I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 14393334243.png - (370.53KB, 707x1000, nazface.png) [iqdb]
Brought to you by /blue/'s Joy Thread! The tiniest, cleverest commander doesn't get enough love around here, certain contests aside, which is why I've decided to spring this on THP while we're in a contest mood. This obviously has nothing to do with the big annual contest, so don't feel the need to opt out if you're participating, please.

The rules will be pretty similar, but I might as well enumerate them:

1. Anonymous submissions only.
2. There is a hard limit of two (2) posts per submission.
3. Nazrin must be the primary topic of the submission. Failure to meet this criterion will result in disqualification with prejudice.

Since this is a new contest, and a niche one at that, there will only be two categories: SFW (not-porn) and NSFW (porn) shorts. If people express enough concern, the categories may be split between newbies and veterans, but this is what we'll start with. Starting from now, you have until September 29th, 23:00 UTC to post your shorts in the designated threads. Voting will commence immediately after submissions have closed, ending the next week on October 6th at 23:00 UTC. That should give those of you involved with the annual contest enough time.

Please consider submitting something and help spread the joy of Nazrin~
SFW entries go here: >>/shorts/1876

NSFW entries go here: >>/at/37337
bring back /nue/ and /coriander/

(at least enable posting on them)
Why would you make this precisely at the same time of the Annual Writing Contest? And with a very short deadline to boot? Sorry but I'll pass. I never liked Nazrin much anyway.

You do realize that this deadline is a full two weeks after the one for the annual writing contest?
File 14394488965.jpg - (32.26KB, 500x500, 5000835+_d8d2f4d95a3bdc44fa4a67a7e232def5.jpg) [iqdb]
My apologies for being a complete retard, I read the deadline as August 25th instead of September.

Still, I have exams that week so I won't be able to turn anything for this contest, especially after writing for the Annual Contest.
point still stands, especially if the contestants actually write stories normally here.
>especially if they write stories normally

So no issue then
I'd like to apologise in advance to anyone who might have been entertaining sticking close to the original date. My intention was for this contest to get attention from those who were participating in the annual contest and hopefully boost participation. It was a move born of over-eagerness and inexperience, not to mention ill-timed.

As such, I've decided that, in the interests of avoiding contest fatigue and allowing those with busy schedules more time to jump in, the contest end date will be pushed back until precisely four weeks from now, 24 October, at 23:00 UTC. Voting will now end at 23:00 UTC on Halloween as a result. Have a joyful fall.
File 144573452223.jpg - (34.61KB, 501x708, see you later earth mousegirl.jpg) [iqdb]
So, that's it. The deadline's passed, and the contest is over, for lack of a better description.

I'm not going to lie and say I'm not disappointed, but such is life. This was an experiment. As such, there was always the possibility that it wouldn't be successful. I still believe in the value of community showcases like this. That's why I'll keep trying.

You'll be seeing more character-themed contests in the future, hopefully at regular intervals. The annual contest is obviously the focus for most people, but the goal here is to provide a different outlet for peoples' creativity. When there's a set theme, you have to put a bit of thought into a story to make it work within that framework. In other words, it's a challenge to those interested in taking it on. That's the sort of intention behind this and future endeavours.

Anyway, since there are no entries, there's no reason to have a voting period. Consider this book closed.
This post made me really really sad. I guess this is it.

I think having this right on the heels of the annual writing contest had a major factor in the non-existent turnout.
I wanted to participate, but like others said, having it right after the annual contest kinda stopped me from participating.
As has already been mentioned, having this contest so close to another contest didn't do it any favors. Even if that weren't a factor, though, I feel like the choice of theme could have been a little more interesting than "do a story about X character" with absolutely nothing else to work off of.

Your point about themes serving as a challenge is a good one, but that means you need to present a challenge that people are actually interested in taking on, and when the challenge is just to write about a single character, then that character needs to be one that people would be interested in writing about.

One suggestion I gave him in IRC was to have the theme be a particular setting/group of characters. For example, next year would be something like SDM, and the year after that could be characters from the next game ZUN releases.

Or you could always do something like "write characters in an apartment setting", "write about touhous in school", or "write a day in the life of a touhou". I don't know, I'm spitballing ideas.
I wouldn't say it even needs to be a specific group of characters, but offering some sort of selection wouldn't be a bad idea. Rather than have the theme be based around just one character you'd like to see more of, perhaps it could be your top five.

Personally, I'd say get really nuts with it, and do something like make the theme be about, say, the bottom fifty or so characters in the last Touhou Popularity Poll.

More than that, though, I think the theme shouldn't be limited to just the subject matter. Even if you stuck with it just being about Nazrin, for example, you could play around with the style and format for a theme. Rather than the challenge to be writing a story like in the other contest, but focused on just one character, the challenge was to write about just one character in a specific form, like a limerick. Why not have the contest be to write the best Nazrin limerick, with the categories being bawdy and non-bawdy.

I don't remember how long ago it was, but I remember once we had a Bulwer-Lytton contest, where the challenge was to write an opening sentence in the classic "it was a dark and stormy night" style. It'd be great to see something like that tried again, and the focus on shorter entries might provide a lower barrier to overcome for anyone who'd like to enter but is pressed for time or motivation.

Anyway, just throwing those out there.

Nazrin is quite truly the best.
She may be my favorite, I confess!
Her mannerisms are clever
As expected of a commander!
Though my compatriots still call her a pest.

With a little direction, you too can shit something out in five minutes!
Nazrin, some say she's a mouse
With the greatest skill to douse
But slap her lil' butt, she'll close her mouth shut
She will take you to her house

Nazrin, a girl very nice
They would liken her to mice
But show her a dick, wait for a tick and
She'll have 'ready sucked it twice

Nazrin, the girl's a damn riot
I dare you, just come and try it
Pinch those mouse ears, ignore her tears
Don't worry, she will keep quiet

Nazrin, with smeared cum on her face
Dignity gone without a trace
The contest's done, I'm gonna run
This poem plainly wins first place
Reading those aloud is really fun.

That said, commas mess up the rhythm and commander and clever don't rhyme.
Tiny commander
Ruffling your head brings such joy
The temple lies still
Hickory, dickery, dock.
The mouse sat on my cock.
At half past ten
We did it again.
Hickory, dickery, dock.
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