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Waking up, in your experience, was usually pretty crap. The blurry vision, the sluggish body, the mind that moved at a speed most snails would laugh at... no, the actual process of waking up was pretty unpleasant all around. And that was before you considered all those little extras that some god had slapped on top specifically tailored for men, things such as morning wood, that gunky feeling in the back of the throat and of course the rough stubble that had grown across your chin overnight.

Running your fingers over your chin and cheeks, you make some incomprehensible noise and half slide, half fall, out of your bed. With a surge of energy you pull yourself up into something vaguely resembling a standing posture. Yawning you scratch at an itch on your chest and look around your room for your dressing gown... you vaguely recall dropping it on the floor last night when you came home...

“Back of the door.” You blink in surprise at the voice but, as you look over at the door to you room you find that its advise was indeed true. Grinning you grab your dressing gown and pull it on. Though you were wearing boxers and were technically decent, you knew well that your sister usually didn't take kindly to you wandering around mostly naked. Oh well, such was the price of not really being old enough to move out you supposed. “Ah, and good morning.”

Turning to face the voice you take in the sight of the girl busily digging through your bookshelf for a moment before giving her a cheerful wave. “G'morning... uh...”

“Tokiko.” She replies, not even looking up from your books.

“Oh. G'morning, Tokiko.” you reply, a slight nagging feeling in the back of your head being ignored in your sleep-addled state. She merely grunts in response.

Turning you head off to out the bathroom, making sure to first check that the coast was clear and that no-one was actively using the room. A bath right now would be overkill, but your household was lucky enough to also have a rather nice shower - one that was perfect to wake yourself up with in the morning.

As the cool water cascaded over your head and body you felt yourself moving quickly into an awake and alert state that...


That nagging feeling in the back of your brain, now freed from it's sleep-induced restraint, had just slammed into your conscious thoughts with a single vital thougt.

Why the hell was there a girl in your room!?

Moments later you burst into your own room, scaring the hell out of the girl within. “Who,” you began, “the hell are y-” The girl screamed before you could finish, a high pitched wail of a scream that pierced right through your brain and could probably be heard throughout the household. Why the hell was she screaming? She was the one invading your bedroom! If anything, you should be the one screaming, not her!

It was only the occasional drip, drip, drip of water hitting the floor that gave you the answer as to why she was screaming. You had just ran here straight from the shower and... oh.


Pervert!” The girl screamed, as if to further clarify the little nugget of information you had just realized. Moments later a book hit you in the chest. Thankfully it was one of your few paperbacks but the injury from it's impact galvanized you into trying to pull the door shut to cover your indecent exposure. Not a moment too soon you thought as you heard the shot-like bang of a significantly heavier tome hitting it's wooden surface from the other side.

Well, this was a fine mess now wasn't it? Your clothes were all contained within your room, so if you wished to dress before re-confronting the intruder you would first have to gain entry... right in front of the intruder herself. No, you'd have to head back to the bathroom and grab your dressing gown first, then hope that the girl would actually let you in and not simply lock the door from within.

“Having a little trouble?” You stiffen in horror at the voice, one that was strong yet laced with amusement. Wincing hard at the horror you had now found yourself in, you turned to look at your sister. She was shorter than you, just, despite being older than you but as far as you were concerned she may as well have been a hundred feet tall right now. You, right now, were bare-ass naked in the middle of the hallway, having just been loudly screamed at by a girl you didn't know in your room. Frankly it didn't look good even before you considered what a persistent person your sister could be when it came to tormenting you. With luck she would just deliver some verbal barbs and leave - but you were certain that given your day so far luck was not a commodity you currently possessed.

Your sister frowned at you and crossed her arms over her ample chest. “I thought so,” She muttered, “I was certain you couldn't have done anything serious yet...” Glancing up she grins a predatory grin, “Well, whatever!” she exclaims, “Mom wants to speak to you about your little bit of 'fun' in there.” Glancing down she grins again, “Though I think you might want to get dressed first.” You winced, your hands shooting down to cover your groin as she simply laughed and stepped past.

Great, just great. Your mom knew about the girl in your room? Though you didn't have any idea how she knew of the girl, she was probably going to want to know how and why she was there. That was not a question you had even a vague idea of how to answer... no, it looked as if your bad luck was going to hit you again today already. Heading back to the bathroom you quickly retrieved and donned your dressing gown - after first properly drying yourself off of course.

Right. Now. Clothes. The way you saw it you really had three options available to you, maybe four if you thought about it some more. You knew there were clothes in your room so trying to convince the stranger to let you in and let you get dressed was one course of action. Yesterday was laundry day, so you were fairly certain there would at least be one set of wearable clothes that had been drying off overnight in the laundry room. Problem was the laundry room was just outside the kitchen, the most likely place to run into your mother... and right now you weren't sure if that was a good idea. As a last resort you could try your sister, perhaps see if you could convince her to fetch some clothes for you... or maybe even borrow her martial arts garb - it was unisex so it wouldn't be too bad to wear it if you had to. Of course you really didn't want to owe your sister anything and you knew this was just the sort of thing she'd hang over your head whenever she could.


VOTE: Plan of action for obtaining clothing.
[ ] Attempt Re-entry into own room.
[ ] Try to sneak down to the laundry room.
[ ] Bargain with your elder sister.

Eh, it's something. Something and something. with a side of something.

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[ ] Try to sneak down to the laundry room.
No. 1255
[x] Try to sneak down to the laundry room.
No. 1257
[ ] Try to sneak down to the laundry room.
No. 1274
[ ] Climb out nearest window and attempt a stealthy re-entry to your room from an external source.
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[X] Try to sneak down to the laundry room.

The laundry room seemed like your best bet at the moment. If you tried to go back to your room you were fairly sure the girl would just scream at you again and while one such yell may go relatively unnoticed you didn't think your mother was quite as air-headed as to let any more screaming go without attention. Your sister too was off limits, who knows what kind of crazy stuff she could have you do in order to pay off the 'favor' of being lent something to wear. The memory of the last time you owed her something still made you shudder - paint was not meant to go there! Even if it was during an art class!

No, the laundry room was the only way. Your mother would be in the kitchen, she always was at this time in the morning, but you were certain that with a bit of caution you could simply sneak past while her attention was elsewhere. Dippy as she was your mother wasn't exactly inattentive so you would have to be careful.

In the end it came down to the rice cooker beeping an alarm. As your mother moved to check on it you darted out from where you had hidden, past the kitchen door, and down the ground floor hallway into the laundry room at the far end. Your nose wrinkled at the slightly damp air and overpowering stench of detergents that filled the room. To one side, behind a sliding panel, was an airing cupboard which circulated warm dry air - a byproduct of your home's air conditioning system - that was perfect for drying clothes out when hanging them outside wasn't doable. Since it had rained most of yesterday the bulk of the laundry had ended up hung on racks in here and it took only a few moments to locate a viable pair of pants and a suitable shirt. A quick rummage through the laundry room's tumble-dryer netted you a new set of boxers and some plain socks to complete your outfit. The room wasn't quite spacious enough to get changed easily and you were trying to be extra careful so as not to knock anything over and alert your mother, so changing took more time than you liked.

Frankly you shouldn't have bothered.

The moment you stepped out of the laundry room you heard your mother call your name - evidently she had known you were there from the moment you came downstairs. Seriously, was she a ninja or something? The woman was two planks short of a fence and yet somehow still had senses that would put a trained hunter to shame.

“You called?” You ask, moving into the kitchen. Might as well face doom head on you supposed. Your mother stood there by the cooker, idly stirring a pot of what smelled like miso soup. She, unlike your sister, actually was taller than you by a good inch - it was unusual to find females that were taller than you even though you yourself weren't any kind of giant in height.

She looked every bit the traditional housewife, plain blouse, long dress, even a frilly apron over the top. God only knew where your sister got her tomboyish attitude from because it certainly wasn't inherited from your mother, she was quiet and demure at all times - though you often thought she was on some kind of permanent drug trip or something. “Now,” she said, turning away from the stove and giving you a sharp look. “I want you to explain one thing.” You winced at her tone and tried frantically to come up for some kind of explanation as to what that girl, Tokiko, was doing in your room.

“Why didn't you tell me you had a lover?” Your mother wailed, clasping her hands in front of her, “and such an exotic one too!” She pauses, then frowns slightly. “A little on the young side perhaps... But, ah, your father was an older man when I met him too...” She giggles, lost in her own little world for the moment.

You merely stand there in stunned silence as you parse what your mother has just said. Lover? Lover!? You didn't even have a girlfriend, much less an actual lover! Where the hell had your mother gotten the idea that... wait. There were only two people who could have told her something like this - one was your sister and the other was the girl, Tokiko, herself. Of the two it was pretty obvious which was the one to be most suspicious of, especially since she had evidently been directed specifically to you room!

“That poor girl,” You blink, tuning back in to your mothers dialogue as you realize she's actually talking sense again rather than mumbling about some time in her past. “Evicted by her cruel mother! Why, I have half a mind to go tell that woman what for myself!” The brunette woman that was your mother nodded rapidly, causing her long hair to go everywhere. You sighed as the woman squeaked and frantically patted it back into place. “That won't do at all though!” she moans, “It's fortunate that she has such a kind and considerate lover as my son! That she could come here without a worry in a time of need!” Your mother nods to herself. “It's decided! She can stay here as long as she likes!” You start at that.

“W-what!?” You protest, loudly and in great detail, but it seems to have no effect as your mother simply carries on with some great monologue of how wonderful it would be to have another daughter about the house. “She's not staying mom!” you butt in, only to be completely ignored. “She's a stranger! She's not my lover - or even my girlfriend!”

“Nonsense!” The crazy woman responds, “You don't have to hide it anymore, you have my full permission for her to stay in your room with you!” She giggles again, “Oh, I can't wait to see the grandkids!”

“There aren't going to be any....” You mutter, low enough for her not to hear over her own babbling. Honestly, whatever god saddled you with a mother this crazy must have been a bastard indeed. She was a nice enough mother, kind and caring, but you knew from experience that when she made her mind up about something it was impossible to change it. Hell, in her mind you were probably already married to the stranger girl in your room. “Screw it.” you murmur, turning and leaving your mother to talk to herself. You pause at the kitchen door and glance back at her miming the cradling of some imaginary grandchild and simply roll your eyes before leaving.

You were, it seemed, going to have to confront this 'Tokiko' on your own. Your mother was off in la la land, and your sister probably found the whole situation to be one big comedy play put on for her benefit. So, you quickly review the facts as you knew them. Tokiko was a stranger, whom you were certain you had never so much as seen before, that had come to your house... some time after you had fallen asleep you guessed, and had apparently fed some lie about being your 'secret lover' to your mother - who had fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Then she had seemingly stayed the night in your room.

That last bit seemed a little odd, if the girl were here to rob the place - why would she hang around like that? You supposed she could have been some kind of freeloader, but if that were so why did she come to your room? There was a spare down the hallway after all. Hell, why even claim to be your lover anyway? It was almost as if the girl had wanted to be in the same room as you. But that made even less sense! Why the hell would someone you'd never met before want to sleep in your room?

There was only, really, one way to find out.

VOTE: How to approach confronting Tokiko?
[ ] Coldly
[ ] Coolly
[ ] Warmly
[ ] Hotly

NOTE: Free voting is kind of allowed in this, but i will be picking based on how well a given vote either moves the story forwards or how well it intrests me to write.
In other words - votespam won't work.
No. 1281
[x] Coolly masked by faux Warmly.
No. 1284
[x] Coldly

No. 1286
[X] Warmly

Welcome, my dear, to our soon-to-be-shared private hell.
No. 1299
[x] Warmly

I think kindness would work best, considering what usually happens.
No. 1305
[ ]Dejectedly/resignedly

Given the general state of those around you, you might as well just accept your lot in life.
No. 1360
[x] Deadpan snarker.
No. 1398

Gotta stay consistent