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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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Oh hey, this looks fun! What an interesting day this is turning out to be.

Honestly, I'm hoping with this game we'll get more insight into the story of DDC and/or Seija's personality. There's a lot I'd like to know about those two things. Plus I can compare them to my story to see if I was right.

Also, is that fan art already? I should stop underestimating the Touhou fanbase.
Hopefully this brings more (good) Seija porn.
For those of you with doubts that Sekibanki is a rokurokubi, check out that spellcard at 1:45! Ah, what a glorious bullet-neck!
Hard to say as if it's like DS, we might get some commentary of varying truthifulness out of it.
I always thought she was a horseless headless horseman.
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God bless you two.

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