly enough. Or perhaps your more serious works aren't as popular as the more goofy stuff. (It'd help if we knew what stories you were talking about? Since some of us might be a fan of your more serious works)


Ah so you think sensibly as well, nice to see. But like I said above, Anon seems to be slow in realizing in the modern era of CYOA, to a mere meek human lead, such 'awesome' stunts lead to death or worse. Safe ensures survival to the point where we can try awesome without dying.

If there's a sign that trying for a ballzy option won't lead lead to certain death, then try to make that sign more obvious. Kira was guilty of the whole cryptic sign shit and look what happened. Oh look, it's snowing!

As for my confession? Let's see...

I do think it's annoying how some people bitch about stories and write ins despite never having written or done a write in themselves.

I never one 1CCed game and planning on using a 'trainer' to see the endings of PCB and EoSD (but plan to later on practice sans cheats)

I suspect the reason why anon doesn't like IRC much is because it seems filled with mostly elitists that don't read much let alone vote. They just bitch about everything. (But there's some nice folks in there, just lurk a bit before posting to see how the flow of the room is going)

I don't think Harem endings are such a terrible idea if done right.

I do like some of Kloah's art (no I'm not UBOA), too bad Danbooru's such an ass about such things.
No. 2020
I miss Reisen and I would forgive Kira's snow end if he would come and let us save her.
No. 2025
>-Following that, i hate how i can't seem to churn out the old walls of text i used to be able to do
>-I hate most of the middle part of my story. A lot.
>-I hate how the very style of my story has irreversibly changed, i preferred what it started out like, not what it is now.

I think you speak for a great number of writefags.

I post hints in my own thread anonymously. On the old site, I once voted twice under different names.
No. 2026
File 125492224777.jpg - (582.67KB , 1450x635 , 1254881953775.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is there a Reisen-route CYOA besides Kira's?
I wouldn't say 'good' but I kinda enjoy streaming. It's fun and requires only a minimal amount of memorization.
That said, I dunno if I apply to what you say... I actually use ReimuA on SA (Good Bomb, Above-average damage, near-inmunity to walldeaths)
No. 2027
Here's a confession.

I don't know what 'streaming' even means in the context of shmups.
No. 2028
I like snow...
No. 2030
Oh, I've got another one:

I haven't cared about characters living or dying since around the time ASSM ended. I don't know if the writers forgot how to make sympathetic characters or I've become a bit more hardhearted, but I really don't give a shit about anyone at this point.

If Glasnost killed Yuugi, I might be annoyed because I find her entertaining, but there aren't any characters I'm emotionally attached to anymore.
No. 2037

I think the problem lies solely in you being a dick.
No. 2040
ASSM made me jaded as fuck too. It probably has something to do with Owen making Cirno kill herself enough times to cause permanent brain damage after we spent 90% of the story trying to protect her.
No. 2043
File 125496982251.png - (431.63KB , 320x600 , 585767.png ) [iqdb]
I offered to pick up a dead story, talked to the author to get his approval, but never got around to actually doing it.
I started (I'm fairly sure) the Nathaniel hatred and the insistance that Remilia wasn't pure evil in ASSM and kept it up until the very end. I'm still not that sorry that I did, though.
All cross over stories, even the good ones, revulse me to the point of irrational hatred.
The only story I've ever enjoyed in /youkai/ was Tetro's.
I vote in stories I don't read.
I've never beaten a single Touhou game. Furthermore, I still don't know what 1CC means.
No. 2045
File 125497184016.jpg - (330.18KB , 500x1500 , touhou_academy_05.jpg ) [iqdb]
I enjoy the suffering of others.
No. 2049
I really wanted to see Cirno fail horribly in Owen's "Cirno the Valiant."

I used to frequently double post. Dick move, I know, but at least I stopped.

I used to be a fan of YAF and was a bit annoyed at how Anon wouldn't let his previous actions go. After his last shit fit, I have learned the error of my ways.

I don't play the games much. They're fun once in a while, but not often.


CUtMaS on /eientei/ looks to be leaning in that direction if the discussions of the voters are any indication. If that fucker ever updates again, that is.
No. 2050
I'm a writer.

I want to punish Anon. I've wanted to for the longest time, even before I ever started my story.

I want to punish Anon.

I want to make him miserable. make him sad. I want to make him pay for not taking things seriously during that single, fateful moment. I want to grind hope up in front of his face and make him understand that it is HIS fault.

I want to do all that, but I haven't. I haven't. It's a sore temptation that's always there, floating in front of my eyes, but I haven't done it. I want to do it, but I don't want to want to do it, you understand? Wanting to do all that gives me a moment of wicked glee, but I feel awful too, all at once.

I'm afraid that someday I'll fall.
No. 2051

You're possessed by the ghost of Kira.
No. 2052
I've never actually read a non-H Touhou doujin and I think the vast majority of Touhou music is boring and derivative, and by saying that I'm sure a few people already know who I am which makes me feel safer saying that I've also fallen back into my old habits of writing half an update and then trashing it because it was horrible. I also don't actually read a single story on this site. Not any more, anyways - and even then, it was only a few. I am constantly plagued by the will to write, but I constantly find reasons not to. I both love and despise anon, but I recognize that they are indeed they and that sometimes the smart ones just aren't on.

80% of what I have said on this site were lies. Otherwise, I have nothing to confess to, not because I have not sinned but because I have done nothing.
No. 2053
I always wanted a Story like that. Anon gets punished for just voting, half of the votes are bad ends, half of the otehrs screw up everything and one vote is only normal bad. I would vote in such a story.
No. 2054
I'm constantly plagued by temptations to try and outdo the Snow End in my story in the future.
No. 2055
Depends how you're going to go about doing it. Either through an even greater despairing end. Or something so utterly outlandish and grand in its monumental burning wreck of an end that people will recoil in awe.

Either one sounds awesome. Do it faggot.
No. 2056
I sometimes play on easy. And still fail to beat the games.
No. 2057
Seesh we didn't get rid of Kira, he just possessed a bunch of people. I'm glad that there's some writers who like to write happy endings.
No. 2058
Despair doesn't make your story any deeper (apart from being DEEP) than an enjoyable one.
No. 2059
I brainstorm story ideas all the time during work but I'll probably never write

I also like to troll anonymous

I have no interest in touhou danmaku games because I rather play R-type or gradius
No. 2061

True, but I suspect people in the west have this urge to make something over the top despairing or grimdark. I can't explain why some folks have such an urge, just that they do.

But someone in the latest Gensokyo High Thread theorized that they're venting their pent up hate and frustration upon Anon by doing such things.

ASSM taught me not to let things influence me too much. That and not to be so cryptic (but Teruyo's story taught me that lesson)

That's godawful and you should feel godawful for it.


Despair is actually a very cheap attempt at improving something, but never doing so. And the last person that tried that got ran off the boards. I wouldn't think whoever pulls such a cheap stunt would get off lightly either.

Sure people remember such endings, but never in a good way. There's a reason why Kira and YAF are always spoken with disdain while Patchwork and HY are spoken of with praise often.
No. 2069

I dunno. If you thread a story along with pure bullshit and hide the plot from anon while he tries to find it, a despair ending is pretty retarded. Sometimes anon deserves it, though. I guess that it all depends on the setting and the pacing of any particular story.
No. 2070
I used to double-post, but I stopped around mid-way of last year.

I'd start it back up in a minute just to counter the work of the Flanwhores in Gensokyo High if I wasn't worried about getting nicked for votespam. They don't deserve to be rewarded for having such shitty tastes.

I'm sort of glad Tetrominon doesn't write anymore. YMLA was great, but he's an asshole that needs to work out his anger issues instead of becoming melodramatic when he talks about how much he hates Anon.

I post votes in stories I don't read because the story sounds kinda cool, and yet I just can't seem to get started on them. But I want their authors to feel a little better, especially if they aren't getting many votes.

If I were a mod, I would be taking down IPs of every post here, and keep track of the more shenanigan-prone fuckfaces among you. I would wait for you to try the shit you talk so carefreely about, and the next time you pulled that stunt, your ass would be banned. This is probably why I wasn't approved as a mod.

Even if I were a nice guy, I would still permaban >>2001 . Nothing of value would be lost, and things could only go uphill without such a douche around. I hope somebody takes him out.

That's nothing to confess about. I think many people feel that way.
No. 2071

Then blame Taisa for even having the route available, just and folks do Teruyo for the Alice route in DoLF's first run.

If I raged each time a story didn't go how I wanted to, I'd have a heart attack looking at /border/ alone.

>>2001 sounds like someone you might run into on IRC.
No. 2072
File 125504002560.jpg - (64.55KB , 312x398 , 154875135972.jpg ) [iqdb]
I suspect a few of the confessions here are those of the Devil himself.
However, my arms are open to all.

Confessions and sins lay heavy on my shoulders.

I have never read ASSM. The main reason is that I thought UN Owen was a pretentious faggot.
And judging by the ending, I was right.

After the end of MiG, I'd been eternally butthurt by Kira. 2 reasons.
One is delicious Reisen. Second is that ending. THE FUCK.
I actively trollsaged his "comebacks".

I miss GM's 4 Divas. And vote from them in every related story.
Shame all 4 still have not recieved a decent route.

I've read Norseman's stories, but they are too NORSE for me. I wish it was more VP, but alas...

Teruyo is a decent writefag. Although I still think he has a problem with conveying the hell is going on, at all times.

Patchwork is only good for his at stories

Can't stand HY anymore. He should have just stopped after the SDM run. Even if he did, SDM would still be dead as it is now

I saged YAF fags and YAF himself in MANY of his attention whore threads after TS2.
I posted many of the Stop posting tripless, YAF and related comments
I was surprised that alot of posters did not notice YAF fast growing faggotree.

In a strange twist, I believed Kira when he stated Angry Desu would fuck us. Letty

Also posted the AM I AN ARTIST YET???? threads on /jp/ and here.

I sage namefags with a grisly passion.

No. 2078
But you're a member of the holy church! You're supposed to be perfect in every way!

I feel lied to.
No. 2080
>I brainstorm story ideas all the time during work but I'll probably never write

I even wrote down some ideas, but I know i will never be able to write a story properly.
No. 2083
I mostly point out spelling errors and inconsistencies in the story.

Is that a bannable offense in your mind?
No. 2084
File 125505265537.jpg - (18.09KB , 426x304 , 1252455149211.jpg ) [iqdb]
I consider people who vote for characters other than the ones I like to have horrible taste in that regard and wish they would just fuck off. A story could potentially be completely ruined for me if the voters choose to focus on a character I don't like.

I would votespam as hard as I could in these situations were it not for the mods.

I also overuse reaction images.
No. 2090
>I was surprised that alot of posters did not notice YAF fast growing faggotree.

Oh come on, YAF was fun to have around. His delicious shitstorm and faggotry put a smile on my face. He pretty much provoked Kira on that day and got banned lol. I even made the "why ban YAF blah blah" Thread back then even knowing what he really is. Delicious shitstorm is delicious.
Over time he just turned nuts, probably would have needed some drugs to make him stable.
There are always ways to votespam a story if you REALLY want to do it, it would just be unfair for Taisa so don't do it.
>I post votes in stories I don't read because the story sounds kinda cool, and yet I just can't seem to get started on them. But I want their authors to feel a little better, especially if they aren't getting many votes.
Same, but not anymore. I mean, they write for us and some 3 or 4 people read and vote. They don't fucking deserve it, there are enough people here when you look at Taisas story, why they dont vote i just dont know.
I sometimes vote for J to the E's story just to piss of the people on IRC.
No. 2092
I think he was on drugs. Over the counter, anyway.

And I didn't really mind his faggotry. Only when he decided to throw his last temper tantrum and delete almost every topic he made did I finally agree with everyone else that he was a total fucking douchebag that didn't deserve the attention he so craved for.

Yet a small part of me wishes he come back and finish his stories. I guess I can chalk this one up as a confession. The only difference being everybody feels the same way about other writers, just not him.
No. 2151
File 125507428397.jpg - (76.15KB , 397x400 , DURHURRRRRRR.jpg ) [iqdb]
I still like to believe that GM will come back, update WUiG, and not disappear before finishing it. I like to believe that Kira will come back and either finish GA:SD or the second run of MiG, or finally post that damn essay he used to allude to on exactly why his Reimu was such a mega-bitch. I also like to believe that every single one of HY's stories will be properly finished, even that one with the bleedy-girl that I really didn't care for much.

I also like setting myself up for disappointment, if you couldn't tell.

I like to argue over things, no matter how trivial. A lot of the time, I don't even actually care about what I'm arguing about, and might not even agree with the side I'm arguing for.

At times like that, I don't mind if I'm wrong. It does, however, occasionally depress me when I turn out to be right.

Someone once told me I had no idea what makes for an enjoyable story. So I tried writing something to see what kind of response it would get. Not what my original idea was, but something else that had popped into my head.

I think they were right, after all. I really have no clue what the hell I am doing. The thing is, I'm now not so sure that really even matters. Unfortunately, I'm also not sure where to actually go from here. Keep doing what I'm doing, try something more involved, or just give up now and leave things on a relatively high note? Or at least, a not entirely bad one?

Before this site, the previous one, and even /jp/ existed, I made something else Touhou-related, for a thread on /a/ about MS Paint summaries of various anime series. Considering what else was going on there at the time, it seemed appropriate. Crudely made in a just a minute or so, I figured it would be quickly forgotten shortly after the thread had died.

Apparently, that is not what happened, and now I can easily find the damn thing on Google. Oh yeah, and I guess some stuff happened with it between back then and now. Meanwhile, there are things I have put far more time and effort into drawing that hardly anyone will ever see.
Funny how that works, isn't it?
No. 2157

Well he still has a good track record, he hasn't molested any boys.

But what a jerk.

Though everyone thinks that Teruyo isn't a bad writer; just flawed.
No. 2180
Gentlemen, I like despair.
Gentlemen, I like despair.
Gentlemen, I love despair.

I like depression. I like anguish. I like tearful despair. I like soul-crushing despair.

I like tears. I like torn hearts. I like nice boats. I like BAD END. I like little deaths.

In Gensokyo. In /thp/. In /eientei/. In /forest/. In /border/. In /shrine/. In /sdm/. In /youkai/. In /underground/. In /others/.

I love every aspect of despair that takes place on these boards.

I like ripping your hearts open with the death of girls. When you cry salt tears at their broken bodies, my heart dances.

I like torturing girls with anguished pasts. When I then made their lives worse as you read, my heart leapt.

When like when girls scream at the horrors I inflict. I remember being moved, at the almighty SNOW END.

Seeing them as their souls are crushed in their chests is unendurably exciting. Seeing a girl fall with a shriek at the mutilation of their love, orchestrated by myself, was spectacular.

When the pitiful soft writing came, with their love and their moe... and we destoyed them and all they held dear with silent rabbits, I was at my height.

I like it when we are destroyed with stupid choices. It is a sad thing when the girl anon is trying to protect is trampled, violated and killed.

I like being squashed by those who try to fight despair. I like when we stumble and crawl about about in our own insanity as Kogasa.

Gentlemen... I desire a despair that is like hell.

Gentlemen, my companions who read what is written, who follow me... Gentlemen, what do you desire?

Do you desire despair as well? Do you desire writings of no mercy?


Very well. Then we shall have despair.
No. 2181

Pretty much spot on there.
No. 2182
I find reading Teruyo's work to feel like... work.

Same for Vodka's stories. And Scorn's. Wherever he is.

I actively trolled YAF's faggotry threads towards the end of his time on THP. But lots of people did, and I don't feel that bad about it, so I guess that's not really a confession.

It is my fault that Owen's /others/ story fell apart -- and, by extension, am partly the reason why he no longer writes real stories. Or anything, as of late. But that's unrelated.

I find it difficult to hate HY, despite his utter failure to put out, because he brought the site back. Also, fuck Holy.

I actually sympathize with retards like ReijiTabibito and (arguably) Wiseman.

I want a Flandre route in GH, and a Ran route in HLA. I respect the democratic process, and agree that many on my side of the debate do, in fact, act like faggots. That said, I think most of the other side is utterly full of shit. You're gonna bitch about loli routes on touhou site? And, as for the "Ran = furry" comments, I wish people would consult the damn chart.

I am still waiting for the day when Dr. Doujin returns. I know that said day will likely never come.
No. 2184
I used to like YAF, and found his trolling to occasionally be funny.
I used to read every story on this site when it was one story per board.
I haven't read more than one update in the past month, because the few stories I still follow are awfully slow.
The story I write is likely to make people rage because of how I want to handle it. But fuck them, it's my story so I can make it go any direction I please.
I used to have loads of respect for Scorn but about all of it is gone now.
I used to respect HY for his writing but now I only respect him as a person and the man in charge.
I think that /eientei/, /shrine/, /sdm/ and /others/ are the worst boards.
I'm of the opinion that SDMLA is like this site's HALO now.
Tetrominon, despite being a faggot in his attitude towards anon, is still one of my favorite people from this site.
Patchwork doesn't make me mad, but every one of his readers can go to hell. Patch himself is a nice guy, though.
/at/ and /i/ are two of my favorite boards.
If given the chance I'd torture GM to make her finish her damn story.
That applies to most other early writers who vanished/left stories unfinished, too.
I think that a few of the posters above are tremendous douchebags.
I'd pay the drawfags for expecially detailed drawings if they'd accept it.
Reiji is a faget
No. 2185
A large reason for my bouts of unmotivated laziness is because I feel like Flight is in a slump it might not recover from, and I keep thinking of parts of the story I want to write more than the current situation. The latter part applies to pretty much everything I write.

I think the entire Hakugyokuro route so far was a mistake in judgment and I'm regretting diverging from the formula I set at the beginning for so long.

I have a log of 8 other full story ideas I want to write, 10 lesser story ideas for fun, and a couple dozen one shots to fill out ideas for scenes that wouldn't fit in anything else I write, but if I were to start writing them out I would just be dragged down by wanting to continue them when I can apparently barely handle 3 stories at once.

A few of my story ideas I want to write would probably never go over well here due to the innate faggotry of crossovers in the first part, the rest would likely fall flat from my inability to write as well as I'd need to properly convey the style I'd be aiming for.
No. 2186
My first post on this site was trolling YAF.
No. 2187
>>GM's 4 Divas

I assume two of those are Meiling and Keine, but who are the other two supposed to be?
No. 2189
>A large reason for my bouts of unmotivated laziness is because I feel like Flight is in a slump it might not recover from
>I think the entire Hakugyokuro route so far was a mistake in judgment and I'm regretting diverging from the formula I set at the beginning for so long.

Wow, you feel exactly the same way that I do about your story. Especially the bit about Flight not recovering from it's slump; no offense, but I really find myself wondering how much fun I could have with it after everything that's happened. I wish that you had never let Nobody get a body in the first place, and all the stuff that's happened after he did leaves me unenthusiastic about continuing. I don't think you could recapture the thrill of being on a mission that no one knows about now that so many people have met him; you would think that now everyone would notice or suspect him of possessing people, which would kind of kill the whole concept.

I've actually wanted to suggest that you retcon a huge amount of that story, but then I would think about how you slogged through months and months of uneventful crap, and I'd feel like a dick for suggesting you throw it all away.
No. 2190

I've been considering a retcon myself as well, actually, though in my case I wasn't sure if the readers would go for it. I look back over the threads I've gone through, and so many of them were spent in Hakugyokuro, I never thought I'd spend so long in one place, it's gotten a little tiring, which is why when it comes to updating, I prefer to do my other stories over Flight.
No. 2191

Well, if you do decide to retcon, know that you've got my support. It would probably save that story for me.
No. 2193

I'm not going to just whip one out and stick it in the collective mouth of Anon though. I'd at least present the option for it. I know there's a few people that aren't too thrilled with the current situation though.
No. 2198
The Alice part on its own is still one of my favorite stories on the site. If we can get back to becoming random Touhous and living out their Touhou-y lives I'm all for it.

Cirno and Mokou. See >>2005
No. 2202
>>/th/97503 here.

No. 2215
I vote in stories I don't even read if there's a choice on where to go/who to interact with, and one or more choices are related to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its cast.
Simply because I believe the SDM cast are the best touhous and everyone should love them as much as I do.
No. 2216

>> I wish it was more VP, but alas...

In reaction to your statement, I feel compelled to inform you that I hate you and your kind with all the fury of a raging god.

As for confessions, about 80% of the delays in my writing can be blamed directly or indirectly on booze.

I am also really lazy when it comes to voting for the stories I read.

And I can't beat Remilia in EoSD without continues. She somehow gets me every fucking time.
No. 2224
Which of her cards gives you the most trouble?
No. 2228
I only have the ending planned in my story, the rest is thought up on the spot with some minor brainstorming.

I tried to make DEATH's protagonist's past similar to Minamimoto Sho since they are both name Sho via write-in, and damn near succeeded.
No. 2230
I want to whip other writefags and force them to update more often, but I read updates like once a month all at once when I'm bored.

Sometimes I make choices purposely vague so no matter which one gets picked I can write whatever the hell I want with no one being the wiser about it. Yes I know. Railroading, purpose of CYOAs, etc...

I have a few good reasons to believe Grue is HY, but I really couldn't care less.
No. 2235

Star of David always tends to trip me up for some reason. And Red Magic, as you can't bomb your way through it.

I suspect this has to do with my utter lack of ability when it comes to telling where exactly the hitbox is and/or the lack of patience to use a more cautious playstyle.

Another fun fact, when I first played PCB (first touhou game I played) it took me two weeks to find out that there was such a thing as focused movement. So yeah, confessions ahoy.
No. 2265
I was the one who posted a few anime references in certain stories back before I got my trip.

I wanted to do a version of Graze the Rainbow that was set in America. I'm glad I didn't.

When I was new here, I picked up stories like mad and even read ones that were dead/on hiatus, like Desdaxis's. But then I stopped picking up new stories. Hell, even now I barely have the time to keep up with my own story, much less anyone else's.

Unless I break the record of votes for my story or get one of those awesome write-ins, I'm rarely satisfied with people's votes. i know I shouldn't think this, though.

I worry that people will dislike my story when the 'real' plot kicks in, kinda like with IPF. I also worry that a less than positive reaction at that point will lead me to drop it.

I do not hold grudges against those who drop stories I like.

I feel sorry when certain writers get shit for how they do things in their stories. I mean, sure, if they screw up, you should kick them in the shins and tell them not to do it again. But sometimes I feel it's out of proportion.

I am quite honestly disappointed in the Sakuya sex scene in my story. I feel better about the Yuuka one, but I still think there's something missing...

I can only 1CC IN (as Border Team), PoFV, SWR, and 12.3. I have however acquired the endings for the other stories, just so I could mine them for plot points. Thusly, Sakuya will avoid saying bad things about people, even in a casual setting and tolerates Marisa's presence in the mansion, even when sneaking around.

Although I like my 'unique' idea of having Reimu as the protagonist, sometimes I wish I had it be a femme Anon instead, just so I could get artwork of scenes and stuff. But if it did then I don't think my story would have turned out so well.

Finally, before I take up even more space, I worry how people will react (especially my readership) when I tell them that I'm really a guy. Of course, I'm just paranoid, so...
No. 2266
>I worry that people will dislike my story when the 'real' plot kicks in, kinda like with IPF.

Was this how people actually felt? Maybe I'm just misunderstanding the situation, but when I read IPF, I enjoyed the 'real plot' and I was under the impression that most of the problems were came from bad pacing in the secret base + Satori taking over the story.
No. 2267

Some people did dislike the story for the pacing, or Satori, or whatever. But I have heard that a few disliked the serious plot in of itself, instead expecting slice of life. Or perhaps I'm assuming too much. My memory can get pretty bad, you see. (I myself didn't care about the sudden shift in mood, or spending time with Satori, or with the pacing, so I'm not speaking for myself, here.)
No. 2269
I wish one of the several talented drawfags around here would do artwork for my story. But then, I realize it's/I'm undeserving.
No. 2270
Oh, so I'm not the only one. Fanart feels good. There's not much of it to go around though.
No. 2271
File 125545339249.png - (33.43KB , 225x375 , mil_max.png ) [iqdb]
No. 2272
Drawfags are scarse. Unfortunately.
No. 2275
Hi Ninny~
No. 2276
I never got laid.

I almost kissed another man.

I put dog poo on a classmate's desk once. Had to take it to school myself.

I'm addicted to video games.
No. 2277
As long as our harem girls are major characters in the plot, it should be fine.
No. 2278
When I was 9, I fucked in the ass and got fucked by a guy in the showers twice. I was too small to even cum, but I still did it nonetheless.
No. 2279
File 125549144547.gif - (451.49KB , 200x200 , HELLO.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 2286
- I hate Anonymous thoroughly for almost everything that makes him him.
- I love Anonymous for almost everything that makes him him.
- I have not updated anything in the last 7 minutes(Arguably, my computer died on me)
- I have a very bad habit of getting ideas, thinking plots and starting shit... but never continuing past the first couple updates
- My Attention-spawn allocated to updating story is directly proportional to how much interest readers show in it.
- I love Mindrape, period.
- I am easily one of the laziest writers on the board
- I do not have ze dick
No. 2287

HY trollan games?
No. 2288
Not at all.
No. 2289
>I have a very bad habit of getting ideas, thinking plots and starting shit... but never continuing past the first couple updates
I hate you for this. I have every writefag for this. Every unfinished story is a kick on the balls for me.
Then again, I don't really have the right to complain, now do I? I'm not paying anyone after all.
No. 2291
Capitalist mentality, pfft, fuck that, if someone starts something they should do their damnedest to finish. Nobody likes unfinished wo
No. 2292
Here's my thought pattern:
Anon does not display interest. Therefore, he is not interested. Therefore, he doesn't give a shit. Why would I spend time working on something people don't like? /StoryStop
No. 2293

sup blamethyst
No. 2295
Sorry, when I said 'unfinished stories' I meant 'Unfinished stories someone gives a fuck'
YM:LA, Fallout, Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration, that kind of stuff.
No. 2299
Oh, I almost forgot: I didn't read RaAN and most likely won't.
No. 2300
Lol Fallout.

Totally forgot that died.
No. 2301

You can't really say that in this day and age, and there's people interested in TALE and That Biker story in /underground/, so stop being a Scorn and update!

Me? If there's people reading and voting I'll continue trying at it.
No. 2302

It was updated somewhat recently; though it seems he just takes awhile.
No. 2303
I don't know whether you're abstracting or you really think this way, but even though other people read/comment on and otherwise enjoy your story, you should ultimately be writing it for yourself, because you want to write it. If you're doing it because you expect or desire the attention of others, not only will you have no motivation, but your story will end up being less outstanding than it could have been.
No. 2308
Unreported Candlejack sighting? Possi
No. 2310
I have a strange desire to please -everyone- when writing my story that I just can't shake off, and I worry that it may cause said story to self-destruct eventually.
No. 2320
Here's a confession for everyone.

I had a story, a rather popular one, that I allowed Anon to dictate too far. I got into a position that continued and moved the story away from where I wanted to end it, and left me floundering. I was disgusted with it and as such, decided to bring it to an abrupt end. I had wanted to do a ret-con, but allowed anon to vote out of it. I was in a hurry to start over with out spoiling any thing, but when I did get around to re-starting it it was dogged at every turn. I also had a popular side story to boot. However, I took a hiatus from that, and couldn't re-capture the feeling of it whence I started upon it again. Still garnering various accusations. I have tried several times to make ammends for my past mistakes, but anon cannot seem to let it go. To this day my name is constantly invoked against newer writefags.
No. 2321
>my name is constantly invoked against newer writefags.

This line makes me think of Kira. But Kira you are not.
No. 2322
It is obvious who he is.
No. 2323

I'd like a hint.
No. 2324
>my name is constantly invoked
This leaves Kira, HY, and YAF; I'm sure you can figure it out from there.
No. 2326
Every time I get anon interested in my CYOA, I disappear for about a month.
No. 2327
Hello, Doppleganger.
No. 2328


I should have guessed it was YAF, due to the full of himself attitude.
No. 2329
YAF has never tried to make amends for anything or admitted making mistakes. Kira's the only person who actually fits.
No. 2331

Nah, it has to be someone pretending to be YAF on the (admittedly good) chance that it isn't YAF himself.
No. 2332

It's pretty obviously Kira. Both of them are invoked, but the circumstances he described don't fit YAF.
No. 2334
YAF had some successful story runs before the shit started (TS4's excuse of a ending, his ego imploding damn near killing /shrine/, the resulting shitstorm damn near killing the whole site.)

Kira in contrast has tried and failed to get out of the Snow End's shadow.
No. 2336
I swear, ever since the WUIG days, there has been a particular faggot posting here. He likes to capitalize random Wwords. He always communicates in a contrary/cross/"haha what are you thinking" tone. He latches onto paranoia and speaks out against voices of reason. He constantly assumes what the future of a story will hold and holds to those assumptions as truth. Finally, he never forgets to put at least one run-on sentence in each post.

I just want to go kick a puppy or something whenever I read what he writes.
No. 2337
That would be Me Hahaha. hi.
No. 2338
No. 2339


Write the moon rescue.
No. 2340
File 125583846455.jpg - (201.81KB , 392x990 , 1255835399453.jpg ) [iqdb]

Sounds like many of the namefags, posting as Anonymous.


YAF alone did not almost kill THP.
It was retarded handling of the issue at hand due to Mods.
And IRC circejerker sympathizers who posted updates.
YAF sure liked sympathy and pity.
He always fished for those
It's 25% YAF's fault, 25% Anonymous for playing along, and 50% Mods and IRC.
No. 2342
No. 2343

You mad?
No. 2345
No. 2352
That little shitbag. I know him. I hate him.
And he always sages, right?

And Magical Girl Fiery Moko-tan, as well.
No. 2353
I stopped reading ADP when Anon decided that the protagonist should be a girl, which was pretty much at the beginning.
My English sucks and I put the Iron Cross into the brackets when I vote. ✠
And it doesn't even look like an Iron Cross from this distance.
No. 2354
That's probably because it's not.

No. 2355
File 125600534986.jpg - (50.04KB , 1284x512 , cross.jpg ) [iqdb]
Different forms of the same thing.
The maltese cross looks different.
No. 2356
I wish I had done the same. I went into ADP with pretty high hopes, but the fact that people kept making nonsensical choices that actually caused the heroine to regress down the path of weakness, incompetence and autism ruined it for me (and apparently, the author, given the reboot and permanent hiatus). I really can't conceive of what said voters were thinking at the time, if they were thinking at all.
No. 2361

ADP was such a fucking trainwreck.
No. 2367
I have not yet posted in this thread.
No. 2368
Perfect timing, actually. HY, to what narrative end were you hoping to move the plot in ADP before the voters ruined it?
No. 2371

Sure it wasn't WUiG style stupidity? I think some stories suffered from the change to random stuff to stuff with plot, for one such as DoLF (but Anon's stupity there was just the start of the problems)


Bigger than DoLF R1? If so that's horrifically terrible.

But hey according to some people, voting stupid is better than voting sensibly. (NOT!)
No. 2382
I have no idea what shenanigans is supposd to mean.
No. 2386

Two different scales of trainwreck, bro.
ADP was a headon wreck.
DoLF was two trains going in opposite directions, only to plummet off a cliff at the same time.
No. 2395
>I think some stories suffered from the change to random stuff to stuff with plot

MiG was definitely this to the extreme. It went from hanging around with the Nine squad to OH GOD DEAD RABBITS EVERYWHERE.
No. 2421
File 125618747980.gif - (236.19KB , 800x551 , bill2.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 2427
File 12562078481.png - (449.96KB , 678x900 , 2a7c025b9bdf8b772d9bd7c8bbb5d100.png ) [iqdb]

Fucking wow.
Someone got my obscure reference.

You all know THP is fucked when a deviantart/ff.net/Gaia fag has the main story in th, but wouldn't admit it
You all play it off because she did not ragepost when we found it. So it's "cool"
No. 2428
define "the main story". I'd say that's Taisa's right now.
No. 2429
I have no idea what I'm going to do with AC:G. I started off with the plane stuff as sort of a hook and maybe try to integrate it into a minor part of the story later on, while fully intending to just write a slice-of-life story. Therefore, I did not expect things to turn out the way it is. At all. So I have absolutely no idea where it'll be heading, and was, still am, and probably will continue to be afraid of having it plunging into the dark abyss.

That is all procrastination, of course.

I still couldn't 1cc any games or more correctly get past stage three. Oddly enough, I continuously made it to stage 6 in SA Hard, though.

I am possibly one of the laziest faggot around THP.
No. 2430
File 125621364238.png - (351.41KB , 600x540 , 1256203943062.png ) [iqdb]

Moar like discussions and memes.
No. 2432
See, I really wish people would post criticism like this in my thread, so I'd know what sucks and how to improve it.

Thanks, bro.
No. 2434
File 12562239439.png - (10.66KB , 333x272 , Erebus_smile.png ) [iqdb]
Let's see...

-I wrote that one Gilgamesh story a long time ago on /others/. It pretty much died due to my being lazy, and it wasn't all that good. Now, I think I've gotten a bit better since that time, but I'll leave that verdict up to the readers...

- I rarely play the actual games, or rather I play PC-98 and don't usually touch Windows material. That said, I haven't actually 1cc'd anything...probably because I don't care to.

-I'm a drawfag (a lazy one, and a not so good one at that)

-I have no idea on where to go with Black Soup, which is why it's updated at such a (much) slower rate than IoCP...because I'm compiling ideas on where to go.

-I've actually never written a single H-scene before.

-I honestly can't see how anyone can find Touhou yuri to be arousing, in fact, it actually kills my arousal the moment I think of it.
No. 2437
Oh boy I have confessions aplenty...

- I am the one solely responsible for starting the 'burn things down in a fit of insanity' meme way back in TAIG

- I am the one responsible for initiating the vote for Sigurd's name in Gensokyoland Saga. I also votespammed to further it along and make others go for it.

- I've contemplated starting my own story, but as the site grew and things started getting crowded, I shied away.

- I enjoyed YAF's stories...a lot.

- I followed DoLF R1 to the bitter end and genuinely enjoyed it.

- I want a Chen route in HLA R2. Madness, I know.

- I spammed votes back in the days of MiG and WuiG to get what I want. With varying degrees of success.

- I hate grue with the burning passion of one thousand gods for disappearing.

- I stopped reading Archtype of Self in /Shrine/ because it's starting to feel like a mary sue trainwreck.

- At the same time. I enjoy and still enjoy A New World Fool in /TH/ despite the hate it garners.

And now for something completely different...

- I can't 1cc UFO on easy

- I made a shitty touhou fangame, but am now too afraid to spread it across the fanbase.

Thank you for your time Pastor Anon. I feel SO much better.
No. 2438
>I honestly can't see how anyone can find Touhou yuri to be arousing, in fact, it actually kills my arousal the moment I think of it.

Well, looks like I'm not the only one. I've been putting off posting here, but I might as well give it a go.

-I've basically stopped reading stories here, although from time to time I still catch up.

-I feel that Anonymous can be a bit of a pain with the bandwagonning. It feels like a bit of a waste because there's a lot of creativety that gets squandered when people simply choose to vote without thinking.

-The stuff I've done has garnered mixed success, but it feels like there's not enough exposure at times.

-I've never done something like votespam or decieve my readers, as easy as it would have been at times. The thought has crossed my mind over the course of my time here.

-I find some of the PC-98 games to be better than their windows counterparts

-I haven't been able to 1cc anything post-PoFV (UFO comes close)

There's probably more stuff to confess, but I've always tried to be as honest and forthright as I can.
No. 2439
There is something wrong with me and IN.

I have, at the least, achieved a Normal 1CC on every other Touhou game barring HRtP. (I guess I should say that I can't clear any of stage 3 or onward in StB, but that's another matter.) I've toughened up to grab a Hard 1CC on a couple of them, an Extra clear on a few others, and even a Phantasm clear.

Yet, I just cannot be arsed to shoot down Kaguya.

Whenever I play IN, I sorta just deflate. I seriously dislike how awful Magic is, but it's still the only team I use because...

-I occasionally go with Yuka or Lunasa for a change of pace in PoFV; I roll with ReimuB in MoF because Marisa's fucked up there; she's only one of several I use in SWR/UNL; and I prefer Mima in PoDD or MS; but otherwise, I play as Marisa whenever I can.
-I stubbornly refuse to play on Easy, and that includes using Border. (Never liked that shot type anyway.)
-Scarlet just makes me sick. Goddamned knife spread, goddamned stopping options, runs totally counter to my mindset and muscle memory.
-I want to like Ghost for the unorthodox style, but I just plain suck with them.

The freaking (player's, not boss's) Last Spell mechanic. This pitifully easy-to-execute counterbomb pisses me right off since it's punishing to use and because the normal counterbomb is (supposedly) still there, teasing me with its wonderful practicality then rearing its ugly head as a Last Spell. That Final Spark is damn powerful though.

Even the danmaku itself makes me feel empty. My animosity toward the game makes every death seem cheap (if I have any bombs left, anyway) and every victory seem hollow.

And yet, it seems to my angry eyes to be one of the most popular and celebrated Touhou games. Worst of all, it seems that it's so popular among the not-so-skilled crowd and/or because it was the first Touhou game someone played. For the record, I got started with the PCB demo, but still prefer MS and SA.

I wonder just what the hell is wrong with me.

Oh yeah. I also think anyone who finds the games too hard should shut the hell up and play Yoshi's Story or some other game they won't find too hard, 'cause I can't stand that brand of whining. After all, I firmly believe the challenge factor is one of the series' strong points.
No. 2442
From what I've read, it seems that you're a special kind of elitist that looks down on IN because it isn't as hard as you'd like.
The solution, if that's the case, it's the same as every other problem in the world: (except for cancer) Take it easy.
No. 2448
No, that's AIDS.
No. 2457
>THP is fucked when[...]
There are three or four stories left on this site worth reading. As soon as they're dropped or finished, I am never coming back to this shithole again.
No. 2472
...Do you read your voter's posts at all?

Good. We won't miss you.
No. 2473
I enjoyed writing a good end.
No. 2474
Here's my confession.

I've never paid attention to the drama on THP. This thread is both incredibly enlightening and depressing. Seriously, how the fuck did you guys turn an imageboard consisting of glorified Touhou fan-fiction into this amalgamation of every negative human emotion? Goddamn.
No. 2475
Its not just the negative, its the positive too. You just notice the negative because its more pronounced.

What it means is that we are more comfortable getting to know one another here than on say... 4chan.
No. 2476

This seems to be a nexus of negative emotions.

And many writers aren't the most mentally sound of people (All the despair impulses are a sign of that)


There's a difference between criticizing and people just bitching and moaning about something. (Some folks do speak negative of something for the sake of doing so)
No. 2477
I wasn't being sarcastic in that post, though. It really would be nice to get some criticism between the fanwars and debatan gaems (though admittedly those are fun to read, too).
No. 2478
I don't recall any writer getting valid criticism (ie: not 'SHIT SUX') when it came to the actual writing. At most, 'I really like your characters!' or something along those lines. I've asked in my own stories to no avail. It would be nice to get technical feedback as well as overall input on stuff like pacing, characterization, etc.

This is something that more than one writer I've spoken to would appreciate. Debates are fun, but feedback is very useful. It's not like anyone here is a professional writer (I presume).
No. 2479
The problem here, I suspect, has two main causes. One is that a fair percentage of Anons don't really know why they like the stories they like, or what separates a good story from a great story. They do, however, know what separates a bad story from a good story, hence the prevalence of 'shit sux, kill yourself'. The other is that a few Anon seem to see 'constructive criticism' as an oxymoron, lashing out against any kind of criticism of authors here. All I can figure is that this is due to the malign influence of more popular imageboards, where those who try to hold a moderate opinion on anything are usually drowned out by a flood of shitposting.

Now, of course, the whole problem would be solved if there was a way of getting criticism from other authors, who have given plenty of thought to how to write well and know the value of constructive criticism, and my main gripe with the IRC channel is that even though it would be perfect for this, trying to talk about writing there is utterly futile. Yes, IRC denizens, it's where you go to relax, but is it really that hard to tear yourself away from homoeroticism and posting danbooru links for a few minutes?

And for the record, I wouldn't mind some criticism on my story either; I feel like I've actually gotten worse at writing with the passing of time.
No. 2480
> I feel like I've actually gotten worse at writing with the passing of time.

Yeah, that feeling haunts me as well. I'm >>2478.

I have to say though, I have gotten feedback on IRC before. Mostly in the form of one-on-one chats, but otherwise as well. I can't speak for #thp since I don't habitually idle there (somewhat strange for an admin, I suppose). But the underlying principle, that of getting real feedback from authors and readers, is sound. If the group can't help - individuals likely can.

I can't say I read all that many stories because of a busy schedule, but I sure don't mind discussing stories with others (in case anyone wishes to ask me about something). I certainly appreciate when others give me feedback after all so it's the least I can do.
No. 2481

Having the writers assess the other writers is a bad idea. They all have their own styles, and so what one writer thinks is good is going to be their own opinion, reflected in their writing style. We don't want every writer ending up writing the same way.
I'd rather have the readers comment on it.

On a different note, I fucking hate it when people vote without making any comments. I find that more irritating than the readers who don't vote at all.
No. 2482
Having the writers assess the other writers is a bad idea because any remotely positive comment will promote the LOL CIRCLEJERK image of IRC people seem to have.
No. 2483
I forget or postpone to read updates of stories I enjoy reading so I can read them later, when I need some form of immediate entertainment. When I'm using my computer, I have tons of things to do, so I ignore them.

That doesn't stop me from voting, though.

Also, I ignore any and allnew stories, until they are at least around thread three, or until a vote calls my attention, for no apparent reason. I dunno why, I just do that. And then, I start reading them, and regret immensily for not reading any sooner. I did this with the glasnot's story, and Taisa's Gensokyo High.
No. 2484
Hell, I like you. You can come over to my house and fuck my sister!
No. 2486

What if there is nothing to comment on? since saying "it's a good vote" or "it's going nicely" are things that don't need to be said.


Anon generally either likes a story or dislikes it. And generally unless you're doing something to great effect you won't hear a thing from them, for better or worse.

Hard to see if anything can improve IRC's image, but contrary to popular belief, it's not a massive circle jerk, it can get quite contentious in there.

I still think folks shouldn't be whining so much. That's THP in a nutshell, home to some talented but utterly insecure writers.

Talk about a cycle of bad readership, especially in this time where votes don't quite flow as easily as they did in some spots. To me I want to start reading a story from the beginning as to get more chances to vote, otherwise you might as well read a book.
No. 2487
I suppose it's breaking the concept of a confessional by identifying myself, but it helps me explain myself.

Aside from >>2326, I confess that I fucking hate it when Anon doesn't discuss a story. For me, it's not like there's nothing to talk about, I have a whole country with multiple ethnic groups, political factions, history, the works - all of which is significant to the story in some way or another. Not counting the personal history of the characters, and definitely not counting even bluntly asking for a relationship chart. But even so, I can't remember the last time somebody asked me something about the story; just silence and a vote. It's nice of anon to do that, but if that's all they're going to do, then I might as well pick the choices myself. That, or do some more schoolwork. Mindless chores were kind of what this site was designed to provide relief from.
No. 2488

>Hard to see if anything can improve IRC's image, but contrary to popular belief, it's not a massive circle jerk, it can get quite contentious in there

....Oh great. A circlejerk channel for debatefags.
Who are the Republicans and who are the Democrats?
No. 2489

Changes about every ten minutes, really. If you're expecting IRC to be some sort of Hell, you'll be highly disappointed, because it's only Purgatory. Lots of tildes, talking about food or a BBC link, Mari comes on with some nice drawing, a danbooru link, then sometimes an argument. #eientei doesn't have that, but much like the board, it doesn't have much activity in the first place.
No. 2490
I find it offensive you would consider me a Republican even in a metaphor.
No. 2491

Purgatory's supposed to be worse than hell, you know.

There is always something to comment on. People just read an update and have thought enough to come to a conclusion as to what they should do next; they should be capable of making some kind of comment about it.
No. 2493
Oh please, half the time IRC is just posting links to danbooru and then talking about dicks. It's just like a pub, except without the smoke or threat of drunken violence.
No. 2494
File 125653595833.png - (126.50KB , 359x239 , NotSaltySpitoon.png ) [iqdb]

Aligning yourself with corrupt political parties isn't any more flattering


>It's just like a pub, except without the smoke or threat of drunken violence.

Pic related.
No. 2496

What if someone made the comment they were going to say before?
No. 2497
I read Teruyo's CYOA, but I can't remember the last time I voted or even made post in it. I used to vote, but I stopped because I was frustrated with the way things were going. I kept reading though, and I realized that I was enjoying it a lot more after I stopped voting. It's like I can only really enjoy it if I'm not in any way responsible for the all stupid things Shirou says and does.

I feel bad now since Teruyo seems to be having trouble with voters. It’s not really his fault, and he’s done a ton of shit to try to make it better, but I know if I start voting again then I’ll start hating the story again.

I suck.
No. 2504

Thing was in the first run, Shirou did stupid shit automatically at times.

I believe in trying to vote in what you believe in and if it loses then it's not your fault that something stupid happens.

other anons can be persuaded with the right argument.
No. 2505

Sounds like Fate/Stay Night to me!
No. 2538
>I feel bad now since Teruyo seems to be having trouble with voters
He is kind of edgy at the moment about a lot of things. You should really read up and comment on the story, even if it is bad.

He just needs many hugs.
No. 2900
I'd like to sit down to talk about this and confess some.

I got taken in to a mental ward last week on Monday and got released on Friday. With it, I've carried some mental luggage that has wore down my ability to write.

To summarize, my writing may be lower quality due to having to deal with these conditions to my mindset.

Ragnarok Syndrome will continue when I return because I have physical notes for it and will end it on a note that does not leave people with a bitter taste of a never ending story.
However, for Gensokyo on Starboard, that is a different matter; I do not know if I will keep that story going, but if the chance does arise, then it shall come back from hiatus.

The medicine I've been prescribed by the hospital really mellows out my consciousness and with that my ability to do anything per se, but I might find a way to worm my way out of taking it during writing.

Some things I would like to say while I'm here:

Wiseman I'd like to say is a good writer but he doesn't take the opportunity to change; he's still reasonably better than JtotheE.

Speaking of JtotheE, I dislike him for swaying the votes in Ragnarok Syndrome because of his dumb philosophy of "getting into their bloomers".

Anyways, thank you for reading this post. I might come back tomorrow, but I won't be able to go back to writing until I can ensure that I'm stable and ready.
No. 2905
I don't really like your stories and I think most of your opinions are wrong, but get well soon. Being on psychiatric medication is rarely fun.
No. 2906
>I got taken in to a mental ward last week on Monday and got released on Friday.
I'm curious, why did you had to go there? If you got released on the samw week, it couldn't have been anything really serious..
No. 2907

Really helping the whole "Writefags are unstable attention whores" dynamic now....
No. 2924
Only an unstable Writefag is a good Writefag. Nearly all our writers are nuts and "special" persons. This is what makes them good.
No. 2925
This makes me feel... better, somehow
No. 2954
>Only an unstable Writefag is a good Writefag. Nearly all our writers are nuts and "special" persons. This is what makes them good.

If I could say something about this - it's part of a cliche about the archetype of 'the artist' as this kind of dreamer whose emotional torment and failure in the realm of the real world drives him to create create the ideal by putting his dreams and wishes to paper.

As far as I know, the origins of this stereotype were actually from an opera called 'La Boheme,' which was the one of, if not the first, to really popularize the image of the 'tragic starving artist.' Stereotype this may be, but it's not one without correspondence to reality, ala Van Gogh, Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Silvia Plath etc.

The problem though is that for every single example you can present of the depressed, Bohemian artist, I can show you just as many artists who were successful people and businessmen; guys like Melville, Beethoven, Bach, Picasso or Da Vinci. They're living proof that you can be a normal, well-adjusted human being and still be an artist of the highest caliber.
No. 2955
Good but sane writefags? You mean like glasnost? But they update like once a month.
No. 2956
I wonder where I fall in this 'sane writefag' idea.
No. 2957
File 125894699014.jpg - (696.90KB , 908x908 , koa162.jpg ) [iqdb]
Random threat to another person in front of a public authority. The person I threatened was unrelated to the discussion we were having.

I wouldn't say that my sickness propels my writing.

Anyways, good news. I'm becoming more stable, so to those that read my stories, by the latest, I'll be able to update the two stories on Thanksgiving. Thank you, all of you, for your concerns, it makes me feel a lot better.

This medicine still makes me terribly lethargic though.
No. 2958
I had been lurking in the IRC without saying anything.

I left THP for many months.
No. 2959
Is that you, Kira?
No. 2960
I'm slowly becoming tempted to drop my story. Or at least put it on indefinite hiatus and take a nice, long break.

I won't, though.
No. 2961
Oh, are you the revolving door guy?
No. 2962
Is that you, Jaise Ko?
No. 2963
I only read and vote in 3 stories on the site, all of which update very slowly, and I'm too lazy to catch up on anything else.
No. 2965
File 125915219576.jpg - (121.64KB , 2064x1492 , cannotunsee.jpg ) [iqdb]
I haven't read any of the "older" THP stories apart from SDM:LA, which is the story which brought me here via /jp/, out of fear I'll find a good story only to be disappointed to find out it will never be finished because the writefag up and died without saying anything.

I also refuse to read stories which have stuttering more than once or twice. Kinda pretentious, but it pisses me off to no end.

I don't know who YAF, Kira or any of those old writers are or what they did wrong
No. 2970
I... I really like you a lot, Krisslanza... I...

...What do you mean it's not that kind of 'confession' thread?
No. 2971
No. It's not.
No. 2986
I'm sorry for taking so long to update.

I'm writing, I swear.

But despite my efforts, what I have to show is always embarrassingly little...

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
No. 3055
I have Millenia in the same category as my initial impressions of J->E.

I feel like this should be worrying.
No. 3203

Milly is... quite the character on IRC too. She's not overly annoying like Wiseman or the others but still.
No. 3210
File 126008358711.jpg - (75.55KB , 633x565 , Unyuu ultimate.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have never beaten a touhou game on normal. I beat IN on easy once cause a certain someone who will remain unnamed would not shut the _fuck_ up about my blatant inferiority so I grabbed Malice and shot my way through it so I wouldn't have to deal with it later.

Actually, I did beat ONE touhou game on Normal, but that was MoF with Marisa Broken so whatever.
No. 3211
File 126008484931.png - (33.04KB , 736x737 , 1208124977050.png ) [iqdb]
So she's actually less annoying on IRC?
No. 3212
No. 3217
Look at the bright side, you beat it with the worst team.
No. 3221
File 126011316261.jpg - (16.99KB , 400x343 , Sadbatman.jpg ) [iqdb]
Maybe, but it's fucking IN, I should be able to at least beat it on normal, right? But apparently not.
No. 3223
You see all those ex Stage-no lives-no bombs videos? You think they're that good because they practice a lot and, being NEETs, have a lot of free time? Well, that's correct, but that ain't the only reason:
Basically, you need high amounts of something called 'Peripheral vision' If you don't have it, then you either:
A-Watch the character. Effective at first, but you'll get deathwalled in no time.
or B-Watch the area surrounding the character. Hard, because you only see a part of that area at a time and because you have to 'guess' where her hitbox is at all times. This' what I use, but on random, high density barrages it's a death sentence.

Basically you're either born as a good player or not. I wasn't. Were you?
No. 3239
>Basically you're either born as a good player or not.
Perhaps, but not for the reason you suggest. 90% of the neurons responsible for vision are concentrated in a 30 degree cone central to your field of vision; even if you sat no more than a foot away from your monitor, near-peripheral vision should be fine for ~3 inches away from the point you're focusing on (unless you have glaucoma, or something else giving you severe tunnel vision).

I play Normal on most Touhou games, and I think the skill bottleneck is actually fine motor skills and muscle memory, with a modicum of memorization skill required as well. For an example, download a high score replay of SA Extra, and watch where they use the safe spot on top of Sanae's gohei for her last spell card. To land your hitbox on that precise spot before she starts shooting is basically impossible if you're consciously thinking about it; you have to let your fingers take over, and the ability to do that is much harder to learn after the first five or ten years of life.

Of course, that's all speculation, but I would be very interested in seeing what the correlation is between Touhou skill and typing speed (or some other measure of fine motor dexterity).
No. 3258
I love THP. I loath other Touhou fanbases. I tried to troll them with score runs. But seeing most of THP anon are having hard time with the game, I fear they will hate me.

Forgive me THP.
No. 3259
>-Watch the area surrounding the character. Hard, because you only see a part of that area at a time and because you have to 'guess' where her hitbox is at all times. This' what I use, but on random, high density barrages it's a death sentence.

I'm the inverse of that though, I do well on the random spellcards, it's the ones with specific patterns that I can't grasp that screw me up horribly.
No. 3260
I'm a writefag, but I don't read any of the other stories here. I used to, but now I've stopped and keep making excuses not to start up again.
No. 3265
File 126025487852.jpg - (231.15KB , 535x879 , 3de474e13f74064f57dac26829f2fbfc.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm a writefag. When I boot up m laptop and open the browser, I always chat in IRC and not update.
Forgive me, lord of writefag. For I have failed Anon many, many times.
No. 3281
I confess, I was the one who took a shit in the urinal. Billy was innocent.

Its been 6 years. I feel much better now.
No. 3353
I get ridiculously pissed off at the slightest 'mistakes' in Touhou fanart, like 'wrong' eye colors or missing/'wrong' details on outfits, even if you could just chalk it up to stylistic choice for the artist.

I mean, god damn. How many crystals does Flandre have on her wings? Like a billion, right?
No. 3370
I'm playing video games instead of updating.

I already wrote like 2000 words today and it's not done yet, though.
No. 3371
are you me?
No. 3372

How many of us are there?
No. 3373
Hello, me, myself and I.
No. 3632
I hate waiting for votes.