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I just spent the last twenty minutes rubbing the scout tengu Momizi's bare chest.

"How?" you ask. Well apparently there are a select few contexts within which such an action is acceptable. For instance, if your host Aya have a hacking cough and she asks you to "put some of this on her" while she calls the doctor Eirin.

"Putting some of this on her" meant using my bare hands to rub this vapor ointment shit all over her BARE NAKED CHEST. My heartbeat is still all erratic from it. I had a boner the size of Manhattan the entire time. She's sleeping now and I guess she feels better because she stopped coughing.

Details: She's not very tall, has short white hair, a cute face, a thin waist and long skinny legs. She's in jammies I think because although I'm pretty shaken up right now I know I unbuttoned something before I went at it.

God I feel so great. I just rubbed my hands all over her FUCKING TITS, you guys. Well the puffy parts of her chest anyway. Her nipples got hard. I just about wept tears of joy.

I didn't do anything else because I'm a coward and rubbing was enough. Plus it was legal and I didn't technically do anything wrong, so I'm in the clear.

I'd write more but I seriously have to go fap while the memory is fresh in my head.

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Haha, an oldie that's not quite stale despite its age. I like what you did with this copy pasta.
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This is now a touhou copypasta thread.

Now, I’m sure many of you have encountered little shits in supermarkets. Little kids running about and knocking things over, being rude, walking all over their parents, you know the kind. But the worst are the biters. Yes, that little cunt that feel it is okay to bite you whenever they feel like it. They even have the time stopper to help them, goddamn. Okay, here’s the best part. A biter got me today when I was grocery stopping at Kourindou. She broke the fucking skin, too. This was when the gears started turning, the moment I saw a tiny sprinkle of blood on the little shit’s teeth as she was grinning at me like the little cunt she is. I made my eyes get wide, and started screaming “SHIT! SHIT!.” Now, my good friend, Alice we’ll call her, was there too, and she instantly picked up on it. She started shouting “FUCK! MAYBE SHE DIDN’T GET IT, MARISA! FUCK!”. By now, that kid Flandre is scared shitless and starts crying, and instantly, Mizz perfect meido Sakuya appears out of nowhere and starts getting pissy at us for yelling at her kid, or mistress' sister, whatever. Here’s the kicker, I look her straight in the eye and say, “Sakuya, get your girl tested as soon as possible, she just bit me and I’m… I’m FUCKING HIV POSITIVE.” And now there is silence. Not a peep in the entire store. The brat knows she just fucked up big time because her maid isn’t defending her ass. She just stares at me wide eyed. I walk away from them, buy my shit from the wide eyed Morichika, all the while blood is dripping from my calf, making a nice little trail on the floor. And, just as we leave, we start to hear the maid sobbing. Sobbing like the cunt she is. I have never felt any more satisfaction than the moment I heard that sob. I'm not really HIV Positive, but that little shit must've gotten in a fuckheap of trouble.
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Ah, one of my favorites.
No. 1871
>I walk away from them, buy my shit from the wide eyed Morichika, all the while blood is dripping from my calf, making a nice little trail on the floor. And, just as we leave, we start to hear the maid sobbing. Sobbing like the cunt she is. I have never felt any more satisfaction than the moment I heard that sob.

And as I turned and left the supermarket, a gust of wind blew through, and the Akagi OP hummed gently in the background.
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No. 1880
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I have another one.
No. 1882
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And another.
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Dear /THP/,

My roommate, Alice, is lesbian. We were good friends, so when she told me, I had no problem with it, until about a week ago, when she asked if I've ever masturbated to her.

Now she's in my bed caressing my pillow. She does this every day. I've told her to leave, but she refuses, telling me it makes her feel "sexy" when she's in my bed. She also walked around the room with no pants or underwear on. She thinks I'm attracted to her when I've tried to make it very clear that she's not my type.

Since she's in the room pretty much 24/7, I'm pretty sure she's been schlicking off in my bed and trying on my clothes and brooms while I'm at work or looting some books. She's mentally fragile, and very clingy, so if I tell her that she's a faggot and that I hate her, I'm afraid she would kill herself, which would be sad because we've been good friends for years. What should I do?
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I lol'd
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Hooray Yukkuri torture stories.

I liked reading this.
No. 3236
I have decided to try the experiment. It is the most ambitious, and perhaps the most twisted one of them all, but if it succeeds, the reward would be oh-so-enjoyable.

The koyukkuri twitches on the stalk. After previous experiments, I’d long since realised that newly-born yukkuris from the shop would be the best for this idea – while wild yukkuri were cheaper, this Reimu would be worth the extra price.

It falls off the amputated stalk, landing gently on the pillow I placed beneath it. Standard practice, of course. This one didn’t have any sisters with it, though – I had only needed the one. Not to worry, it would have plenty of company soon enough.

The koyukkuri opens its eyes. “Yu?” It says. Of course, I’m there to greet it.
“Take it easy!” The phrase is such a trite one, yet it’s become so integral to the yukkuri-related community in Gensokyo.
“Take it easy!” it repeats. I have a treat for it, and it happily chews on the stalk it just dropped from. After the small meal, I bring it to the playpen where it’d be spending most of its life as a koyukkuri. The area is padded, and easy to clean off. Not to mention the steep sides makes it impossible for the Reimu to get out without some sort of ingenuity beyond its capabilities.

I play with it for a while, before it gets tired and snuggles up to a soft bed. I’ve got some actual work to do before I go to sleep, but I take a few precautions before I go and attach a device to the back of the sleeping Reimu.
Waking up the next morning, I see the koyukkuri shitting on its bedding. Not a very smart thing at all.
The yukkuri shrieks as a bolt of electricity courses through it, and it leaps off the bed as if it was on fire.
”Reimu! What’s wrong?” Hurrying over, I hide the remote control back in my pocket before leaning down to hold it. There’s still a bit of poo coming out of its backside. Ew.
”Hurts! Reimu hurts!” I put on a sympathetic face and pet it.
”I wonder what happened..? Ah, I know!” Clicking my fingers, I point up at the ceiling where I have a tiny television set into the ceiling. It is surrounded by a picture of another experimental yukkuri – a “Sikiku” as the creator had called it. The yukkuri yama’s body was wreathed in lightning and the shawl of an Iku type – while the actual yukkuri had not lasted long, but the smiling picture of it was perfect for my needs. Right now, the television that it was ‘holding’ had a skull and crossbones on it.
“Reimu, that’s the little Miss Punishment Yukkuri. If you do something wrong, she’ll punish you with lightning!”
The koyukkuri wails. “What did Reimu do?” And I pointed at the bed.
”Miss Yama doesn’t like it when you do poo poo on your bed! You should go do poo poo on a toilet!”
”Toilet? Yama should take it easy!” The Reimu defecates onto my hand, and I press the remote in my pocket. “Ow! Son of a-“ Mental note: Don’t activate an electric shock device on a yukkuri when it’s contacting you.
”Hurtts!” I drop the yukkuri onto the small hole, and it relieves itself without further zaps.
The conditioning itself without making the yukkuri hate me is one problem solved, but it’ll take more than one zap to teach the yukkuri – if they can truly be said to learn anything. I play with it a bit more, letting it chase a small feather on a string around the room. It seems to be still cheerful even after the earlier punishment, and I’d set the Yama Sign to a smiley face. It tires itself out and after eating a piece of orange it settles down again onto the now cleaned bedding.

I ponder the thought of a life as easy as a yukkuri’s, just eating, sleeping and playing, then consider my own position, so near the Kappa’s technological mountain, compared to the humans down at the village. I still had to work, but the Kappa were more than willing to let humans test their gadgets and even pay them to do so. It was far, far from a troublesome life.

It had been a week since the koyukkuri had fallen off its stalk, and it had grown significantly on its diet of sweetened vegetables and fruit. It seemed to have learnt toilet manners and was getting along nicely. Having finished making my recordings, I prepare for stage two.
The next stage is a bit risky, and I am slightly apprehensive of accidentally killing the koyukkuri. I hadn’t really gotten attached to it yet, but it’d be a pain to have to bring up a new one all the way from birth again.
”Hey Reimu! Come here to mister!” It jumps happily into my hand and I throw it into the air, catching it as it falls.
”It feels like flying in the sky!” The burbling is quite cute, I admit. “Reimu, would you like a sister?”
”Yu? Reimu would love a sish!” I laugh, and tell it to take it easy.

When it sleeps that night, I turn the device up to full power and give it a full three-second jolt. The yukkuri is barely awake, but blacks out almost instantly due to the pain. I prepare my tools quickly and take it to the surgery desk. I had already dissected a number of Reimu yukkuris earlier, and their parts lie on the table already.

One quick stroke with the scalpel cuts it in two, the beanpaste core separating nicely as it goes. Quickly, I add more paste filling to each of the separated sides, and put a new yukkuri eye on both of the paste sides. Then, lifting it up carefully, I baste the new bean paste with sugar water and carefully drape the thin sugary wrapping of another yukkuri over the surface, suturing and patching the skin to make it fit (cutting a hole for the new eye to see through). A bit of moulding makes the new bean paste more rounded and I dump the first half into the supersaturated sugar solution while dealing with the next one. Hair is a bit of a problem, but I manage to stick on some of another Reimu’s hair onto both of them.

After the job is done, I carefully add another device to the second yukkuri half before checking on both of them.
They’re both still alive, it seems. Good – the success rate for this operation was only about two in three, but it seems to have worked. I put them both into a special case with a sugar drip on each of them to let them recover before moving off to check my other experiment.

“Uuu! Uuu!” The Remilia flaps in its cage, smiling idiotically. I smile back at it, knowing it’d be a great help eventually.
”Dinner time!” The foodstock yukkuri scream as I dump them in the cage.

“Wake up, Reimu! Take it easy!”
The Reimu on the right wakes up first, blinking a bit as it gets its bearings. It must be confused – having half of its “brain” cut away might have done some permanent damage to its personality, I begin to fear, before it sees me and shrieks for a second.
“Yu! Take- Yuu!”
“Take it easy! What’s wrong?”
”Take.. it easy..!” It calms down for a bit, wondering what had happened. By now, the Reimu on the left has woken up and smiles. “Yu?” it asks.

“Reimu, I’ve got a surprise for you!” Both of them seem to have not noticed the pain they went through last night, though the one on the left seems to have difficulty focusing with its new eye. I lift up the section of the cage that separated the two sections, and it takes them a couple of seconds to realise what’s on the other side.
“Take it easy..?” “Take it easy!” “Yu-!”

They seem to like each other. It’s not surprising, considering they’re effectively the same entity, just split into two. I chuckle, and let them get to know each other as I start reviewing some of the Kappa inventions.
At night, I take some needle and thin rubber tubing to each of them. There’s a couple of small handheld pumps that I received as a present from the Factory, and they’ve been very useful to me in some of my earlier experiments. Now, I gently prick both of the koyukkuri with the thin needles, poking it all the way into their core sections.

The pump is a bit stiff, but after pushing it a couple of times it becomes easier. I don’t pump it too much, perhaps shifting around about half the insides of both yukkuris before stopping. I pull out the needles and clear them out, not wanting stale bean paste left inside them. The yukkuri don’t wake up.


“Yu?” The Reimus are confused when they wake up the next morning, their memories once again disjointed and split. I hope the internal damage isn’t too severe. They seem to be slightly worried, though, approaching the other more tentatively today. No worries. I hold off on proceeding with experimenting further while I wait for them to heal up. For now, they can enjoy their peaceful play with themselves and I.


The Remiyra has grown a body! I still have no idea how it occurs, but it looks quite a chubby child now, rather than just a disembodied head. I haven’t bothered training this one, for obvious reasons, but the smell of rotting bean paste is getting slightly cloying – when I open the door to its cell the smell spreads out to the other rooms far too easily. I decide to spray it down with a hose to clean it off.

After thirty seconds the bodied Remilia is screaming and body parts are flying off and I realise why it’s not a good idea to try hosing down yukkuri. Oh well, they’ll grow back. I hope.
On second though, I go back and stick the fingers and legs back onto it, using more sugar water to get it on properly. I wonder who, exactly, supplies all this sugar.. Gensokyo doesn’t exactly have the right climate for sugar plain plantations, but there never ever seems to be any shortage.

It couldn’t be refined yukkuri paste, could it? No, of course not. That was a silly idea.

Today, I think I’ll see if I can get them to learn how to read. A difficult challenge, I admit, but I had been spicing their food with cream from Patchy yukkuri, and that should help a bit. I’ve already increased their vocabulary to an eight-year old’s speech – not a huge accomplishment, but still good in my eyes. I have seven of the Reimu now, having repeated the cutting trick multiple times. It had not always been successful, with five of the halves expiring on me. Still, it had not been a total waste, as I had managed to use their materials instead of other yukkuri to fix up the others. The more they keep their own, singular mind, the better. I think I had managed to work out the right time to split up my Reimu without harming the overall mind too much, and I had been busy mixing their minds up every night. Gods, I need a break. Still, I persevere.
I do not make much progress. Though they’re still playful, they have no tolerance for studying, even when I give them small jolts of electricity to keep their minds aware they’re supposed to be working. They appear quite sullen at time – one of them shouted at me at one point!
”Yu! Stupid mister! This is boring! Reimu is hungry-ZYYAAAA!!” I must admit, I might have overdone it on the zapper that time – but I definitely didn’t want them seeing me as just a servant.
“Oh dear!” I exclaimed, putting on an act. “Look at Miss Punishment Yama! Can anyone read what it says?” Some of the Reimu looked a bit sullen, but one piped up.
“Yu… Ta…ke it ea..sy with... Mister?”
”That’s right! I think Miss Eiki wants you to take it easy with me! Hey, let’s take a break and play a game!”
“Yu! Take it easy!” A couple of the luckier yukkuri get to see the outside world as I hold them up to the window. They would all get part of the memories eventually, after I spread their cores around.
I decide ease off the teaching from then on. Literate yukkuri was only a mild accomplishment, but I was still after something much better.

I think it’s time to proceed to stage three. The Kappa are slightly weirded out by my requests, but after some humble begging and appealing to their egos, they promise to make the equipment. Kourin says he’s going to see what he can do to provide some of the materials. Meanwhile, the dissection of one of the failed twins have shown my theory was correct – the bean paste cores DID grow back to its original size if they’re split in two, meaning that the total mass of the ten yukkuri was now around a double-handful of solid goo. They’ve grown up quite a bit, and now each one was the size of a basketball.
As they sleep, I take the two original Reimus and shock them. It takes a bit off effort to get them out of the cages unnoticed, and I have to grab another that woke up. Before it knows what’s going on, I shock it and leave it there for later.

At the operating table, I slice a small gash into the shocked Reimu, exposing the core. I then stick the needle in the second, pumping more and more of the second’s core into the first. Eventually, the entire core is transferred, the first Reimu now looking slightly enlarged. I deftly cut the husk of the other Reimu up, separating hair, skin and the outer beanpaste into separate containers – these are to be refridgerated for later use.

That morning, the yukkuri are in a state of alarm. “Yu! Sis is missing!” “Yu? Reimu saw Mister taking Sis Reimu!” Calm them down is difficult – while they haven’t been exposed to much danger, they’ve been experiencing time through several different viewpoints – while they’ve only been alive for a month and a half, their combined experience was more like nine months or so. They’re starting to get suspicious. Time to spring my backup plan.
“Maybe they went someplace.. Let’s have a look for them, shall we?” I open the door, revealing the Remirya.
”Oh no, it’s a Remirya!” I play up the danger, backing away from it. One of the yukkuri bounces forwards, and I silently curse myself for not realising they didn’t know to be afraid of predators yet.
”Uu! Uuu!” The Remilia does what it does best, and treads on one of my Reimus. It squeals and tries to get away, but the Remilia picks it up and takes a bite out of it. It shrieks.
“Hey, get away from Reimu!” I charge at it, pulling the yukkuri out from its teeth with a slight tearing sensation. Not worrying too much, I pretend to struggle with it, letting it bite my finger and shouting myself. The yukkuri, now having a saviour, start cheering for me. One of them even charges forwards and headbutts the Remilia. Having won their loyalty again, I pull off the experiment’s head.
”Take that, you beast!” The Remirya is surprised, and I manage to throw the head and now lifeless body into its cell and shut it there again. Then only do I turn to the hurt Reimu. Oh no.. It looks like it might be too late for this one as well. I take it away to the operating table.

“Sorry, I couldn’t save your sister.” The remaining seven look sorrowfully at the ribbon accessory that I showed them. They believed it, of course – it was a damn close thing that that Reimu had survived at all. It wasn’t going to last long, anyway – I was going to transfer its core to the original before it died of its wounds. But it looks like the others had calmed down at least.

I take the time to preserve the body of the Remirya. I’ve examined the bodies of other Remiryas before, and this one has developed a small digestive system and what looks like internal organs. It’s an excellent thing. Pumping out the bean paste of the Remirya, I inject the spare paste that I’d harvested from the other two Reimu husks. Their cores had already been injected to the sleeping original. I hope that the transfusion doesn’t cause any rejection or other complications – I’m certainly no expert in Yukkuri antibody systems. Still, stuffing the body in the fridge should help.
No. 3237
I feed the Remilia a couple more livestock yukkuri as silent thanks. It still looks cheerfully at me, so no harm done. You can rely on them to be predictable, if nothing else.

I’ve decided not to take chances, and have put all the yukkuri into cold hibernation. The original Reimu is slowly healing as the bean-paste core of its sisters is reintergrated into it. Some of the parts have arrived, too - the mould being the largest.

I take out the Remirya’s body – and notice a change already. Somehow, the clothes have changed into a shrine maiden’s outfit. I gash the bottom of my Reimu, where its “foot” would be, and place it on the body. The wound heals up with a bit of bean paste. Would it take?

It lives! I feel like Dr Frankenstein, madly laughing as his creation takes its first faltering movements.
“Yu..?” The Reimu moves its arm to rub its face as it wakes up. Then it sees the arm and starts gesticulating wildly. “Yu-! What’s this? Reimu feels weird!”

I hold up a mirror to it, so it can see itself.
“Yu..! What’s that? That Reimu looks silly!” Damn. No sense of self.
”It’s you, Reimu! It’s your reflection!”
”Yu? What’s ‘reflecton’?” Aargh! Holding its pudgy hand, I wave its arm up and down in front of it. It seems to catch on, lifting its other arm up and down, learning slowly how to move. I help it sit up slowly, gently pulling it forwards. “Yu! Reimu has a body!”
”That’s right!” This wasn’t exactly a new procedure – other yukkuri had been given bodies beforehand. But it was a very important step.

Reimu got to its feet and managed a step before falling over. “-Uu!” Uh oh.
“Hey, Reimu, are you ok? Take it easy!”
”Take it easy!”
I’ve finished transferring all the cores into my bodied Reimu. The last step is so close, yet Kourin hasn’t come through yet. Reimu is asking about her sisters, and I haven’t been able to come up with a good excuse. Its been holding its head in its arms on occasion, when I’ve been out of sight. It must be disorientating to have had so many overlapping memories.
That reminds me, I need to remove the Yama television set and the picture before she realises she can smash it.


I took my Reimu out for a walk today. It was apprehensive at first, but it was entranced by the scenery of Gensokyo. Youkai mountain is as impressive as ever, with the beauty of the red sky behind it making it shine like a monument to our utopia. I pointed out some good wild vegetables that grew in the surrounding area to the Reimu, and it was happy to see other, wild yukkuri. It chased one of the Marisas, and I laughed when I saw the Marisa bounce away in fright from it.

The Reimu came back and gave me a hug, and I patted her head.
I need to remember that this is just the final experiment in a long line of experiments. There’s no need to get sentimental over it. Having said that, Kourin has got in contact, saying he managed to get the materials to the Kappa. Once this is over, I’ll be able to sell the yukkuri to the factory and make enough to never have to work again. It might revolutionise the whole yukkuri business. I play with the yukkuri one more time. Might as well keep it happy for the final stretch.


It’s arrived, the final piece. A life-sized skeleton made of hardened cane sugar. I gently pull the covers over the bed of the Reimu – the last time for this body. It doesn’t notice the zapping device that I had used the very first time on the back of its head.

The shock knocks it unconscious for the last time, I hope. I carry the body to the operating table once more. I flay it alive, separating the skin and muscle-like bean paste from the tiny organs.

The skeleton is laid out in the mould already, with a layer of treated yukkuri skin underneath it – this is no ordinary skin, but one that’s been remade according to the Great Oni mochi methods of cooking. Apparently the Oni like their mochi REALLY chewy – that stuff doesn’t break very easily at all.

Each step has to be precise. I attach the paste muscles to the bones carefully, making sure they’re not overstretched and carefully joining each part to the next. The spare paste that I saved from the older yukkuri husks is barely usable, but it works well enough as a padding and as fats. I mould softer sweets as cartilage, and lay the organs out in the ribcage. The bean paste core I transfer when I’m nearly completed, placing it gently in the sawed-open skull and placing the top half back on top. It’s a tight fit, and I fret over it for a half a minute before remembering I still need to fit the eyes.
Eventually, it is done. I have modelled the entire human body, and closed the mould to let it set. It is slightly refrigerated, and has several sugar drips going into it. But still, nothing as large as this has ever been attempted before. I am nervous, to say the least. Has it worked?

The Reimu opens its eyes. “Yu?” it says. Of course, I’m there to greet it.
“Take it easy!” I smile at it, nearly bursting with relief.
”Take...” The mouth tries to form the words with difficulty. Even after controlling the body before, can it learn to control new muscles and bone structure?
“Taae ee eaay.. teach iie eaajy?”
”Come on... Take .. it.. easy!” I pronounce the words slowly and carefully, letting it see how I form the words.
“Taake it easy..! Take it easy!”
”Yes!” I grasp its hand, nearly bursting into tears. It worked. It worked.


The first steps are tentative, again. My Reimu’s gone through so many changes already, it’s only to be expected. One misstep sends her staggering, and I catch her before she falls. I can feel her body pressed against mine, an almost perfect replica of the Hakurei shrine maiden I had seen so long ago. But she manages to right herself, and she smiles at me. I smile back, hiding a painful feeling in my chest. I’ll have to send it away to the factory. Not today, of course – it still needs to heal. But immediately tomorrow. The very first thing.
I can’t do it. I have had a terrible nightmare of Reimu screaming as she was ripped apart by unfeeling humans, as I stood in an observation chamber. I pounded on the glass walls as she cried out for me, as thousands of eyes in purple watched me and judged. It’s not just that, of course – what’s the point of giving up someone that I’ve put so much life into? I can’t abandon her. She wakes again and smiles when she sees me. I hold out my hands and she rises to give me a hug. Her hair smells faintly of sugar and freshly cooked dough.


We walk in the green foothills of the mountain, simply enjoying life. It’s been a couple of weeks since my Reimu’s rebirth, and I couldn’t be happier. As the sun rises, we sit in a patch of shade, holding hands. She turns to me, and I kiss her, taking her other hand in mine.
“Mm?” She’s confused, but doesn’t resist as I gently push her down onto the grassy slope. Her breathing is calm, and I watch her chest rise and fall slowly. Her clothes come off easily, and she tenses slightly as I slide my hand over stomach down towards
“You...” It was Reimu’s voice, but it was coming from besides us. I caught a flash of purple-dressed lady behind her, but the main thing that caught my eye was the Hakurei shrine maiden, her eyes slightly boggling.
“Ah.” There was an awkward pause.
“I can explai-“ I was cut off in midsentence as she started saying something.
“No, really, I can-“
“Spirit sign, Fantasy orb.”

No. 3266
File 126038596373.jpg - (13.36KB , 416x312 , marisu.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 3267
Stupid shrine maiden... he deserved to laugh and grow fat with her human-sized Yukkuri... ;_;
No. 3275
For some reason I keep thinking that it's Alice that's doing all these mad experiments...
No. 3276

Raep tiemz
No. 3278
File 126079000548.jpg - (406.63KB , 350x1503 , 1245278254463.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why? She wouldn't do something like that, would she?
No. 3280
This was fucking amazing. I'm ashamed of myself for having put off reading it for so long.

I'd love to read more centered around this concept.
No. 3335
Reimu is a newborn yukkuri. She dropped off her mother’s stalk a mere 3 days ago. Reimu loves to be with her family. She would practice saying “Take it easy!” with her parents as they fed her good food, but she and her little sisters could only ever get “tage id eajy!”. Whenever she or her sisters found anything interesting, they would always find the others, saying “Yu! I found mwister ball! Wet’s tage id eajy with mwister ball!”. To them, even a discarded ball of paper or leaves blowing in the wind were the most amazing things they had ever seen – never mind the dozens of other “most amazing things” they had seen as little as a few hours ago. With her playthings, sisters, and parents that always could provide good food, Reimu and her sisters led a very easy life.

However, one day, tragedy struck Reimu’s family. Little Reimu was playing by herself while her sisters were eating a few yards away. She had already eaten her fill of insect larvae, and so was playing with dried leaves on the ground; rolling around them and enjoying the soft crackling they made. While rolling around, she saw a butterfly go over her head.

“Yu! Yuyu! Mwister Budderfly! Wait for Reimyu!” Butterflies were her favorite food. Not only are they delicious, but they’re loads of fun to play with until caught! Reimu began to chase the butterfly, away from her family. Butterflies aren’t very fast, but this one was flying too high to reach, so she had to keep following it and wait for it to land. The butterfly wouldn’t descend, no matter how many times Reimu told it “Pwease land, Mwister Budderfly! I wanna ead you!”. It didn’t take long for Reimu to follow it outside of her parents view, and they were preoccupied feeding their other children and didn’t notice Reimu running off. Reimu herself was too preoccupied with the butterfly to notice she had run off from her parents, or even that she had run off to a part of the wilderness her parents always avoided, or to notice that it had flown over a cliff edge. Carelessly, Reimu hopped after the butterfly, and suddenly plummeted. The cliff wasn’t a straight drop, but was far too steep to support her. Reimu slid down the surface of the cliff, but quickly stopped, as she had been caught by the thicket growing on the cliff. Skidding down the cliff hurt and had put several scrapes on her body. The branches of the thicket hurt. For the first time in her life, Reimu knew pain. She screamed. “Yuuuuuuuu... Id hurds! Mwoomie! Yuuuu.... I wanna tage ij easy! Hwelp! Yuuu....”. Reimu’s first taste of pain caused her to flail about, slowly causing her to fall through the thicket and land again on a lower branch, hurting her more. Being so young, she could not understand that her screaming was only worsening her pain, or the danger she would be in if she completely fell through.

She continued to scream and flail until she finally fell through, and continued to slide down the cliff. This only continued for a few seconds, as the cliff edge eventually stopped being slanted and went vertical. Reimu then fell to the ground, screaming. Her parents never saw Reimu run off. But they knew she was gone and didn’t return. A koyukkuri could not survive in the wilderness without the knowledge to gather food and avoid predators. There was only one conclusion: their precious little Reimu was dead. The entire family wept.

However, this was not the end of little Reimu. The cliff had scraped her, but resulted in only minor cuts. The thicket only hurt. Her fall was miraculously cushioned by landing on extremely thick vegetation and leaves dropped by the many overhead trees. She was in physical pain, but the mental pain was worse. Even the tiny, sheltered yukkuri was able to understand her situation. She fell down and can’t jump that high again. She has been separated from her family, and she doesn’t know if she’ll ever see them again. Reimu could only “Yuuu....” pitifully.

Depressed, in pain, and unable to take it easy, Reimu just lay still for several hours, until she eventually got hungry. Being motivated to movement by her hunger, Reimu took her first actual look around her as she started to hop. She was astonished. As far as she could see; lush, thick greens. Plants were even growing up the cliff she had fallen from. There was food everywhere. Excited, she began to eat part of the plants close to her; a large fern and some thick grasses that had cushioned her fall. “This shit’s good! So good!” Delicious! Absolutely delicious! While the greens that her parents had brought back always had little flavor and were only there to fill them up, these were simply amazing! As good as the candy her mother had managed to find the other day, and there was so much of this! Reimu couldn’t help but completely stuff herself on this amazing food. After eating so much that it became very difficult to move, she cried out “Hwappinech!”, hopped underneath the fern she had been eating, and went to sleep early. Even if her parents weren’t here, she could still take it easy. She was truly in a paradise for yukkuri.

When Reimu woke the next day, she immediately began eating. With this much good food, it’d be wasteful not to eat all she could. After concluding her meal with a “Hwappinech!", she decided to try to find her parents so she could share this paradise with them.

However, she didn’t know how to get back. She knew she fell too far to hop back up and couldn’t think of any way to go up besides hopping. All she think of was to follow the cliff she fell down, and hope she could find some passageway up. So she started following the cliff to the left and cried out “Mwommie!”, in case her mother could hear her. The area she was in was very large, but everywhere she went was filled with food, so she could always take a quick break to eat. It took Reimu all day just to reach the end; another cliff facing down extending as far as she could see. There was certainly no way to get back from this end. Depressed, Reimu went to sleep. The next day was filled with more searching. Reimu went back to where she landed so she could cover the remaining half the cliff she fell down. The area wasn’t so long on this end; Reimu discovered that the cliff bent shortly after where she had fallen, creating another cliff wall that was impassable. She was surrounded on at least 3 sides by cliffs, and the only remaining side just led away from her family. She cried herself to sleep.

Reimu awoke hungry, and immediately started eating. The excellent food helped to keep her mind off her missing family. She did miss her family, but the food here was so much better then what she was used to. Perhaps this place wasn’t too bad. Reimu did her best to convince herself of that, and tried to put her family out of her mind. So Reimu continued to eat. She tried to play by herself, but it just wasn’t as fun without her sisters around.

Even if Reimu wasn’t playing with her sisters, just knowing that they were close by made everything better. So Reimu mostly just ate. And ate. And ate. And grew. This continued for about a week of doing almost nothing but eating and sleeping. The food didn’t taste as good as it used to, and Reimu found herself trying to play more often as the days passed. Reimu could no longer lie to herself. She was lonely. She was terribly lonely. She wanted to play with her sisters. She wanted to talk to her parents. Her overeating had caused her to grow to almost the size of her parents in only a week. She wasn’t sure if she could even still play with her sisters, who would be tiny compared to her now. She wanted to talk to something. Anything. Even one of the humans her mother had warned her about. She hadn’t seen anything larger then insects since she arrived in this place. There was nobody to talk to. Nobody to play with. What good was a land filled with food if there was nobody to share it with?

Reimu suddenly stopped eating and started running in a random direction, crying out while hopping. “Yu! Hewo? Anybwody?! Pwease, talk Reimyu! Mwommie! wanna eajy! Say! Hwelp! Hwelp!”. She didn’t stop for hours, well after becoming hungry and tired. No matter how lonely she was, she still had to eat. The food tasted bad, but she still ate. She resumed crying and running until she was too tired and continue, and slept. She woke and continued screaming. She never found anyone.

She was the only creature that could talk. But even this changed. A little over a week after she started searching desperately, she tried crying out, as usual... but couldn’t. She could only muster out a pathetic “Yu”, with barely any force behind it. She couldn’t understand why, but she couldn’t speak anymore. She could only barely “Yu”... but even that was enough. Any yukkuri could Yu and recognize the Yu of another, so she could still reach another yukkuri’s ears, if only she could find one! There has to be someone here! Reimu just has to keep searching!

So she searched. And she searched. She Yued as much as she could, but never found anyone. There were simply no other animals in this vast land, only plants and insects. Even after two full weeks of searching frantically, stopping to eat and sleep as little as possible, she found nothing. And so, after another long day of searching 4 weeks after arriving in this hell, the no longer little Reimu went to sleep.

She never woke again.

No. 3338
File 126159899532.jpg - (167.39KB , 1024x768 , Touhou Project - Aria - Aoi - sofuckingmoe.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is the "Sexual thoughts about Rika" pasta, adjusted and altered for Aoi, with highly pleasing results.

Two versions here; small and large.
Spoilerizing because of outright nsfw-ness.

Smaller version:
What are you talking about? Sexual thoughts about pure, innocent Aoi are horrible.

I would never suggest removing Aoi's clothes and licking his tiny body all over, nibbling his neck and kissing his adorable little nipples.

Only a heartless monster would think about his cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with his saliva, pumping in and out of his mouth until it erupts, the cum more than his little throat can swallow. The idea of semen overflowing, dribbling down his chin over his flat chest, his tiny hands scooping it all up and watching him suck it off his fingertips is just horrible.

You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading his legs, cock poised at the entrance to his pure, tight, virginal ass, thrusting in, taking his cherry in one quick stroke, listening to his quickening breathing, his girlish moans and gasps, his flat chest rising and falling rapidly as he reaches his climax, hearing him cry out softly as he has his first orgasm and feels a man's cum flooding through his freshly-deflowered rear for the first time.

You're all freaks. Aoi's too pure for anyone to imagine him in such a terrible situation, and anyone who does is evil, evil, evil.

Larger version:
What are you talking about? Sexual thoughts about pure, innocent Aoi are horrible.

I would never suggest removing Aoi's clothes and licking his tiny body all over, nibbling his neck and kissing his adorable little nipples. Only a heartless monster would think about his cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with his saliva, pumping in and out of his mouth until it erupts, the cum more than his little throat can swallow.

The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down his chin over his flat chest, his tiny hands scooping it all up and watching him suck it off his fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading his smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to his pure, tight, virginal ass, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes his lips which are slippery with cum, while his small body shudders from having his cherry taken in one quick stroke.

I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over him, listening to his quickening breath, his girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, his sweet pants warm and moist on your face and his flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.

It is truly nasty how you'd run your hands all over his tiny body while you violate him, feeling his nipples hardening against your tongue as you lick his chest and his neck, savoring the scent of his skin and sweat while he trembles from the stimulation and as he reaches his climax, hearing him cry out softly as he has his first orgasm while that cock is buried impossibly deep inside him, pulsing violently as an intense amount of hot cum spurts forth and floods through his freshly-deflowered behind for the first time, filling him up only to spill out of him with a sickening squelch. And as you lie atop his flushed body, he murmurs breathlessly, "You came so much inside of me~", then his fingers dig into your back as he feels your cock hardening inside him again.

You're all freaks. Aoi's too pure for anyone to imagine him in such a terrible situation, and anyone who does is evil, evil, evil.

No. 3432
File 126333385641.png - (487.70KB , 1024x3233 , 12123361254.png ) [iqdb]
I totally forgot that I saved this one. I thought it was lost forever.
Well, here it is.
No. 3434
The Dolls

You arrived in the mythical Gensokyo 3 years ago and have been living in the human village since then. You worked as a carpenter and spent most of the time doing repairs to any structures damaged by youkai (and Marisa) in the countryside.

One day you were rebuilding part of the Hakurei Shrine that simply failed due to old age. The shrine's miko Reimu lavished you with tea and freshly baked biscuits, because she enjoyed the work you were doing for her for free. She watched your sweaty, shirtless, muscled body glisten in the hot sun with her mouth open in lust. When you noticed Reimu staring at you, Reimu quickly averted her eyes and blushed deeply. It was during the moments, when she was looking away from you in embarrassment, you admired the snow white, voluptuous side boobage this miko was known for among the human males back in the human village. Reimu rarely visited the human village, but when she did visit, males all over the village would flock to her in an attempt to see her side boobage but come away disappointed, as Reimu would always wear her sarashi when not at the shrine. It was the sight of such godly side boobage that became your payment, and why you were always willing to do repairs to the shrine when Reimu came calling. Well, you did liked Reimu herself too.

As you were driving nails into a new 2x4, you heard an angelic voice call out Reimu's name causing you to turn in the direction of the voice. What you saw was a woman of such great beauty you instantly considered Reimu's side boobage mediocre. The wind was blowing the woman's dress against the front of her body revealing every curvature of her legs and abdomen which must have been carved by FSM himself. It was as if the very light rays of the sun itself emanated from her head. And her sapphire eyes were bluer than the sky on the clearest day.

"Hi, Alice," Reimu cheerfully replied, as she waved her hand in greeting.

After the usual greetings were over, Reimu pulled Alice over to you and asked you if you've met Alice before, and you replied that you've never met nor seen Alice before. Reimu replied it's probably because Alice rarely left her home in the Forest of Magic. Alice cheerfully greeted you by extending her hand, and you kissed her hand. Reimu's cheery eyes narrowed in jealously. You've never kissed Reimu's hand when you greeted her.

After explaining the repairs you were working on to Alice, Reimu and Alice went inside the shrine for the rest of the day.

The sun was setting and you finally completed the repair work to the shrine, when Alice appeared next to you as you were putting your tools away.

"Could you come by my house and fix my front door?" Alice asked in a sweet but shy voice. "My friend keeps knocking the door out of its sockets."

Alice blushed deeply, as you quickly and happily blurted out "Sure!"

You no longer cared about the musty smelling miko anymore. You just wanted to be with this woman, this goddess.

Alice displayed a dazzling smile as she handed you a piece of paper containing directions to her house and quickly left leaving behind an intoxicating scent of heaven itself.

You arrived at Alice's house the next day, nevermind you had uncompleted work at a teacher's house that had been delayed by the repair job at the shrine. Upon entering Alice's house, you were shocked to see so many dolls, you first thought they were fairies, flying and buzzing around the inside of the house. Alice explained that every doll had a specific job to do, though none had an ability to do carpentry. The dolls movement were also limited to the house only, so none of the dolls would get lost.

You repaired the front door by upgrading the door frame with a stronger frame and finally a heavier door in hopes that Alice's friend, Marisa, would have a harder time damaging the door.

As you finished putting away your tools, Alice surprised you when she kissed you fiercely on the lips, and you eagerly returned the kiss. Love-making occurred immediately, and in the morning you woke up in Alice's bed naked with Alice, also naked, sleeping soundly next to you. Alice's head was resting on your chest.

A few months later as a crying, though very happy Marisa, announced you and Alice as husband and wife, Reimu, with tears streaming down her face, screamed that your were an idiot and stormed out of the chapel in anger. You didn't care what the damn miko said, because you married the greatest woman in all of Gensokyo if not the entire world.

Before marrying Alice, she explained that she was incapable of having children due to her womb having been damaged by disease when she was a little kid. It didn't matter to you if Alice couldn't bare your children, since all you cared about was being with Alice herself. And Alice was all you wanted.

The decades passed and now you were nearing 70 years old. Alice, being a youkai had remained as youthful looking as the day you met her, and her love for you never wavered, even when you lost both legs to a mysterious accident with a runaway saw blade at the Hakurei Shrine, making you dependent on Alice for mobility.

Despite being healthy, you became bedridden from a mysterious deadly illness shortly after Reimu, now an old, bitter, unmarried hag who still resented you for marrying Alice, visited Alice and you unannounced. Alice retrieved Eirin, the best doctor in Gensokyo, to check you, but even Eirin was puzzled by your sickness and was unable to provide any help.

One sunny day in your sleepy condition, caused by the disease, you were incapable of thinking fast much less at all. You repeatedly dreamed of your favorite breakfast: hot chocolate and waffles cooked by Alice wearing only an apron and nothing else, which always led to an hour of love-making on the dining room table.

You never noticed Alice staring at you from the doorway with a peculiar look on her face.

What felt to you as a few hours or perhaps several days had passed, you really had no idea in your condition, you suddenly felt perfectly fine. In fact, you felt as if you never had been sick. You opened your eyes and saw the familiar surroundings of Alice's workroom, where she built her dolls.

Why were you inside Alice's workroom? Why did the small room, which only had room for one person due to all the boxes and shelves being full of various doll parts, appear so huge? When did the desk, which you were sitting on, become so large? The answer came when you looked down upon you own body and saw your legs... Legs?! And then the true horror hit you. Those legs had doll joints. Your hands and arms had doll joints. You couldn't believe what you were seeing.

Then a cheery Alice entered the workroom and noticed that you were moving, "Time to finish my new doll."

Alice happily picked you up, and asked herself, "Hmm, what kind of dress should you wear? It must be practical so it doesn't get caught in the saw blades."

You attempted to scream only to realize that Alice's dolls are incapable of talking much less show any emotion.
No. 3435
File 126346136265.png - (273.71KB , 676x787 , 1246306045114.png ) [iqdb]
It’s been several years since that unusually long winter when you stumbled into Gensokyo, and you’ve managed to adapt reasonably well to living in a world vastly different from the glut of modern conveniences that you were once used to. Of course, you can always go to that shop in the other forest, as it carries the occasional nostalgic item (including the piano you bought on your very first trip to make up for the one you left behind – what a pain in the ass carting that thing back home was), but at this point in your life you’ve moved on successfully and don’t really feel a need to do so. You are but a simple farmer – amazing what survival instincts even a green-to-the-world college grad (bio major fuck yeah!) can find when he is pressured into digging for them - living on the outskirts of the Bamboo Forest. It’s a good place to live for privacy purposes but not too far from the human village in the area for social (and business) purposes.

One day, you travel to the village with a notable larger-than-normal stock of crops for sale to the local vendors. As nice as the money you rake in is, the load wasn’t exactly light, and upon realizing that you haven’t had a “day off” in quite a while you decide to celebrate your harvest by wandering around the village and generally not doing any work. You are fascinated by what you see, as you had never really spent a lot of time there, and aside from the initial tour when you first arrived you didn’t have much reason to go anywhere beyond the grocery vendors. In one house, you see your original “tour guide”, still wearing the same lunch box hat, talking to a bunch of rapt-attention children while gesturing to a girl standing next to her who, from the bored look on her face to the way her hands were jammed in her pants pockets, seemed wholly uninterested in anything that was happening. A little further down the street, you run across a puppet show, which you presume to be magic as all of the dolls are hovering in midair with no visible strings whatsoever, while the puppet master (who looked oddly like a doll herself) watched them from below along with everyone else that had gathered around. Over there, a green haired shrine maiden was passing out tissues and inviting people to travel up the mountain in the distance to visit her shrine. A hike like that might not be a bad idea some day.

Eventually you wander across a pharmaceutical office that wasn’t there the first time you toured the village, and it is here that your trip comes to an abrupt end, as you happen to look inside and caught sight of the small staff of women wandering around inside it with various boxes and medicine bottles and other things. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but they were all rabbit girls. You had heard of them before offhandedly from a few of the villagers, but you had always assumed they were no different from the half-naked women you saw in those magazines you found in your parents’ room under Dad’s half of the mattress way back when. No, these appeared to be genuine rabbit girls. One in particular catches your eye, not only because her clothes and demeanor were unique (notably taller than all of her pink-dress-clad co-workers, she was wearing a black blazer with a red tie and a pink skirt while issuing directions – it seemed she was in charge), but because of her dazzling beauty. The waterfall of lilac hair, the sharp red eyes, the pervading sense of calm and collectedness (despite giving orders almost constantly), the adorably bent rabbit ears, the deliciously short skirt…you unconsciously gulp at the sight of her and are a bit surprised at yourself for doing so. Nervously, and without thinking about what you’re doing, you enter the medicine store.

As luck would have it, she ends up being the first one to notice you. “Hello there. What can we get for you?” “Uh…hi. I’d, um, like…um…” It suddenly hits you that you have zero reason to purchase any medicine, as the worst illnesses you had experienced since entering Gensokyo were a couple of colds that didn’t last more than a day or two, and that you had entered purely because you wanted to talk to this girl. Your mind and eyes race in an effort to think of and find something to purchase to mask your true intentions, but a lot of the medicines in the store are unrecognizable and a good deal of the remaining products are too embarrassing to purchase. You become increasingly aware at her staring at you, waiting for a response, the only feeling etched on her face being one of generic retail customer-response curiosity. After what seems like hours, you finally decide on a box of pills that look passable as Aspirin and decide to go for the gusto.

“Uh, oh, yes. I’d like some of-“

“HEY! Watch what you’re doing!”

Your pointing out of the desired medicine goes unnoticed, as she has turned toward one of the other rabbit girls in the store, who is struggling to stick a rather heavy box up on top of a high shelf.

Or, rather, she *was* struggling.

Several shouts of surprise accompany the unbalanced rabbit girl’s fall to the floor, and as everyone watches the wobbling box start to tip over and fall off the shelf, you instinctively dash toward the shelf and dive to the ground, catching the box before it hits the floor. A moment of silence passes before the full weight of what just happened hits everyone, and the cast of rabbits cheer your effort. The girl in charge runs over to you.

“Are you okay? Did you get hurt when you landed? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! The medicine in that box is quite expensive and quite fragile and we would have been in HUGE trouble if it was smashed! Here, let me help you up.”

As you move the box off your arms on to the floor, she takes your hand and helps you back to your feet, a little wobbly but otherwise none the worse for wear.

“Oh, uh, always happy to help out. Thank you for helping me up, um…”

“Oh, sorry. My name is Reisen.”

“Ah, thank you, Reisen.”

“You’re quite welcome. But I MUST make it up to you for saving that medicine…I know! Your purchase today will be free of charge!”

At the word “purchase”, your original situation comes crashing back down on you. Suddenly, you notice that you’re still holding Reisen’s hand, and all hell breaks loose inside your head. Completely oblivious to the medicine you were going to buy, the rabbit girl who fell over (eventually helped up by her co-workers), and the bruises on your knee, all you can think about is the lovely smiling girl in front of you.

“Actually, well, I, uh…wouldyouliketohavedinnerwithmetonight?”

Immediately you clap your free hand over your mouth, stunned by your inability to keep your feelings where they belonged. Reisen blushed a little but blanched a good deal more and pulled her hand away from yours a couple of seconds after you asked your question. There is an awkward moment of silence – even the other rabbits at the store have stopped doing whatever it was they were doing and have their eyes glued on you – before Reisen is able to stammer out a response.

“Well, I, uh, well, it’s against store policy to, uh, have relationships with customers, um, here, just take your medicine, uh, don’t worry about paying, I’ll explain it to my boss, uh, okay, bye!”

She jams the bag with your medicine in it into your hand and practically shoves you out the door. You don’t notice when it closes or even when Reisen turns back around and starts furiously but awkwardly threatening the snickering rabbits with guinea pig candidacy for some doctor’s new experiment if they didn’t get back to work fast. All you can do is stare straight ahead and contemplate just how fucking stupid you are. Slowly, you walk home, never acknowledging the greetings from various other villagers and forgetting the medicine you “bought” until you walk through the door and realize the bag is somehow still in your hand. The rest of your day passes uneventfully, though you do have a lot of trouble falling asleep that night.


Days pass, and you gradually get over your mistake and return to your normal life, but something sticks in the back of your mind. You want to go see that girl again. You NEED to go see that girl again. One morning you decide that you’re going to go back to the village, visit that medicine shop again and, at the very least, apologize.

Reisen looks significantly more haggard than the last time you visited the store, as her rabbit co-workers look like they’ve all had a bag of Pixy Stix for breakfast. You are tempted to simply return home, as you don’t want to bother her, but one of the rabbit workers catches sight of you standing outside and immediately kills all potential for such an action by making sure (very loudly) that everyone else in the store knows that the skirt-chaser is back. With running away out of the picture, you bite the bullet and enter the store.

“Oh, it’s you again. What do you want?” Her coldness stings a little bit, but the fact that she addressed you before anyone else could despite her being overly busy (to the point of not even looking at you) is not lost on your subconscious.

“Hi, yeah. I only wanted to apologize for the other day. I was completely out of line putting you on the spot with a question like that, and I am very, truly sorry for it.”

“Duly noted. Now, would you like something?”

“Well…no, not really. Sorry.”

“Okay, then, have a nice day.”

Crestfallen, you turn to leave with more rabbit snickers ringing in your ears, but a sudden bolt of inspiration strikes and turn back around to face her again.

“Uh…could you use some help around here?”

Reisen sighs heavily and turns to look at you. She seems about ready to tell you off for bothering her while she’s so busy, but she stops for a moment and stares at you. Her piercing red eyes scan every inch of your front side, and it seems like another eternity before she speaks again.

“Actually, yes, you can. We could use your height in the restocking process. Come with me.” She points at a couple of other rabbits. “You two, you’re coming as well. It’s time for a crash training course and I’ll need your help. The rest of you, well, Kaguya help you if I come back and find this place in chaos.” She trots to the back of the store with the two selected rabbits in tow and you shortly thereafter.

The rest of the day flies by as you’re put to work almost non-stop. It’s been a while since your high school retail days and you had almost forgotten how hellish this line of work can be. As the rest of the rabbits have already made a mad dash back toward the Bamboo Forest to wherever it is they call home (where did they get all that damn energy?), you and Reisen end up being the last two to leave. She turns to you after locking the door.

“Thanks a lot for your help today. I’m sorry for how rude I was earlier, it’s just that this place is…well, stressful, to put it mildly.”

“Hey, always glad to help. It’s getting dark, though, so I should get going. I’ll see you later!”

“Okay, good bye.”

You cheerfully wave good-bye as you walk home, and are delighted to see her wave back. The trip home had never been so quick as it was that night.
No. 3436

You start spending more and more time helping out at the medicine shop (though never neglecting your duties at home to do so), which allows you and Reisen to get better acquainted. You are surprised to learn that her house is actually in your very Bamboo Forest (albeit tucked away very well) and the history behind it and its inhabitants is quite fascinating. You make a mental note to visit it one day, if only for the opportunity to meet this Eirin Yagokoro Reisen talks a lot about, as it’s been a while since you were able to discuss serious science with anyone. It doesn’t take long for the other rabbits to stop snickering, as your help proves almost invaluable. You notice a gradual change in the atmosphere of the store away from the stressed lifestyle everyone lived through before and toward a much friendlier environment.

Another night sees you and Reisen as the last two to leave again. You’re all set to head home when she stops you.

“Hey, do you still remember the first day you entered this place?”

“How could I forget? That had to be the most embarrassing moment of my life, and I’m sure you weren’t much better off.”

“Actually…I’ve been thinking recently about the question you asked me back then…”

Your mouth suddenly dries up.

“…and I think I’d like to take you up on your offer.”

Her decision and accompanying cute little smile turns your legs and your brain into oatmeal.

“Uh, duh, duh, duh, okaywheredoyouwanttogo?”

She giggles at your inability to form proper sentences before grabbing your hand. “Come on, I know just the place.”

Half an hour later, you find yourself sitting across a restaurant table from her, still trying to put tongue to word properly on a consistent basis. Lucky for you, inspiration strikes once again.

“You know, you’ve never really talked about yourself before. I mean, yeah, we’ve talked about your home and your job and your, well, family, but I don’t like how little I actually know about *you*. What’s it like being you?”

Reisen furrows her brow at the question. “Hmm…well, it’s fairly fun being me, since I can do stuff like this…”

She looks you square in the eyes for a moment – curiously, her eyes seem redder than normal - before startling a bit and pointing to your right.

“Oh, by the way, could you pass the salt?”

“Sure.” You pick up the salt shaker and present it to her, only to be thanked with a small laugh.

“No, silly, I asked for the salt! Why are you giving me your drink?”

You blink at the question, as you’re sure you grabbed exactly what she asked for, but after your eyes reopen after said blink you notice that you are indeed holding your glass and that the salt is on the other end of the table from where she first indicated. Dumbfounded, all you can do is look back and forth between the glass in your hand and the salt shaker to your left with a stupid expression on your face. Reisen lapses into a fit of giggling over your confusion.


“I have power over sanity. I can force anyone I lock eyes with to see, hear, smell, taste, and even feel anything I want them to. Of course, it’s all an illusion, and one which wears off fairly quickly at that, but it’s still good for laughs, among other things.”

“Wow…that seems, uh, pretty useful.”

“Oh, it is. I need to work at it more, though. I’m not really happy with how short the illusions last, but the training I go through isn’t helping as much as I’d like. I don’t know what I’m missing…”

“Haha, well, I’m sure you’ll figure something out. I have the fullest confidence in you.”

She beams at the idea. Lord, you loved that smile. Nothing in Gensokyo or anywhere else could compare.

Dinner ends some time later, and you both rise to leave. She speaks first.

“Thank you, this evening was lovely. Perhaps we should do it again some time?”

You smile at her, thinking the idea to be fantastic. Before you can tell her, though, you’re seized by a sudden impulse. You lean over to her and give her a gentle kiss.

She freezes in shock and blushes deeply before lowering her head in embarrassment. For a few seconds, you’re mortally afraid that you’ve fucked it up once again, just like that day, several weeks ago. However, as she raises her head slightly, you notice a small, nervous smile on her face. She picks her head up and her smile grows a little larger, though she is still notably flustered.

“I’ll…take that as a yes, then. Anyway, shall we take our leave?”


As you exit back out on to the main road of the village, it occurs to you to ask if she wants you to walk her home, but you quickly realize that you would most assuredly get lost trying to find your way back to your own. Sighing a small inner sigh, you bid her farewell and promise to help out at the medicine shop again tomorrow before bouncing home.


You are shocked several days later when Reisen asks if she can accompany you home. Apparently her mistress Kaguya is going to have an unwelcome guest at the house tonight and she doesn’t want to be stuck on “clean-up duty” like she usually is. Fortunately, at this point you’ve done a much better job of taming your infatuation with her, and you gladly accept her offer, completely forgetting that your place is a total shithole until you open the door and remind yourself the hard way. You notice that she seems a little put off by the mess, but nothing is said and she enters.

“So…want something to drink?”

“Yeah, a glass of water will be fine. I really should walk around more, I’m a bit out of shape.”

“Nonsense. Anyway, I’ll be right back. Feel free to wander around if you like.”

You walk through the doorway to the kitchen as Reisen nods and begins to look around. A glass of water does sound nice, actually. Might be because your mouth has dried up again. So much for self-control. You’re in the midst of pouring a second glass when you hear Reisen squeal. Forgetting completely about the drinks, you dash out of the kitchen, through the living room and into the den.

“Oh, wow! You have a piano?”

Thanking the heavens that she’s okay, you quickly calm down.

“…Yeah. I was never much good back home, so I meant to get better here, but haven’t really had the time to practice. What about you? Do you play?”

She says nothing in response. Instead, she walks over to the piano and sits down on the bench in front of it. She then looks at you.

“May I?”


She smiles her dazzling smile at you before turning back to the piano. She opens it up and begins playing.

The song she plays had an eerie elegance to it. It feels like it's tumbling down, down, down, into a void of nothingness, before finally hitting the bottom, when fear sets in. Its attention is constantly darting to and fro, seeing monsters that aren’t there, hearing noises that aren’t made, breathing harder and harder as its panic intensified, until suddenly there appears a small beacon of light in the distance. It moves toward that light, slowly at first, but with increasing speed, and by the time it reaches the light it tears through the opening in the void where the light was and suddenly your mind’s eye is back with the rest of you, rooted to the spot in your den, where you’d been the whole time. She closes the piano back up so quietly that you don’t even notice.

“’Invisible Full Moon’. You like it? My mother taught it to me, way back in another lifetime, and I’ve never forgotten it since, even after making my home here.”

You move over to the piano and sit down on the bench next to her, putting your hand on hers. Blushing, she looked at you, uncertain of what to do. You make her decision for her, and your lips locked as you tightly embrace each other.

You will never forget that night. You do wish there would be a more elegant way to describe it, but…the phrase “fuck like rabbits”? Yeah.


The next few days are spent in bliss. Work flies by despite the fact that you’re at the medicine shop pretty much every day now. You make the trip to her house (marveling at the sight of a huge fucking mansion the first time you see it) and meet her family, as it were. The head of the household, who is the Kaguya Houraisan you’ve heard a lot about, doesn’t seem terribly interested in you beyond the obligatory forced politeness, but you were told beforehand that this was par for the course. So it doesn’t get to you in the slightest. Dr. Eirin Yagokoro, on the other hand, seems impressed at your interest in science (but not so much as to forget to berate “Udonge” once again for not helping clean up the other day’s mess), though she laments that she always favored the chemistry aspect of pharmaceuticals and never could get into biology quite as much - not that she didn’t know her fair share.

Next is Tewi Inaba, a rabbit you recognize from her occasional trips to the store (Reisen was the only one to go on a consistent basis). Any bit of her status as the leader of the rabbits that would have impressed you is destroyed by a mischievous grin, however.

“So, tell me again, how many times have you two had sex?”

Your mouth opens in an effort to answer, but no words come out. Reisen turns beet red and grabs Tewi by the ears, drags her down the hallway, and throws her outside in a fit of rage before running out after her. Unfortunately for the both of you, the gathered rabbits are all laughing uproariously, and even Eirin has a small smirk on her face, though her eyes do betray some sympathy for your situation. Kaguya, on the other hand, makes no effort to hide her disdain for the crudely blatant discussion of something so inappropriate and ceremoniously declares that she is retreating to her room for the time being until some sense of civility can be restored in her house. This shuts the rabbits up as they all scramble to their individual tasks. Eirin apologizes for her pet’s rudeness and thanks you for coming and for taking such good care of her apprentice before following in Kaguya’s wake. With no one left around, you suddenly feel very alone, and decide to make your way back outside to Reisen, just barely avoiding getting bowled over by a terrified but laughing Tewi as she dashes back inside. Chuckling a bit to yourself, you try to calm Reisen down before she can storm back inside and do any more damage.

“That’s quite a family you’ve got there.”

Eventually you succeed, and thank her for having you over to meet her household. She wishes you the best of luck in your journey home and asks if she’ll see you again at the store tomorrow when something occurs to you.

“Wait. I…don’t know how to get home from here.”

Reisen is shocked at her own shortsightedness. “Oh! Of course! I’m sorry, I forgot all about that. Let me guide you out of this place.”

She takes your hand and you both smile as she leads the way. You are barely able to get ten feet, however, before Eirin calls Reisen back inside for something important. Reisen looks back and forth between her house and you, clearly unsure about what to do.

“Don’t worry about it, your master needs you. I’ll find my own way home.”

“But…it’s really easy to get lost…oh, I don’t know, I think I should still go with you…”

A new voice suddenly emerges from the forest. “That won’t be necessary. I’ll take it from here.”

Another girl steps out into the open, and you recognize her from the school building as the tour guide’s friend. Addressing the girl as “Mokou”, Reisen thanks her profusely for the favor granted to the house of her enemy before saying good-bye to you and rushing back inside. Though not a terribly interesting conversationalist – the only real reaction you could get out of her was a mumble that sounded suspiciously like “strictly platonic” when you asked about the tour guide - Mokou leads the way away from Eientei and back out of the forest. She bids you good night and turns to leave, but you have one final question.

“Reisen mentioned “the house of your enemy”. What’s the deal there?”

“Kaguya and I…don’t exactly see eye to eye. That’s all anyone not involved needs to know.”

“But why do one of her servants a favor?”

“They’re good people.”

You ponder this for a moment before you come up with another follow-up question, but by the time you turn to ask her Mokou has already vanished.


Reisen starts visiting your house more often, and your mutual affection grows further still (though you lament your lack of visits to her house). She almost always plays the piano while she’s there, and while her other performances are pretty good, you doubt anything she ever plays will come close to topping Invisible Full Moon, so she plays it more than anything else.

Then the day comes that will change your life forever. At the end of another work day, you inform Reisen that, sadly, you’ll be unable to help out tomorrow, as you have business elsewhere, but you’d definitely like to see her when she gets off work. She agrees and bids you good night. The next day, you dash off to the store in the other forest again, pick up a gorgeous solid gold ring, and dash back to your house in order to make some last minute preparations for Reisen’s arrival. After a time she knocks on the door and you open it for her. She is somewhat surprised to see you dressed up a little more than usual, but doesn’t say anything about it.

“Oh, today was a nightmare. It made us realize just how much you contribute to the store. I need to relax for a while. How does Cindarella Cage sound? Of course, I could always go with Invisible Full Moon again, if you’d like…”

“Actually, as much as I enjoy listening to you on the piano, I have something far more important to ask right now.”

Confused, she turns to ask you what’s going on, but before she can say anything her hands fly to her mouth and see sees you down on one knee in front of her with a small box in your hand. You open it, revealing the ring inside, and grin.

“Reisen Udongein Inaba…will you marry me?”

You can see tears forming in her beautiful red eyes. After a few seconds, she throws herself at you and starts sobbing uncontrollably.

“Yes…yes…oh, yes…”

The service itself is held at a somewhat dilapidated shrine far away from the human village (Reisen claims that “it has a rustic charm” and anyway she’s kinda-sorta friends with the shrine maiden there). Since you aren’t terribly familiar with a lot of the people in Gensokyo (especially not beyond the village), the guest list is made almost entirely of people she knows. You do at least recognize the rest of her household, along with Mokou and her tour guide friend (making sure that Mokou and Kaguya are seated as far away from each other as possible). Other apparently important guests consist of a blonde girl garbed in black and white clothing resembling that of the cliché witch getup, another blonde girl who seems shy and rather look like a doll, a silver-haired maid, a white-haired swordswoman who appears to have a ghost floating around her, a rather stoic kitsune (you don’t think you’ll ever get over how weird this place can be when it really wants to be), and a black-haired tengu who volunteered her services as a photographer. There are also a little orange-haired girl with horns and a green-haired woman with a hat that reminds you of a movie you saw once called Fantasia who Reisen doesn’t really seem to know either, but the red-white shrine maiden claims that they’re more or less harmless residents of the shrine, and the two of you have no problem letting them stay. The entire guest list is obliterated from your mind anyway when you see how absolutely stunning Reisen is in her dress. The service concludes with no problems, and you begin your lives as a wedded couple.


Reisen has since joined you in your home, though you now make much more frequent trips to Eientei to the point where you can find your way home on your own. One such trip is made at Eirin’s invite, who is experimenting in the interest of expanding the medicine shop’s inventory and wants to know if you want to watch. You agree, and with your bunny bride tagging along for a ride back “home”, you set off.

The trip is uneventful, and in no time you find yourself in Eirin’s lab. A lot of what she talks about while flies over your head, but you recognize enough of the chemical names to be able to keep up. Looking over at Reisen, you can’t tell if she’s completely dumbfounded or simply bored from having witnessed this sort of thing so many times before, but it’s rather obvious she’s merely feigning interest. You feel bad for dragging her into this, but before you can move toward her to apologize, she turns to you, smiles, and turns back to watch her master at work. That’s good enough for you, and you resume your fascination with Eirin’s experiment.

Which has taken an unexpected turn and is now frothing at a rate Dr. Yagokoro seems slightly uncomfortable with.

“Hmm…this isn’t the reaction I should be getting from this mixture…I wonder if I added things in an improper order?”

As the doctor checks her notes, your eyes wander over to the vials containing the chemicals she was using. You walk over to them and take a closer look.

“A couple of these labels look like they’ve been on these vials for a while, they’re not attached very securely…hey, Dr. Yagokoro, is it possible that some of these chemicals have outdated labels?”

“No, I check them every day just to make sure something like that doesn’t happen.”

Eirin turns back toward you as she finished talking and notices the two vials in your hands. She stops.

“Wait a minute…”

She walks over and investigates what you’ve found.

“You’re right, these are mismarked. How is that possible? I’m sure I checked them this morning…wait, they’re not mismarked, they’re just switched – “

A louder-than-would-be-liked bubbling noise from the now-unknown concoction left forgotten on the table coincides with a light bulb turning on in Eirin’s head. Her lips curl in an angry sneer.

“Damnit, Tewi!”

Eirin turns back to the mixture in order to dump it and start fresh, but whatever it is on the table decides it will have absolutely none of that and begins to froth maniacally. This is enough for the doctor to assume the worst, and she starts making for the lab door.

“Both of you, follow me, get out of here, now! I have no idea what’s going to happen with that thing, but I’m sure it won’t be good!”

You immediately dash after her, trusting her word. Reisen, however, had been zoning out for the past few moments, and heard her master a second later than you did.

“Wait, what? Okay, I’m coming!”

Reisen finally starts making for the exit herself, but before even Eirin can reach it a violent explosion erupts from behind you, throwing all three of you unmercifully into the air. You feel your back slam hard into the lab wall, and hear two other similar thuds close by before you hit the ground. You need a few moments to get over your incredible dizziness before you can check on the others. You landed facing Eirin, and notice that, while struggling to get up, she’s still relatively in one piece. Turning around to check on your wife, your blood chills and you see her lying pitifully on the floor, making no attempt to get up. You scoot across the floor as fast as you can to be by her side.

“Oh my God, Reisen! Are you okay?”

She says nothing in response, but is able to crane her head enough to look you right in the eyes and smile before slumping back down.


Eirin’s shout from behind you tell you that she’s fully aware of the situation and she runs to your side. Together, the two of you hurriedly carry the unconscious rabbit to the nearest empty room and deposit her on the bed. Eirin runs off to get her supplies while you remain right where you are, unable to tear yourself away from the love of your life. Eirin returns and requests that you leave the room so she can do what she needs to do. Initially, you refuse, but after the request turns into a demand you realize she’s right and shakily walk backward out of the room, never taking your eyes off your wife.

You end up staying at Eientei overnight. A couple of the rabbits prep another room for you to get to sleep. You try to spend the entire night lying awake, staring at the ceiling and contemplating what happened, but eventually fatigue from the night combined with your own injuries win the battle and you drift off.


You wake up with a jolt the next morning, kicking yourself for falling asleep when Reisen needs you so much. Jumping out of bed, you run for the room she was put in yesterday just in time to see Eirin walk out of it. The blood is drained from her face, but she otherwise shows no emotion.

“…How is she?”

Eirin doesn’t seem to notice you at first, but eventually she wrenches her head up to look at you. She then smiles weakly.

“It was a close call, but she’ll be okay.”

You collapse against the opposite wall, relieved at the good news. Eirin stares at you for a few moments then moves to walk away before you stop her with another question.

“May I see her?”


“May I see her?”

Eirin suddenly looks very nervous, though you can’t tell why.

“Uh…sure, yeah. Go on in.”

You walk through to door to find a brutally beaten-up but conscious Reisen lying in the bed. She has bandages around her head, neck and arms. When she hears the door open she turns to look at who it is. When she sees you, she smiles.

“Fancy…meeting you here…”

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ve been…better…I’m sorry that you…have to see me…like this…”

“Nonsense. I’m just happy that you’re okay.”

You grab her hand and return her smile. Her return grip is notably weak.

“Thank you…you mean so much…to me…”

“Do you know when you’ll be better?”

“Master said…in about a week…I’ll be back to normal…I guess it…really isn’t that bad…it just hurts like…crazy right now…I’m sorry…but I feel…really tired…”

“Get some sleep, then. I’ll take off for home and prepare it for your return.”

No response.

“…I love you, darling.”

“I…love you…too…”

You gently kiss her cheek, but she has fallen asleep. Fighting back tears, you exit the room, where Eirin was apparently waiting for you.

“How are you feeling?”

“Well, not perfect, but I’ve been in much worse shape. I just wish there was something more I could do for her, but you’re the expert there.”


“Anyway, I hate to bail like this, but I have to head back to my place and get it ready for when she returns. I’ll see you later.”

You start to walk off.



“Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah. You know, you were in that explosion too, and I can’t imagine working all night was good for you. You should probably get some rest yourself.”

“…Yeah, I probably should. Have a safe trip, then.”

“All right, I will.”

As you finally set off to leave, you notice a lot pain in Eirin’s eyes before she turns away and trundles off to her room. You can’t blame her – that was a lot of work to do for someone who had just been blown up. You exit the mansion and head back to your house.


A week later, Reisen does indeed return home, bringing greetings from Eirin and the other rabbits. She’s still somewhat weak, however, so you advise her not to worry about the medicine shop and that you’ll take care of it with whatever other rabbits get sent there on any given day. At first she protests, but eventually she gives in.

Days pass by. You resume helping out at the medicine shop, which now has Tewi in charge. You have to admit that she’s a good leader when she puts her mind to it and doesn’t try to sabotage whatever’s going on with tricks every step of the way. It almost seems like she’s actively avoiding talking to you the first couple of days back, but eventually that idea disappears and things run smoothly in the shop. Despite various lingering injuries, Reisen’s piano playing hasn’t been affected one bit by the accident, and you spend your evenings listening to her soft melodies.

Then another shocker makes its way to your house. Rather than lounging around like usual, Reisen is standing at the door and waiting for you when you come home from the medicine shop. You note that she’s beaming, and it doesn’t take long for you to find out why.

“I’m pregnant.”

A couple seconds of shock quickly turn into elation as you embrace her (though you’re careful not to do so too hard) over the joyous announcement. The two of you spend the rest of the night laughing and celebrating the soon-to-be new addition to your household. You suggest letting Eientei know, but she says that she’s already been there and back and they are elated. You are surprised to hear of such activities, but she reminds you that, unlike you, she can fly, and she knows her way around the forest quite well, so it was not much effort at all.

Nine months later, in the privacy of your own home, Reisen gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, Eirin had an emergency house call to some mansion near the shrine where you got married, but Reisen knew enough to get through the procedure without any major disasters simply form all the time she had spent with her master. The two of you had already decided on the name Kaguya beforehand, in honor of Reisen’s mistress.

The years roll by. Reisen becomes a stay-at-home mom, as the money you get from your medicine shop work is enough to get the family by (as well as the occasionally extra from the little crop sales you still do). Little Kaguya grows up and eventually goes to school (“Miss Keine’s really nice! But, y’know what? Miss Mokou’s kinda weird.”), though it feels like an eternity watching her as she seems to have inherited her mother’s slow aging genes. Not that it matters. The three of you live a perfectly happy life together.
No. 3438

Today is your 50 year anniversary, and while you’re not what you once were, you can still get around well enough to want to do something for your wife, who barely looks any older than the day you married her. Bless her soul. You’ve sent Kaguya out to the village for the day to keep her distracted. Having pre-ordered your gift for Reisen a little while back, you’re able to leave her at the house under the pretext of visiting the medicine shop in order to slink away to the shop in the woods. The man working there has it all set for you, though you could’ve sworn he was looking at you funny when you came to pick it up. Dismissing it as a trick of your mind, you hurry home.

Walking in the front door, you can’t believe what greets you.

The house is dark, dirty and dusty. Trash is littered about and there seems to be zero organization.

Worst of all, Reisen is nowhere to be seen.

Calling her name, you search the house up and down, but are unable to find her. Frantically, you assume the worst. Someone must have broken in and forced her to escape. That had to be it. But where would she go?

The medicine shop. She hadn’t been back there in forever and a day.

Quickly you head out to the medicine shop, which is full of rabbits as usual, but none of them are the one you seek. You spot Tewi and flag her down.

“Tewi, have you seen Reisen around?”

All activity in the shop comes to a screeching halt.


“Have you seen Reisen recently? I think something might have happened to her.”

Surprisingly, Tewi frowned.

“You know, there are some jokes that shouldn’t be made, because they simply aren’t funny. Even I know my limits.”

“Jokes? What are you talking about? I only want to know where Reisen is!”

Tewi starts looking visibly uncomfortable.

“Cut it out, please. This isn’t funny at all.”

“If you don’t know, then just tell me. Please!”


“Damnit, Tewi, tell me where she is already!”


You are stunned as the little rabbit girl starts crying.

“Wait…what? Tewi, what are you talking about? I only want to know – “

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” Tewi runs out of the shop, tears streaming down her face. You stare after her, dumbfounded. Your mental efforts to make sense of the situation prove futile, and are eventually interrupted by a voice from behind you.


You turn to face the rabbit talking to you, who has a grim look on her face.

“Listen, we appreciate all the work you’ve done for us in the past, and we know you must have been hurt. But that…that was completely uncalled for. I’m going to have to ask you…to leave the store and not return.”

“What? Why?”

“Please don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

It is at this point that you notice the group of rabbits are all facing you and have the same looks on their face the one talking to you. You finally realize that searching here is fruitless, and you slowly back out of the store.

So Reisen wasn’t there. Where else would she have gone?

Eientei. Of course! Mentally slapping yourself for not thinking of it sooner, you speed off to Reisen’s old home. She had to be there. And even if she wasn’t, Eirin would be, and she’d know what to do.

The trip was longer than you remember it, but eventually you reach the mansion. As luck would have it, Eirin is standing right there when you open the front door, though she appears to be comforting Tewi. Eirin merely stares at you, while Tewi sobs and hides behind her master. Before you can speak, Eirin beats you to the punch.

“You know, that really wasn’t a nice thing to do to her. Rabbits are rather sensitive.”

“What did I do? I only wanted to know where Reisen went.”

At the sound of your wife’s name, Tewi’s sobs grow louder. Eirin frowns.

“Listen! I was with her at my house this morning, but when I came back with a present for her, she was gone and my house was a mess! I just want to know what happened to her!”

Tewi’s sobbing stops. Eirin raises an eyebrow.

“You were with her this morning?”

“Yeah. Today’s our 50th anniversary, and I know she told me she didn’t want me to go over-the-top in getting a gift for her, but I did anyway, and – “

“What are you talking about? How were you talking to her?”

“What do you mean? She was right there on the couch next to me!”

“No, she wasn’t.”

“Of course she was! I saw her myself.”

“…No, she wasn’t. She died the night of the explosion in my lab, remember?”

You stop mid-thought, completely floored. Reisen’s dead? She’s been dead? For fifty years? But how? You’ve been with her all this time!

“Wha…how…that’s not possible!”

“Look, I know I told you she was going to be all right, but that was only because I didn’t have the heart to tell you she was already gone. I couldn’t refuse your entrance to her room, though – I’m still surprised that you didn’t rush straight for me after exiting and try to beat me up or something.”

“But she was alive! I talked to her! She said you said she would be out and about in a week! I held her hand! I KISSED her!”

“None of that ever happened. She was dead before we even got her in the bed. Near as I can tell, the explosion rocketed her head-first into the wall, doing a serious number on her skull and spine. She didn’t last very long after that. She couldn’t have. No mortal could.”

“But…how did she tell me she was fine? How did she return home? How did we have a child together?”

“I…think I might know why. What do you remember of that night?”

You re-enact the scene in your head. The mixture started bubbling…you all ran for the door…the explosion…you hit your back against the wall…Eirin slowly getting up…Reisen just lying there…you look into her eyes…she looks into yours and smiles…

You looked into each others’ eyes.

Well, it’s fairly fun being me, since I can do this…

The truth finally dawns on you, and Eirin can tell, as she looks away from you in preparation for what could be coming next.

“…It was all an illusion.”

“…Yes, I believe so.”

“…Then…all that time…our child…it was all…”

Eirin doesn’t respond.

You stand there, shaking, as the sheer magnitude of what you’ve just realized slowly steamrolls over you. All those happy memories. Her return and subsequent recovery. Her getting pregnant. The joy of living together with her and raising a child. Getting to watch little Kaguya’s first day of school, and every day after that. Being together, as a wonderful family.

A full two-thirds of your life.

Some of the greatest joys you’ve ever experienced.

A complete lie.

The enraged scream you let forth nearly shakes the foundation of the mansion. Tewi squeals and runs away, as do all the other rabbits that have gathered around and have been watching from their hiding places. Even Eirin flinches, but she alone remains, willing to endure the incoming storm.


Looking around in your furor, you happen to spot Eirin, who still hasn’t moved.


“…I had a very good hunch, yes.”


“…Were you happy?”


“…But as long as you were happy, does that matter?”



Does it?

“You could have lived your life without her, you know. Knowing and feeling what you do now, which would you have preferred?



She’s absolutely right.

And suddenly, your voice disappears, and all you can do is fall to your hands and knees and cry. Cry for your lost loved ones. Cry for the farce of a live you have lived.

Cry for the happiness granted by the greatest gift she could possibly have ever given you.

You don’t know how long it takes before you stop crying, but, to her credit, Eirin’s still standing there when you’re finished.


“Don’t be. Anyone else in your situation would have done the same thing.”

You don’t respond. You can’t think of anything to say. You don’t even raise your head.

“I must say, though, even I’m impressed at the quality of the illusion. Fifty years…and it was even strong enough to give you a child.”


“…You know, Udonge was always talking about how she couldn’t find what she was missing when training her illusion skills…”

“Yeah, I remember her mentioning that to me as well.”

“…I guess she finally found it.”

You smile a little bit.

“...I suppose so.”

“So, then, after all that…are you happy?”

You look up at the question. To your great surprise, Reisen is standing behind her master with a curious look on her face, but Eirin doesn’t even seem to notice her. You quickly realize that it’s another illusion.

“…Yeah. I am.”

A small smile appears on Eirin’s face. To her side, Reisen beams her dazzling smile and then fades away.

“Then I thank you for all that you did for her.”

You stand up.

“And I thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet her.”

Eirin says nothing.

“Well then. I suppose I should go home now. I have a bit of cleaning to do.”

“As you wish. Please don’t be a stranger - Eientei’s doors will always be open to you. Never forget that, and have a safe journey.”


You walk out the main door. Somewhere, off in the distance, you can hear a familiar eerie melody. You can’t tell if the sound is coming from deep within Eientei, or elsewhere in the forest, or from your own lips, or is even merely inside your head, but it doesn’t matter to you. You simply smile and enjoy the music as you begin your slow journey home.

No. 3439
I never got how the protagonist was supposed to have lived fifty more years without anyone bringing to his attention the fact that his wife and daughter didn't exist. Still, one of the best of the bad end pastas.
No. 3440
File 126348722763.jpg - (103.23KB , 516x729 , cd6eab2768d82c08a1c7f8bf2950489a.jpg ) [iqdb]
As you can see, most people were surprised when he told them about seeing her. They simply didn't know about the illusion, albeit some of them were suspicious of him.
Or maybe he just didn't notice them talking to him, just like he didn't know his place was a mess.
I think it's a bittersweet ending. It's a bad end, but it still contains some kind of happiness.
Well, it's up to the reader.
I think, even though she's dead, she continues to live in his heart. Her soul may be gone, but her personality is infused into him.
The music he hears means that even though he finally knows the truth, she still will be by his side. It will be an illusion, but still it will contain her personality and her true feelings.

brb shedding manly tears... and improving my english skills...