I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 139933376184.jpg - (139.79KB, 700x442, touhou cards.jpg) [iqdb]
A Touhou-based card game with character spell cards and pretty artwork? Count me in.


It's already pretty close to the goal, but I thought I should spread the word a bit. I'd put information in this post but everything you need to know is already in the link.
File 139934695813.jpg - (789.14KB, 2122x1415, shrugs.jpg) [iqdb]
Why not?
Generic card came that wants to cash in because it has "touhou" in its name. Note how it hasn't got permission from ZUN.

I'd rather have Touhou X YuGiOh
And I'd rather have an MtG crossover.
Reminds me of that one old story where the protagonist was Nicol Bolas.
It's too bad, I actually liked that one.

I miss it too. Especially because there was so much brokenness potential in the system the author had set up, and we never got to abuse it.
No need to worry. It was reported by a ton of people on /jp/ and ZUN apparently said "no," so we can avoid this.
Wasn't someone pondering writing a Touhou/YGO crossover? I think his name had something to do with turtles.
I think it aborted in a fit of depression, though.
That guy couldn't stick to THP for more than 2 weekw if you had him at gunpoint.
That one time it wasn't derpression (as I like to call it) but the size of the project. I wanted a 32-touhou tournament and I didn't want to cut down to 16, you must realize how hard it is to choose 16 touhous without leaving someone's waifu behind, right?

I have (banlist updated!) decks somewhere with a general idea which touhous could use which deck, so not all hope is lost. It's just, ant-sized.

True, mostly because I find it very, very distracting, more so than the average human being. Nothing gets done if I'm on the channel. And looking at my current workload, I don't need distractions such as enganging in the cab- I mean, the channel.
>with your help we can finally launch the GS system
Sounds like an anti nuclear device.
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