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New story, No god modding. No overly crazy shit. Updates when I can.

Final destination.


You wake up in a clearing of trees in a Bamboo forest, There is a skeleton on the ground, Near the skeleton is a journal and a flask.

No. 1553
[x] Get Ye Flask
[x] Get Journal
No. 1554
Get Ye Flask
No. 1556
[x] Get Skeleton
[x] Get Journal
No. 1557
You get ye flask, It seems to be filled with a mysterious substance.

You also pick up the journal and add it to your back pocket.

No. 1558
[x] Use scroll of identification of flask.
No. 1562
You attempt to use a scroll of identification on the flask, Only you don't have one. So you quickly discard that option.

No. 1563
[X] Down ye flask in a gentlemanly manner.
No. 1573
[X] Read ye journal
No. 1575
The Picture scares the shit out of me
No. 1578
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You take out your journal and begin reading it whilst opening a flask and taking a sip of it.

You almost choke.

Said flask is full of everclear! You won't be drinking like that again in a hurry I'm sure.

You open the journal. It depicts a tale of an unnamed man through his handwriting and a certainly fearful time within a mansion of devils. You think that this would make good fiction.

Flipping through it. It seems to begin in different handwriting to the tale of a man called Tay, although it is not much of a tale. It describes a feeling of excitement from winding up in this area of which goes by the name of "Gensokyo". According to the book, he stayed in the same place for a long time waiting for a rabbit to appear. The handwriting get scrawled as it leads to a scribble, but from what you can make out. This man lost his mind. The writings turned more and more eccentric the longer it goes.

There seems to be a good bit of space remaining.

Oh hey, a longish update by my standards.