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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 143590567726.jpg - (437.94KB , 850x1200 , inchling.jpg ) [iqdb]
13709 No. 13709
We've been without one of these for almost ten months. Time to revive the tradition!

What have you been reading lately? What do you recommend to your fellow THPers?
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>> No. 13710
Nobody around here reads anymore.

Kidding. The Kinu Yasumi Almanac for Outsiders in /th/ tickles my fancy. Currently waiting for If You Spook the Buddha (/shrine/) to update. Would love it if Fairy on Scarlet Lake would come back to life.
>> No. 13713
I'm enjoying Another Incursion, The Kinu Yasumi Almanac for Outsiders, and High Contrast. I'm surprised I even enjoy the third considering I know absolutely nothing about Kingdom Hearts other than it's a bunch of dudes with lots of belts swinging around flashy, unwieldy key-shaped weapons.
>> No. 13714
The writer does a good job of explaining shit that is relevant and not drowning readers in details they don't need.
Unfortunately he did also decide HEY SO YUKARI IS THE BBEG NOBODY DID THAT BEFORE RIGHT and that's kind of shit on my expectations a little.
>> No. 13715
ctf_Gensokyo is pretty entertaining for anyone who enjoys TF2. Apart from that, Regrets of Reisen is a short story that I thought was very well written. I've been reading "ǝɹǝʇɹǝΛuoƆ" on /th/, and I think it has promise.
>> No. 13716
File 143700318184.jpg - (20.04KB , 480x480 , 1412313435225.jpg ) [iqdb]
Adding Another incursion-side story because it has potential, Do the right thing, because it is an everlasting classic and my favorite story (even better now that the updates are actually understandable) Theater of youth because it is another everlasting classic (better now that the author is updating) Forest Mix because the MC is great (even though it is being a bit slow)
>> No. 13717
>>13710 here.

Forgot to mention Favors Owed. I really wasn't a fan going in with some of the liberties the writer takes, but I can't put it down now.

Also, I'll never not recommend The Game because anyone who hasn't read it yet should.
>> No. 13718
File 14370872858.gif - (706.90KB , 500x281 , 1412550066387-0.gif ) [iqdb]
Here, I forgot Diabolic Tome in others. Just starting, but it looks nice.
>> No. 13719
File 143739583211.jpg - (282.64KB , 1700x1190 , 1168dfc09c733081a77b62bb3250b26d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Just finished catching up to the An Excuse For stories today.

An Excuse for Aya
The short version: If you like Slice of Life and Aya, then it’s worth reading.
Less short version: Aya find herself in the outside. She gets a job at the same place you do, on the same day as you start. However, since she doesn’t have a home, you let her stay at your place and shenanigans ensures.

An Excuse For An Excuse for Aya (An Excuse For Who Again?)
Short version: Ever heard of the fourth wall? Well this story hasn’t. It’s like Excuse for Aya, but with Momiji instead.
Kinda short version: You’re a shitfag THP writer who manages a pub with 3 young girls. Your shitty-ass neighbor moves out and a new moves in. Take a wild guess at who your new neighbor is.
Oh, and the story you write in the story is about grabbing Hatate's ass, I think.

Yeah, they’re two different stories. I thought an excuse for an excuse for just the next thread.
>> No. 13720
Lost Bees is worth a rec, if you're not opposed to crossovers. Getting into it might be harder at first for anyone unfamiliar with the game being referenced, but it comes together pretty quickly. Some of the updates are pretty massive walls of text, as a warning, but personally I consider that a good thing.
>> No. 13722

At least it updates, which is more than I can say for an increasingly large amount of stories.
>> No. 13730
Seconding the ǝɹǝʇɹǝΛuoƆ recommendation now that it's more than two updates in. Also, that one thing with Ran that just popped up in /border/ looks like it might turn out interesting. Because more Ran is always necessary.
>> No. 13757
Can anyone recommend me a story that's well action packed or has a lot of fighting?
>> No. 13763

Touhouvania, which just recently started back up. http://www.touhou-project.com/sdm/res/62174.html

It seems to be drawing to a close at this point though, so consider yourself warned.
>> No. 13764
>A story on THP might actually finish
>This is a bad thing
>> No. 13767

Don't Lose Your Head is chock full of action as well http://www.touhou-project.com/sdm/res/54922.html
>> No. 13773
I recommend everything from Keymaster.
>> No. 13817
Otherwise is updating again! Come enjoy the kinda-sorta-possibly prequel to the best story on the site!
>> No. 13847
Are there any "low" power level stories where the MC is at most as strong as say, Mystia?
>> No. 13848
If you're talking about a story with a weak MC, The Kinu Yasumi Almanac for Outsiders has one who's an ordinary human who can't fly or use magic and (most likely) never will. Forest Mix is similar, if you can handle the author's narrative style. An Excuse for an Excuse for Aya's MC is vulnerable to knives, so I'd count that. If You Spook the Buddha has Kogasa, and she's stage 2, so... I guess that counts? I mean, she doesn't flex much muscle in the story beyond cheap little tricks.
>> No. 13849
What about that wriggle story? The guy there doesn't seem too strong.
>> No. 13931
File 144426822783.jpg - (2.81MB , 2916x4287 , 65568dde72bc25f638f940dbb65d74b8.jpg ) [iqdb]
'Priest of Hakurei' is an interesting story about a priest of the outside counterpart of the Hakurei Shrine.

ATM is at a nice spot, with him being finally inside Gensoyko and all.

Recommendable. Go vote: http://www.touhou-project.com/border/res/29716.html
>> No. 14104
I'll second this reccomendation.

Wish it updated more, but I could say that about any story.
>> No. 14105
i just discovered this site last month and ive been binge reading some of the popular stories,its kind of hard searching for a stories with my favorite character in the storylist, can anyone reccomend me a tenshi story. even if it still incomplete is fine
>> No. 14107

>a tenshi story

Do the Right Thing has Tenshi join the party fairly early on. It's long and updates sporadically.

Tenshi is in This Story is mostly a Satori story but has Tenshi show up in the last couple of threads. Completed and has sequels;
Your Love, Please
Satori is in This Short Story
San is in This Story
There was some Tenshi in Your Love, Please as well.

Heads up in /shrine/ had her show up for a third of a thread.

Peach Tree that Bore Fruit is short and incomplete, but has Tenshi as a protagonist. Last update was back in 2011.

Theater of Youth is a high school AU, with Tenshi being one of the main love interests.

splICEd is a cyberpunk AU with Tenshi as the protagonist. Short and incomplete.

Those are the only ones I can remember at the moment.
>> No. 14108
ToY has a dark but enjoyable approach on her. It's my favorite of the site but you'll have to suffer (pff, as if) through a few, mostly unrelated, threads to fully enjoy it.
>> No. 14109
oh thanks man ill read those.
>> No. 14110
One should not read Tenshi is in This Story for Tenshi. For various reasons.
>> No. 14114
what about parsee? does she get any story at all?
>> No. 14115

Parsee has a route in Pleasant Meadows, although it comes after the first route's ending because of how heavily the waifu lock vote was contested.

Also, I never read Kiss Me, so I don't know how much she factors into it, but I think she plays a major part in that too?
>> No. 14116

>Also, I never read Kiss Me, so I don't know how much she factors into it, but I think she plays a major part in that too?


>Pleasant Meadows
>Kiss Me

And they're both completed too!


Do the Right Thing has a lot of Parsee once you reach the Underground arc. As I said before, it's long and updates sporadically.

Spirit of the Underground Youkai is short and incomplete with three threads and a Parsee route. The writefag wasn't happy with how it turned out and cancelled the playthrough.

Deeper Underground has some Parsee near the beginning but the writefag disappeared before we met her again. Incomplete. Last update was in 2009.

Winging It in the Underground is a short and incomplete IRC CYOA with a focus on Parsee. Last update was in 2009.

Along with the ones >>14115 mentioned, these are the only stories I can remember with significant Parsee, at least on THP.
>> No. 14117
So I've been lurking around for 3 or 4 months, and I'd like to know your recommendation about any good stories that involves an outsider and/or the outside world.

Also, how active is THP back then? 'Cause I kinda get the impression that this site is kinda dying...
>> No. 14118
Animating Gensokyo is the only active non-crossover story with an outsider protagonist that comes to mind right now. It's a good story.

>> No. 14119
Another Incursion is active, but has a slow update schedule.


Personally, one of my favorite stories on the site.
>> No. 14120
So what good Cirno stories are there, anyway? Most of the ones I've seen feature her seem to have her as a comedic sidekick at best.
>> No. 14121
A Wizard is You isn't finished and has problems latter on, but also has one of the most well-characterized Cirno's I've ever seen.
>> No. 14122
Okay, so I just read a particularly depressing Kogasa doujin, so please recommend me a good Kogasa fic.
>> No. 14123

Romantic advice is good. I'm serious.
>> No. 14124
If You Spook the Buddha

I'm prodding the author continually into continuing.
>> No. 14129
is there any more story with 2hus integrating into modern society? kinda like an excuse for awoo
>> No. 14130

An Excuse for Aya is the story that inspired the story you mentioned. Incomplete and the last update was six months ago.

Border House: Welcome to the Outside Incomplete and the last update was in 2011.

The Landlord of Mayohiga Incomplete and the last update was in 2010.

Touhou: Taste the Rainbow / Graze the Rainbow Incomplete and last update was in 2009.
>> No. 14142
File 146042953626.png - (2.34MB , 1100x1400 , 0a24e0286e573d71ec387377e0de3e79.png ) [iqdb]
Can anyone recommend any stories wherein everyone's favorite triclops is featured prominently?
>> No. 14143
First one that pops into my head is Tenshi is in This Story. Excellent read.
>> No. 14145

As >>14143 said, Tenshi is in This Story and it's sequels focus on Satori:
Your Love, Please
Satori is in This Short Story
San is in This Story

Other than that there are several old, unfinished and dead stories in /underground/ focusing on her but since it's been so long I can't remember which ones. The ones I can remember are:
Dead Enterprise
Kindred Inalterable Dependency
Dreaming of Obsession

/underground/ is the smallest board with only seven pages worth of stories to sift through, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to find the rest if you want to.
>> No. 14146
is there any stories with rumia route?
>> No. 14147
(Un)Gratefully Doing It Yourself
God Damn It, Yukari!
>> No. 14149
I can't find the first story on the list, mind linking it?
>> No. 14151

If I'm not mistaken, it's actually the first thread of God Damn It, Yukari!
>> No. 14165
Does anyone know off the top of their heads what all names YAF went by? Say what you will about him, but he wrote some good shit and I want to read it all.
>> No. 14166

Looking up YAF and !foOlREAVlE should get you most of his stories.

To answer you more directly:


I think that's all of them.
>> No. 14169
Can anyone point me in the direction of some good Remi-centric CYoAs? SDM:LA is damn good, but it does kind of lose some of its lustre after the fifth time reading it.
>> No. 14171
Scarlet Tycoon
>> No. 14172
Read it twice ;_;
>> No. 14173
dont lose your heads and the eldest scarlet
>> No. 14174
Don't Lose Your Head is not really Remi-centric. Still pretty damn good, though.
>> No. 14175
Keep the faith, anon. It'll be back soon.
>> No. 14176
I can only hope you're right. That was easily the best thing to come out of the contest.
>> No. 14177
Best long-running stories?
Doujins and Fics outside thp is fine too, since I got some free time I'd like to spend binging on toho fic like the trash I am.
>> No. 14178
Remi-centric as in, Remi as the "protagonist" character or just as a prominent figure in the story?

Basically what I'm asking is, do you also want CYOAs that feature her as the antagonist?
>> No. 14179
Antagonist Remi is okay if it's executed right, but that's not what I was looking for. I was thinking of things more along the lines of SDM:LA or Scarlet Tycoon's Remi.

Basically a Remi that isn't evil chess-master, but one that's nice. Well, "nice". Gensokyo Supa Quest had a Remi like the one I'm looking for.
>> No. 14180

Well, Remilia isn't the main focus in Being Meiling, but when she does show up she's indeed nice. It's been some time since I read it, though, so I'm not entirely sure how much she features in it, but she's still important. Besides that, I never finished A Fairy's Tale, but from what little I remember seeing Remilia in that she was also generally benevolent? Again, not sure how much she actually shows up in it.

Sorry I can't really offer you anything concrete, anon.
>> No. 14181
Excuse my faggotry, but I'm pretty sure the only long running fic that's still alive is DtRT. Animating Gensokyo or whatever that's called might also be old? I don't remember and I'm too lazy to go back to the homepage to look.

I finished Being Meiling roughly two weeks ago. That was good stuff. I've not read A Fairy's Tale. My god. I thought I did, but I don't recognize the first thread at all. Thank you.

I've never even heard of these two. This thread has been profitable
>> No. 14182

>Best long-running stories

Expectation of Sanguine Disorder

Fragmentation of Memories

Theater of Youth

Those are the ones off the top of my head that haven't already been mentioned like Do the Right Thing or Animating Gensokyo.
>> No. 14183
Are there any good stories featuring Mokou as a major character?
>> No. 14184

I wouldn't say she's a major character, but Mokou does have a decent amount of screentime in Animating Gensokyo.
>> No. 14185
Does Tainted Bonds qualify? It was that long but...

Also, Fallout Gensokyo, the best story of this site bar none.
>> No. 14186
I need some cute romance in my life. Any recommendations?
>> No. 14187
Being Meiling has cute romance in spades
>> No. 14188

Tenshi is in This Story and it's sequels had a romance that I thought was cute.
>> No. 14189
That thing should be banned from this thread.
>> No. 14190

Any particular reason why?
>> No. 14191
But it's so good. And [i]so much Satorin{/i}
>> No. 14192
File 146189803274.jpg - (456.85KB , 750x750 , 1429414045546.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fair warning: Tenshi is in that story... barely
>> No. 14193
Okay I got one, any stories featuring Yuugi as a major character?

I'm expecting a flat zero, but please surprise me THP.
>> No. 14194
fuck gensokyo
do the right thing

also some other stories in /underground/ that i cant remember
>> No. 14195
I think Undergound LA somehow managed to go on a Yuugi route.
>> No. 14204
does anyone remember the name of that story with sadist wriggle ? i remembered something about mc being kidnapped underground, insane hatate and mystia having her wings torn off
>> No. 14205
NO such thing as magic?
>> No. 14207
that was it, thanks man
>> No. 14220
I can't seem to find a certain Rumia porn at /at/.
Can someone help?
>> No. 14221
one of taisa's shorts? the rumia rape one?

>> No. 14222
mmmnot that one, the one I'm looking for is consensual, although it begins with the hunter/prey dynamic.

Nevertheless I haven't read that taisa short, so thanks for that anon.
>> No. 14223

This one?

>> No. 14224
Yup, that's the one. You're a saint, anon.
>> No. 14234
This story is quality shitposting. Oh and the story is okay too.
>> No. 14255
Man, we already got a very well-written Reisen story. It's about her becoming an unwilling serial killer and murdering your favorite Touhous, is an incredibly horrible experience for her, and has a really shitty ending. I don't know what everyone's complaining about.
>> No. 14256


Seriously, what is this story?
>> No. 14257
Favors Owed
>> No. 14258
Kinda feeling blue lately, so, any story that will make me cry like a bitch?
>> No. 14262
fragmentation of memories by lion
>> No. 14263
Recommending "... Bang" for all your Noir needs.

Also a request: any other stories with a PI character? I can only remember the current "City of Harsh fantasies" "Favors Owed" the "Cirnoir" segments of "Don't read this!" (why isn't that its own thing??) and that story where each touhou is a mafia leader whose name eludes me atm.
>> No. 14266
I wrote
years ago. Never finished and I stopped when things were heating up. I've always wanted to revive it but every time I've brought it up, no one seemed very interested in the prospect. So this isn't exactly a recommendation just pointing out that it's another noir story with a PI.
>> No. 14267
>Violet Sky
That was it! Thanks, it was driving me mad not remembering that name.

Obviously, it is one of my favorite stories here, even if it didn't last that long. Thanks for writing it.
>> No. 14268

>any other stories with a PI character

Compensation: Adequate and A Shot In The Dark have a PI as a protagonist, both stories are written by the same guy as Favors Owed.
>> No. 14269
Give me a Keine story.
>> No. 14270
If you like Dungeons and Dragons, "A Wizard is You" has Keine in it. It hasn't updated in years though. In fact I'm pretty sure it stopped right before there was going to be an H scene with Keine. Or more accurately, the writefag wrote an update that skipped the H scene on purpose, promising that he would come back and write it later, and hasn't updated since.
>> No. 14271
That was one of my favourite stories on this site, and definitely worth a read. That being said, the sheer number of discussion and neckbearding made it very difficult to go through, with only two or three updates in each thread at the end. I would advise against trying to read them all.

Why'd you leave us, Deme ? ;_;
>> No. 14278
Are there any good touhou characters n the outside fics? doesn't just do the fish out of water scenario but better yet puts them in another culture.
>> No. 14279
Check out An Excuse for An Excuse for Aya. It deals with Momiji adjusting in a poor area.
>> No. 14282
I miss that story. One of the very few times I was so invested with a CYOA here.
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