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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 14284356822.png - (12.01KB, 322x322, playism.png) [iqdb]
13620No. 13620

So this is a thing. Get hype!

You going to buy the game when it releases over here?
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>>No. 13621
It depends on the price.

I didn't really like TH14 that much though.
>>No. 13622
File 142845739422.jpg - (53.14KB, 600x460, 34cd3804d1b9f6f24bdbdf146fe08b63.jpg) [iqdb]
$10 at most, that's my wager.

If they're going for that or less, I'm in.
>>No. 13623
It has a lot of momentium against it considering how used to just downloading it people are.

But if the translation's good and the price decent, then it might have a chance.

He like choose TH14 as it's the latest game, though I think it might have been better if it was something more iconic/tried true than a recent game.

A real boon would be doing that with the upcoming fighter (consideing how long it took people to make a english patch for HM)

Some people are looking at this as a chance to break the attempted Monopoly that THpatch guy is trying to pull.
>>No. 13624
Honestly, I'll be buying the games if they're released at a fair price. I think they were sold for something close to ~10-15 USD at comiket on release?

I'd feel guilty if I didn't pay ZUN back for all the fun I had with his and tasafro's games.
>>No. 13626
>I'd feel guilty if I didn't pay ZUN back for all the fun I had with his and tasafro's games.
Same here.

Also, I want to show ZUN that a market in the West is viable. If we don't show enough support I'm worried he'll decide against future Western releases for games.
>>No. 13653
In before all the trendhoppers and moral crusaders discovering the fandom.
>>No. 13658
nah, that'd only happen if it hits steam and advertised as much as yet another fucking CoD game
>>No. 13659
Can Reisen quickscope in Touhou 15?

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