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So with the new reminder going up at the top of each board, I'd like to make a suggestion.

Vote, even if you think its pointless or useless. Sometimes a vote is a writers only way of gauging readership or popularity and if no one votes for his stories past the first three or so then it makes it seem pretty barren.

It really helps motivate the writefags when it seems people are reading and enjoying his story.

No. 1534
Can you at least change to the color to something lighter on the eyes, because it's burning out my retinas.
No. 1536

It would seem that that's the point, since not enough people bother to vote.
No. 1537
We needed to get peoples attention somehow.

The admins have been noticing a trend of nonvoting and its kind of distressing.
No. 1538

I almost don't want to vote if I'm going to be reminded that every time a post goes through I'm going to have my eyes raped by the red text.
No. 1539
If you're not going to vote, then at the very least do try to post in the thread. Praise the author, point out typos (maybe), point out something you liked, give a suggestion so people can try to come up with their own write-ins or so a certain vote will be taken... Any form of input can definitely help an author.
No. 1540
Jesus, my eyes.

I'm not voting until that color gets changed.
No. 1541
At the very least, could the color be changed to dark red or dark blue? I don't mind being reminded to vote, but at the very least I want to be able to see the reminder without my eyes twitching.
No. 1542
the eyesore message is only temporary. a new solution is being made.
No. 1544
This is approved.
No. 1545
Is there a reason that the eyesore message does not appear on /border/?

The image on /at/ is a bit large and not quite /at/ enough to be motivational. For the writefags themselves.
No. 1546

They were trying to figure out the best size and placement. It's done, now.
No. 1547
This is alot better now.
No. 1548
yes, so long as people vote.

Rule #1 Vote, even if you think its useless or pointless.
No. 1549
Then how about this:

Rule #2 Be courteous; don't make other feel like idiots for following Rule #1.
No. 1559
No. 1561

Oh, you!
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No. 1587
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As long as we're on the topic of suggestions, to all the writers out there: define your update schedule, or declare a hiatus. Even if updates can only be expected once every other month, it's still better than holding a perpetual candle for a story that will never be updated.

For example: I know server anon is taking a break. I am down with that, and will patiently await for the return of that story. In contrast to that, there are countless writefags that have left their stories on indefinite suspension, with no explanation at all, that I have zero interest in pursuing at all, ever
No. 1591
They were probably hoping you'd get the hint.