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I can't think of any better place to put a site issue.

I can't permanently change the site's style. I want to use Burichan, but every time I load a new page (or f5) it reverts back to Photon, which I think just looks terrible. Clicking the 'Burichan' link changes it, but reverts back to Photon. Strangely, Futaba stuck around a bit longer, but still ended up as Photon after a few page loads. According to the saved cookies, I should be loading Burichan (kustyle: Burichan). I had minor issues with Photon on the old site, but I eventually manually messed with cookies to make it only revert about once a week. I'm assuming the problems are arrising because I use Opera.
Can anyone offer advice, or could the admins try messing with the CSS or whatever to make it work with Opera?

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Seen, noted, on it. Will post here with what we find.
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Sorry man, but I can't reproduce what you're describing. Opera is my main browser. I've never had problems on 9.6x or now 10. Only thing that I can think of is maybe you're somehow loading up your own stylesheet. Check under View->Style and Manage Modes. If you're using author mode to view websites make sure that 'my style sheet' is unticked. Alternatively, try changing styles from that menu, maybe that'll help.

Let me know if you have any success, otherwise I'll take a look at it.
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My style sheet is now unchecked under both modes, and I blanked the selection for good measure. No effect. I tried playing around a bit with the other check boxes, and none of them help.

Changing styles from that menu works the same as the links. It still resets after a page load, and the selected option does reset as well.

Also, I'm using Opera 9.25. Maybe I'll try downloading 9.6 later and see if it works fine there, although I'd prefer to stick with 9.2 if possible.
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No problems yet in 9.6. Except I hate the fancy-ass appearance of the toolbar. Whatever issue was causing it must've gotten fixed in a later version.
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I'm having the same problem as OP here, but I don't use Opera, I use IE and FireFox.
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Glad to hear that. Just use a classic skin if the toolbar annoys you (I do, rather did, now I use the opera-tan skin). It's strange that you had this issue, since I recall using 9.2x early last year with no problems.

What version?

I suspect that maybe it is a cookie issue somehow. Do CSS work well for you guys on other sites (ie: 4chan, bunbunmaru, iichan, etc)?
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imageboards always worked fine on every other site. THP was the only one I ever had issues with, and it was minor before the server switch.

You probably know a lot more about customizing Opera than I do. in 9.2 typing in a website fragment into the address bar would bring up a list of recently viewed webpages (from the saved history, I believe), sorted alphabetically. I.e. to goto /jp/ I could just start typing "zi" press down and zip.4chan.etc would be the selected; visit poosh by typing in "po", etc. Now I believe it's sorting by last visited, so if I goto an imageboard and click on a thread, that thread will be the top entry. At least it's better than firefox, which loves to include "Pooshlmer.com - Touhou image board" if I want to go here, or touhou wikia, or whatever. Do you know if there's any way to revert back to the 9.2 way of doing that?
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>At least it's better than firefox
Scratch that, only somewhat better than firefox. Less obnoxious about it, but more stupid.

Also. Font got messed up on every image board except /jp/. I tried playing around and even checking /jp/'s source for what the CSS says to use, and I can't fix it. Got a recommendation for that?
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I think that it's not just the recently visited, but the frequency with which you've visited the site. I may be wrong. Unfortunately, I don't know how to change that, the .ini only has the option to include or exclude bookmarks there. I'll take a look in other config files and try to find out how the behavior works.

If you create bookmarks and add nicknames to them, you can go to them by simply typing the nickname in the address bar. It's not what you want, but it's a fast way to access sites. Same goes with speed dial. It does save time if you use it with the most frequently visited sites you use.

For the fonts, it may be it's not loading the css sheets for some reason and defaulting to the default one's you've specified. Fiddle with the 'style' options if you messed with them earlier; A screenshot as to what entails 'messed up' would be nice as well.

Sage for not really helping much, sorry.
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Hmm, now it's not affecting posts after the OP. Weird. Well, makes it easier to make a comparison. The screenshot of the OP post is what I consider messed up, below that is normal text. It's not a huge issue, of course, but it just looks bad to me.

I already use speeddial, and mine's been full since I started using Opera. However I frequently visit a lot of sites, so 9 slots isn't enough. Well, if it is based on frequency then the main site should stick to the top. Am I the only one who visits old webpages that way? Why would you sort a subpage over the mainpage?
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I'm having the same style reset issue on firefox 3.5.2, just tested it on 4chan, and the style changes there stay, but here whenever I open a thread, select a different board, or basically do ANYTHING, the style resets to photon. Now I really don't mind this too much, the only problem with the style I have is that since the first posts get the default background and not the lighter green one, it's somewhat more difficult to read the post's text. The contrast between the dark green background and black text is not high enough IMO.
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Changing styles is controlled by site cookies. I'd suggest that the folks having troubles with the styles resetting check their browser settings to first make sure the setting for first-party cookies is set to accept automatically, and if that's not the issue try clearing your cookies cache or deleting ones specific to the sites causing trouble. It generally isn't an issue server-side (especially if there's an issue with 4chan as well), so yeah.

I was having an issue myself with a school computer and the futaba style, so I'll see if I can't duplicate the problem tomorrow in class.
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I don't really have a fix to speak of yet, but like I said before, I think it's a cookie thing. Try doing what snake said as well. If you have restrictive cookie setting, add exceptions for www.touhou-project.com, that sort of thing.

For additional speed dial. From your earlier posts, you're not using 10, so you can't add more speed dial boxes from the actual page. Open up opera:config search 'speed' see where the speeddial.ini is stored. Close opera, open the file, edit the [Size] with your desired rows and columns (as many as you want/fit on your screen). Then start opera again.

As for keyboard shortcuts. Go to Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Shortcuts. Mess with your keyboard shortcuts. The speed dial ones are under Application. The default ones are: "1 ctrl" "Go to speed dial, 1". So you can then add subsequent ones to any key combo you want by following this format.

I haven't still seen how the addresses are sorted, but yeah, it's likely not frequency and rather last visited. I don't really know how to change this (yet?) so use speed dial / nicknamed bookmarks.
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IE 8. FireFox is fixed now. Never had any problems before, it's just here that happens. The original THP was fine too.
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I've got a site issuse.

Recently, I've had trouble with the site when refreshing boards. Sometimes it'll pop up an error that says it's unable to connect. It just started recently after HY added in the new boards.

Also just a few minutes ago, I tried posting but when it went through it went to a blank white screen and I had no idea if my post even went through.

Do you know of anything that could be causing that?
No. 2557
A sudden influx of traffic, due to the mass saging of J to the E?

I have a problem as well; occasionally, I can see posts in a thread while looking from the board, but when I go to the thread itself, those posts aren't there, and they don't show up for several minutes, even after Shift+Refresh. Is this a KusabaX thing or a THP-specific problem?
No. 2558
Also, what's with all the board hiccups lately?
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Scriptkiddies sagebombing threads because ANON R LEGIUN XD
No. 2560
Sorry about the hiccups. They're happening for one reason or another. In part because our server isn't really that powerful. I've changed some things that'll hopefully make these problems less pronounced, or go away entirely. However, if things persist, please do point that out.

Specific details of problems are appreciated. There's only so much that error logs and memory usage stats can tell me.

That is absolutely bizarre. Can someone else confirm having that problem?
No. 2561
Had it just a while ago, too.
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I've had the same problem he's had. My only alternative was to clear my cache and cookies.
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All the HTML pages are recreated from the database whenever a post is added, so if something goes wrong partway through it'll regenerate the front page but miss the actual thread page. As long as the posts are in the database, they'll show up the next time someone posts and triggers the page generator.