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This thread is to elaborate on an idea to create greater exposure for more stories.

I'll ask every writer that can to please post 2-3 stories that he/she currently reads or enjoys and the board its on. An optional sentence or two about the story can be posted, but it's not necessary and shouldn't be motive to have one be carried away. The idea is to have the writers themselves recommend things and create awareness.

That said, I'd like to keep the thread clear of drama and prevent it to devolving into a powerlevel thread. All offenders will have their posts deleted swiftly and mercilessly for being off-topic. This is simply to share and to (hopefully) get people who had overlooked things to give things a try.

As for me:
Resonant with Vivid Tones - /eientei/
Gunman Redux - /th/
Madly Ecstatic Circular Hope - /others/

There are others, of course, but the point is not to list everything I like, but just a small sample of it.

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Well, I write the nameless story in /eientei/ and I currently read:

Fallout Gensokyo - by anon in /th/
Distilled Encounters of Festive Times by Anon in /shrine/
I Youkai - in forest is good but I'm a little behind.