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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 143429941775.jpg - (435.19KB, 1886x2370, 1419127916538-0.jpg) [iqdb]
13705No. 13705
Does THP have it's own Booru for the original art you guys do here?

I'm pretty sure most of the old stuff for some of the CYOA's here can't be accessed by Archive, so I was just wondering.
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>>No. 13706
Nope. IRC would probably be your friend there. There aren't that many artists around here anyway.
>>No. 13707
Would it be an Idea to get one then?
>>No. 14225
I'd love to do art here, but where would I put it? Oekaki board is broken and I haven't found a draw thread yet.

(BTW, did you draw the picture)
>>No. 14226
THP literally has a drawing board. Its called /i/ and is nestled between /gensokyo/ and /at/. Sure the place is deader than disco, but its still there.
>>No. 14227
That's what I meant by the Oekaki board. I can't bring up Shi-Painter or anything else on there. Java registers it as unsafe. Believe me, I've tried several options but none have worked
>>No. 14228
File 146404617076.jpg - (141.56KB, 1377x856, shiipainter.jpg) [iqdb]

Then again I'm a Linux guy and I'm using the libre icedtea-web plugin instead of oracle's rubbish. Asks for permission but works after I give it the go ahead. It'd probably be better to eventually switch over to html5 in-built canvas but that's unlikely to be something I'd do anytime soon since I've never read the spec and there's more pressing site changes to be done.

As for a draw thread elsewhere? Do one here if you want, not a problem. Maybe other people will contribute too. We don't have a lot of artists so no need to have a booru or whatever, but theoretically that's easy to set up if we ever got a massive influx of artists.
>>No. 14232
Can't open Shi-painter in google chrome, just gives black page.

I can't draw anime for shit so it doesnt really matter for me though.
>>No. 14233
You need the java browser plugin. it's otherwise browser agnostic.

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