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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 143590567726.jpg - (437.94KB, 850x1200, inchling.jpg) [iqdb]
13709 No. 13709
We've been without one of these for almost ten months. Time to revive the tradition!

What have you been reading lately? What do you recommend to your fellow THPers?
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>> No. 15365

>> No. 15370
Recommend me some stuff with the gods like Kanako and Suwako doing real god things.
>> No. 15372

There aren't any stories like that. Gods are a very underrepresented minority deserving of our protection.
>> No. 15373
Keymaster's Tengu of (Mis)Fortune in /youkai/ has Hina and the Aki sisters team up to gather more faith as a significant plot point. Its the sequel to Pleasant Meadows in /others/, which is the sequel to Being Meiling in /sdm/, neither of which have much to do with Gods doing real God things. They are all good stories though.
>> No. 15374
That depends on how you define 'real god things'.

If we're talking like "being Greek pantheon level douches", then technically there's some of that at the tail end of The Game.

Other than that, can't say much of anything sticks out. Might be time to exercise the old Blue Ocean Strategy, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 15382
Anyone got recommendations for well-written /at/? I'm trying to improve my own and looking for stuff to steal learn from.
>> No. 15383
Mind the Gap is a great one. Shame it stopped, though.
>> No. 15384

There's Luck of 10 and 0. It's, uhh... over in /th/, but has more than a dozen transitions over to /at/. Any of their Touhoumon stories, really.
>> No. 15385

I'm partial to Molar's wholesome tengu lewds. It's not too graphic, but the interaction between partners are really cute.

>> No. 15386
Some of the later (actual porn) bits of The Beast Returns to Gensokyo are reasonably okay. The earlier stuff is pretty rough, and some of it is, uh... well, a little weird at times. But the writer mellowed out on that after a while. The bit with Shizuha is still one of my favorites. It helps that a lot of the non-porn parts of story are pretty entertaining too.

Too bad there really isn't that much good in /at/. Nothing I can remember, anyway.
>> No. 15391

> Mind the Gap

Made it about halfway through the first thread before the urge to barf became unbearable. Unless it changes radically and rapidly, it's an example of exactly what I don't want to write. Ever.

> Touhoumon

I read the hell out of all of those and yet they still somehow slipped my mind. Thanks for reminding me!


Dammit Molar. Smut isn't supposed to make your readers laugh. But you get a pass since that's the best Hatate smut I've ever read.

Because it's the only Hatate smut I've ever read.

> The Beast Returns to Gensokyo


Okay... two things here. One, what actual the fuck am I reading. Two, why do I recognise Star egging the MC in thread 1? I'm sure I've never seen anything else before, and yet...

...my brain hurts.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys.
>> No. 15395
48 Paizuri Techniques. If you're into the fetish, it's a masterpiece. If you aren't, it's still very good. It's a semi-continuous series of shorts, so even if you want to read just one character's part, you aren't missing a lot of context.

I will never live down Yamame losing the last few votes. How did that happen?
>> No. 15397
Soooooooo you guys listed the time-tested examples of good smut on this site, but...

Now I'm intrested in if you guys have some examples of very well done non-touhou smut.
>> No. 15400
I can tell some good stories. Please note that of course it's all based on personal tastes, and such.

1 - "Expectations of Sanguine Disorder": classic, it gets better as you go on.
2 - "Hakugyokuro LA": second classic, have to read it.
3 - "SCIENCE!": kappas, kappas everywhere.
4 - "(Un)Gratefully Doing It Yourself" that later becomes "God Damnit Yukari!": ongoing, reverse-logic base plot (not gonna tell what, go read it), funny and entertaining.
5 - "I, Youkai / Phobe's Outing": well done OC, for once. Really.
6 - "Favors Owed": poor little rabbit.
7 - Anything written by "Keymaster", really. All his 3 stories are amazing. Read them in order of publication/writing!
8 - "A Fairy's Tale" and "AFT: Small Tales & Tall Tales" - unique views on certain characters, really nice.
9 - "The Magician’s Apprentice Exchanged Cups with an Oni": ongoing, it's just great.
10 - "Restorer in Gensokyo": another good OC. Yes it is possible.
11 - "Marisa's Magical Misadventure": ongoing, nice. Nothing much to say, it does its job well.
12 - "A Scarlet-Stained Memoir": here some SDM characters are really interesting. Unique.
13 - "Heads Up!": ongoing, follows Kogasa around Gensokyo. Light-hearted, fun. I like it a lot.

And now for the stalled ones. These are good, but sadly not complete. They may pick up again though, there is always hope.

1 - "Fairy on Scarlet Lake": great story. Amazing romance too. An absolute must.
2 - "Little Soldier Lost": Eientei scene, mixed with soldier. Nice.
3 - "Touhouvania": I think the name says it all.
4 - "Fallout Gensokyo": easily one of the best stories here. Period.
5 - "Seven Sensual Sirens": Yukari fooling around, just in a less mainstream way.

So yeah hope this helped.
>> No. 15401
He said non-touhou smut, numb-nuts.
>> No. 15402
Ah you are right sorry. I read that as 'Touhou non-smut' daamn. My bad.

Ignore that post then.
>> No. 15403
> A Scarlet-Stained Memoir
> "interesting"
> Heads Up!
> "ongoing"

...for certain definitions of the words.

Otherwise, an excellent list. You are a man of fine taste, my good sir.
>> No. 15405
Yo I'm not gonna lie but I really liked Moral's gay wizard x succubus smut. I'm on mobile so I can't be assed to find the link but if you search Wholesome Succubus Quest on suptg you'll find it. It's about a succubus trying to fuck a gay wizard and that's pretty much the whole plot. The greatest thing is the smut isn't even the best part of the quest. It's the comedy. If you liked his purple prose lewds you'll like this.
>> No. 15406
File 153117012082.png - (811.13KB, 832x1200, 66981179_p1.png) [iqdb]
A huge self-shill (shillself?), but Kurodani Yamame Has No Gods ended just last week. So, if you feel like reading something start-to-end, break your legs. Eyes? Break your eyes.

... I really wanted to use this picture of Yamams for something.
>> No. 15407
File 153117891084.jpg - (249.34KB, 750x750, 151388963064.jpg) [iqdb]
It was interesting! Just ruined by OCs... If it is the one I'm thinking about
>> No. 15568
Been a while since I really surfed the site, what sort of hits does the site have (well the closest thing to them anyways considering THP these days seem to have men trying to take over the work of gods)
>> No. 15569

What's the last great story you read?
>> No. 15570
I can't remember the name but that old story in /others/ where the MC was the final boss of an incident and had Kogasa and Nue in major roles. Writer was a gov employee of some sort. But with anything of particular value, it died suddenly without much word.
>> No. 15571

Yea...I'm gunna need a name to get a frame of reference for what era of THP history we're working with here.
>> No. 15572
>>/others/24880 Lets gooooo

Though I was still sort of surfing by July '17 but net stuff happened and I sort of fell off reading things.
>> No. 15573

2011? Seriously? So right around the time the Secret Green Board died for our sins and before the advent of THP Jesus.

Assuming you meant you were still reading stuff up until 2017, Definitely catch up on Forest Mix(which just updated a few minutes ago by the way), Scarlet Tycoon and Heads Up!.

If you're looking for good new stories since 2017, I'm not sure what to tell ya. There were some stories that started off amazing, but ended up dying after the author either went MIA or psycho.
>> No. 15575
If you'll allow self-shilling, >>/others/65260 "The Magician’s Apprentice Exchanged Cups with an Oni" has had a good reception. I also update fairly frequently, though I haven't touched the story in a few days cause I'm sick right now.
>> No. 15576
What this dude said.

Going back a bit further, YAF snuck in another masterpiece, "Kurodani Yamame Has No Gods", which you can find over at >>/underground/14818, Raftclans popped up with a detective story called "City of Harsh Fantasies" at >>/others/63343 and NRFB started a Seiran and Ringo story called "Shoot For The Moon" at >>/eientei/26336. They're all the good, non-stalled stories I can think of back to 2016.
>> No. 15577

Oh yea that Yamame story was really good. I forgot about that one.
>> No. 15578
File 153962777280.png - (19.32KB, 450x532, is that so.png) [iqdb]
>that story was really good
>I forgot about it
>> No. 15579

I read a heckofalotta fan fiction my dudette. Also Rumia memes are strictly verboten as per the new 2.0 rules being drafted in secret by key members of The Cabal.
>> No. 15580
File 153963728210.jpg - (29.05KB, 450x532, soda.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 15581
I was in the middle of reading Harsh City when the net stuff hit, it'll take a bit of time to find where I left off.

I'll think on the Yamame story as I read his last thing (At least the Satori story), and thinking if I'm ready for more overly snarky stuff or not.
>> No. 15586
File 15397165698.jpg - (108.09KB, 557x474, frownybanki.jpg) [iqdb]
Sekihead juggler here. Wham, Bam, KuroYam does mostly away with the snark, save one rather minor character and Satori, who appears around the last third of the story. It’s the same Satori, however, and KuroYam has… let’s say references to Tenshi is in This Story. So, if I had to recommend it, I’d recommend reading it after TiiTS and its sequel. Otherwise, some things may feel… abrupt.

It was a bit of a stupid move in retrospect, but with so many heads to handle, one is bound to break a neck or two.
>> No. 15668
Reccomend me some yuri story thp, OC pairing is fine

also anyone know what happened to that one necromancer story with byakuren?
>> No. 15669
Yuri isn't really my thing but there's Magnel in /at/. Other than that, there are non-porn stories but they're all old and dead
>> No. 15670
File 154308995566.png - (100.89KB, 434x318, hmm.png) [iqdb]
>replying to your own post

But yeah, as the poster above said, yuri shipping isn't too common in stories around here.
>> No. 15672
Lesbian antics in self-shill ongoing
and >>/underground/16139
Unchanging Days and "Make a fist."
>> No. 15673
The only other thing I can think of to add is a few old Keymaster stories like Being Meiling or Tengu of Misfortune. (The latter one's the third in a 'trilogy' though, with copious spoilers for the previous stories) I can't promise they'd be to your liking, but short of some weird porn shorts and what the others already mentioned, it's all I've got.
>> No. 15674
Shoot for the Moon in /eientei/ has Seiran interested in Yamame and Ringo. The yuri is more of a subplot than the main thrust of the story though, and I think the story might be on its deathbed at the moment.

As for that necromancer story, I assume you mean Animating Gensokyo in /th/. By the writefag's own admission, he stopped caring about the story a long time ago and only managed to get as far as he did because he stubbornly wanted the story to end and ended up pushing forwards towards an ending as fast as he could. The story is supposedly only one update from being over, but by the looks of things we are going to get a bad end if the writefag ever gets motivated enough to finish it.
>> No. 15675
wouldn't mind a bad ending tbh i just want to see the conclusion
>> No. 15742
So I haven't checked out the site in some months now. Any notable stories lately?
>> No. 15743
Flustered Masquerade exists
>> No. 15744
File 155002186957.png - (1.65MB, 1024x693, whycantyouhavetrains.png) [iqdb]
"Unrelenting faith" is short but strong. It's Cu-Chan's adventure, but with a weak MC.

"Lost bees" is still going, even when updates are slow. Conspiracy paradise with a supernatural touch and entering the critical 'Goddamnit Yukari' phase.

"Priest of Hakurei" shows us that a story doesn't need a weak MC to keep stakes high.

"Christopherson's magnificent adventure" remains unique, even if updates are slowing down even more.

"Another incursion" show us that destroying any sympathy for our MC is still a bad idea. But whatever, cute dragon grills fighting futuristic jets alongside the (not really) Royal Air Force is something you can't get anywhere else. Not with this amount of quality anyway.

If you're into purple prose. YA can't Forget "A Parade Comes to a Head" "Tales of a half ghost" is a decent alternative if you're into Youmoe.

Finally, my very favorite story, "The Magician that likes lolis but loves his bookworm Shishou Exchanged Fluids with an Oni" updates like once a month, so keep an eye for that too.
>> No. 15745
we’re hitting levels of “Godammit Yukari” that’s shouldn’t even be possible!
>> No. 15746
>updates like once a month
I-It updates quicker than that!

One of my stories is pretty much monthly. Third finishes soon so that'll give me more time for the other two.
>> No. 15747
By the way thanks for it being your favorite. That's warms me.

As an aside, this anon meant "Forest Mix" in case anyone's not sure about the "Christopherson" reference, though Forest Mix is much beloved so most probably know that already. Just in case
>> No. 15748
File 155010546256.png - (1.68MB, 1145x750, everyday.png) [iqdb]
Here, I can't believe I forgot 'Make a Fist'!

It escapes every single recurrent problem of this site's stories.

The story actually moves forward at a decent pace, the star is an uncommon, underrated Touhoe, choices matter, there's character development but without overriding MC's nature, we change the game's status quo... A thoroughly enjoyable read.

It's ending too! Or, at least, we are about to accomplish the main objective.
>> No. 15749
I require touhou crossovers. What's good? Here, other sites, I don't care, I must consume decent crossovers.
>> No. 15750
File 155037574261.jpg - (50.07KB, 440x640, MegasXLR.jpg) [iqdb]
How do you feel about Megas XLR?

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