I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 14284356822.png - (12.01KB, 322x322, playism.png) [iqdb]

So this is a thing. Get hype!

You going to buy the game when it releases over here?
It depends on the price.

I didn't really like TH14 that much though.
File 142845739422.jpg - (53.14KB, 600x460, 34cd3804d1b9f6f24bdbdf146fe08b63.jpg) [iqdb]
$10 at most, that's my wager.

If they're going for that or less, I'm in.
It has a lot of momentium against it considering how used to just downloading it people are.

But if the translation's good and the price decent, then it might have a chance.

He like choose TH14 as it's the latest game, though I think it might have been better if it was something more iconic/tried true than a recent game.

A real boon would be doing that with the upcoming fighter (consideing how long it took people to make a english patch for HM)

Some people are looking at this as a chance to break the attempted Monopoly that THpatch guy is trying to pull.
Honestly, I'll be buying the games if they're released at a fair price. I think they were sold for something close to ~10-15 USD at comiket on release?

I'd feel guilty if I didn't pay ZUN back for all the fun I had with his and tasafro's games.
>I'd feel guilty if I didn't pay ZUN back for all the fun I had with his and tasafro's games.
Same here.

Also, I want to show ZUN that a market in the West is viable. If we don't show enough support I'm worried he'll decide against future Western releases for games.
In before all the trendhoppers and moral crusaders discovering the fandom.
nah, that'd only happen if it hits steam and advertised as much as yet another fucking CoD game
Can Reisen quickscope in Touhou 15?
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