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File 12520075466.png - (967.01KB , 954x1200 , painting with yukari.png ) [iqdb]
1353 No. 1353
Please use this thread to pitch ideas for a new title for the website (the "Touhou-Project.com - Touhou Image Board / Chat / Video") as well as ideas/submissions for a new banner. We will pick/add any good ones. God knows that a lot of you are more artistically talented then I will ever be.

No. 1358
>ideas for a new banner

Something featuring one prominent representative character from each board?

Not entirely sure what is meant with the word 'title' in this context.
No. 1361
Title refers to what appears on the front page, the title bar on your browser window, and on the frame on the left hand side of the screen (if frames are enabled).
No. 1363
>Something featuring one prominent representative character from each board?

Yukari (/th/), Kaguya (/eientei/), Yuyuko(/border/), Reimu (/shrine/), Remi (/sdm/), Sanae (/youkai/), Okuu (/underground/), and Yumemi (/others/)?
No. 1376
Anyone who feels they can use an image editor to create the banner(s) please feel free to go ahead and make it. Ideas are fine and all, but actual products are also great(since yours truly has zero skill at this).

I'd also like to expand the scope of this, and invite anyone who can make a css to go ahead and feel free to make one for the site - we'll include it.
No. 1377

Something more general than that would be lovely. Group shots of the characters or scenery of the area.
No. 1378
I can make a CSS or two, but it might take me some time to work out all the bugs. Say, a week or so? Time is an important factor on my part, and I seem to have little of it during the week. So I'll be borrowing the Futaba CSS as a template to work from~

I could also make a banner or two, but I think it'd be best to let one of the drawfags have a go at it first.
No. 1379
Can't properly fuck with CSS unless you can see all the possible colors, like titles in non-OP posts.
Don't mind me.
No. 1380
Does the banner have to be the same size as the one we currently have? Some size limitations would be nice.
No. 1382
It can be larger, if that's what you're asking. As long as it looks good, and doesn't take up the whole page it should be alright. Don't worry about conforming to any one particular specification. I know it's a cop out to say this but, just use your own judgment on whats appropriate. And well, file size wise it shouldn't be something monstrous like over 1MB. Again, common sense.
No. 1385

The banners should all probably be the same size, so it looks nicer.
No. 1386
Well, since no one on IRC wants to try out the CSS I wrote, I'm going to post a link here.


Plug this into Stylish or whatever the equivalent for your browser is, and tell me what you think.
No. 1391

Aside from my text changing size, nothing really notable seemed to happen.
No. 1392
How odd. I changed just about all the colors, so only the font size changing when you preview it is pretty weird.
No. 1396
Doesn't work for me either.
No. 1397
File 125202952164.png - (20.90KB , 759x570 , Untitled.png ) [iqdb]

Another odd thing is that it affect's other sites as well.

I'll give you an example.
No. 1399
Yeah, that shouldn't be fucking possible. Your Stylish must be fucking up, or something.
No. 1400

Yeah, I saved a copy of this thread and changed the HTML so it'd use my CSS. This should make previewing it a lot easier. I really should have just done this from the beginning.
No. 1401
File 125203035449.jpg - (169.13KB , 1419x682 , Picture 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, here goes. Pic of the final results from my first attempt.
No. 1402

You seem to have written it as a global style, so it is possible to affect other sites if you forget to set it affect this site only.
No. 1403
No, I wrote it as a "copied the CSS directly from Photon and edited it in Opera's source editor and then dumped the css file in pastebin."
No. 1404
File 125203048887.jpg - (214.59KB , 1417x678 , Picture 2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Another pic, this time from this thread. The nuke scrolls with the site. Selfsage to retain what little dignity I have left.
No. 1405
In other words, I wrote it specifically for being used in a website, not for being used in Stylish.
No. 1406

Gotcha. No wonder it's acting up like this for me.
No. 1407
Could we have this one?
No. 1410
Hmm. Looking at the image information stuff there, it appears that I'm going to have to tinker a bit before finalizing it. I'll probably either make it white, or else a brighter shade of gray. That's barely visible as it is.
No. 1413
Nuclear launch detected~ Also, let me know on IRC (or here) if there's any bugs in the Chernobyl CSS that need working out. I'll mess with it some more tomorrow and hopefully have it perfected before the evening.
No. 1425

I grabbed this off of bunbunmaru, would an admin be willing to implement this?
No. 1436
Rather not steal right off the bat. As proven, we have people capable of making pretty nifty css.
No. 1595
File 12525195643.jpg - (47.75KB , 546x109 , eientei.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here's what I have so far. I'd rather get some input on this now rather than putting a full set together and tinkering with them one at a time.
No. 1596
File 125251960757.jpg - (49.00KB , 546x109 , okuu.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know Snake will love this one.
No. 1597
I hereby vote that /underground/ be renamed /okuu/.
No. 1598
File 125252270085.jpg - (47.42KB , 546x109 , border.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1600



Sage for nothing else to contribute. Unless of course someone wants another CSS~
No. 1601
File 125252488187.png - (122.18KB , 546x109 , th-psdmbanner.png ) [iqdb]
Not the same person as the guy who did the other 3 before but well... I kinda based off his since I don't quite get what type of title and banner is ideal. Rather, I have no idea exactly what is actually wanted.

Just so you people know, I have experience making forum signatures and banners on occasion. Not that I'm trying to brag but just a little FYI.
No. 1602

Text could be a bit smaller and smoother on the edges but other than that it's alright.
No. 1603
File 125252765062.jpg - (37.93KB , 546x109 , shrine.jpg ) [iqdb]
Feel free to post some images you'd feel would suit the boards.
No. 1604
I would much prefer if all the boards banners used similar, if not same, fonts in them. Looks neater and a bit more uniform that way. But that's just me nagging pointlessly, nice work.
No. 1607
File 125252868181.jpg - (53.87KB , 546x109 , sdm.jpg ) [iqdb]

Keeping them uniform would be preferred. If we can agree on a style and upload images already at the dimensions we need then this would be much easier.

I think that images should be the same size as the old banner with a one pixel thick border the whole way around. The font shouldn't be too fancy or complex and it shouldn't take up too much of the space on the banner.
No. 1609

I wholeheartedly approve.
No. 1611
File 125253185572.gif - (44.75KB , 546x109 , Eientei.gif ) [iqdb]
Here's my shot at an /Eientei/ Banner.
No. 1613

The centred /eientei/ doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the banner. Other than that it's a great candidate. Loving the overlapping ears and glow.
No. 1615
File 125253519046.png - (17.32KB , 100x100 , THP-NSFW.png ) [iqdb]
HY said he needed a new NSFW tag, so here it is.
No. 1616
File 125253723947.png - (131.49KB , 546x109 , kaguya_is_elegant.png ) [iqdb]
And here's my shot at it, while I have the time.
No. 1621

...Has anyone written "Ghostbusters in Gensokyo"?
No. 1655
File 125254986584.png - (101.97KB , 546x109 , mountain2.png ) [iqdb]
No. 1656
File 125255297860.jpg - (323.66KB , 600x950 , 0ac21232d2b4c5e79385b6a72a8b3b1c.jpg ) [iqdb]
Testing for technical purposes.
No. 1660
File 125255489295.gif - (37.29KB , 546x109 , Border.gif ) [iqdb]
/border/ banner
No. 1661
File 125255522695.gif - (48.64KB , 546x109 , Forest.gif ) [iqdb]
Here's my /forest/ banner, incoming banner flood
No. 1662
File 125255525876.gif - (43.69KB , 546x109 , Shrine.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1663
File 125255528172.gif - (39.98KB , 546x109 , SDM.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1664
File 125255530829.gif - (48.66KB , 546x109 , Youkai.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1665
File 125255532956.gif - (44.46KB , 546x109 , Underground.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1666
File 125255535482.gif - (45.92KB , 546x109 , Others.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1667
File 125255538661.gif - (46.53KB , 546x109 , General.gif ) [iqdb]
Last one
No. 1669
File 125255813728.gif - (46.42KB , 546x109 , General1.gif ) [iqdb]
Alright, I went back in and redid all the banners now with realigned text to match the others.
No. 1670
File 125255816412.gif - (47.87KB , 546x109 , Eientei1.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1671
File 12525581854.gif - (48.68KB , 546x109 , Forest1.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1672
File 125255820956.gif - (36.97KB , 546x109 , Border1.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1673
File 125255822713.gif - (43.23KB , 546x109 , Shrine1.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1674
File 125255824811.gif - (40.20KB , 546x109 , SDM1.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1675
File 125255826798.gif - (48.00KB , 546x109 , Youkai1.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1676
File 125255829046.gif - (45.32KB , 546x109 , Underground1.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 1677
File 125255832456.gif - (45.98KB , 546x109 , Others1.gif ) [iqdb]
Last one for real this time.
No. 1678
File 125256035743.jpg - (117.38KB , 500x1779 , NSFW Image.jpg ) [iqdb]
How about /at/? Pic related; I'd love to see this as a banner.
No. 1712
File 125286634733.jpg - (63.42KB , 546x109 , th.jpg ) [iqdb]
Right then here's my final set. Might do some more for the other four boards in a while but for now I'm done.
No. 1713
File 125286640867.jpg - (49.59KB , 546x109 , eientei.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yeah just ignore the first lot. These are all aligned the same way unlike my first batch.
No. 1714
File 125286642569.jpg - (48.55KB , 546x109 , forest.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1715
File 12528664576.jpg - (49.95KB , 546x109 , border.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1716
File 125286647525.jpg - (47.87KB , 546x109 , shrine.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1717
File 125286650374.jpg - (58.17KB , 546x109 , sdm.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1718
File 12528665232.jpg - (51.85KB , 546x109 , youkai.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1719
File 125286658292.jpg - (51.93KB , 546x109 , underground.jpg ) [iqdb]
Crazy Okuu was good so I just decided to keep her for this one.
No. 1720
File 125286659924.jpg - (49.38KB , 546x109 , others.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 1721
File 125286664294.jpg - (50.51KB , 546x109 , NSFW Image.jpg ) [iqdb]
And finally an attempt at >>1678
No. 1970
Banners had been set to rotate on their respective boards. Thanks to all that contributed. And feel free to make more if so inclined, especially for the boards still using the old logo. Or just a general logo to replace odd instances of the old one.

Same goes for any additional CSS, ideas for a motto or title for the site (both show up when you visit the front page). Good ideas are always welcome.
No. 1971
New banners are in place, but we still need a default one for the front page. /gensokyo/, /i/ and /tt/ also aren't covered yet.

We're using a rotating image script to show multiple banners on each board, so more submissions are always welcome.
No. 2178
Someone needs to make a vertical one so that if we decide to advertise on some other stie, we have the vertical stickposter style that's so popular to use as a banner ad.
No. 2418
File 125618426197.png - (98.25KB , 546x109 , thp-eientei.png ) [iqdb]
Bumping thread to share some of my handiwork. Hmm, haven't done any Photoshop work in a while.
No. 2424
Definitely like the feel of this one
No. 4161
File 127105094999.png - (118.32KB , 546x109 , THP-eientei_v1.png ) [iqdb]
I hope people don't mind me reviving this thread for another banner work to be shared.
No. 4162
File 127105098618.png - (118.24KB , 546x109 , THP-eientei_v2.png ) [iqdb]
Same one, with slight edit.
No. 4163
File 127105128829.png - (42.44KB , 546x109 , THP-eientei_v3.png ) [iqdb]
Here it is again, with different colour scheme for the title.
No. 4239

Thanks. Sorry it took me a while to get to implementing, I can only blame my laziness. Do you have a preferred version? I'm going to add one of them to the rotation, but you might think one of them is better.
No. 4246
I actually like all of them, but if I have to choose, >>4162 will be my preference.

I'm allowed to make banners for the other sections, right? Because I have plans to make ones for /sdm/ and /shrine/.
No. 4247
Go ahead. We've enough banners I think but there's no problem adding more.