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This thing didn't go too well in the past, but it looks like they at least have a team of editors now to keep out the utter crap.

(Bonus healthy Cirno for 09/09/09)

We could probably swamp it with stuff at least 10 times better. What do you say, writefags?

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HY could write a short story for them, everything he writes is godly anyway. Plus we need the publicity too, he is the owner here and better start viral marketing already so that our lost people can find back here and new people will come here. If no new blood comes the site will die.
No. 1608
>it looks like they at least have a team of editors now to keep out the utter crap.

So the pages are going to be blank this time around?
No. 1610
I'm not sure we want the kind of publicity this would bring. Another Dream has a pretty terrible reputation at this point, so the sort of people we want will probably avoid reading it entirely.
No. 1612

This. Plus we dragged in enough fresh blood with the advertising of the new URL to get everyone back. We need to break the new people in before we give the site any more publicity.

That is unless you want another dozen J->E readers.
No. 1617
>J->E readers

Haven't read this yet, i stick with 3 or 4 stories and avoid /border/ like the pest.
No. 1618
What the Christ is this? A group a fanfiction writers masquerading as a doujin circle?
No. 1654

...Only thing on /border/ that's as bad as J->E's shit is Cantus's DEATH story. Everything else is kind of nice.

Also, I thought we were past idiotic board aversion. Goddamn.
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another dream is bad and its fans are bad
No. 1679

Then help us make it better!
No. 1680
This may come as a surprise, but i actually like it.
No. 1681
AD has become something of a sensitive subject.

While it's true that its reputation is bad, and quite honestly deserved (at risk of offending some of my personal friends) the concept itself is in my opinion quite delightful. While it's true that some...most. Most of the stories are practically unreadable for any number of reasons, some not entirely related to the storytelling, it is a very available outlet to budding readers and writers within the community for not only publication (to an extent - "getting your work out there", at the very least) but for critique and editing, which every story gets. In previous years however the editing staff has been sadly lacking, and the tremendous effort lay entirely on two or three people's shoulders. I myself have seen and spoken with many of its contributors, and without exception they have been open-minded and willing to improve themselves but lacking in an audience and an honest critique, something I know this site is good for.

What this site is not so conducive to, as I perhaps more than anyone has found, is short one-shot stories. CYOAs are more active and more long-lived by far, and often times I will see one of my own stories go unseen by the first page after a single day, while the AD submissions are very available to anyone who visits gensokyo.org (which has become something of a go-to site for Touhou players) as well as the advertising they do here, on poosh, and on /jp/.

I plan to contribute to AD again. I plan to support AD. I plan to do what I can to make AD better than it currently is, and to help people become better writers as much as I can. Write anonymously or under a different name if you don't want to advertise the site to its current fanbase. If you can't write well, go to the planning thread and offer critiques to people who need them. If you do nothing else, just read the first page of each submission, because I know for a fact that some excellent writers have given to this project and been overshadowed by its reputation.

Even if you don't support the product, at least support the idea. Please.
No. 1682

And I don't see what's so bad about it. I think it's nice to have a protagonist who isn't at all a very nice guy, and it gives room for development.
No. 1683
It's not so much the protagonist as the writing itself. It's just...bad.
No. 1684

I think it's decent enough, but that's just me. Sage for lolopinion.
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It never did say who won that fight, and what hints there were in the story suggested that Sho lost the moment Youki pulled out the second sword.

I'm more curious about his interactions in Gensokyo in general. That and the possibility of a Komachi route.

But he comes off as a bit of a overconfident blowhard that's a bit over his head.

Also /border/ has stories like HLA and AoD (though the latter is more critically acclaimed in terms of fan opinion)
No. 1693

Thank God I'm not the only one who thought this.
No. 1709
I seen the latest Cantus story update: Youki won, and he did call Sho an immature brat.
No. 1711
That doesn't change the writing being so stylistically irredeemable that it's physically painful to read.