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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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13151No. 13151
So, I want something translated into japanese, but it is contains somewhat large spoilers for the fic I am writing, and reading it would pretty much ruin it's reveal. But since I cannot speak japanese, I come here to ask for help. Can somebody translate this into japanese?: The genetic mailability of each specimen is almost as impressive as their fighting capabilities. Most of them are able to use specially designed spell cards, and some are even born capable of limited shapeshifting. They are still children however, and thus need more experience in simulation before we can be truly prepared for this war.
>>No. 13152
FYI, translating into one's second language is magnitudes sketchier than doing it into one's first. The Japanese media you adore solves the same problem by using Engrish and is perfectly fine with it, so imo there's no harm in using google translate!
>>No. 13153
Or you could instead describe the lines as something in a foreign language, and focus on the reaction of the character who hears and understands the message.
>>No. 13155
The likelihood of anybody around here being able to do E->J (a very, very different process from J->E, I might add) with any reliability approaches nil.

Case in point, >>13153 has the right idea.

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