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Does anyone have RAR's of Forest LA saved that they wouldn't mind uploading as well as the Year 1 Short Story that Doujin wrote?

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Archives are here: http://z4.invisionfree.com/touhouvn/index.php?showtopic=176

Yes, I know FLA is currently missing and all. We're working on a better system for the archives and it'll be soonish. In the meantime, give me a bit and I'll upload the FLA threads I have for you, though they are a bit of a mess.
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Here you go.


The thread numbering is off and the html and images are missing for the last few threads, but it's all there. The actual archives will be far more organised than this.
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Ah. Thank you. You wouldn't also happen to have Doujin's story involving other characters reading about the stories here as well would you?
No. 1458

Here. No, I couldn't find it. It'll be in the archives, but they need uploading first. Sorry.
No. 1461

Thanks anyway.