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Hi, I'm a new member of this site. Like most, I suppose, I come directly from /jp/
A recent CYOA and its inevitable deletion on that board wake up my passion for these kind of stories, with their unmatched flexibility and all that. After asking around I was directed to the archive, where I read the infamous stories of Nemo, MiG, LA, and a few others. However, the site seemed to be dead, and no redirection was given (why is that, by the way?) so I kinda gave up on ever posting on THP. At least until I searched a CYOA title in hopes of finding its continuation (School days, which ended quite abruptly) and I ended up here.
Anyway, pointless stories aside, I wanted to know about the local etiquette. So far I've gathered this:
-No emoticons. Ever. =)
-Sage on all non-voting posts (not sure about this one)
-On story threads, only the OP can post image replies (not sure about this one either)
-Good grammar (I'm screwed on this one)
-No double posting
-No votespam (how can you detect it anyway?)

If you would tell me if there are any others and clarify my doubts about those I found, I'd be very grateful.

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In general, act like you are on /jp/, but without the trolling and massive dickery (or at least, less of them).

1. See above. This is pretty fucking obvious. Emoticons are for Pooshlmerfags and newfriends.
2. No, but you can if you really feel like it. The boards generally move so slowly that all of the active threads stay on the front page for weeks whether you bump them or not.
3. Not really, but it makes updates easier to see. Some writefags enjoy visual motivation and a few don't even use pictures. Just don't imagedump.
4. If possible, yes. Otherwise, try to focus on carrying intent through your posts. Spell-check, read your post out loud, etc.
5. Imageboard, nobody cares or can really tell unless you point it out. Delete your post and repost if you feel like it or want to change/modify your vote.
6. Mods/admins can see IPs. A lot of writefags have mod powers.

You don't seem like you're from /jp/, though.
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As to the not forwarding thing, To sum it up succinctly, Holy's an asshole.
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I think he meant from the archive. It doesn't link back here.
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>You don't seem like you're from /jp/, though.
I'm curious. Why's that?
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What basically everyone above me's said, but I'd stress that the absolute biggest rule of etiquette here is to just not take it too seriously. People who treat everything as serious business here are at best looked at funny, or at worst utterly despised.
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You're a bit overly polite and fixated on the etiquette rules of an anonymous imageboard. /jp/ users tend to be somewhat more experienced and don't really care all that much about their behavior online, especially not the consequences.
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1. Any emoticon acceptable on /jp/ is pretty much fine here. No one will care if you go のワの, and expect to see ;_; fairly frequently, especially in terms of writers running off. Although it's common in /jp/, don't do the xD shit, not even "sarcastically"
2. Sage if you want. You don't have to.
3. Not at all true. Also, the OP doesn't even always post an image for each story post.
4. Of course. And you're doing fine.
5. Only a problem on forums. Don't do shit like "Hey here a cool idea" "Oh, and I should clarify ..." "But don't forget that..." "and maybe we should also do..." all as separate posts. You should stop before you click 'reply' and make sure that what you're saying is clear and succinct, that you've said all that you need to say, that you haven't made any glaring spelling/grammar errors (since you're concerned about your grammar, check your posts before replying), etc.
6. Mod powers. Have the open proxies been banned yet?
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use common sense, play nice, take it easy