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http://www.touhouproject.com/th/ is up and running

No. 1480
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But it's also frozen, in the sense that you can't post.
No. 1482
Indeed, but why is it up? The Site moving again or something?
No. 1483
It's been like that for a long time now, actually; the site's still effectively dead and staying that way. I'm not entirely sure on the specifics of why we can still see it, myself.
No. 1487
The old site is broken, holy doesn't want to host it, but he is too stupid to take it down properly. We're trying to get him to put up a redirect to here.
No. 1498
He left the site up on his new server (with doujinstyle) but also somehow broke it. He may have forgotten to copy the database.

Anyway, he did actually try to point the address at our site before, so hopefully we'll have this straightened out soon.
No. 1504
Summary in haiku.

Holy has abandoned us
All hail Teruyo