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Thought you guys might be interested in this. A Touhou Tabletop RPG, with an (apparently) functional danmaku system. Just putting it out there

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holy shit
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It's a shame that the whole thing hasn't been translated I think. I downloaded the pdf as soon as it appeared on /tg/ months ago.
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All we can do is wait, I guess
No. 1905
Is this an official release, or is it fan made?
No. 2024
Fan made.

Speaking of which am i going mad or was there a Magic: The Gathering card game based on Touhou? Or was it JUST 4th Edition DnD power cards?
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There are at least 2 touhou TCGs that I know of. Can't remember for the life of me what they're called though.
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There's an official Touhou TCG with its own unique set of rules. I believe it's named Rumbling Spell Orchestra.
No. 2034

Is the one really official? Both seem to be from Hinafuda, and I don't see any mention of Rumbling Spell Orchestra being official on the wiki page.
No. 2035

I was under the impression it was official, but I may have been misinformed. I'll look into it some time.
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>Youkai deck features a Vampire and a Ghost
>Some obscure unexplainable 'Red' deck
>Mokou in the Oni deck

What the FUCK?

Reading further it just descends into some twinky shit fest where having more Reimus unlocks extra attacks. What the fuck am I even reading? The game doesn't look as if it offers any kind intuitive game play.
No. 2041
It makes a bit more sense if you start from the "Gameplay" section and read down, though there are still a few typos/translation errors that make things confusing (the 'decks' are completely arbitrary divisions that have nothing to do with gameplay and don't appear on the Japanese site, for instance). Basically, you start with the characters already in play, and you can draw either:

- other character cards, which let you level up and increase the number of attacks you can do,
- spell cards, which are the attacks, or
- event cards, which are like MtG Instants or Sorceries.

Honestly, it looks more likely to be boring than confusing, unless the character abilities and events have any particularly interesting interactions (which is kind of hard to tell without actually playing).
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Yeah. Fuck it, I think I'll stick with some MtG home-brew if i can find it, or summon the effort to actually make one myself.
No. 2044
I don't really buy foreign goods that often, but Cirno+nue looks fun. Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a deck online?
No. 2046
According to their website, the last of three printing runs was August 2008 for Comiket 74, and it's not on Tora no Ana or Melon Books (which both have Rumbling Spell Orchestra), so you may be out of luck, unless it turns up on an auction site or something.
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Damn. Thank you.

Has anyone scanned the cards? Uploaded a printable set, maybe?
No. 2079
Found something on Perfect Dark:

file (C73)(東方)(同人カード)[雛札製作委員会]ちるのい全画像(ととねみぎ 葉庭 茶戸 牛木義隆 蒼).zip 東方 同人 88,550,504 6e1f81db460a23fd0a9a5cfdb13ce302fdece2009c415607aa0f150cd54e2122

I'm unskilled at whatever black magic is necessary to get Japanese P2P software to complete a download, but I'll post it if I get it; perhaps experienced PD users can do the same.
No. 2081

I've been up for hours looking around for something usable; unfortunately those are not all that good. I've already made a request elsewhere for cleaner scans, and sent a few emails to oversea shipping sites.

Thank you, though. I can rename and reupload on a different host if anyone's interested in these.
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That is probably a magnet link for either winny or share, although I am a bit rusty on japanese filesharing aps.

link for rpg book:
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I just downloaded the book, but got a corrupt page 16, which should be the cover for the second main style. Could anyone upload it here?
Selfsage for /r/.
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Seeing my folder lack this page this seems to be it, I thank you.
No. 2176
For $110, I have successfully purchased a $14 deck.

Now I remember why I don't do this that often. ;_;
No. 2197
you...HAD much more disposable income than I do.
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Man, I like RSO. A friend of mine taught me how to play a little while ago. My problem is that its all in japanese, and that can make understanding the rules very difficult.

I wonder how hard it would be to start a small english print run of it and sell it online. It probably wouldn't even cost all that much to license, and it'd be even better if the fans were to do it...