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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 139933376184.jpg - (139.79KB, 700x442, touhou cards.jpg) [iqdb]
13160No. 13160
A Touhou-based card game with character spell cards and pretty artwork? Count me in.


It's already pretty close to the goal, but I thought I should spread the word a bit. I'd put information in this post but everything you need to know is already in the link.
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>>No. 13161
>>No. 13162
File 139934695813.jpg - (789.14KB, 2122x1415, shrugs.jpg) [iqdb]
Why not?
>>No. 13176
Generic card came that wants to cash in because it has "touhou" in its name. Note how it hasn't got permission from ZUN.

I'd rather have Touhou X YuGiOh
>>No. 13180
And I'd rather have an MtG crossover.
Reminds me of that one old story where the protagonist was Nicol Bolas.
It's too bad, I actually liked that one.
>>No. 13189

I miss it too. Especially because there was so much brokenness potential in the system the author had set up, and we never got to abuse it.
>>No. 13200
No need to worry. It was reported by a ton of people on /jp/ and ZUN apparently said "no," so we can avoid this.
>>No. 13298
Wasn't someone pondering writing a Touhou/YGO crossover? I think his name had something to do with turtles.
I think it aborted in a fit of depression, though.
>>No. 13304
That guy couldn't stick to THP for more than 2 weekw if you had him at gunpoint.
>>No. 13305
That one time it wasn't derpression (as I like to call it) but the size of the project. I wanted a 32-touhou tournament and I didn't want to cut down to 16, you must realize how hard it is to choose 16 touhous without leaving someone's waifu behind, right?

I have (banlist updated!) decks somewhere with a general idea which touhous could use which deck, so not all hope is lost. It's just, ant-sized.

True, mostly because I find it very, very distracting, more so than the average human being. Nothing gets done if I'm on the channel. And looking at my current workload, I don't need distractions such as enganging in the cab- I mean, the channel.
>>No. 13311
>with your help we can finally launch the GS system
Sounds like an anti nuclear device.

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