I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 147214362327.jpg - (65.33KB, 558x600, Remilia_Scarlet_600_136126.jpg) [iqdb]
How active is this board?
Somewhat active.

Less active than /shorts/ but more active than /i/
More active than my sex life.
How pointless is this thread?
Less pointless than magical girl fanfiction but moreso than your life.

about 6 whole active
That's a pretty low fucking bar.
Semi-related, what is the least active board as of now? Asking for no particular reason.
Least active board in total is /coriander/, followed by /i/, then probably /underground/ or /sdm/ or /eintei/
>/coriander/, followed by /i/
Can't work with these.
>/underground/ or /sdm/ or /eintei/
Maybe not /sdm/, but these are workable. Thank you, boss.
File 147341772050.jpg - (224.22KB, 900x900, anonfairytears.jpg) [iqdb]
Unrelated question: When did pooshlmer die? I didn't even notice it dropping off the face of the web.
It was effectively dead for years, after the admin fucked off. With no mods it quickly turned to shitpost/spam hell.

Server finally died sometime this year, I believe. A squatter currently has the domain.
Excuse me, but what is /coriander/? I've never heard of it.
If I remember right, it used to be /blue/'s sister board, but it was locked to condense things. I might be wrong, but I know that Teruyo and the others remember.
I'm sad. That's what got me into touhou.

Ah, well. Good times were had.
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