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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 138643896314.png - (409.92KB, 585x579, witches - free flow of ideas.png) [iqdb]
Ever had a great idea for a story that you weren't going to use yourself? In this thread you can share it with the world and see if anyone else thinks it's interesting. They can then write it or, at the very least, see if there's any interest for the concept/particular execution. In short, this exchange can help inspire others as well help see if there's demand for any particular kind of story.
See >>10975 and >>11677 for previous ideas that were shared.
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Touhous in high school.
Touhous in high school. Get to it
I thought we already had a story ideas thread for this.

GH revival by another writer

do it fagget

Who else could manage to do justice to such a terrible story?
File 138644250381.jpg - (935.43KB, 1350x1012, 24eeaa2b9d6c071e28e43e7d339894a7.jpg) [iqdb]
think it would be cool to have a 17th to 19th century ship and crew end up running aground in Gensokyo after a storm. They could either end up landlocked from the start, but it might also be interesting to have them end up in the Misty Lake or the lake's river before it hooks up with the Sanzo.

Not sure on what the plot could be, but Moby Dick does give me some ideas. Ishmael had a deep respect for whales in the book, calling them "leviathans", and the degree of supernatural power and intelligence given to them could almost be compared to youkai. Possibly some food for thought. Would be cool to see what whale youkai would be like.

Perhaps the starting point could be the finale of Moby Dick when the whale rams the Pequod. Instead of sinking, the ship runs aground in Gensokyo, with Moby Dick nowhere to be found. Ahab does not intend to give up the chase though. Moby Dick would have probably evolved into a whale youkai, though I'm not sure what he (or she) would be like as a character. The main character could be Ishmael, Ahab, or another sailor.

In any case, I think a stranded whaler would make for an interesting protagonist in Gensokyo, given that his experiences in the new land might make him rethink his career as a hunter. Plus, I think a nautical themed story in general would be interesting.
File 138644741769.gif - (449.56KB, 300x215, ohyou.gif) [iqdb]
File 138645392791.jpg - (435.24KB, 850x826, sample_8202ab637e366e81d1aff83c1fffe9ab.jpg) [iqdb]

I long for a Pirates of Gensokyo revival.
I almost feel bad that I read Moby Dick and Treasure Island and rewatched the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy in order to write a pirate story starring Tenshi and all I have to show for it is this: >>/shorts/1234

Maybe when I finish my current story.
I had a joke of an idea floating around for a while where the main guy used all these fancy words any chance he could get, and nobody understood him. The whole story would just be the guy asking about X thing and ending up going on a stupid adventure. It's dumb but whatever.
How about one where for some reason, Gensokyo is expanding and enveloping more of the Outside World?

A brilliant idea! Let's call it YAF in Gensokyo.
File 138653493046.jpg - (131.47KB, 680x754, 7a4.jpg) [iqdb]
File 138653513472.jpg - (197.79KB, 1078x1348, 1357055668698.jpg) [iqdb]
Fucking do it.

Saging a sticky just to show how serious I am.
I call dibs on the Pirate story. I've got a plot idea roaming in my mind that I think I could put to good use... once I get a bit of free time.
YAF, go write an Highschool AU. I'd read the shit out of that.

>implying we aren't locked into a Reimu route
Actually, while I'm here, I'd love to read a story about the Lunar Invasion. By Neil Armstrong.

Admit. It'd be a fun ride.
I'd also love a story where the Lunarians invade Gensokyo.

And we're one of the Lunarians' commanding officers.
What would the general flow be? Learning about touhous and exploiting their weaknesses to keep the occupation running smoothly? Perhaps getting too close and falling in love? The potential cheese factor is deliciously high.
>Learning about touhous and exploiting their weaknesses to keep the occupation running smoothly?

Can anon become a magnificient bastard villain?
On the pirate note, it might be interesting to throw some of the Touhou cast into One Piece. I mean a straight crossover, where the Gensokyans must try to find their way in a completely new world. It would be a great way to have a seafaring adventure while still having plenty of formidable opponents.

Here are a couple of potential teams:

Shrine Pirates:
Reimu- Captain
Marisa- First Mate- There will naturally be some disagreement over who is actually captain, but the two can trust each other in a pinch.
Suika- Cook- Between the three, Suika's the main provider. She can use her strength and size power to catch wildlife for food, and her sake gourd might come in handy at sea.
Aya- Navigator- Showed up for a surprise interview when the teleportation took place.
Three Mischievous Fairies- Cabin Girls- This is assuming that the adventure is post-Oriental Sacred Place, and the fairies are now working for Reimu. They try to fill in miscellaneous roles on board, but tend to fumble chores. Still, they're pretty sneaky, and can come in handy.
Genjii- Pet
Yukari- ?- If Yukari comes along, things are going to get even more complicated...

Scarlet Devil Pirates:
Remilia- Captain
Sakuya- First Mate, Cook
Meiling- Third Mate, Lookout
Patchouli- "Gunner", Scholar- Patchouli provides the long-range artillery via spells.
Koakuma- Cabin Girl
Flandre- "Treasure"- Because of all the effort the Scarlet Devils put into keeping Flandre locked away in the ship, opposing pirates tend to conclude that they're hiding their treasure there. When they manage to break into the "vault", they are sadly disappointed.

Magician Pirates:
Marisa- Captain
Alice- First Mate
Nitori- Shipwright
Patchouli- Scholar
Tsuchinoko- Pet
Mimi-chan- "Gunner"

9-Ball/Night Pirates:
Cirno- Captain
Daiyousei- First Mate
Mystia- Cook
Rumia- Third Mate
Wriggle- Navigator

Buddha Pirates:
Byakuren- Captain
Murasa- First Mate
Ichirin- Third Mate, Navigator
Shou- Quartermaster
Nazrin- Treasure Hunter
Nue- "Pet"- She is misidentified as a pet by the Marines in the initial encounter, leading to some confusion later on.
Mamimozu- Merchant
File 138656929721.jpg - (140.05KB, 792x612, pedobear.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone should do a band-themed CYOA - character of the readers' choice taking a small-time band to the top of the charts, dealing with in-band conflicts, friends and foes, treacherous record labels, and the mad slavering of wild fanboys.
File 138657530525.jpg - (223.38KB, 850x1202, dae91252faf29f5dd3f521fbbb3502e1.jpg) [iqdb]
One thing at a time.
No Mokou = no deal.
I wasn't thinking of doing a cross-over (mainly because I'm not very familiar with One Piece), but a full-blown alternate universe where Gensokyo is a land full of riches, and pirates sail rampant doing as they please... until a certain group of corsairs, led by a certain Touhou, decide they have been doing too much harm and step in to put a stop to the pirates. The plot would follow either one of the Pirates or one of the Corsairs, depending on the readers' choice.

However, I'll be taking some notes from your list of possible crews. Thanks for the ideas!
There's a number of impracticalities with this, but what if Gensokyo was just a stage, and all the touhou's were merely rather skilled actresses. Example: insert outsider comes into this setting and believes it's the real Gensokyo. Some things seem strange, but it takes time before they suspect something is fundamentally different. None of the actors know why they all are continuing acting out Gensokyo, and this "skit" has been going on for long enough that they rarely break character in public. Can our outsider get to the bottom of this mystery?
You'd have to be pretty talented to pull it off so that it's interesting and not just a power fantasy I think.

I think it'd work ok for a short story. The weakness with that idea is that the longer it goes on for, the easier it is to pick apart. Besides, the original catalyst for the play has to be sufficiently reasonable and interesting. But yeah, I'd read it if it was done carefully.

That reminds me of a Fate/Stay Night template someone made for Reimu. Her Gensokyo Noble Phantasm's summary gave the maker's interpretation of her story:

Once upon a time there was a young girl. Because of an untimely accident the girl lost her “connection” to the real world and was left in a permanent state of dreaming. She escaped into a fantasy that over time became more and more coherent until it was for all intents and purposes a world of its own. This fantasy became strong enough to bind itself to the unconsciousness of mankind such that even when its anchor faded away it was enough to record her into the Throne of Heroes. Though her birth name was lost forever to time, Reimu still remembers what the beginning and end of this delusion is.

When this delusion is invoked by Reimu everything in the nearby geography is consumed by the Reality Marble and its history remade to fit Gensokyo. Land, magic, and even concepts are not immune to this. In this great theatre, the actors shall conduct a play that even the director participates in. And this Reality Marble, unlike all others, is tied directly to the lifespan of the user as its anchor. No matter how long the actors perceive time inside as, when the director herself must depart so too do the actors. The conclusion shall tie up all loose ends and depart from this world once more as the anchor disappears along with her actors.

It was once said that a heroine of the original play had managed to engrave and carve Gensokyo into her memories as she departed into the outside. Perhaps today, someone else can take the memories of this fantastic land with them?
> The Truman Show, in Gensokyo. Staring Anon.
Slice of Life about Byakuren and Miko taking a vacation in the Outside World.

By living in an apartment in _______ City.

It'll be called Saint Onee-san
>Saint Onee-san

Don't you mean The Odd Couple?
Are you telling me you haven't read Saint Young Men?

That movie was a good movie though, The idea of Miko being kicked out by Tojiko is very silly.
A story where the mc collects the body parts of touhoes, for example, getting one of momiji's eyes implanted.
File 13867832331.png - (200.80KB, 644x480, this is what your post reminds me of.png) [iqdb]
How about a story where a crazy counter guardian that thinks that a Touhou turns into a different person when they change their hair or their clothes? We can call it 'The will of Gaia'
File 13867876716.jpg - (165.87KB, 704x768, erstwhile_waifu.jpg) [iqdb]
Surely you meant this.
So, imagine you were to take a big dump in the toilet.

Suddenly, Seija.
Well, this thread has just gotten shittier.
Dishonored crossover? Could that possibly works?
Immortal Pirates: Pilot an unusually large ship, probably not powered by the wind and with better cannons than the average.
Kaguya: Admiral.
Eirin: Captain. Handles the ship's actual management.
Reisen: First Mate.
Tewi: Bosun.
Rabbits: Crew.
Mokou: Stowaway, later Cook.

Now I have the idea of Mokou dueling with Akainu. While magma may burn hotter than fire, magma can also be doused by water, while a phoenix's flame can never be put out.

That's enough of this crap. Take your shitposting back to Pooshlmer.

I'm so sorry.
Either that, or to 'that one thread' on /at/
Our MC is a marriage counselor. and must solves all of the Love Dodecahedron in Gensokyo.

The beauty of this concept is that we can involve every shipping in the fandom.

It would be something like an unlimited match making quest.

Same anon.

ReimuxMarisa, MarisaXAlice, or MarisaXPatchouli?

We could solve this with somehow creating harem route for Marisa.

Same with Mokou.

So this would be somewhat like To-Love_Ru, except with two harems instead of one, Marisa's and Mokou's.

The harem will somehow involves all the characters from touhou project, including from pre-windows era.

This sounds interesting. Challenging like crazy, but cool. The interactions between the different characters and him would be fun to watch.
Are you perhaps referring to the scat spam that occurred sometime ago at Poosh?
Say, would Alice be able to strengthen and uses a dinosaur's fossil as a weapon, like one of her dolls?

No, but that does make it funnier in hindsight.

How many puns can you spot?

I can imagine Satori doing well as the protagonist in such a setting.
You kidding me?
Koishi's Love Counselling Service.
Or perhaps have the psychologist/marriage counselor protagonist get into a Satori or Koishi route. Those would be interesting pairings to see, and if the protagonist is experienced enough in his craft he might actually make out okay.

On another note, I just had an idea for a Stargate crossover, open for adoption. A goa'uld ends up in Gensokyo and starts plotting to take over it. Of course, he quickly ends up over his head, given that he is now facing off against very real gods and forms of magic. To complicate matters, his claims at being a god himself are gradually making him into a real god, leading to more trouble for him.

The goa'uld could be a canon character like Ba'al, or could be an OC. Either way, I think he would make for an interesting protagonist. Goa'uld are just parasites, and without his men and resources he's going to quickly find his god bluff challenged. Even if he becomes a god or youkai with enough belief, he certainly won't be at the top of the totem pole.
Lame. I prefer a real invasion story instead.
I just thought that the idea would be an interesting opportunity for a villain protagonist who isn't as powerful as he would like to think.

Plus, it would be cool and funny to have a bumbling sort of invader.
So a CYOA starring Seija or Seiga?
That would actually be pretty interesting to read.
The gimmick would wear down pretty fast, I think.

"Gee Master, what do you want to do tonight?"
"The same thing we do every night Yoshika — Try to take over the Barrier!"

on another note.

Sort sort of Zero-Sum game between the Buddhists and the Taoists played for comedy while some MC gets caught up in the middle of it would be nice to see.
File 138729236965.jpg - (747.25KB, 1200x847, Z&H.jpg) [iqdb]
I can already imagine Seiga entering a house in the human village and stealing the star n the Christmas three to attract '3 wizards kings that'll grant her 3 wishes'

They're the zombie and the hermit.
Yes, a zombie and a hermit.
One's rotten
The other's a corpse.
They're wicked taotist tools.
Undead uncaring fools.
They're bonkers.
They're the zombie and the her her her her her-mit. (Food!)

I recently had the idea of starting a pair of CYOAs, where the protagonist of one is the antagonist for the other. The catch is that one of these would take place on THP and the other on a different Touhou site without either side knowing this fact.

Essentially, one could have THP vs MotK, but both sides will think the villain is just a character part of the story. The reality is that it'll be real people vs real people.

Or, who knows? Maybe this has already been done before... It's not like there's any way to tell.
Is MotK even accepting toward CYoA type stories? Sincere question here.

I do like the idea, though.
Isn't she already a reverse santa in one of the official books?

Speaking of which

Thief MC stealing touhou's belongings while running into Marisa or Seiga sounds cool.
That's Fable-level ambitious so consider yourself warned of the risks.

Yes, SoPM had her steal then sell stuff back to people in a twisted version of christmas (not sure if she intentionally did it this way or not)
On the their note: From Touhou Wiki:
elestials are known to be granted veils by the lord of Heaven, and according to legend a celestial maiden whose veil is stolen must remain on Earth and marry the thief. In recent times some have started "losing" their veils on purpose and waiting for a man to pick it up, staying with him if he's attractive and taking it back if he isn't.

Make of that if what you will.
There's an article in SoPM where Iku's talking about the tale and how it's annoying to others in heaven (if not costly) if not a scam (as she mentions some others in her position lose theirs to catch a guy and only stick around until she's bored)
Would anon read a story about being a FeMC and falling in love with cute 2hu boys?
Sorry, no.
Yes, provided the FeMC is homeless.
Anon will literally read anything.
Or at least give it a fair chance before deciding whether they like it or if they are going to hide the thread and ignore it rage about it.



>Anon will literally read anything.

This anon speaks the truth.
Off with the offput offput put off yes.

Are you talking about romancing the few male characters in canon or genderbending all the girls?

Hard Mode: Write a romance with Unzan.
File 13878026689.jpg - (182.00KB, 602x850, d8f96c2dce34cb32ed39f79bb300d087.jpg) [iqdb]
For consistency you need to genderbend everyone.

Kourin is a super demure shopkeep

It probably would have been Byakuren that kicked the bucket instead of Myouren.

Unzan would be a cloudwoman (think flurrie)

Dunno about Youki though.
Kokoro Slice-of-Life balancing life with her two mommies.

An /at/ story starring YAF, Demetrious, Balista, Teruyo, Kapow, and other THP personas.
Fuck no. We already have enough self-fulfillment fics to cater to other writefags' fetishes.
Ask for Stove for THPkos on IRC.
Enter Taisa and I'll read it.
Only if it's all male on male
Only if it's all male on male
Go back to bed mooncell.
Yeah, fuck those writers. They're here to satisfy us, not themselves! They should cater to our every wish and stop being human beings already.
I had an idea for a story. It would consist of mediocre writing with each update prefaced by increasingly implausible excuses for why it was late.

It would eventually become apparent that the author has unwittingly inserted himself into the story but either can't or simply refuses to believe it.

Gensokyo descends into madness and the Human Village is caught in its numerous crossfires. Keine Kamishirasawa finds herself isolated from the help of the shrine maidens and Yukari and mankind is now more vulnerable than ever before. It'd be half action, half thriller - Keine and the village guardians alone can't hold back the large scale civil war in Gensokyo spilling past their borders and in order to preserve humanity, they'll be forced to accept the help (willingly or not) of some of Gensokyo's less reputable factions. This doesn't mean she's powerless - in some cases you may have to pit them against one another or stab "allies" in the back, just to make sure humanity lasts one more day.
So we already have shinto, tao, and buddhism. What about adding another religious sect?
Catholicism was implemented twice, I think. In hiatus'do stories
It could work with a lemony snicket-esque tone.

So long as the author is always in the background.
File 138865454768.jpg - (195.75KB, 250x474, jimmyolsen_v03_250_8215.jpg) [iqdb]
Jimmy Olsen in Gensokyo.

Seriously, though, consider the possibilities. A guy who gets the most bizarre superpowers in the most (in)convenient moments to deal with his situations with girls with equally strange powers. Of course, no supersonic wristwatch to summon Superman. Ol' Jimmy has to solve his own problems alone or with other Toohoos.
Card games in gensokyo.

Neigh? Yay?

I know kriss has kinda done it before.

How about card games... on motorcycles?
Oh man THP finally started loading without problems! I don't have to wait five years for a single page to load without including the CSS anyways!

In any case, I had the idea of the protagonist being Lord Tenma and the goal of the 'story' was to properly manage the tengu and keep the society afloat with deals with large figures in Gensokyo (Reimu, Kanako, Byakuren), keeping the newspaper running and generally making sure the tengu don't just kill themselves. It was going to be very heavily influenced by votes choosing where to take the tengu and making important decisions for the society as a whole, and feel kind of like a 'simulation' game on top of a story. Alas, I'm terrible at not going for extended hiatuses, as well as a terrible writer to begin with, so I never went ahead with it. If someone else does this though, I would happily keep up with it.
I think it would be interest to send a doujin artist and enthusiast from our world into Gensokyo. He or she is on the verge of starting a new project, and decides to use the opportunity to get some firsthand material for reference. However, it's easier said than done, as you need to keep your plans and doujin under wraps, as you aren't exactly sure if the subjects of your doujin will be appreciative of the romantic pairings you suggest. For instance, trying to make a doujin featuring Kaguya/Mokou romance is about as volatile as lighting a match in a dynamite factory.

I think this could be a pretty fun adventure. Essentially your objective would be to collect information for your upcoming doujin through various means (instigating incidents to simulate potential scenes, asking people about different things to fill in holes in your knowledge of Gensokyo, etc.), while making sure that the subjects of your study don't get the wrong idea.

You might still have to let loose a few details in the process, which could lead to interesting results. I wish I could see the looks on some of the Touhou cast's faces when they read some of your doujin collection. Even the SFW ones could trigger some sparks if the wrong people read them.
File 138898150033.jpg - (40.55KB, 500x500, 32352936.jpg) [iqdb]
So I recently got an idea, but since I know I won't be able to write it anytime soon, I figured I'd post it here.

It basically involves an MC who just recently got out of some kind of showdown with a typical incomprehensible, words-can-not-describe eldritch horror and somehow coming out of this victorious and not completely insane. There would be drawbacks, of course, such as him needing to have lost the ability to feel fear at all (which is something he actually misses) as well as a gradual loss of sanity over the course of the story. Hopefully the sanity thing would be done in a subtle manner so the readers can't tell how far gone the MC has gotten. I was originally thinking of having it be in the SDM ("Vampires? Please, they ain't scary.") but that's boring and I had no idea of where to take it, but then I figured the Myouren Temple would be a perfect fit, for a number of reasons.

There's a bunch of stuff I thought of for this story, but it's kinda pointless since I know I won't be writing it anytime soon. Still, if anyone is interested I guess I could elaborate further.
>It basically involves an MC who just recently got out of some kind of showdown with a typical incomprehensible, words-can-not-describe eldritch horror and somehow coming out of this victorious and not completely insane.

Tainted Bonds sort of fits the bill in that it opens with the MC defeating a big bad horrific entity. It's less eldritch and more apocalyptic though. He's also pretty fearless, but less by insanity and more by "actually capable of defending himself versus pretty much anything up to and including apocalyptic forces".

Might be worth a look over, although fair word of warning the story has been moving at a snail's pace as of recently.
a crossover with Deus Ex and Crysis. it would have a love triangle between Adam Jensen, Nitori Kawashiro, and preferably, Alcatraz.
>Deus ex crossover

File 138919404563.jpg - (798.97KB, 2000x938, b77a47a1d686ea37f338c90932b658a6.jpg) [iqdb]
Old women, running the world.
File 138920993652.jpg - (52.18KB, 850x680, e06a3b4a65ca3ddd683b11387c4231.jpg) [iqdb]

Forever 17
Maybe a Twilight crossover for april fool?
A story written in in a style similar to the Monogatari series.
File 138958171336.gif - (484.69KB, 300x161, fund it.gif) [iqdb]
That's the extend of my 'idea'.
It was just a random thought that crossed my mind while I was watching the latest season. I submitted it entirely on impulse.
One of these days, I'll finally go watch the Monogatari series for the first time, and then come back here and rage about how much it's not a thing on THP yet
Not really something you would make as a centerpiece idea of a story but I have no use for it. So throwing it here.

As everyone knows, Rinnosuke is half-youkai. And in past, the fandom has made allusions to his design looking Tanuki-like.

What if his Mamizou was his mommy?
I thought he was portrayed as a tengu. Tanuki, that's a first for me.
Though if that's the case, would Rinnosuke then originally come from the outside, or has Mamizou been to Gensokyo before and then just abandoned him to go to the outside?
I have an idea for a crossover with American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns.

You are Alice Liddell sometime after forming Londerland. You can now use your Wonderland powers in the real world, essentially allowing you to distort reality to a degree.

While wandering, you end up stumbling on a new world: Gensokyo. And your own reality-distortion abilities are bound to draw the attention of a number of residents.

Depending on how you make first impressions, you may end up triggering a game-rank Incident. I think it would be interesting to be put into the Incident boss role, though other adventures could open up along the way.

There definitely needs to be some sort of encounter between the two Alices. I think their interactions would be interesting.

Overall, Alice has a very unique, dark, and creative personality that would fit right into the craziness of Gensokyo.

It would be challenging to do justice to her madness-filled character though, hence why I am putting the idea up for adoption. Any takers?
Corvo Attano in Gensokyo.
File 139066454397.png - (198.63KB, 340x300, remilia_spell_card_by_xrogerxsti-d361yiz.png) [iqdb]
You know what I don't like about the four fighting games; they never give us full spell cards (like the bosses use) where it gives us a time limit to spam it as much as we please with it's own energy bar to cool down before we spam it again...

Here's how I think it should work:

The system would be similar to th12.3, but way more different...
It would still make it so you can pick your favorite cards and make sets, but (instead of only having items, skill, and spell cards) it will give different types of skill cards, bomb cards, and full spell cards.

Skill Cards:
It would work like in th13.5 (setting them to a button you like best), but it would have a traditional leveling system (landing a unblocked hit raises its bar until it levels up).

Bomb Cards:
It would repel bullets like in every game, however there would be two different types of bombs. Quick Bombs will clear out a area to allow the player to move; Spell Bombs would work in the same fashion, but in return do damage to the other player.

Now on to Spell Cards:
The spell cards would have different types of levels allowing the player to set the cards in order (depending on it's level). In-game the player's card charges depending on how many times they are hit (while grazing, blocking, or generally being mugged).

Upon Activation:
The spell would have a time limit to allow the player to spam the card within that time, but things change when the spell is activated. Instead of health bars; the player using the card will have a spell break bar, the other player would have three stars (for decreasing the player's health bar by a set percentage on the rules when 3 hits are reached).

When the spell is activated the player's control of the character is altered based on the card she's using; it can even alter the player's movement (switching positions, bouncing around the screen, flying, and etc.). Certain cards would also change the character's standard bullets, but limits the style in how the player can shoot (with reloading, delays, alternating, and 5 sec time penalties (depending on how fast the player is trying to shoot)).

The other player would still have basic control with the exception having three stars and a added focus hitbox to tightly move around bullets (except when the player's grazing or blocking). If the player attempts a direct attack (fists instead of bullets) certain cards will repel the player; counting it as a hit.

Final Spell:
These spells are activated when a player loses without winning a single round against the other player. Instead of a three hitter the other player is left with his/her health and a focus hitbox. The losing player's spell is automatic and requires no effort or activation with invincibility. If it successfully depletes the other player's health within the time; both players are given an equal number of wins along with entering the final round with all skills leveled to the max; if it failed the winning player keeps the win. Each character would have their own final spell that can't be changed.

Any comments?

I dislike these 'X in Gensokyo, what do?' posts, because it's zero effort to post and gives us almost nothing to work with besides "Yeah that'd be cool." Still, considering I'm fresh off Dishonored, I'll see what I can come up with.

Corvo could work as the main character, but there'd need to be a reason for him to put his unique talents to work, which necessitates people spreading chaos in Gensokyo and being total douchebags. He could be promised a way back to Dunwall and by Emily's side as proper motivation, although by who, I don't know.

Daud could work as an MC as well, considering he has motivation to find a new home instead of trying to bail on Gensokyo first chance he gets. The morally-conflicted assassin already found some redemption in Dishonored proper, but another chance to put his skills to good use wouldn't be unwelcome.

Those ideas assume a Low Chaos Corvo/Daud, of course. Their High Chaos counterparts are markedly more psychotic, and are just as likely to screw Gensokyo up irreparably by murdering all the people who could hold it together.

For a more original-flavor sort of deal, we could have the Outsider discovering Gensokyo during a time of turmoil, Marking a down on their luck human/youkai/fairy/what-the-fuck-ever, and then sitting back to enjoy the chaos. Of course, considering the lack of whale bone available for runes and the like, perhaps he'd be generous and let the MC have their own full array of powers. He could also just give them the basic Blink and tell them to deal with it.

Another possibility is that we could play through the perspectives of multiple Marked Touhous, chronicling their descent from well-balanced mental states to THE OUTSIDER WALKS AMONG US THE OUTSIDER WALKS AMONG US THE OUTSIDER WALKS AMONG US, etc. Every one of the Marked working simultaneously is enough to throw Gensokyo into pandemonium, up until the readers inherit the boots of Corvo/Daud/a Gensokyan Marked able to keep their head on straight. This would be the point in the story where they could finally try to set things right, or help everything along to hell.

In any case, the Outsider is watching, and he'll be very amused no matter what happens.
File 139068861825.jpg - (72.29KB, 770x695, 46042e4b6edef7cfae0155f7eacb146ed76a0a0e.jpg) [iqdb]
You are a Decepticon Communications Officer who has been forcefully locked into your alternate mode and lost for nearly twenty Earth years. One day you find yourself found by a fleshling shopkeeper and put on display amongst the various primitive Earth devices he has mistaken you for. Analyzation of the electrical impulses of both the shop owner and the few individuals that enter the shop reveals that you are in something of a pocket dimension within Earth, called Gensokyo, where "supernatural" creatures of various Earthling folklores go to hide and live away from modern Earth society.

Your mission objectives: 1. Undo the transformation lock put upon yourself; 2. Find an exit to this strange dimension to return to your master; and finally, 3. Determine the strategic worth of this land to the Decepticons and how it could aid in the conquest of the Earth.

This will never happen because I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who knows even remotely anything about Transformers.
File 139069537764.jpg - (91.16KB, 713x502, OPERATION - NEED MORE COWBELL.jpg) [iqdb]
Interesting idea, but I'm afraid it would be doomed to wallow in obscurity.
After all, nobody would follow uncharismatic bore like him.
Corvo has a loli for a master. That alone opens a lot of possibilities. Especially in SDM.
I had an idea where Smooth McMainCharacter has just gotten off his 7th night of hitting on girls. Only problem is he keeps running into traps, as he finds out whenever he brings them back. This has made him paranoid of all women, unable to tell if he's getting bamboozled. So, when he wakes up in Gensokyo, his paranoia makes him kep his distance from all the women. And they just can't stand for that, you know?
Shit-Tier Idea I know.
File 139070009596.jpg - (53.57KB, 600x397, 0.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey! Nobody calls Soundwave unchrusimatic!
Eldrich abomination Moonbase Alpha astronauts VS Lunarians
File 13910246987.jpg - (80.51KB, 1191x670, aeiou.jpg) [iqdb]
Must be real John maddening for the poor bunnies.
This is the single greatest idea to have ever existed in all of existence ever.
Chinese Earthquake 「EBRBRBRBRBRBRBR」
File 139136719750.jpg - (113.59KB, 1200x600, 1.jpg) [iqdb]
We need a good adventure story. Gensokyo itself as a character, and the MC's exploring it.

In other words, novelize Tenco's Story.
The idea of novelizing Tenko's Story crossed my mind before, but I do not have enough confidence in my descriptive vocabulary to do justice to the breathtaking scenery depicted in those pools.
I had an odd idea: an incident (canon or original) retold in the style of A Bridge Too Far, The Longest Day, etc?
What Touhou would you cast as the protagonist for a story focused on a dreamscape/dreamworld/journey to the center of the mind sorta deal?
Maribel. Akyuu. Rinnosuke. Other characters that 'thinks'.
I've kind of sorta done this already, but if I were to use the idea fully...

Koishi, because the inner mechanisms of her mind are an enigma.
Would anyone read a story about an MC waking up in some unfamiliar place to find he might have had a wild night with a certain 2hu and must now get himself out of Gensokyo/get 2hu back to Gensokyo?
There'd be some people as someone tried that with Ran once but that story died.
Was thinking of one that took place on the outside world and some mad adventures ensue before 2hu gets back to Gensokyo. It'd probably be a short one.

I'm planning on writing one like it myself but wasn't able to see if it had been done before.
A Top Gear crossover with The Stig as a Dullahan.
So it might just be because I reread one of my favorite martial arts manga, but an old idea of mine just sparked to life again.

It’s basically this martial artist who’s attained the status of a hermit as he continued to practice his styles.
Having exhausted the outside world of opponents and styles to learn, he seeks to Gensokyo to learn new styles. Here he quickly finds himself in a duel with Tenshi. Being defeated with no trouble, Tenshi retreats to plan an ambush on him for revenge; one he also defeats her in. Little by little he starts correcting her mistakes doing the fights, until he ends up teaching her the basics of proper hand to hand combat.
When Iku catches word of this she seeks out the MC to have a talk with him. It ends with the MC assuming responsibility, not for training her, but teaching her the essence of martial arts.

To shorten the explanation; it’s a story about Tenshi’s growth from being a deviant to a respectable fighter, seen from the viewpoint of her teacher.
This idea. I like it. A lot.

I might even write my next story around this idea.

Well if you're going to use a hermit, you could always go out and use Kasen in the role. God knows she could use some love on this site.
The reason I chose a hermit is because it's a tier below celestial, plus the fact it grants longevity, physical enchantments and a few special powers which I imagine could be used effectively for training (such as a restraint spell, forcing Tenshi on the level of a generic human girl).
But Kasen definitely needs some more love. I had planned on including her some in my next work, but thanks to the latests chapters of WaHH, I've gotten a better idea of how to give her a bigger role.
She wouldn't fit the role as the MC in this story imo. Though, I also imagine Tenshi to fall in love with him as she's being taught, and ends up heartbroken as she sees him spending time alone together with another woman (receiving training from Meiling) which ends up causing problems and maybe even causes her to go back to being a delinquent which ends up being another problem the MC needs to sort out.
Though of course the MC could develop feelings for others and ignore Tenshi because of her immature heart.
Or building onto the above, he could develop a relationship with a touhou and then end up falling in love with Tenshi as he watches her grow.
Except that, you know, the whole point of and hermit training is to be free of all desires to ascend to heaven/nirvana/a higher plane of existence. Romantic relationships are a huge no-no for them.

Though some would argue that breaking that rule and therefore "falling to the corruption" makes the lovey-dovey all the more satisfying.
I'm just throwing the idea out there. If I intended to write it myself, I'd have done proper research beforehand. So I kinda didn't realize that romantic relationships fall under earthly desires. Goes to show how much I know, I guess.
File 139214949112.png - (431.38KB, 800x1192, hermit crane style.png) [iqdb]

Come she'd be perfect for it. You could still have the romance aspect of it. It's not like Yuri is uncommon in Touhou
Not denying that. I'm just tired of all the Touhou Yuri, so I personally try to avoid involving it in stories I'm related to.

Well cut the yuri out then. The story could still work withou the romance angle. I was just wondering if you're going to use a hermit, why not use Gensokyo's resident hermit?
Well hermit might have been the wrong term, but it's the only term I know that describes a human being who's surpassed his/her lifespan through continues training.
I imagined it that the MC would be centered around martial arts, branching into different things from there.

But looking past that, Kasen could be a more than valid protagonist. I'd even say Meiling would, but she's kinda tied to her spot unless she's suddenly fired for no reason.
The story itself, centers around Tenshi's growth, so who it is that helps her grow is a lesser issue. Can't be Iku, though. Tenshi never listens to Iku.
The MC is a Grim Reaper working for the Western Bureaucracy of Death straight after the end of world war two. The plot would be about conflict with the Eastern Bureaucracy for the right of the souls of American soldiers that died at Iwo Jima. Gensokyo acts as mediator and provides neutral ground for discussion.

Either that, or just write "Hot Fuzz in Gensokyo" where a very competent Reaper from the very well funded London administration get sent to Eiki's court that is generally very underfunded and undermanned. and a bit boring compared to London.
Copy/pasting from Alice's Life (sucks) in /forest/:

Original Character Donut Steel has entered Gensokyo, players get to control a series of Touhous, trying to distract him with pointless sidequests and ultimately dump him on someone else's doorstep, all while avoiding the most horrible of fates: becoming the waifu.

So a story with a Gensokyo that feels utterly massive and bigger than the entirety of Japan?
Hot Fuzz idea is brilliant
One Bullet Maiden

A truly invincible Reimu's daily life, probably told from the perspective of onlookers.
Something titled "What I Would Do if I was Brolli Diamondback".
Try to kill Yukari. And act in a less retarded way.
A reconstruction of the CYOA (there's been variosu deconstructions popping up)
A reconstruction of the deconstruction of a CYOA.

Step 1: Kill yourself
Step 2: Reincarnate
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Enter a better fanfic
Except that it is stated around the middle of the story that Brolli is in his final reincarnation, and he can only go to Heaven or Hell after he dies. Most probably the latter, considering his behavior.

I for one, if I were him, I'd try my best not to be an obnoxious egotistical fucktard and listen to Reimu for once in a time. But then again, if Brolli did that, none of the shit that happens later would happen, and there would be no conflict whatsoever, so the story would become rather boring to read. In fact, that's the very point of DitR, right? To see a Marty Stu deal with the consequences of his rushed actions?
File 139347223083.png - (98.00KB, 781x638, Snap 2013-12-31 at 15_37_06.png) [iqdb]
Well, if it's me, I'm still going to act like an absolute jackass to keep the plot going, but with some minor tweaks on how i act to let the audience know that i am in fact, different. pic related.

For example, i'm not going to bring actual comic book to class. i'm going to download doujinshi to my smartphone and read it from there. and hide it behind my sleeve.

I'm not going to ask Nitori to scrap the kappa's tank division to give myself my very own 'somewhat-limited blade works.'. i'm going to ask for a tank itself, and an mp3 player so i can listen to 'panzer elite' by sabaton while i'm cruising around in my flying tank, powered by diamondback beast.

refusing the diamondback beast initial offer because i listen to avenue q and having four beings in my head while i'm browsing the net is not fun.

i'm going to steal yuugi's horn and make a sword from it.

in our initial meeting, i would shoot Rumia using guns salvaged from the dead bunny soldier.

i'm going to ask that bunny dimondback beast to give me power to speedread...so i can read Yukari's guide book and still being a lazy bastard.

give myself a reason to stay in gensokyo and look for unlimited power. an egotistical reason that doesn't break my character as an absolute asshole. like making every youkai my pet because i think mystia is cute, or calling myself steve?(with the question mark) and start my own underground empire.

those are all i can think of right now. maybe i'll add more another day. bassically, i want to act like a Monty Python character that confuse everyone with my selfish logic, or an overleveled video game protagonist.
Something I have been too lazy to write that I want to see(if people are up to writing sad stuff) is say 50-???years later. All of the long living people like Remilia, Suika, Mokuo, Kaguya watching their loved ones last moments. Something like Mokou watching Keine die or Suika watching Reimu die. It's sad I know, but it will happen eventually, and I would like to see someone who is skilled *cough* notme *cough* do this.

Is it bad that I never feel sorry for Brolli? I mean he was a complete dickhead until his self-preservation kicked in and tried to "make up for it". Problem is that apologizing doesn't mean shit and is sure as hell not bringing the dead back.

He's not a frikken tragic hero. He's an over-entitled little shit that only got as far as he did because the characters are, unlike their canon personalities, unusually tolerant and helpful towards outsiders, who are canonically regularly eaten without concern by anyone. Gensokyo is a place where beings, often the last of their kind, live, and are sure as hell not going to sympathize with some dipshit with powers he doesn't take responsibility for just because "OMG he's just a kid."
Well, that was kinda the whole point of the story. It's a deconstruction on the "Gappy Stu" genre as a whole, analyzing everything from the self-entitlement and greed of the OC protagonists, to the overly helpful behavior of canon characters towards them, and the consequences of their actions.

Because, let's be honest, what would happen realistically if the oh-so-generous kappa gave all their materials to the Gappy just because they are supposed to be humanity's friends? When shit finally hits the fan, they would have no means to supply themselves in case they need to defend their town, and that's exactly what happens at the end.

I think nobody's supposed to feel sorry for Brolli in the story, because the whole point is to see how flawed his character (and as extension, all the Gappy Sues) are when examined in more detail. Same goes for the canon characters: you should realize that their helpful behavior is, on second thought, even more strange, because who the hell would willingly help an entitled little bastard like him?
File 139357730926.jpg - (597.57KB, 985x1451, 03.jpg) [iqdb]
Some ideas on how Sakuya's watch supposed to work.

True, but the main issue was that the latter half set him up as a sort of Hamlet-esque tragic hero while portraying those trying to kill him as evil, especially with Tenshi's little speech directly trying to make the audience sympathize with him. Tvtropes even considers those that betray him to be villains.

No, he wasn't a hero, he wasn't even a villain. He was simply some idiot who wouldn't have made it past a day in canon. The fact that the story stuck with distorted portrayals of many characters except for those it did not to prove a point is also slightly irritating. Reisen, according to her profile, is sure as hell not insecure or lonely, and nobody defending him would do so in canon.
To each their own, I guess. I can see why some characterizations of canon characters are annoying to some people. I for one do not mind that slight deviation from canon if it's to prove a point. After all, there are many different portrayals spread across the whole fandom.

Though I agree with you in that, towards the end, Brolli is painted in a more positive light than he deserves. I think that was just Spaztique trying to give the character a chance of redemption even if we know he ultimately doesn't get it per se, or maybe he didn't want the story to turn 100% grimdark.
You're better off asking a watchmaker.
I don't believe her watch is related to her power as anything more than a symbol.
Hong Meiling regains consciousness to find that her hands are bound and she's in the back of an open carriage with three men in a similar condition, one of whom also has a cloth bound over his mouth. A quick glance around reveals that they're being brought on a small road through a forested region.
The one directly across from her looks up at her for a moment before greeting her. "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?"

...the one they fear...
Here's an idea. As in A Wizard is You, a high-level and at least decently optimized Wizard of D&D 3.5 is dropped into Gensokyo, and tries to screw with the status quo. Maybe it would even be an alternate route for AWiY itself. However, I would advise against that, because it would imply that certain other background details would be the same as in AWiY. (E.g., ZUUL Pyonta and Evil Remilia.)

However, the readers would be 100% responsible for choosing the wizard's prepared spells, and upon level gain, research, or retraining, what spells and other features the wizard picked up as well. Ideally, the author wouldn't even know what spells they had prepared on any given day until they cast them, perhaps with some arrangement with someone else who would monitor an off-site prepared spells list, so that what happened in the story couldn't be tailored, even subconsciously, to the wizard's prepared spells.

This is because in D&D, theoretical optimization does not always approximate actual play, doubly so with preparation-dependent characters like high-level wizards. In practice, human error and exhaustion are often responsible for balancing them against the rest of the party and enemy threats. This method simulates more closely a wizard in play than AWiY does.

This story would have to have an author who, like a good GM, could remain completely neutral with regard to the outcome, equally able to deliver a hard-earned victory or a party wipe in the end, and at the same time be able to write a compelling story and extrapolate from both D&D's vague rules and Touhou's vague descriptions to make the effect of any spell or effect concrete outside the D&D rules system.

I know I can't do it. I couldn't make it a compelling story, and even if I could, I'd be too biased against the wizard to make it a fair game as well.
Despite such a Reisen rendition being popular? Though I could easily go into "true fan" accusations and such. That being said, it's quite something to look at in summary for any writer because if a CYOA goes wrong it might end up like that.

DnD wankery was bad enough in AWiY, we don't need something that goes out of its way to encourage it.
>DnD wankery was bad enough in AWiY, we don't need something that goes out of its way to encourage it.

Ha, speak for yourself.
Bear in mind, the idea behind >>12893 wasn't to push for more D&D wankery in and of itself. My hope would be that it would point out the flaws in such, especially that when a Wizard is not prepared specifically for that which he encounters, what he does have prepared will not be as effective as a theoretical optimized wizard's spells. This applies both to single encounters and to single days in an adventure; a wizard who prepares for any encounter will be at a loss if several very similar encounters appear in a row, while one who only prepares for one thing will be in trouble if he encounters something else. Also, despite the wizard having superhuman intelligence, his player does not.

In my experience, players tend to countermand this by sleeping in the middle of the dungeon to recover spell slots, in an extradimensional space if they know what's good for them. This is significantly reduced if working on a tight time frame or taking sleep schedules into account, or if enemies can mess with extradimensional spaces in any way. A wizard without his spell slots isn't much better off than a commoner with a big pile of hit dice.
The other day I was talking with a friend about time travel stories. At the time I dismissed the idea because everything I could think of had already become cliché in the bad sense.
It was only when I plopped Radiant Historia into my DS again for the first time in a while, that it struck me.

The MC would somehow get a hold of the ability to travel in time (within limitations like in the game), and he’d face problems where he needs to frequently jump between two (or more) time lines to solve the problem.
Yeah, that seems to be a common way for time travel to work in video games. (A few Zelda titles are like this.) I won't lie; it has potential, though like any story with time travel it could be tough to write.

However, to be perfectly honest, I'd much rather see a story that is like Steins;Gate in how it treats time travel. The possibilities in such a story would be nearly limitless.
Not sure how well it'd go over as while it'd prevent "epeen flaunting" builds, it'd come off as particularly punishing and/or "Why don't I actually play DnD then?"

Anon doesn't react well to anything that gives the idea they're being fucked with.
So, what is your preferable way to get an MC into Gensokyo? With his own initiative, like in 'Reanimating Gensokyo', or explosive accident, like in 'Wizard is You'? or maybe just Yukari messin' about, like in 'Diamond in the Rough'?

I myself would like to accidentally ram Yukari into the engine of an A380.
>With his own initiative, like in 'Reanimating Gensokyo'
>Or explosive accident, like in 'Wizard is You'
That depends on the story. If you can make it work, then it'll work.

>Or maybe just Yukari messin' about, like in 'Diamond in the Rough'
Personally, I just find this too random to be a solid plot point.
>Personally, I just find this too random to be a solid plot point.
And yet it's the only one that is backed by canon. Figures.
It's more the fact that the ide has been misused to the point where it's just hard to consider valid.
Perhaps because it's the only one backed up by canon.

But if you look at it in perspective:
Compare someone who has worked to get into Gensokyo, someone who already possesses an ounch of magic potential in some form, to someone who was randomly spirited away and develops magic potential because he came to Gensokyo.

That's my narrow-minded way of looking at things.
Really, how the protagonist gets to Gensokyo is entirely dependent on what you want their motivations to be and what you feel is thematically appropriate. If it's an accident, they might well want to get home and have trouble adjusting to their change in surroundings. It might also be a real problem getting back home. Or they could be thrilled to be somewhere new or have nothing to return to. It depends on the person.

"Yukari is fooling around again." is probably not the way you want to start. It tends to result in the story focusing on getting back at Yukari, typically at the expense of whatever other story direction you have planned. If that's what you're going for, then it's fine, but otherwise you might regret it.

Personally, I'm inclined to give little to no outright explanation as to how the protagonist got to Gensokyo. Yukari had no part in it, at least. I feel that the method of arrival is most interesting when obscured. Figuring out how the protagonist wound up in Gensokyo is interesting. Mysteries are important and add to the atmosphere of a story. Curiosity is a great driving force for readers. Of course, this is just my personal perception, so take it as you will.

On an unrelated note, I just realized that the Taoists literally Wake Up in Gensokyo. That amuses me more than it perhaps should.
I want to read a CYOA with a first person narrative and a protagonist that thinks like a rapid-talking British comedian, such as Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation, Monty Python,or Daniel Hardcastle from Nerdcubed.
Gensokyo, True Detective style?

True Priestess? Rustin Cohle style Reimu?
I'd be interested in seeing a reverse "Wake Up" story, where Gensokyans end up either on Earth or in some other universe. There have been a couple like that, but it would be cool to have one from their perspectives.

There's even a way to get things rolling without blatant deus ex machina:

In Silent Sinner in Blue, Reimu, Marisa, Remilia, and Sakuya (and a couple of fairy maids) launched a ramshackle rocket to invade the moon. They might not have even made it there without Eirin placing a lunar veil on the rocket.

Suppose, then, that the veil got damaged somehow during the launch. If something goes wrong as they're in the middle of crossing multiple borders, it's feasible that they could end up almost anywhere, even another universe.

This could work in a number of different ways. They could end up in One Piece, and have a pirate adventure like I brought up earlier. They could end up in a sci-fi setting, or a fantasy world. They could end up on Earth, or an alternate version of it. There are a lot of possibilities.
>Suppose, then, that the veil got damaged somehow during the launch. If something goes wrong as they're in the middle of crossing multiple borders, it's feasible that they could end up almost anywhere, even another universe.
Heck, you don't even need to go that far. It's canon that there's an interdimensional rift behind the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu went through it to get into various other worlds in four out of five PC-98 games, and VIVIT emerged from it in Shuusou Gyoku, then went back in and came out in the Samidare setting.
Helooo this is the child of miare! I remember it so you dont have to!
>implying those are canon

Don't start, please.

Zun said something to the effect of everything in PC-98 is canon unless contradicted by the newer stuff. I'm unsure of the exact wording however, so take it with a grain of salt.
Regarding the "Western" Bureaucracy of Death vs the Eastern one, what would the differences be between the two? Would there be cultural or doctrinal differences? What about little things like uniforms would that be different?

Or is really the only difference the level of funding and geography?
I've been wondering, could a Girl Genius crossover with Touhou work well for a story?
I've thought of a stealth-action focused CYOA, OC POV, with a heavy emphasis on the feral, forbidding side of the Gensokyan wilderness.

OC is a youkai from the outside who moved into Gensokyo maybe sometime during the last 30 to 100 years and she has primarily made her living as a huntswoman of sorts, primarily providing her services, catches, and goods to the Human Village with whom she's roughly allied with. However, she does not live there anymore, finding that urban living he simply can't cope with (it feels "off" to her). Living deep in the woods, she still stays in contact and has helped them in the past, keeping a track on the movement and behaviour of wild youkai and mythic creatures, and occasionally hunting down dangerous beasts for whom information is scarce and the usual incident resolvers cannot be bothered with.

The plot revolves around Keine tracking her down to pass a message. It's an assignment and a rather daunting one. Rather than the usual scouting or bounty on some deadly beast, she's being asked to locate and investigate a gathering of less than reputable youkai figures; barbaric ferals, repulsive occultists, Old Hell brutes, even tengu mercenaries dishonourably discharged from their military. Keine thinks they're responsible for a few recent incidents (not necessarily the really big ones) and deaths, fearing that there may be men and women in the Village assisting them. However, she needs her to get a better picture of who they are and how they operate. Using the usual incident resolvers might scatter and momentarily break them, but whoever's leading them is smarter than that; they can't afford the overt approach for this.

She is a bit reluctant at first, but she still has friends in the Village, which also happens to be his main source of income, and agrees to help. Setting off into the most backwater locations in Gensokyo, she survives against the elements, the deadly wildlife and flora, and the roving bands of youkai, but the mission soon starts to spiral into something more insidious. This dangerous group of miscreants isn't just some dark conquering horde - they're organizing something big and it isn't an all-out attack on the Humanity. Strange powers are being called upon, some ancient and some new, and old abandoned shrines are being sacked and repurposed by this morbid horde.

To complicate matters, a few canon figures of note are themselves getting involved. Some of them are looking to cut a deal, others to protect their own, and few of them he can trust to have his back on this mission. The youkai horde are also starting to become aware that they are being stalked and will themselves attempt to hunt her down.


I'm thinking the OC would have two powers. The first of these is the ability to essentially become ignorable. It sounds silly, but in her line of work, it's ridiculously useful. How it works is that essentially it causes those attempting to find or monitor her to have slip-ups in concentration or they become over-focused and overlook those highly important minor details; she basically becomes harder to notice, even if standing out in the open. However, it has its limits and actually standing out in the open will just means it will take someone slightly longer to notice her.

The second is the ability of detection, of finding the hidden, and revealing the obscure. This turns her into a bit of a detective of sorts, finding clues of supernatural phenoemna even if no physical trace remains, being able to semi-accurately intuit veiled meanings, and noticing oddities and aspects of an object or entity even honed senses might initially miss. I imagine it's the power of essentially revelation, although it tends to hint and suggest at most rather than fully illuminating a subject in question.

With both of these in mind, OC would primarily be sneaking her way through the wilderness and the ruins. A hunter and woodswoman, she is quite skilled at staying hidden and disguising herself as the world around her, whether with magical assistance or a survivalist's ingenuity. She's a tough lady too, deadly with a knife or bare hands and solid with danmaku, but she'll die quite easily and quickly in a pure combat scenario. She has to rely on stalking and striking from the cover of obscurity, hiding her traces, and making sure she was seemingly never really there.

She'd definitely have quite a bit of equipment anad knowledge at her disposal and the audience could have a lot of fun MacGyvering new gear for her. Magical arrows that travel in the ethereal plane to strike at less than physical targets, gas-releasing bombs that attract swarms of aggressive insects, magic runes that can cause plant life to seemingly mutate and blossom into strange configurations, OC will have a wide variety of traps and magical spells to use. However some of these might depend on what she's carrying and/or what she has available.

In terms of character interaction, along the way you might encounter say, Reimu, Cirno, Rumia, Kagerou, Reisen, Momiji and many others. Some of them might be friendly or vaguely willing to help, others a bit more antagonistic, but even in the case of the former, that might not be a good thing. Some of them might be a bit too blunt and overt and can really hamper your future attempts at infiltrating and snaking about while others might be great at sneaking but not above stabbing you in the back or leaving you to rot if they can get what they want. OC is also keeping in touch with certain Village elders and Keine and as time passes, she will need to perhaps figure out which one is the inside man/woman and find a discrete way to inform Keine.

So yeah, thoughts?
I like the idea, but man, for something you've so clearly thought out, why in the hell are you not writing it?
Also, sorry for knocking you off the front page just for a comment.
Start writing it already. It's worth it.
A story in which you play as Hatate.
Control her.
Fuck her?
Anyway, Hatate is one rebellious little shit. She travels outside the border like, all the time. Apparently, she likes the cities and seeing the technologies or something. One day, she stumbles upon a little place called Academy City. Neat place, sees shit she ain't never seen before, you know? Then, she accidently bumps into Shirai Kuroko. She notes that it seemed like she appeared out of nowhere. She makes some kind of comment about being twin tailed comrades, before Kuroko tries to arrest her for, I dunno, trespassin or something. Wasn't exactly admitted into the place. Then there's a speedy chase. She manages to get away, but she notices there's been some sort of lockdown. Looks like the girl told her superiors she was there. Why they would keep 'er in instead of just letting her leave, she doesn't really know. So, she gotta find some way to keep herself from being found, because who knows what they'd do? Unfortunately for Hatate, she gets wrapped up in some serious shit, keeping her there for quite a while.
Honestly, you could say this is better as a straight up Fanfic or Short or something, and considering there wouldn't be much 2hu besides just Hatate until later, it might not go over so well, buuut Oh well.

I won't lie, it's something that just came outta the blue in roughly 30 minutes and I'm still having trouble thinking of monstrous creatures of the Gensokyan woods that aren't giant arthropods.
Remember, Gensokyo is a land of fantasy. It would not be strange to encounter monstrous creatures like gorgons, chimeras, and other beings who are now forgotten by the outside.

I'm really hoping that your idea comes to fruition. With a bit of planning, it could turn to be an interesting story.

Although, I have to emphasize on the planning part. A large part of a story is planning. Mysteries, especially. I'm a bit iffy on how much should be pre-planned, since the whole allure of a CYOA is the ability to make choices.

Oh yeah, definitely, although I want this CYOA to make them feel not quite so much mythic as much as integrated parts of the ecosystem, even if they are magical and outright bizarre or seemingly impossible in some cases. I'm thinking some of them are possibly even beneficial (ie. giant centipedes that can be lured into a cultist camp or certain lizards that make screeching sounds to dissuade their prey to distract enemy patrols) to the protagonist's efforts.

I'm considering having the lead OC have a hunting animal/familiar of sorts, something that looks like a mixture between a large ground beetle or a robber crab mixed with a cricket, maybe something she summons now and then.
File 139442988362.png - (3.09KB, 30x23, Th02EvilEye.png) [iqdb]
>monstrous creatures of the Gensokyan woods that aren't giant arthropods
My first three thoughts are Evil Eyes, Kedama, and dire animals.
Heck, most of the stage enemies in the PC-98 Touhou games were something like this, if they weren't fairies or evil spirits.

Dire animals? I am not very familiar with this concept. Can you elaborate please?
It's a D&D-ism for "huge version of normal animal that is dangerous to humans even if the original wasn't".

The classic example is the Dire Rat, which is basically those giant rats you fight at low levels in MMOs. They're mostly there so that higher-level parties still get the opportunity to fight bears and wolves and such.

More recently, they got a design overhaul that includes gratuitous spikes. Who knows why.

Oh, I thought they were just fancier named summoned creates in Warcraft 3 or something. Sounds simple but doable.

... Dire snails?
South Park with the Baquartet playing the protagonist kids. For example, Rumia would be Cartman, Mystia is Kyle, Wriggle is Stan, Cirno would be Butters and Daiyousei, Kenny.

The side materials already hint of Gensokyo being a crapsack world behind the sugar coat. For this to work, we only need to ramp the negative aspects of Gensokyo up to ten. Also, most of the denizens of Gensokyo are kind of dicks in one way or another, so it shouldn't be too difficult to exaggerate that and paint them as complete bastards/retards.
it sounds like a south park/touhou fic that's exceptiaonally shitty as all that stuff you mentioned? common in in shitty touhou fics.
Were you drunk when you typed this or what?
Have there been any tales featuring the Secret History Society that Keine brings up when she spoke with Aya? I'm considering having them be a part of the "Huntress" CYOA but I'm not quite sure how to integrate them or if it might make things too convoluted.
Donte in Gensokyo.
Can someone make an SCP crossover?
Isn't Gensokyo a crapsack world that's improved quite a bit and is still improving? Doesn't Akyuu mention somewhere how most youkai don't really eat humans anymore and such, unless it's Rumia or more of the beastial youkai that aren't really intelligent?
that's the general flow of most things, yes.
How about a story involving someone of mixed lineage? Half-youkai, half-human and all the consequences that would entail.

Hell you could use Rinnosuke for it, it's still undecided what he is.
That's not enough to base a story around. Unless you focus the whole story around the conflicts being half-youkai create and such. Rinnosuke must have chosen to live isolated from the village even when they accept full youkai for a reason.

But that doesn't sound like the easiest concept to make work.

How about an outsider that has a youkai way back in the family tree? It should be something like an oni or yuki-onna that has a history of mating with humans.

The story could start with some of the standard "entry to Gensokyo" stuff, but all of the interactions would be different due to the protagonist's youkai heritage. The real plot could involve the protagonist getting a "proper Gensokyo welcome": starting an incident and getting wrecked by mikohax and lazors.

Actually, that could also serve as the reconstruction of the CYOA that was discussed earlier. Protag's dumbfuckery would lead to the incident, and he would properly integrate into society afterwards.
Freeman's Mind in Gensokyo.

"Why do all these fairies look the same? maybe they are not. Maybe I'm just racist.*Highly contemplative ramble about racism*"
As much as I love Freeman's Mind, I don't see how well that would work without it being in video format.

A good question is how would we have that part of their blood manifest?

I'm not sure I wanna have a person cross the border and suddenly grow horns or their body temperature suddenly drops, or something like that.

Perhaps a gradual change, with their youkai blood becoming more active as a result of exposure to the ambient magic of Gensokyo? Immediate physical changes would be a bit silly, but there are plenty of ways to have those traits manifest after some time. However, I think looking at personality/backstory details as a result of youkai ancestry could be much more interesting. For example, the descendent of an oni would have a family history of alcoholism or become more violent as the story progresses.

Alternatively, the protagonist's balance of human and youkai could vary with Anon's choices through the story, with appropriate physical and behavioral changes along the way.
Speaking of alcoholism, do you think we'd see the darker side of it, like an alcoholic abusive family life or something?
So I'd been thinking about how one of our magicians of cape, hat and wand would fare in a land choke full of practitioners of real magic. I believe it would be interesting to see the contrast between what's usually considered mere tricks of sleeve and the awesome/terrifying power of love sparks, royal flares and killer dolls.

For example, the protagonist might be a rising magician in our world, famous for his tricks with cards, coins, dice and bunnies. In one of his rehearsals, he tries the disappearing-inside-the-box gig, but something goes wrong and he ends up gapped conjured away into Gensokyo. Cue the inevitable encounter with one of the resident three magicians.

From that point on, the story could develop towards various ways. The protagonist could ask the magician of Anon's choosing to teach him "true" magic, or he could antagonize them and say his card tricks are as magic as their spells. He could also go around Gensokyo doing magic shows for children and youkai alike, or even take one character under his wing. The possibilities are many.
We all know what happens to "X in Gensokyo" stories.

Interesting . . . .what family traits do you think someone of yuki-onna descent have?
File 139540163193.jpg - (25.41KB, 286x243, 138441016860.jpg) [iqdb]
I think he'd be a pretty chill guy.

Or maybe an ice-cold motherfucker.
Needs a moderate amount of external heat to maintain their thermoregulation.

Naturally skilled at sex? I dunno, lol.
Perhaps you could say he's an ice guy.



The first one could work.

The second one sounds like a plot for /at/. I'd be too incredibly embarrased to try it myself.

Of course. The effect that alcohol has had on the MC would also result in interesting interactions with other oni, ie: "Suika, are you trying to turn me into a liar? I said ' I don't drink'."


Hrm. A quick Wikipedia search of the legend of the yuki-onna makes me think yandere tendencies would work, but that feels a bit lacking in potential.
OK, I was bored so I thought more about it.

The character (let's say a she) can't generate her own body heat and magically loses it constantly at a consistent rate. She has some latitude in that she can still function normally even with core temperatures as low as X (some lower limit I can't be arsed to think of right now), although she'll start to feel some normal effects of hypothermia before reaching X (but, say, shivering still won't generate internal heat.)
In case she heats herself above normal human body temperature, she'll suffer the normal effects of a fever and the body will work like a normal human's to dissipate the heat faster, until she's back at 37C

To make things interesting, you could also set that she continues to lose body heat even if she's colder than ambient temperature. Sunlight and ambient temperature for some reason (MAGIC) don't work as heat sources for her, meaning she'd have to specifically seek out some other external source. (car engine, heater, fire, body heat, etc)

Also, pale, naturally beautiful, etc. The boring parts.

Maybe also add a psychological factor? Clinginess, gets lonely easily?
I dunno, man. The way you described, it seems like the character is more of a reptilian than a yuki-onna. A more suitable approach could be that the protagonist, as the descendant of snow youkai, has a lower body temperature than average. This could mean that any illness he gets would be much more of a hassle to cure, because his body simply isn't capable of producing enough temperature to kill the viruses or bacteria. So we'd have a protagonist who is sickly most of the time, but somehow is right at home whenever a snowstorm blows through.

Your idea is more logical, but how is that any different from a pure youkai? The interesting stuff comes from tension between the character's human and youkai sides.

Anyway, my Japanese mythology is weak, so does anyone know other youkai that traditionally breed with humans?

Transformed Tanuki, maybe?
A quick search shows that bake-danuki are not known for mating with humans. If we allow anything that can look human, everything in Gensokyo is a candidate.

I was going with the interpretation that Yuki-onnas are kind of like succubi. They wander around in the snow and seduce people into fucking in a log cabin to suck out their life force, or more metaphorically, body heat. And if they don't, they die.

But then I read the wiki page and realized that an apparently more common view is that they're just monsters who freeze people by breathing on them. Yawn.
Or the possibility that his tricks become real.
Kappa, though usually not consensually.

Rokurokubi and nukekubi, too. Some rokurokubi aren't even aware that they're not human. Others like to live normal lives among humans rather than eating them. (Such as in Sekibanki's case.)

There's probably more but that's the best I can find in ten minutes. Both of these youkai are on Wikipedia if you'd like more information.
Dunno why it'd matter as well, touhou's take on youkai is fast, loose, and often mixing in western aspects.

I always appreciate it when a story recognizes that the creatures it uses come from much older tales.

Reptile youkai?

There's Yuki-onna too If my memory hasn't failed me...

Yuki-onna do too If my memory hasn't failed me, and there's a folk tale of the woman who could turn into a crane...
File 139585657664.jpg - (120.83KB, 500x698, Kuniyoshi_Kuzunoha.jpg) [iqdb]
Not to mention kitsune, who were often said to take humans as husbands, but leave if their true nature is discovered. The offspring of such unions even have heritable powers.
Hum... It just occurred to me, and I am drunk, but what about a CYOA that puts an OC at the start of the whole shebang? Get this, The OC is a real world mage, one of the last known in the real world, and wanting to find something better for him/herself, He/she starts poking around with seals and spells in hopes of finding a spell that will allow them to find what they desire the most. Something goes wrong, they end up in gensokyo... give or take a few weeks before either the Red Mist incident, or just before Reimu takes the fight to Maki. The whole premise would be the MC growing up and being around for all the big incidents, getting to know the characters as he went along.
A CYOA with an MC with the ability to see 20 seconds into the future, and a personality that is similar to The Joker. the ability to see 20 seconds into the future means that we cannot be surprised, and give us reflex that is similar to precognition. Also useful for other things. for example, we almost step on a flower that grows in the middle of the road, see ourselves getting mauled by yuuka, then proceed to move the flower out of the road, Yuuka see this and think we are some sort of a flower lover. and with the personality of the joker, means that it woul be nearly impossible for us to become the pawn of any greater beings like Yukari or kanako, we'll just spend our time playing 'Spanner in the Works', for the lulz.
A story involving conflict between the Lunarians and the Seihou people.

I don't know how or why. In Seihou proper, the moon is probably colonized by humans, given that Mars definitely is, and the only known way between the two worlds is the dimensional rift behind Reimu's shrine that is probably related to the Hakurei Barrier. But the sides are more equally matched than the Lunarians and normal outsiders, or Lunarians and Gensokyo inhabitants.

There's also that the original VIVIT robot was last seen - twice - looking for the Holy Grail in dimensions including that which Gensokyo is in, which, since it's a legendary divine treasure which can allegedly prolong life, seems like just the sort of thing that the Lunarians would be hoarding, considering the stunt Kaguya pulled with those other five treasures.
...Then again, why was VIVIT looking for the Holy Grail anyway?
Lovecraftian protagonist in early Gensokyo.

In the early 20th century, a New Englander with a dark secret in his family tree who is visiting Japan gets lost and falls into the Gensokyo of the time. Since this is long before Reimu is born, it's a significantly more grimdark Gensokyo and he goes crazy over the course of the story. Youkai tend to have human shapes less than they do in Touhou proper.

Inspired by a discussion in the Recommendations thread because I can't see the vast majority of Touhou characters getting turned into cosmic horror story crazy-going protagonists while staying in character with (and to a large part without) their canon powers, and don't want to see whatever Rabbit would do to make them such, in a small part because I'm certain he would nerf those powers. He usually does.
I almost certainly would.

Well, except the cosmic horror, but that's the point of a cosmic horror.
Well, that's why I say to make the Touhou cast into the cosmic horror or horrors and set it before the humans are born. The really old ones like Yukari herself, or the Lunarian / Hourai types, should work especially well for this since they'd almost be cosmic horrors in canon except that their butts can usually be kicked by the player characters, but even something (or someone) as low on the pecking order as YuugenMagan can be pretty darn eldritch.
That way the cosmic-horror lovers get their cosmic horror story and the people who don't like nerfs get their un-nerfed Touhou cast. It would be an uncaring and eldritch Touhou cast, but still a Touhou cast.

The personalities of Reimu and Marisa, among others, also don't lend themselves at all to going crazy like a Lovecraft-style psychologically unstable New England academic type protagonist, even in the face of an unstoppable cosmic horror. That is unless you count trying to go Chrono Trigger on aforementioned horror's ass to be going crazy.
Having just completed Ayakashibito, it really would cross with Touhou almost perfectly
File 139734485284.jpg - (168.51KB, 450x318, Touhou- Fairy Trio 4.jpg) [iqdb]
I propose Final Fantasy VII: The Great Shinra-Fairy Wars!

The Three Mischievous Fairies of Light- Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire- end up in the urban megalopolis of Midgar just before the start of Final Fantasy VII. This new world has a lot of fun and interesting things to explore, but all this pollution is messing with their link to nature. However, it appears that those big castle thingies are causing the trouble. All they have to do is break them, and everything will be good!

During the RP, at least during the early phases, the players would be racing against time to find a way home or at least to somewhere closer to nature before their regeneration powers run out. There would be some sort of counter in place for the number of regenerations each fairy can have before there's no coming back. The counter can be partially restored by finding places retaining links to nature, such as with Aerith's church, but it's a race against time until you finally escape from Midgar.

In addition, the choice of the fairies as protagonists helps offset the usual issue of overpowering the crossover setting. Aside from a little danmaku skill, they have to rely on their minor powers: Sunny can distort light, Luna can distort sound, and Star can detect living things. It will be more of a challenge to deal with the challenges in store, especially with limits on their usual regeneration power.

That said, this adventure is bound to be filled with fun chaos and adventure as the fairies explore the new world around them and get into mischief, derailing FF7's canon plot in the process. The three fairies all have unique and fun personalities, and they deserve more spotlight as protagonists.

There are many different ways the story could go, depending on the readers' interests. Each has lot of potential for action and comedy.

For instance, the fairies might decide to sneak into Reactor 5, only to stumble on the robot Air Buster set up as a trap for Avalanche. They try to hijack the mech, only to make it go berserk instead. Cue a mad chase through the reactor, interrupting Shinra's trap for Avalanche and wrecking the reactor in the process. From there, the fairies might land in Aerith's church below, offering a restoration point and a new arc as they decide to "help" the nice flower lady in their own way.

There are many other possibilities though, some of which might get mixed together. Maybe they decide to sneak into Don Corneo's Hall or the Honey Bee Inn, all the while wondering what are those strange things people are doing. Or perhaps they crash an opera performance of Loveless, taking the stage in place of the usual actors and leading things to a very different and unique fifth act. Or they find some other adventure or prank to divert themselves.

There are lot of fun possibilities, and I think this deserves to be made into an RP. Anyone interested?
Shinra will be going crazy trying to deal with all of the alerts, and meanwhile Avalanche is just wondering what's going on.
You mean CYOA, right?
Yeah, I meant CYOA, sorry about that. I tend to associate CYOA and RP together.

This would be a fun CYOA. There are a lot of different things we could do in Midgar. And who knows where the adventure would go once we leave the city.
It'd be a pretty fun CYOA idea, especially the moments where the trio runs into other FF7 characters. And there's the possibility of comical derailing of things.

Only issue is that it'd need a good dedicated writer to pull it off.
Yeah, that's the main issue for me. I've read all of the Fairy manga, and plan to play Fairy Wars soon, so I have a good idea of their characters. However, I'm only on Disc I of Final Fantasy VII, and I haven't had much experience with the spin-offs either. Then again, I made it out of Midgar, so I'm far enough along to think through the starting plot.

However, I'm not used to running an RP or CYOA myself. I haven't managed one before, and I don't want to botch the job. I might eventually get around to it, but I'm not so sure. That's why I put it out here, to see if anyone is interested in taking it up. I'd also be willing to collaborate offsite if someone thinks they could help.

Not to mention so we can throw around different antics the fairies might get into. There are so many different ways the fairies could throw a wrench into the canon plot. This is too good of an idea to put to waste.

For instance, I have one particular scene in my head where President Shinra's speech to Avalanche is suddenly interrupted when the fairies rush through, chased by an out-of-control Air Buster, and the ensuing bullet duel destroys the reactor in the process. Meanwhile, Avalanche is wondering what the heck is going on.
What's Hojo going to think of the fairies? As beings of nature, he might be interested in learning more about them.
I'm also not sure how to handle the whole nature countdown system for the fairies, especially with a separate counter for each fairy. Any suggestions on how to manage that?

Still, now that I think about it, I feel that I could maybe pull this off. Not all the way to the end, of course, but I could complete the Midgar arc. I have plenty of ideas for that part, and I have experience in that part of the game already. I've already thought up multiple plots to account for different votes. Would be a challenge to become a GM, but I think I could make a decent shot.

Could still use someone for consulting about the Final Fantasy VII world though, in case the plot ends up spilling into other areas I'm less familiar with like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus.

Plus, I want to at least play Fairy Wars first, and I can't find a download link to an English version that actually works. Anyone think they can help on that end?

Realmhopper had a similar sort of system in place for his CYOA "Merchant in Gensokyo." After the protagonist befriended Tewi, he gained a Luck gauge that could be used to get out of certain challenges by using up some of that luck.

Also, what sort of connection will Aerith have with the fairies, being a Cetra and all.
Three words: Touhoumon Mystery Dungeon.

Alternatively: MonTouhoumon Mystery Dungeon, since most of the Touhoumon stories here are based around the Monmusu-influenced MonTouhoumon, rather than true Touhoumon. Not sure how that would work with the whole "they have sex with humans, regardless of consent" without any humans, though.
Regarding the FF7 fairy story, is the derailing of canon events going to affect the whole Sephiroth thing or that giant asteroid?

Maybe the protagonist is human for the story? I mean does the story require there to be no humans involved in its events?

It might, depending on how things go in the raid on Shinra Headquarters. On the other hand, I'm not sure how much they could actually derail Sephiroth at that stage. Still, one option after escaping Midgar would be to check out the cliffs to the south before going to Kalm; certain things there could lead to some early revelations.

However, I think that I'll just focus on getting through the Midgar portion of the adventure. There are a lot of ways things can go after that point, so I think once I get out of Midgar I'll let things rest there, unless someone else wants to take things further.

Midgar, on the other hand, I can handle. I've played through the Midgar part, and I have some interesting ideas in mind.
>Maybe the protagonist is human for the story? I mean does the story require there to be no humans involved in its events?
Well...yeah. There are a lot of reasons why having humans would be problematic in a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon-inspired Touhoumon story.

In terms of practicality, in the PMD games the party leader, initially a transformed human, must battle right alongside the other party members. The main character would have to be one hell of a badass to (eventually) keep up with legendary Touhoumon in this fashion. Even if he was, there are still problems with the plot.

The PMD games proper are set in a world where humans are more or less a mythical beast much as unicorns in our world are. The only humans in the games have been transformed into Pokémon and translocated from elsewhere as a result of things like curses, and in at least some cases have lost their memory. Having a human show up would mess with that...although that's dependent on the story. It could be interesting, but if the human was the main character and party leader, it would be hard to make it a Touhoumon Mystery Dungeon story, because the interparty relationships would be unusual.

Probably most important is the relationship aspect. Whereas in both the main Pokémon settings and the existing Touhoumon/MonTouhoumon settings the relationship between the player character and the party member creatures is like that between a master and pets, with the pets approximately equal to each other and subordinate to the master, in PMD they're more like friends or associates: a relationship between equals. The biggest difference between the party leader and other members is that the party leader is controlled by the player, to the point that after the main plot is resolved and the initial player character's story is concluded, the player character can be changed to any party member. Again, having a human in a MonTouhoumon-dominated world would screw this up horribly...and removing the centrality of the human to avoid that would also remove the point of having a human in the first place.

If it were me writing it and it was a MonTouhoumon story, I'd say that this population doesn't need humans to reproduce, and that they screw each other instead of the nonexistent humans. I'm not horribly familiar with MonTouhoumon or MonMusu Quest in the first place, but I don't see any obvious ways that that would cause things to break horribly.
Yes, humans would screw with the plot of TMD or MTMD.
Humans can't fight worth a darn; everyone fights in PMD.
Humans are myths in PMD; one showing up would be weird.
Humans make Touhoumon their pets or are made into pets themselves by default; PMD has parties of equals.
If there ever is a need to actually address Touhoumon reproduction, it could either be plain partheogenesis, or if you want to be fancy, a copy of Mass Effect's asari (asari/anything = asari).

One thought about using a human protagonist in a MTMD setting would be to toss say, Reimu in there - it could be portrayed as nobody believing her, because she looks the same as the rest of 'her species'. The only real difference would be that she's not sex-obsessed - she'd just be weird like that.

Other touhoes could work too, with their quirks (like Remilia needing blood) explained away as normal species traits - all Remilia drink blood. They just wouldn't be strictly human.
>Human Reimu meets Touhoumon Reimus
This would be amusing.

And here I was planning to just have them be a transformed like the protagonist of the original story. Admittedly with some things left unchanged by whatever happened for more fun and hilarity.
Well thats fine too.
File 139888962850.jpg - (121.27KB, 850x672, WhyDoesn'tThisExistYet.jpg) [iqdb]
Why is this not a thing yet?
How is this not a thing yet?
Who even is that?
Izayoi Sakamaki (given name, not surname like a certain meido) from "Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?", AKA Mondaiji.

Also one of the most Marty Stuish characters in the history of anime.
>I can manipulate any border
>I can fly...
He'd fit right in.
Is it really that blatant as you can make a very competent character and not fall into that gap. That and being a stu/sue isn't always bad. Max Jenius, anyone?
This is a spur of the moment idea I literally just had. No time to think about it, just wrote it down and posted it.

A story where the MC somehow managed to turn back the hands of time in order to prevent a terrible fate to someone close to him. Kinda like A Shot in the Dark.
He’ll repeatedly return to the same point in time, relive the same events over and over, all the while trying new ways to prevent the same fate from happening again. Similar to how Steins;Gate played out.
One of the twists would be that a certain sign repeats itself shortly before said fate occurs. It could be a coin dropping from nowhere, an animal with a special trait showing up.

I imagine Higan as the villain here, where they for some reason needs the MC’s waifu dead (as I said, just a spur of the moment idea). So they use whatever means they have to, without breaking their own rules. Somehow they end up finding out that the MC repeats a time loop to prevent this, and as a result, he has to watch out for his own life, as he can’t reset if he dies, and more often than naught is forced to choose between himself and his love.

I imagine this as a psychological themed story where the MC’s mentality changes as time goes on. A story where almost every choice have a serious consequence, ones that really could be felt.
Though looking at it again, the thing that stand out to me is the part where a Touhou die, and die, and die again. Though I’m not really sure if that counts as a death if “it never happened in this time line”.
Has anyone actually used any ideas from this thread? Is anyone benefitting from these idea threads?
Inspiration. Have yet to use an idea directly, but they've inspired me.
Also, preparing a story takes time (I've been preparing one for about 5 months now), and finishing ongoing stories to take on a new one takes even longer.
Abraham Lincoln vs the SDM.
Touhou mixed with Dynasty warriors Empires.

Agh i'm very sorry.
Touhou and Dynasty Warriors?

Zhang Jiao is all 'witness the miracle!', and Sanae is all about miracles. Could be opportunity for silliness here.

You could also copy Ryofuko-chan (Yawaraka Sangokushi Tsukisase!! Ryofuko-chan) and turn Lu Bu into a loli.
Mokou is pregnant. She's immortal, the baby isn't. If she dies she'll resurrect just fine, but her kid won't.
Mokou's nine month survival challenge begins now.
I would like to propose a grimdark story, akin to that of Luminous' story, but with the main protagonist being more akin to the MC from AWiY.

Basically, I want to see a story that looks initially hopeless and sad, where all the characters are mentally broken and depressed, but when i take a single glance at the MC, i will know that this story can and will have a happy ending.

I want to see a main character that could be put in the middle of 'Diamond in the Rough' and say "I can fix this!" and then proceed to do so.

For simple, remember that feeling when you are playing that one single player video game, with the plot emphasizing the doom of the universe, where everything look bleak and straight up sad, but you know you already over-leveled enough to kill every single motherfuckers in the universe and proceed to put buckets on top of a vendor's head.

Whoever response to this with a single word 'No' will lose both hands in the next two years.

File 140051006826.jpg - (84.04KB, 785x800, in soviet gensokyo.jpg) [iqdb]
>over-leveled enough to kill every single motherfucker
>put buckets on top of a vendor's head

Kisume Simulator 2014?

In all seriousness, I think it would work, but it depends heavily on the writer and the setting he/she chooses. The idea of an OP MC in a crapsack world doesn't make for a good story by itself. You'll have to think of what makes the story's world a bleak one - an eldritch abomination on the loose, a war between youkai and humans, an experiment gone wrong, or something. Also, there should be a villain powerful enough to pose a real challenge to the MC, or else there wouldn't be much suspense and intrigue.

Also, this thread has passed the autosage limit long ago. You might want to use this one (>>11677) in the meantime if you want to be noticed, until an Admin decides to sticky another one.
>Also, this thread has passed the autosage limit long ago
But it's stickied.
File 14006541896.jpg - (965.25KB, 1080x1010, 95097f44c42e6ebbc6d364326bcbc39d272c5802.jpg) [iqdb]
Have the residents of Gensokyo ever slammed and jammed in a game of B-Ball?
Just take Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden's lore and run with it.
Wait, there is a lore about Space Jam? Why haven't I heard of this before!?
I think there's a pool about basketball on danbooru.

Not space jam but "Shut up and Jam: Gaiden", a RPG based on the Charles barkely game of the similar name.
An amusing gimmick for a CYOA: the author presents choices, tallies votes, then writes any of the choices except for the one with the most votes.

Anon's rage would be amusing for a while, though the worst of it could be mitigated if the protagonist was Seija.
Yeah, but then anon would just not vote for the one they want.
It'd be better as a fight of Anon vs Author, where the Anon tries to make sure the Author doesn't find what choice they really want.
So kinda like Project Doll in /others/?
A story starring a traditional skeletal reaper that somehow ends with him rocking kasodani-powered guitar on top of a crumbling moriya shrine, all the while the great dragon god spawns from among the dark clouds in the background, causing lightning and earthquake.
Marisa, Alice, and Patchouli visit or accidentally get stuck in Borges' Library of Babel fused with House of Leaves. They have to find the book they're here for and escape before they start going crazy/the library itself kills them.

Basically I want silly wacky hijinks and comedic banter with my favourite magicians in an eldritch setting.
Maxwell (Scribblenaut) vs Yukari.

Hax Sign: Cthulhu Spam
Have any of you read 'Angel Denstsu' or watched the movie 'The Man Who Knew Too Little'? I want a story like that in gensokyo. Perhaps involving a clueless American tourist.
The MC is a member of the mafia in the prohibition era. now, wait for it, this is when it gets awesome.

During a raid to a supposed rival family's armory, the hit-squad accidentally found themselves inside of a heavily secured secret government research facility.

Forced back to the heart of the facility, the squad came upon a strange shaped vehicle. A DeLorean.

Desperate for a mean to escape, the squad stole the DeLorean and proceed to hit the road.

After breaking 88 miles per hour, the squad arrived in Gensokyo, and found out that their gas tank had been shot to heck.

And then, the MC found out that he now possessed the ability to see 10 seconds into the future.

Satori: My name is...
MC: Your name is the same as your species? That's kind of stupid.
Satori: Well, I-
MC: Your sister? oh, don't worry, she's not a trouble at all.
Satori: Okay...then-
MC: No, i do not appreciate that your hell raven shot me to hell.
Satori: Couldn't you wait until-
MC:Pot, kettle, black.
Did anything ever come from this idea?

As far as I know of, no. Why you looking to give it a shot?
No, not yet at least. I just want to read it if it became a thing since it sounded interesting.
>Counter Strike Terrorist in Gensokyo
>Makes friends with a human from the village
>"Give me that gun!"
>It's an AK-47
>Bullets fly fucking everywhere
I have no idea where it would go but this cracked me up when I thought of it
A young gir/boy from the human village who want's to become a greatswordsman/woman for whatever reason.

They seek tutelage from one of the greats in Gensokyou: Youmu or one of the tengu.
>Not ending up under the study of the swordsman worlds version of Dan Hibiki
>Not winning all your fights because your opponents are too baffled to fight properly.
Well, Youmu is not actually a resident of Gensokyo per say.
But never mind that, that's just me getting technical.
So, I kind of have some idea for a Stalker crossover..
For any of you unfamilar with the Stalker series: It's a survival horror fps loosely based on the Russian novel Roadside Picnic, as well as the visually stunning Russian film Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky, which was based on the novel (Yup, it's complicated). Set in the area surrounding the Chernobyl accident site called "The Zone", A place/entity where physical law have been broken, tossed apart and broken way further. A place that want everything inside it... deader than dead. Anomalies that flay man to a bust of red mist, horrible mutants that can think and will gladly have you as dinner, "blowout": circular wave of deadly energy straight from the center of the Zone that wipe out anything not in cover and expand the zone by 5 kilometers each time it happens. And it happens daily. Well, as least it create more Artifact: items that have been changed by the conditions of the zone. Most artifact have strange and useful characteristics: stop bleeding, increase stamina, and vice versa...at the cost of generating radiation. Which you can stop (temporality) by drinking vodka. Nuff said.
Numberless of illegal trespassers-Ahem, Adventurers calling themselves "Stalkers" have get into the Zone. Some go for profit, some for adventure, some seek to get away from the world, to escape law or personal problems. Many have been claimed by the Zone one way or another. But none of them will hestitate to tell you the proper saying: "Such is life in the zone"
Now, enough of the general expo.
To make matters more interesting (A.k.a "No, you ain't just wake up in/gapped to Gensokyo") If you have played Clear sky or Call of Pripyat, you sure would have heard of the Space Anomaly. Here, some words ripped straight of the wiki:
"...It is truly the ultimate result of the Zone's instability as now it alters the very fabric of reality and distorts time and space, seemingly creating miniature Wormholes, which 'teleport' the player and anything thrown into it to another spot."
Additionally, the Space Anomaly can also "trap" stalker and mutant unfortunate enough to get into it, sometime leave him/it to a fate worse than death.
The only way to escape from this is from using the navigation ability of the Compass artifact: something that our designated protagonist could easily (or not) figured out:

+Strelok: The Marked one. One of the most experienced and capable stalkers in the Zone, he was one of the first people to enter the Zone and bring back Artifacts. His scrawny figure hide his wit and ability with gun: He isn't credited as being the most influential man in the whole Zone for nothing.
Special abilities: none.
+Seasoned S.T.A.L.K.E.R: What the Zone have to offer, he had seen it all: While other stalkers have to use detector, he only needs his own naked eye to hunt artifacts. He's also very knowledgeable of the Zone's numerous secrets and legends: he's one too, after all.
Gunslinger: while by no mean the best shoot around, years in the Zone has honed his markmanship to an exceptional level. His gun also jam less frequently, and he can repair his weapons and armour rather well-provided he have the tool for the job.
Survivor: he isn't the most durable stalker around, that is for sure, but it takes more than just dumb luck for a man likes him to survive that long in the Zone.
_ Our local badass normal and jack of all stats: A balanced choice for anon who want their character versatile.

+Scar: Went to the Zone for self-interest, Scar belongs to no faction and works for the highest bidder. As a freelancer, his actions are tied to his employer's wallet rather than ideals. Notarious for being able to withstand bare-faced two deadly emissions, one of them being the largest one in Zone's history.
Special ability:
Touched by the Zone: true in the sense of "What don't kill you make you stronger", the emissions actually energize Scar's abilities, giving him extraordinary reflexes and strength. Also, his minds can withstand more stress and information than normal people capacity, giving him somewhat an edge (compare to other protagonist, of course) in dodging the Gensokyo's residents waves and waves of danmaku.
Blood Money: A mercenary at heart, he will be hold back by no moral or consquence- well, other than his employer's pocket. He will gladly play both side as long as it profitable enough and worth the risk.
Close-combatant: although not restrictive to melee weapon, his ability shine in close-range combat, where reflex and intrinsic outshine the rigid calculation. It doesn't mean that he just rely on brute strength, however, and it isn't wise to understimate his intelligent.
_ A good choice for anon who want the fight to get close and personal.

+Major Degtyarev: an agent for the Ukraine Security Service, he's both an experienced stalker and seasoned Spetsnaz: the best of both worlds. While he lacks Strelok's experience and Scar's ability to fight, he's a soldier: a trained one.
Special ability:
Marked by the Zone:
After constant use of Anabiotics in order to survive emission (aka blowout) even if he's nowhere near a shelter, his mind is affected: He no longer have a constant stream of thought. While his intelligence retain, it has make him much more difficult, if not impossible to "read", both mind and face. He can also survive blowout face-to-face
Diplomat: Unless it's the only option, he won't be quick to resort to violence. Knowing more than two language sure help, too.
Combat Pragmatist: he will do what it needs to neutralize the threat: it isn't about harming them, it's about stop them from harming you.
_Expect more talking in general and for fight to be shorter and more efficient.

So...that's it, our protagonists. I was thinking of adding Forester to the list too, what with being the first canonical person to escape from the space anomaly using the Compass and hanging a damn bloodsucker's head on his wall as a trophy-but then, I don't have enough time...maybe I will think about it again, though. He's too much a cool old guy to just plainly ignore.
Still, the space anomaly will serves as their personal way to get in/get out Gensokyo right under Yukari's nose: only show up when triggered by the Compass artifact, it ensures that our protagonist will have more than one choice in trading their stuff, preparing their gears and ammunition in general. Sidorovich is a greedy bastard, though.
English isn't my first language, as you can see, and I am too much of an lazy bastard to spellcheck all of this. So..yeah, take it easy, please.
I could've sworn someone suggested a Stanley Parable crossover, yet when I searched I found nothing. Am I just crazy?
I think there was a story at /others/ about Shanghai that began pretty much like Stanley's Parabole, but it quickly veered into creepy territory. It still retained that fourth wall breaking narrative, so it might be worth your time.

Haven't heard much of it as of lately, though. I think it last updated two months ago approximately, and knowing THP's history, I'm not holding my breath over its reappearance. Shame, because I recall it was a very interesting read.

It's this one: >>/others/56217
Brilliant story, that. It gets less Stanley Parable as it goes, but it's definitely worth your time.
File 140442318131.jpg - (9.95KB, 260x194, Cain and Jurgen.jpg) [iqdb]
Commissar Cain and Jurgen find themselves in Gensokyo due to some rather badly timed warp shenanigans.
The pair must find a way out of this mess while remaining in one peice, but with Cain's luck things will inevitably go downhill.
So I've seen people made up stories about Tank tsukumogami. But since i know there's somewhere in canon that said nothing built in the past 100 years could become a tsukumogami, why don't someone write a story about a colonial era Man-o-War? Imagine, a tsukumogami, a cute girl that's 80 percent of her bodymass consists entirely of cannons!

inb4 shot down because KanColle
Ballet classes in Gensokyo? Sakuya, Meiling, or maybe Remilia at the head of the class, with Alice as a devoted student and Marisa as a reluctant student?
Hi there, Wolfsbane.
This one is a comedy.

Keine is getting really sick of her students' shit, and decides to go on holiday for several months. She prepares for this by finding the person in Gensokyo who spends the least time doing things, and recruiting her as a substitute.

However, Kaguya is busy preparing for the annual Eientei Artifact Fair, and Yuyuko actually does a lot more administrating and ruling than Keine thought, so she has to go to her third choice.

The children of Gensokyo are about to be educated by the ferrywoman of the Sanzu.

Yeah, I basically dreamed this one up for the obvious title pun.
Great Teacher Onozuka. Brilliant. I could actually see this working out somehow.
I think it would be cool to have Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt sent into Gensokyo.

First of all, it would be interesting to get a late 19th/early 20th century U.S. perspective of Touhou. There have been a couple of good historical crosses before, such as one with a medieval crusader and a couple from WWII-era USSR, but it would be good to expand to other parts of history. The late 18th century and early 19th century are intriguing periods, and it would be cool to see a perspective from that period.

Second, Teddy himself is a complex, dynamic individual that would make for an interesting protagonist. The writer would have to be good to truly capture the man's complexities, but the result would be worth the effort. He was a man of many contradictions.

A hunter who also supported conservation. A man who believed in judging men individually on their merit and character, yet also endorsed imperialism and racism. An extensive writer and reader who was also a capable athlete Someone who had many different careers during his life, from cattle rancher to lawyer to president. A man with a love for history and a photographic memory. And a man of many eccentricities, from skinny dipping in the Potomac in the winter to leading ambassadors on off-the-trail hikes.

In short, he is an incredibly interesting and complex character, and with a good writer he could be a great protagonist for an adventure in Gensokyo.
I got one for you better.
All of the United States of America In Gensokyo.
I think that's over the top. Having such a mass population sent into Gensokyo all at once would be too complicated for a story, especially in the general first-person format of the stories here. I think it would be better to have a single protagonist explore Gensokyo. He could be a historical figure or an original character from the time period. I just thought that Teddy Roosevelt would be a particularly interesting character to explore.
But that's the glory of it. How could you not like that idea?
America and Gensokyo being border buddies? The chaos would be massive!
I'm just concerned about the chaos being too overwhelming. There have been good ISOT-style stories before, and your idea would be interesting to explore. But it takes a lot of intense complexity to account for all of the elements of the story. Maybe send in a city, or D.C., or a relatively small state, but there is simply too much to account for if you send in the whole country.

Plus, ISOT stories tend to have a more spread out focus, less on individuals and more on the overall culture clash. Characters are still important, but they tend to shift between a large number of characters during the story, so they can look at all sides of the situation. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's different from a singular, first-person perspective that comes up in quests. If you want to try the story, I would suggest going to AlternateHistory.com , or SpaceBattles or Sufficient Velocity. I just feel that the idea wouldn't fit well as an RP.

That's why I'm in favor of a singular American abroad in Gensokyo as a quest, as it lets you focus on one perspective without getting bogged down in a web of various issues.
first person isn't common for stories here, most usually go 2nd or 3rd person.
Good point; I meant to say 2nd person. Still, I think that the complexity necessary for the story could be overwhelming, if you plan to include and sufficiently account for all of the United States.

Even so, you're welcome to explore the idea. I just think that it would work better as a story than a quest.
Cecil Rhodes

Rhodes would be an interesting villainous protagonist. On the other hand, I'm worried that he would be too stuck in his racism to make any considerable growth as a character through his experiences in Gensokyo. I think this would limit the enjoyability of the adventure.

I thought Roosevelt would be a good late 19th/early 20th century individual because he had a more rounded character that could make him open to new ideas. He was racist, but also could come to respect people of other races. That's why I felt he would be a good candidate for this sort of quest.

On the other hand, there are a lot of interesting people in the time period that could be fun to send to Gensokyo. In America alone, there are many dynamic characters from Mark Twain to Andrew Carnegie, and that's leaving aside the rest of the West. In Britain, there is Baden Powell, Charles Darwin, Florence Nightengale, and others. France has Dumas, Verne, and more. I could go on, but you get the idea.

We don't even need a historical figure; an OC from the time period could also be interesting if done right.

Any one of these people would make for interesting visitors to Gensokyo. They are in for a lot of culture clash, and will hopefully learn and grow from the experiences.

On another note, we really need to open a new thread for ideas. We attract more attention to our ideas when the respective thread is shown on the main updates menu. Anyone want to start one up?
In times of old, long before Gensokyo was even a spark of an idea, before the oni disappeared from the surface, all the way back to the time where what we know as Old Hell was shut down, there were a corrupt Yama. He had let his power get to his ego, ruled over Old Hell with only his personal opinion as bias for judgment, altered good and evil on a whim to amuse himself, only to one day be taken down by force.

The deeds our brave heroes did, has been all but forgotten. While two of them still remain, one of them were lost to time. But such is the nature of gods made with the spite of war and anger of loss.

Our heroes were the current Yama of Gensokyo, Shiki Eiki. At the time she was known as Shiki (spelled with Death and Group), a goddess of chaos. Komachi Onozuka (spelled with Piece and Blood), a goddess of calamity. The name of our last hero has been lost to time, but let it be known that he or she was a god of poverty.

In a last attempt to survive, our heroes decide to bet it all on bringing down the Yama and attaining new titles to prolong their lives.

They fought. And they won. But the price for victory was heavy.

Don't ask me whee I got this from, because I honest to god have no idea. I'd write it myself, but with the contest included, I have 4 stories in work already. Though, at most I'd be able to make a short out of it, rather than a full story.
Also tried a different way to tell my idea.
The entire scarlet devil mansion is secretly a TARDIS.

Because come on, man.

SakuyaXMatt Smith OTP.
I was reading PMiSS and saw that it mentioned "mock kidnapping" as commonplace. However, I have never seen one done is all my time reading Touhou fanfiction. I'm imagining team 9 grabbing some random human, terrorizing them, then forcing them to play for a while. This seems like an interesting way to start a story and different reactions to the "kidnapping" could begin different types of stories.
I was playing gensou shoujo taisen and it raised a few flags in my head.

Has anyone ever tried a retelling or altered the history of Gensokyo's setting?

For example, in GST, The order of incidents goes:
EsoD (with Sanyousei & Mugenkan involved plus Moriyas being dicks)
PCB (with the events of UFO/SA beginning)
SSIB (with a completely different plot)
SA (with a more dramatic resolution)

I haven't written anything on this site yet, but it seemed odd that I haven't seen anything here doing this,
the third game might have IaMP though it might be skipped. That and the preview doesn't address surprises
IaMP happened in the interim between MoF and PCB in You/The 2nd game , before the foreverwinter. (Where Nazrin shows up looking for her ship)

Naz+Shou end up tagging along for PCB, and they find the Palaquin Ship lodged in rock underground postgame (with a sealed Murasa & Ichirin sleeping inside)

From Ei onwards, the incident resolution group travels in their boat. This includes being ducttaped to the Sumiyoshi Rocket for the SSIB arc. It must be seen to be believed.
An epic on the fall and rise of Gensokyo.

Yumemi and Chiyuri never returned to Gensokyo after the events of PoDD. Instead, they come back with a small science colony vessel many years later with the idea that magic is just another kind of science, and by spreading science through Gensokyo, they'll be able to harness the power of both. They share their technology with the kappa, and together they inadvertently start to come across the truth behind Yukari's power. This severely cripples her, and Gensokyo's balance is destroyed.

Yukari goes into hiding, and all the major powers of Gensokyo decide that one of them must rule in order to save their land. The Moon gets involved as well. Meanwhile, in the scientists' dimension, it has been discovered that Yumemi and Chiyuri have interfered with existances outside their own. This is a major violation of future law, and instead of exiling her, a vessel has been sent to retrieve her. The MC is a member of this crew.

What the crew doesn't know is the unraveling of Gensokian magic has a cross-effect on their own technology, and upon entering Gensokyo, they are unable to return. They are trapped with the existing scientists, among whom their future ideals are in conflict. From here, the MC is free to chose which factions he wishes to support. Scientists who which to bring the rest to justice and abandon what has been done; scientists who wish to further unravel Gensokian magic, destroying it; scientists who wish to remain in Gensokyo and restore order; the Moon who wishes to bring a set of pure beings with them and rule the rest of earth; the Eientei house who wants to stay separate from the Moon; the SDM who needs more power to function without Yukari's dealings; the Underground youkai who want to take over the surface and live lawlessly; any of the religious factions who wish to exist as pro-human, pro-youkai, or a mixture of both; and Makai, which has begun to revive with the disturbances linked with Yukari's abilities weakening. Heaven, Hell, and the Netherworld have also began to lose their structure among the turmoil. Of course, he can always try to find Yukari and find a way to restore her power. (I think that's everyone.)

If the MC becomes heavily favored by any particular side, he can be granted things specific to that side. He can be turned into a vampire by Remilia. He can become immortal with the earth rabbits. He can become a ghost or celestial. These irreversible actions will forever change how he is viewed by each group, and influence the groups' chances of joining together or remaining rivals.

In the end, Gensokyo's fate depends on how these groups are able to coexist. Are human-youkai rivalries, Yukari, and the Hakurei necessary for Gensokyo to survive? Will youkai, human magic, or science ultimately rule, or can they all live on harmoniously? Or will it all be utterly destroyed, unable to exist in any form?

Surely someone here can make this happen.
So, here's the idea.

Take Touhou...

... And raise the Tower of Babel right in the middle of Gensokyo. Make this scramble everyone's languages. A German Alice! A Portugese Marisa! An (Insert Poll-selected Character's name here) that speaks American English!

(Insert selected character here) must team up with Yukari, the only person who happened to be out of town when everything went to shit and can still speak Japanese and a few outside languages (and maybe screw around with the borders of understanding or something) to get this giant eyesore offa' your backyard!

I'd never actually do this, though, cuz' my writing is is shit. Also, Google Translating more than one language and knowing more than one language are two entirely separate difficulty settings.
Holy shit, that sounds really great!

Of course, I can just imagine the shitflinging when it's time to choose sides.

It's better if it's a fangame instead. Someone should make it with RPG Maker or something.
A story with Evil! Delsin Rowe as the main villain, with Alex Mercer as the MC. Alex Mercer looks like a girl after some DNA sharing with Nue.
File 141281248311.jpg - (140.56KB, 1000x1000, ef4bf607171e60bab111fa9c51b54165.jpg) [iqdb]
My idea came from this pic.
Aya has a crow as a companion/pet who is really in love with her but while he is just a normal crow and Aya is a Tengu youkai he is fine the things going now. But! get Aya in some big truble and all it takes a crow who is ready to sacrifice himself for her. Then add a bit of Yukaris fooling around ande here we go: the now Male Crow tengu youkai who got a chance to get his beloved reporters heart. Sorry for bad engrish~
>Then add a bit of Yukaris fooling around ande here we go
You had me until this point
You don't even need the forbidden template. "Animal becomes youkai after living 100 years" is a pretty standard thing, and it could be sped up by exposure to youkai blood or something. This is still pretty generic, but it's better than "lol Yukari".
Sorry to disappoint I'm thinking the old way.
Still I'd love to read some more Aya centered stories. It's just the borders of the story that came to my mind, nothing is set in stone if someboby would care to pick up then it will become their story anyway and they can do what they want with it.
I suppose it would be in bad taste to post porn story ideas here, right?
I personally don't mind, if it's good then fell free to do it maybe someone pick it up.
Title: are you a wizard?

Main concept: clarke's third law.
File 141885585371.jpg - (90.72KB, 610x400, 240467-610x400.jpg) [iqdb]
How about a Doom crossover? During the events of the first two games, the armies of hell begin a full scale invasion of Gensokyo after they discover its existence, with the intention of taking advantage of the magic available there. Doomguy, the protagonist, trails them, using one of their hidden teleporters to get inside. Not sure what could happen from there besides a lot of shooting. Maybe some conflict between the residents and Doomguy over ways to deal with the demons?
I suppose for a more original setting, the events of Doom 2 cause enough damage to Earth that Gensokyo needs to get involved for its continued existence(under the assumption that it depends on the outside world somehow), leading to a few incident resolvers crossing paths with Doomguy.

There actually was a Doom crossover. The demons of hell were weaker than youkai individually (An Oni could tear a Baron of Hell in half, vertically, as easily as one can breath, for example), but they outnumbered the youkai by such an extremly large margin it wasn't funny. Also, the Icon of Sin was some sort of Super Demon God who's avatar Doom Guy killed at the end of Doom 2 (As Yukari put it, but not as a direct quote: "No matter how many times you destroy the moons image in the water, it will always reform"), and it was barely being held in check by Yukari to prevent a Rocks Fall Everyone Dies scenario for Gensokyo. It also had a Meiling Route.

Of course, just like most other stories on this site, it died after a few threads.
Quick search gave me DoomHou. A few threads is better than one incomplete thread, I suppose. Thanks!
I vouch for the STALKER one.
>Have trouble coming up with a character powerset?

>Use this

>Base human/Youkai/other on it



Alternatively, use it to vote the characters power set based on the most commonplace results within a set amount of time!

And even better! Decide the youkai they'll be via:


Or some other Monster listing/bestiary listing wikia with special:random at the end of the address

Fun for everyone!
I had this idea running in my head, but never wanted to do anything with it.

A massive multi-direction babel-like black tower appears in Gensokyo, which going up, breaches the heavens, and the the top of the great border causing a massive black hole in it.

The lower half of the tower reaches through Underground, and past that breaching the border further into the cattle-grounds, and feeding grounds where the INCREDIBLY unfriendly youkai reside that aren't allowed up topside that we've only heard about in brief conversation by canon.

The tower has a final protrusion going off to the direction of Makai, the entrance located in the Mountains from the Hakurei shrine.

Due to the Tower, what powers command it, or what lays within, Yukari has been forced into her slumber out of season, and is unable to assist.

Additionally, Reimu has been experiencing heart pains since the tower's appearance, presumably they will worsen the longer the tower breach of the great border continues.

The story will have three Heroines take on the tower in three alternating routes, upper, lower, left, and finally the EX-stage, The Bottomless world, made accessible on completion of the other three routes, and identification of the EX-boss.

To summarize the individual incidents caused by this multi-incident tower:

-The Breach into Makai is causing it's residents to migrate to Gensokyo freely once more, and is also causing Makai's native miasma to spill out into Gensokyo, which has begun to kill things off.

-The heaven breach is causing new deities, and their servants to manifest due to it being closest to the outside via the Great Border breach, and it's causing a ruckus because the whole incident has shaken local faith, it's a mess up there as well down on the ground.

-The Lower breach has made it's way to the Feeding-grounds, a containment ground for the worst of the worst Youkai that pay no heed to rules, treaties, regulations, simply either by choice , or due to lack of control, and have also begun spilling out and attacking humans and starting fights, and of course are seizing territory over the cattle-grounds, where the 'unique' food sources supplied to surface and underground youkai alike are kept/shipped and received.

Additionally, it's caused some problems with the distribution of electricity over Gensokyo thanks to it cutting into old-hell.
And of course, the local shrine maiden and meddlesome youkai are also factors.

Due to the number of problems, most heroines are up top protecting humans, or performing damage control, and only three girls can go.

The places the tower breaches into are also impossible to access without going through the tower, so the girls must enter to tower to get to the according destination.

The girls chosen can only be playable characters from Canon Touhou Danmaku games.
Each girl may choose an assist character for their respective route.

The introduction will have the girls start off at their individual locations, doing their daily routines before the Tower hit, the aftermath, the team up, and the introductory stage where they fly up to the top of the tower to try solve things quickly.

Tenshi will show up to brief them on things occurring topside on her side of things, Aya will tell them of Makai, and (Insert underground resident here) for Underground and below that.

The heroines will discover they cannot access the top floor of the tower, and are greeted by a black shade with a red visage that openly spews some vague nonsensical BS as a type of 'magical per-recording' to it's motive and plans, hinting it is not in control of what is going on It's under possession/mind-control/whatever you wish

The Makai route has the chosen heroine follow the floors leading to where the long Tower corridor to the mountains and Makai itself splits off from the upper route, and will also be with the heroine taking the upper route for this duration.

Proceeding through the corridor to it's passage to the mountain cave where Makai is, Heroine will encounter:

Going up the tower:
Same bosses as upper route until the 3rd floor where they split up Socialization goes here, description of the interior of the tower, bunch of other shit.
Tower Corridoor
Two bosses, inter dimensional bullshit goes in here, lore, short stories etc...
Actual Makai Stage:
>That fucking poison doll I can't remember the name of, is interested in the Miasma from makai spewing out
>An Escaping Makai youkai
>PC-98 girls, old & new
>Religious faction member
>Shiki as the final boss, possible religious faction member 2-ways assistance.

Upper Tower Route:
Up up and up until you reach heaven.
Beat up Tenshi anyway, old times sake
YHWH and Sariel show up, are up to dirty kike SMT bullshit, kick their asses.
Deity ass-kicking Montage saints also present.
Trouble in heaven.
Is generally the action route of the three routes, fun for all.

Lower Route:
Underground, follow the destruction trail, run into a few old faces, meet Utsuho trying to not go Chernobyl on everything.
Cattle-grounds Explore darker themes of Gensokyo here, numerous humans and other special orders from suicides, or bred in captivity/under various magics to simplyfy though processes, get reel 2deep4u/feels animal farm here.
Feeding-grounds Unleash your inner edge here, we're talking post apocalyptic hellscape hardcore mode no visible hitbox action here, with devilman/Return of the overfiend tier grimderp up the ass. Time to kick omega demon ass and stop rebel scum, also gain insight into the nature of the Final boss and EX-boss.
Final boss is a notable youkai demon or the like know for a massacre or something on par with that, no mercy. Yuugi shows up to help against a particular boss she knew or something.

Throughout these routes you may hide insight into the final boss within things scattered amongst the tower and it's infastructure, and events in the story.

The Final boss, and culprit of the tower is The one referred to as 'The Vampire'

No, not the SDM's Vampires, as in the asshole who one day waltzed into Gensokyo, decided to play the Vampire chess kings and pawns game with everyone and nearly ruined all fun for all time, and had to be curbstomped by Yukari resulting in the food supply treaty made to shut them as a whole up

'The Vampire' can be anyone, can be a character based on an existing person, figure etc and characterized accordingly and can be male or female.

The only requirements is that 'The Vampire' must be under some form of control, must have had her weaknesses/history mentioned in any of the routes thus far and must be Type-Moon levels of broken as a vampire, also lacking what Flandre refers to as an "eye" to boot, and can only be beaten in a Danmaku battle, as rules dictate.

'The Vampire' has been using the towers various incidents to power a ritual of some kind, sending off souls, supplied via the deaths caused by youkai from makai and the feeding grounds, faith from humans received to the new deities that have arrived and a some-other non descriptive force of entropy resulting from the breaches caused by the tower, which acts as a pump that directs these forces to the ritual via a power on par with Vicissitude that works for abstract concepts, like being able to mold air and re-purpose it.

After beating 'The vampire' the heroines will incapacitate him/her and will Stop the ritual, which ceases the Towers functions, though not removing it from gensokyo.

This is the investigation period, in which the tower is explored with all three heroines to discover who the real culprit is, because the first culprit has memory loss from the control they were under and is confined to the SDM basement to keep Flandre company (not having an eye opens wondrous possibilities for her)

The culprit will reveal the real culprit if the players can figure out the name of the culprit based on the evidence supplied

The Culprit is


Who due to some reason you the writer will explain along the course of the story opted to give herself the same virus her best friend was subject to resulting in her slowly becoming youkai just as broken and old as her best friend, which had subsequent effects on her best friends other.

Long story short, for reason of revenge, jealousy, tragedy or long term really hot trans-dimensional yuri bullshit, Renko, by following her best friends dreams is subsequently unraveling Gensokyo itself to power her rebirth, as a Youkai either to her knowledge or not as a consequence, causing the 'The Vampire' by Renko's power/will, to act as the catalyst for her rebirth as a Youkai unto Gensokyo because 'The vampire' had the means and power to feed her whilst she developed as her dreams progressed, as Renko slowly became Youkai in the Same method her best friend did.

So Renko is being born as a youkai and is taking it Gensokyo over, destroying it, is unconsciousness to it all or conscious and this shit's really up to you and how you characterize her relationship with pre-yukari leading up to Viral insemination, shit could've been an accident for all we know, she could even be replacing or eating Yukari in the process of all this.

As the ritual has ended, she will begin to progress to wake up at the normal rate, which was nearly done anyway as Yukari wakes up, as weak as a lesser Youkai because any later and she'd be pretty much sleeping for good.

The Vampire drops the bomb and some vague shit mentioning the culprit knows Yukari's true name, so she can't pull her punches or plot-armour her way out of the fight or anything, and heroines drop what they know about the culprit, rising X suspicions in late morning gap-bitch

Yukari and the gang go off to the Bottomless world, which is the motherfucking bottom of Higan itself, or at least the lowest point of the endless river using Gap hax to actually make it so one could fly/swim through it all.

There are three bosses at this point, The Yama, as turns out this location is forbidden to be accessed under old-hag treaty and bitches ain't got time for that shit, the fuck mothering Saigyou Ayakashi or at least a minor aspect of it, as the shit 'The vampire' was siphoning into the ritual included bits of that old sealed thing, now in delicious kimono wearing pink haired blue-eyed with small branches coming from it's shoulders shota form! and finally Renko herself, born at the base of what appeared to be a massive vain, but was actually the shredded skin of the great Dragon itself.

Dialouge, then the greatest Danmaku battle in the history of ever ensues. there are two forms, nearly born Renko and Born Renko complete with her own umbrella and broken ass to match gap-bitch powers on an even level due to knowing her true name,

Ending is up to you, make sure to remove the tower though.

Best yuri couple ever conceived umbrella hag marriage ultimate border of tribalism and scissoring end is preferable.
Did you come from fanfiction.net?
I'm not good at condensing what I write.

Renko does something drastic, and infects herself/catches the same disease that brought about Maribells transformation into Yukari, incident happens Gensyoko side, someone details the story around this premise, the tower shit is more suited to a large scale Danmaku game anyway.
It seemed fine up until the Renko part. That seems tacked on and is just odd and out of place compared to the rest.
How so?
Had a couple ideas popping around my head for a little bit, only two actually stood out.

The first one is geared towards survival mainly, The MC is on the run from a group of Super natural exterminators on the charge that he isn't human, in an effort to try and escape to a shelter to actually gather his thoughts and make his next big league move, he follows a trail of footnotes that lead him to Japan, After a 7-month game of Cat and Mouse between the MC and the exterminators, the MC gets caught in an ambush and is stuck between borders unknowingly and sent to gensokyo.(No Yukari interference,) In which case the MC has to rely on his self-taught survival tactics and combat to make it through the hardships of living in the Gensokyo wilderness. In whic case the readers have the options to either expand the horizons and join up with a faction or stay secluded and be a lone wolf. Either have it's own benefits. The story goes on from there.

The second idea is more of a add-on to a certain group of stories that have kinda gone..."Somewhere"
Based off of the game "Touhoumon," The story starts off with the MC returning to home after his parents sent him to ROTC and Trainer school. Due to classified reasons the MC came back a couple months earlier than expected. In the hopes to surprise his family, he doesn't announce himself early and waits until he gets home to surprise everyone. In which when he does, he finds out that his father was kidnapped and taken for "Unknown" reasons by the story's "Evil Team" (Can't come up with a name at the moment) In an effort to get his father back, the MC travels across the region in search of clues and tips to his father's whereabouts and the evil team's location, gathering up touhoumon and making new friends as the story progresses. The story is mainly geared to action and mystery, and won't be like the other two touhoumon stories that is geared mainly to NSFW stuff.

Granted, I am tempted to see if I can connect the elements between the two to try and see if I can make an MC that can withhold his morality against a bunch of Sexually-induced girls. But, that's just me.

Good? Or nah?
A cross-over between Might & Magic universe and Touhou one.

A kitchen sink of all kitchen sinks.
...But 'The Vampire' wasn't defeated by Yukari, but by Reimu. Yukari hadn't even been introduced at the time.

And agreed with >>13607 more than anything, this could make a darned good fangame under the right circumstances. Danmaku or otherwise.
I think it sounds interesting. So is it like there won't be any NSFW stuff?

Nah. At least, not to the point where it got over-bearing on the other stories. I've been heavily brainstorming on the idea; even speaking with Nob, SLDT, and Rukkileb on the IRC about certain aspects on the story. So far, I have a solid prologue and starting point, an end goal, and bobs and bits still being placed in between. It will be a WHILE before I begin writing it.

I've already planned to continue brainstorming it and hold off on the actual writing until I gain more experience writing here on the boards. In order to gain the so-called experience, I've begun brainstorming slightly on the former idea, and recently began brainstorming for another Touhou story idea that revolves around the hobby/sport of Airsoft.

As you can see, I've got big plans and goals to fulfill. Now, if only I can force myself to act my will upon them more often.

Keep an eye out for me in the coming weeks to months.
Where will your Touhoumon story take place? On the New Continent like the other Touhoumon stories here? And would it be concurrent the other Touhoumon stories?

I plan on having the story set in on the coast of Eagleland. The protagonist's backstory and immediate location will be revealed when I actually get down to writing it.

As for being concurrent with the other Touhoumon stories. All I can say is, yes and no...

Speaking with Novice_Nobody (IRC), He asked for the small favor of mentioning that the story will be, in a sense, semi-canon. Since this story will mainly be written by one author only I.E, Me, and receiving suggestions/input from the other authors of Touhoumon. Let's not forget that there is still a good amount of detail that is yet to be discovered in the Montouhoumon universe. As speaking with Rukkileb and Nob greatly showed that there is more to the area than just the story.

My plan for the story from a technical standpoint is to branch out from other areas away from the New Continent. Although I plan on giving readers the option to sail there if they so wish. But there would still be the main plot to progress.
File 143749700933.jpg - (1.34MB, 1200x1600, ac8912d10351818d1c8cdd5d6f6bebbe.jpg) [iqdb]
So after I saw this image, I had a random idea which I pitched to my proofer as a joke more than anything else.
Turned out he liked the idea.

However, it’s so far out of my field that I would never be able to execute it right, which is why I’m pitching it her instead.

On a whim (or other excuse of your choice) Remilia decides to open a pub. You’ve been hired as a bartender and gotten the basic training from Sakuya, who’ll manage to pub with you on occasion.
The actual story is when you listen to the various girls as they come in to drink their problems away and talk about whatever happened to them.
Basically, each customer is a small story of it’s own.
/others/ story:
Recolonization by Gensokyo of the outside world: A full scale nuclear war must be triggered for the outsiders to be willing to accept the TRUTHS of belief once again. As an evangelizing monk of mythology and belief in the wastelands of cities reclaimed by nature and decaying civilization.
∙Perhaps the protagonist can be involved with the triggering of the initial nuclear holocaust. A prologue?
∙The central plot can have to do with the extermination (or aid?) of the remaining "gods of science" and subsequent freedom from our commonly understood laws of nature.
∙Game-y elements with villages and stuff? Human conversion? Factions?
∙Touhous can be sprinkled freely around as central leadership (for or against the MC), sidekicks and so on.
∙Main character can be an OC or not, authors' prerogative.
∙Faction choice? Youkais, gods, humans, etc etc.
∙Either epic-scale with the leading of armies and settlements or small-scale with prophet-like figures and a more personal, traditional kind of adventure.

I'm drunk and just writing down whatever comes into my head, but I think there's something here.
What makes this idea more interesting is if it's caused as an alternate path to LoLK's plot. Instead of going to the moon to stop the invasion on Gensokyo, the residents of Gensokyo escape their land altogether.

Also just throwing this out there. I'm not that well-versed on LoLK's plot yet.
Evening fellow Tea Hat Partiers. I happen to have some spare cash lying around, and am interested in starting a commissions thread over in /at/, in which people can place bounties for things they want written. My questions to you guys are;

1: Y/N?
2: What Would be considered fair compensation for a smut piece of average length?
I would write you smut, but I don't know if my kind of comedy smut is your kind of deal.

I happen to be a connoisseur all all types of smut, and enjoyed your contributions to the field. So long as you followed a prompt that would look something like this;

Characters: Marisa, Reimu
Tags: Futa, paizuri

I would consider the bounty complete.

How much are we talking for how much length and how strange might these "tags" get?

I might consider this on the caveat that anything done is simultaneously put up for public view/adulation/shitflinging. Can't get better without (anonymous) feedback and all.

I'm low on pocket money and looking for an excuse to write porn instead of simply reading it, so this might be a win-win.

That's the main reason I'm asking here before starting anything. I'm not sure how to put a price on this.

As for the length, all the smut updates on the first page of /at/ looks to be a good size. I would expect something similar. Not to include the ones hitting or approaching the character limit. Those would be excessive. I would give the author a bonus if I did receive something like that, though.

As for the tags, well...I know I personally wouldn't want to read something with deep web shit like guro or scat, but that might not be true for other people posting bounties.

Also, you can post it wherever you like when it's done.
That is a bit light of a description of what you want though, I'd at least add a scenario outline of some sort. Unless you're really fine with anything that involves those bare minimums. Also talking about request formats, I would recommend adding a list of things you definitely don't want of some sort. Just saying "deep web shit" and giving guro and scat as an example is quite ambiguous. Things that I would not consider "deep web shit" might well not be the same as what you do. Also some sort of list of things (fetishes or something) that you'd like to see would be a good idea, to tailor the story to your liking.

TL;DR: List turn-offs and turn-ons in your request.

Addendum: Telling what sort of a narrative you want (first person, third person etc.) would be cool.

Sorry for the meandering post, but I like to keep things like this clear so that all parties know what they are getting into.
File 144226353475.png - (602.96KB, 1920x3400, chart.png) [iqdb]

Allow me to be more specific then.

Yes, I really would be fine with anything that contains those bare minimums. Narrative style doesn't matter to me. I read a lot, can can adapt to any perspective.
Ooh, that chart is useful, got an unfilled base for it?
File 144228002483.png - (243.02KB, 1920x3400, chart 2.png) [iqdb]
File 14423614608.jpg - (31.61KB, 458x306, suppressyournaturalsexualdesires.jpg) [iqdb]
Come into the #thp IRC and scream a lot, for obvious reasons I kinda don't wanna post meatspace contact information just out in the open.

Even if I'm not at my keyboard when you make your noise I'll be able to see it in the logs and get back to you.
I'm actually perfectly okay with the description and tags you've given, I've already got a plot and an amazing idea.


I'd like to have a go at this as well! I should be luring in #THP most reasonable hours of the day, drop me a line when you can.

I'm guessing the commission thread isn't a good idea? Since we would all end up posting our email? Also, what is #THP, and how do I access it?


Those were actually example tags. The first commission I was looking to get done is this:

Characters: Chen, Orin
Tags: Futa

If that's acceptable to you, then I would be willing to pay in advance since you're a renown author here. I will be using Paypal.
It's the IRC channel associated with this site. Go to http://www.kiwiirc.com and hit the button that says 'Try me :)'. Then, type the following (mind the slashes):

/server irc.rizon.net
/join #thp

Et voila.
The year is 20xx. THP thrives now more than ever, but writers only perform after a small payment. One-shots, of both porn and non-porn, are most frequent due to the nature of individual payments, but some still venture to write full-fledged CYOAs. Also, /eientei/ is active.

I would be ok with that. Let it not be said this reader feels entitled to the generous bounty that is this website.
Maybe I should start asking writers of stories I enjoy for their paypals.

I think it's a good idea, but I think the community might be against it. I saw several people lash out against Kahi for asking for donations, even though he wrote here for several years, contributing some amazing stories. I donated 200$, but would gladly given a hell of a lot more than that if he said he was going to post updates to PQ after receiving some minimum donation amount, like 10$ or 20$ from the community per update.

I personally see nothing wrong with donating without being prompted to, but as a writer I'd never ask for donations an be tempted to reject any that someone might offer me. I'd be afraid of people wanting to write for money rather than the joy of writing at that point.

Why would you be afraid of people who want to write for money? Being an Author is a respectable profession, even moreso for someone who chooses to write for a niche community like this.
Heard of the term selling out? If their focus changes it might bring upon a new dark age where instead of creativity, it's only things that the higher bidder wants.

It's a slipper slope to that point.

I...think you might be over exaggerating things here. If someone is providing a good or service, it's only fair that they can expect to reasonably compensated for it. It's not "selling out", authors have bills to pay and mouths to feed too.
Oh you don't think people would try bribing to make the story go their way? Just look at washington DC and how much lobbying's gone out of control.

Getting paid to write can easily slide into "doing whatever the highest bidder wants".

I'm not sure what to say here. Your ideals seem somewhat extreme considering trading money for the goods and services one desires is the basis most civilized societies. I think we might need to agree to disagree.

I'm not the guy from the last two posts, but I just don't like it since new writers may see people being paid to write and aspire to write for the sake of making money, not for writing a good story or having fun.

Is it too much to ask that a writer have all three of those? In fact, that scenario would be a dream come true for most writers. They get to make a living by providing the world with something they are truly passionate about.

I guess you have a point. I just hope the trust of donaters wouldn't be abused by anyone.
Thanks for cleaning up the index Admin; it is easier to click the 'recently updated' links that way.

Plus, I won't get crushed by nostalgia every time I see the old news anymore.
I have a bit of a question.

Is it okay to have a story that each update, will pass off to a different person? That thought's been rolling through my head for a while now.

I will allow it. Go ahead and start it up bro.
It's up and the plot has been established!
How about a story inspired in the FotM fad?

For November I guess it can be a tale about a girl who fell into the recently created border and wants to be used as sacrifice to tear it down. However she, despite a great magical potential, doesn't want to kill youkai, so she has to resort to different methods to make them stop fighting.

It can be a great comedy. I'd call it 'the girl that could kill but didn't want to'
o. 14047
How about a story inspired in the FotM fad?

For November I guess it can be a tale about a girl who fell into the recently created border and wants to be used as sacrifice to tear it down. However she, despite having a unnaturally high magical potential, doesn't want to kill youkai, so she has to resort to different methods to make them stop fighting.

It can be a great comedy. I'd call it 'the girl that could kill but didn't want to'
I had an idea for a 2hu fanfic that was inspired by Asura's Wrath. It wasn't a crossover; it took Touhou and infused it with AW's over-the-topness. Unfortunately, my writing skills are not good enough to pull it off. I don't even expect anyone to try this out, I'm just posting here because I wanted to share it.

In this fic, Gensokyo is still the world of lost things and illusions, but it's an entire PLANET now (the Outside World still exists, they simultaneously occupy the same place in space). Reimu is still the shrine maiden of its bordet, but one day she wakes up in front of a destroyed Hakurei Shrine. Yukari then appears with several other youkai and declares her a traitor to Gensokyo. Before Reimu can respond, she blanks out...

She wakes up in a field, with a blonde girl looking into her eyes. The girl's name is Marisa Kirisame, and she tells Reimu some shocking news: for one, Reimu has been sealed away for twelve thousand years. Second, Yukari has basically turned herself into the de facto god-queen of Gensokyo. The Youkai, thanks to the Kappa, live in a crazy Scifi/Fantasy civilization that's a completely over-the-top mashup of Ancient Japan/Japanese Mythology and high-tech Sci-Fi (think how Asura's Wrath is a mixture of Hinduism and high-tech Sci-Fi), but humans live in not much better conditions than canon Gensokyo. In addition, Yukari runs this empire off of human fear; in this world, humans are little more than vessels of fear for Youkai. Disgusted by this, and utterly flabbergasted by Yukari's uncharacteristic actions, Reimu swears absolute revenge against her. Marisa herself has magical puissance of a level only seen every few thousand years in humans, and she too sets off, spurred by Reimu to finally fight this fucked up world. Reimu channels the Hakurei God's immense power (he is pretty much the strongest God in Gensokyo) for the first time...

In a nutshell: this story is still Touhou, with danmaku fights and melee/danmaku fights like the fighting games. The difference: everyone has been bumped up to insane power levels like in Asura's Wrath. The vast majority of 2hus in this story are capable of destroying entire mountains if they put effort in. Spells cards can be the size of an entire city. Youmu cuts the moon in half. Suika can grow to the size of a planet. The plot is mostly Reimu and Marisa going on one BIG roaring danmaku rampage of revenge. Most of the 2hus actually don't like Yukari due to her megalomania, but they fight our heroines because...well they're Youkai.

And now spoilers because I will almost certainly never write this:

Marisa's main motive for fighting Yukari is watching her friend, Alice, turn herself into a Youkai just to not suffer so much. Marisa thinks Alice was giving in instead of fighting the system like she should have, but she hates Yukari's system for making Alice do it in the first place.

The ending I planned is where things get absolutely insane, even compared to the other shit in the story.

When they finally reach Yukari, Reimu and Marisa learn the truth. Yukari has gotten a god-complex and has been accruing power so that she can literally rewrite the universe to her whims, no longer satisfied with mere boundary-warping. As a youkai--a being with a strict purpose--she cannot comprehend how humans have no true purpose. The three have an intense, literally world-shaking danmaku fight--but Yukari is too powerful and does the unthinkable: she actually slays Reimu, and casts Marisa from her. Then she uses the shattering of the Hakurei barrier to take the power of pretty much the entire universe itself and fucks off to the center of the universe.

At this point, Yukari is effectively the strongest being in the entire universe. Marisa is but one human girl. Yet the Hakurei God comes to her, and tells her that Reimu knew she could not beat Yukari: but Marisa could, and she sacrificed herself for that reason. The Hakurei God offers his power to Marisa.

She takes it. Then she meditates and hones her magical power for a decade straight. The time has come. Marisa goes to the moon, and asks Junko to purify her 100%. Junko says nothing can survive this, but Marisa insists. Junko's purification causes her to take on a new form. She now has 6 white wings like her Seihou appearance, and is flanked by several broomsticks with Mini-Hakkero's on the ends, acting as jets. She also has a mandala with the design of the Mini-Hakkero behind her.

Also she's the size of the entire earth.

She speeds off through space to face Yukari. Yukari attacks her with the nonspells and spell cards she used in PCB; except, you know, Yukari is the size of the universe, has millions of galaxies surrounding her, and is using actual planets and stars as her bullets. Marisa tears through everything, dropkicking stars and blasting Galactic Sparks at Yukari. Eventually she reaches her, and smashes through Yukari's body at which point they have one final human-scale danmaku battle--but not before Marisa fights Reimu's spirit in a CtC-influenced fight...

What happens then is...iffy still but it can be summarized as "Marisa beats the shit out of and kills a Youkai channeling the entire universe's power and who is explicitly immortal because Alice was sad"

I can't quite tell if this idea is dumb as hell or potentially amazing. Yukari's motivation is...iffy. Yukari and Marisa's space danmaku fight would probably win the dubious award of "most over-the-top spell card fight in any Touhou fanwork" though. I don't intend anyone to actually try this, I just wanted to...get it out, I guess. This was also really long, shit. I actually cut out a ton of stuff to get it to this length. Like this doesn't mention Sanae at all even though she's pretty much the third MC.
the two things as it is doesn't really mesh well.

That and if any Touhou would be akin to Asura, it'd be Yuuka.
I'd say Junko is Asura, she has the rage part down.

Anyway, you are right. It's a pretty...out-there idea that's rough around the edges but I dunno man, there's something about it I like. Taking 2hu and cranking up the power-levels x 100 just sounds appealing.

I should probably mention that my favorite anime of all time is Gurren Lagann, so I am definitely biased towards over-the-top stuff, though.
Now that's something that could work with the Lunarians as enemies. But who'd be Yasha?
I rike it
I just came up with this idea:

The MC is a guy living in Japan, who has always has a reputation for being somewhat creepy and off-putting. He can go for weeks subsisting on almost nothing and be perfectly fine, finds it near impossible to get sick, and when he's sleeping, sometimes wakes up in a completely different area. One time, some bullies locked him in a school storage room, but he later appeared in class that day, even though the door was undamaged and nobody had actually opened it for him.

Oh, and his mother has been gone ever since he was born. His father says nothing...besides lucid recollections of some far-away fantasy land, and a blonde woman in violet. He has been searching for his mother ever since he could read.

Well, one day, a portal opens in his room and Yukari pops out. After the...suspenseful introduction (read: MC freaking the fuck out), Yukari tells him about Gensokyo, and then drops a bomb: he's her son.

What could be a tearful reunion soon goes sour. Yukari is an inhuman beast at her core, and she has not much in the way of paternal instincts. She views her son as nothing more than a random by-blow of a dalliance with a villager who later returned to the outside world, and a tool. She takes him to Gensokyo, and then immediately puts him to use, without a hint of compassion or affection. He's caught between two worlds: villagers are mistrustful of him, youkai either dislike him as they do his mother, or they think he's just a pathetic half-breed. And what can he do? Yukari is one of the top dogs of Gensokyo. He can't oppose her words, nor can he just run off and be free of her watchful eyes, for she sees all. He cannot return to the outside world, because he simply isn't truly human.

He has nothing. Gensokyo isn't as fun when your own mother treats you like her servant. Everyone he meets already has preformed opinions on him--he isn't really an individual, just "that Gap Youkai's spawn".

I'm not sure what kind of plot to use with this premise. I wanted to take the common mary sue trope of "relative to a canon cast member" and fuck with it--this guy's the son of a 2hu...and that's not a good thing. The only good thing about it is that he's pretty damn powerful due to being the son of the most puissant youkai in all of Gensokyo. Everything else about it...sucks, really.

I guess the big question is what is he a tool for? What reason would she have to bring him to Gensokyo?

Like Yukari doing it for shits and giggle won't really fly for the story you sound like you want to tell.

If he's a tool, Yukari would be sure he's the right tool. The wrong tool just makes everything harder.

Yeah, that's the problem. I'm not sure *what* exactly Yukari would have him do. She already has Ran.

However, he would be much less threatening than Ran, so perhaps he would be used for stuff in the Human Village and other places that view Yukari and Ran with too mistrust to do anything.

Actually the original idea I had was that Yukari wanted him to screw Reimu and get her pregnant. This would result in the Hakurei bloodline being even more indebted/connected to Yukari, with her blood in their line. Perhaps she would even want to ease human-youkai tensions: "see, the Hakurai priestess is both human and youkai! Now stay in fucking balance, idiots"

Of course our hero and Reimu alike are not a fan of this plan at all. Especially when our hero has fallen for another of Gensokyo's girls...


Now, another idea I also had:

A long time ago I created a group of male OC's that I tried to make interested and fleshed out characters. I created 7 in total--6 stage bosses, and one Extra stage boss, as if I were making a fangame (I even went as far as making Reimu dialogue for this "game")

The stage six boss was a youkai of flowers named Ouzaki Nagaharu. Ouzaki owns a gigantic mansion named Koukaden (lit. "The Infinite Flower Palace"), but it has an even bigger garden named Daiouen ("Great King's Garden"). His incident was drugging everyone in Gensokyo with flowers to make it more "beautiful". Of course, Reimu and Marisa go to beat the shit out of him.

This story idea takes place after the incident and Ouzaki has calmed down. What is there to do now? Why, schmooze with the locals and get on everyone's good side, with the help of lavish feasts, meeting everyone, and lots and LOTS of beer and flowers. Ouzaki plans on integrating with Gensokyo and getting his name out there (as well as get cash by charging for tours of Daiouen), and this story chronicles his efforts.

However, they are...less than perfect. See, Ouzaki is a super vain prettyboy--as in, he's basically indistinguishable from a girl. He's overwrought as HELL and acts in a theatrical and dramatic manner. You know those prettyboys in anime who sparkle and shit? Ouzaki is practically a parody of one of those. He's arrogant, vainly obsessed with beauty, and has no clue how to interact with people. As such, his attempts to schmooze with Gensokyo's locals are...disasters, to put it lightly. Hilarious disasters.

Also, Ouzaki has a very strict policy about only hiring young youkai boys as servants for his mansion and garden (a fact which slightly unnerves everyone who goes there). And he's also hopelessly in love with Yuuka as they're both flower youkai.

This would be a light-hearted comedy story about Ouzaki being a goofy idiot. I actually wrote a chapter of it already, but I'd have to look for it.
I actually abandoned that idea since it was really dumb.

But, I do like to write original fiction, so I decided to just create my own original setting. No name for the story yet, but it can basically described as what happens when Asura's Wrath and One-Punch Man have a threesome with 2hu and somehow a baby results from the messy encounter.

Main characters are a shrine maiden with a fucking-huge dragon tattoo who punches everything to death and a cyborg alchemist magician who kicks everything to death. They are pretty blatantly based off of Reimu and Marisa (though Not-Reimu's personality is vastly different). There were two other heroines as well--one was basically genderflipped Asura and the other can only be described as a Zombie Samurai Ninja Cowgirl Cyborg.

This series is basically Touhou with the power levels cranked to up absurd levels--we're talking One-Punch Man levels of "every battle does geological damage". The setting is a bizarre mix of Feudal Japan, Ancient/Dynastic China, and Science Fiction. There's pagoda spaceships and samurai cyborgs and laser jian, yet nothing like TV or internet.

Funnily enough if the heroines of this story got to go to Gensokyo they would probably enjoy it, if only because they could finally chill and drink some beer without having to go punch a youkai into the moon every five months.
having eveone dislike him would be too improbable.

There is such a thing as too much deconstruction for a story's own good.
Well, it's not "dislike" in all cases.

The point is that everyone in Gensokyo knows Yukari. Everyone has opinions on her. They thus treat the MC based on these opinions. That's his real struggle--everyone already has preconceptions about him thanks to his mother. It sometimes feels like he's not even an individual, just another servant of Yukari.
File 145303977447.png - (154.87KB, 452x606, Jeebus.png) [iqdb]
I had this weird idea about a Mexican named Jesus. When he inevitably ends up in Gensokyo, the locals mistook him for 'that western god who got crucified.' His attempts to clear up the misunderstanding hilariously backfires, and somehow made the locals even more convinced of his divinity, which lead to him getting several followers.
Meanwhile, some of the religious figures aren't too happy about getting yet another rival god in their turf...
I don't really know how the story will develop from there though.
File 145877554467.jpg - (793.63KB, 2084x1636, 376.jpg) [iqdb]
18+ love comedy/corruption story where pic related enters the Gensokyo scene and steals pretty much all the followers ever because fuck buddists and their "Becoming a robot Cthulian nutjob" bullshit.

In the end, he tells another side of the tempting of Buddha, where he says he did what he did because as a demon, he is naturally sympathetic to mankind, thus he pitied the man meditating under the tree for not having lived, even if just for a little, and his daughters were unrelated to the matter at hand, and only later were the accounts of him being a creature that exists to mislead man come up post Budda ascension as to slander him and make him effectively the Satan of the story to further Buddist faith.

We then pretty much tell Byakuren that enlightenment is essentially impossible for her as a Youkai, Because she is bound by the moon law system and her connection to mankind effectively prevents her from achieving that state, and even if she did succeed, she would cease to be a saint or a youkai, and become "something else." **Eldritch horror, as the basis for Youkai is fear and achieving that at the source of all things is no different from going full Y'NALG SOGGG M'JPOGOR, effectively becoming a true demon that poses a risk to all of reality, and thus must be banished from it entirely due to being a being that represents the source of fear, the unknown, with the side dish concept of this entailing constantly change (mutation) and pretty much everything doomsday tier** The goal is to temp/corrupt Bya's flock, call Taoist out for being narcissitic loser suicdal chink transgender necromancers who wish to utterly alienate themselves from all that is, and effectively become a mass breeding pit for all that is ne'rdowell because of their idiotic accept all policy wish ammounts to - We have no sense of standards whatsoever and are thusly a pack of degenerates and a community of whores which would be up your alley if only they wern't so awful about it.

lastly, we reference Koishi's state of mind beign very similar to a mortal mara once met outside (!Not Araya Souren) who's soul he devoured because of it posing a threat to Akasha, stating "that nigga was the embodiment of all I feared when I looked upon Budda under the tree."


Mara's dialouge consists of well constructed Innuendo's (Not puns, but his dialouge consists of words that one could easily see as lewd, but he does it all the time so no one can truly tell if what he says is intentional.)

He regards himself as an exceptional high-strung individual full of stupor and is a good party goer.

Totally get's suika and yuugi to follow him, Kasen expresses much concern for a her friends becoming thrall to the prince of !notexcess
File 146057750572.jpg - (1.37MB, 1000x1000, image.jpg) [iqdb]
An idea I had was of a memoir of Remilia Scarlet's life. It would start under the assumption that Remilia is the direct daughter of Vlad III Tepes, then work to Vlad's death at the hands of the Ottomon Empire. She would perish, but rise from the grave as a vampire and escape to Gensokyo. it would then go to explaining how Remilia came to bring Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya. (Flandre is the illegitimate child of Vlad). The thing is I have no idea how to execute an idea like this, so I'm putting it here under the hopes someone can bring it to realization.
I wrote the Fallout Gensokyo story in 2010 through 2011. However I became a quadriplegic in mid 2012 (c6-equivalent transverse myelitis; paralyzed up to mid-breast, right hand, partial left hand), and was forced to stop writing--unfortunate now that Fallout 4 is out! This isn't to play on anyone's emotions, but as to provide context that although I can't write the below story suggestion, I believe it is highly workable.

The idea is for an /other/ story. There was a good suggestion on the last page about Uwabami Breakers, though this is somewhat less involved. The bar in Human Village is transformed into the Twilight Bar Room whenever a Touhou walks in (maybe handwave some temporo-dimensional portal if you need Seihou or Sealing Club characters). The story would be mostly short character studies: Complaints over villager rumors (i.e., fanon), love life, bosses & rivals; personal anecdotes; examination of relationships to unexplored canon side characters (e.g., Marisa's father); ⑨s & fairies "sneaking" in; even drunken flirting if you mix the right two characters. There is much potential in elaborating on newer characters' material, which I confess I'm not very familiar with. Pretty much anything that might drive someone to drink would be fair game, but tending toward humor rather than drama.
That idea has potential. I think a short story tried to exploit it with a bartender but I don't remember it well. I specially like the idea of exploring new characters. Maybe add them a few THP exclusive traits, like we used to do.

Also, I'd like to thank you for your hard work on FG and say I'm sorry for what happened. As far as hiatus excuses go, you're on the top; right above the writer of 'Being Alice (sucks)' and just below Kira.
> Maybe add them a few THP exclusive traits, like we used to do.

You mean some THP OCs? Yeah, this would be best for someone who has kept up and knows the recent, popular ones.

>right above the writer of 'Being Alice (sucks)'

What happened there?

Multiple deaths in the family in rapid succession, apparently.
>Being Alice

Anywhere I can read this? It's not on the story list

It's actually called Alice's Life (Sucks). First thread here: >>/forest/27490
Sorry, it was a play on words, because it looks a lot like 'Being Meiling' (is suffering)
I have an idea roaming around and actually primed to start. Just need to ask around and see if it would actually be viable with what I have in mind.

Essentially we all know that there are certain touhous on here that are "cursed" to never get a route.

I'll attempt to write a story that changes that if only in the technical sense.

I'll be taking on the role of the frustrated writer, who pits anon at the crucial moment where they need to decide to pursue her. "Rail roading" them to say yes.

At least that's what the frustrated writer wants.

The joke here is that anon was/is known for their ADHD bouts where they derail the situation. So the idea would be is that anon delays the crucial moment by excusing himself to go do something else. Much to the writer's chagrin.

In a summary. The writer continuously pits anon in moments with the touhou and anon continuously foils his plans to try and get a GOOD END with the touhou in question.

The big problem I see here is that I'd be placing too much trust in anon to get the joke and try to stick with it.

Yay or nay?
I like it, but it would probably work better outside of the CYoA format for the same reason you already listed. Anon probably won't stick with the joke.
Hard part would be devising a system that is easily learned by anon. Or something...

I also plan that if anon so chooses they can end the story by just saying yes to the 2hu. But it might not be so easily accepted in the early stages.

Another obstacle would be trying to play the role of the frustrated writer and how to separate the role's interactions with anon to the actual author's interactions in case of questions or emergency.

Frankly it might just be too meta. I dunno.
File 146487474079.png - (323.67KB, 590x444, FRESH.png) [iqdb]
i think a story where you expand a character who already exist in touhou canon as a protagonist has a lot of potential, there are many of them such as lord tsukuyomi, the one who founded lunar capital alongside eirin, or lord tenma, especially considering their mythological backgrounds.

anyway my idea is a story with the four devas being expanded more. with picrelated being the fourth and getting back into gensokyo somehow after his death in medaka box. dont know how it will go from there though.
File 146488261113.png - (11.99KB, 266x273, Th01Konngara.png) [iqdb]
Thought you were gonna pick this guy
File 14649001896.jpg - (440.51KB, 971x1200, 28c3b18fd0359716d0dd53bfd7c200fe.jpg) [iqdb]
>this guy

Well, to console that... I've basically gene-spliced the Yukkuri breeding mechanisms with a Yin/Yang gender system, then making all the Yukkuris genderless and can breed among themselves, and then there's this giant rapist catfish...

Yeah, I think you guys know who I am now.
literally who
Guy, gal whatever
So, I was on 8chan's /a/ Touhou thread, and apparently Zun has stated that Ran Yakumo is the name of a skikigami that's possessing and controlling an unnamed kitsune yokai.

Said unnamed kitsune has basically been Yukari's mind-controlled slave for hundreds of years. Naturally, this leads to a story idea:

Yukari is half-asleep, and she gaps a guy in. He manages to escape her, and runs into Ran, who he then proceeds to exorcise from the foxgirl (possibly by splashing her with holy water - even regular water's noted to work for exorcising Chen from the unnamed bakeneko that she's possessed, though that's because both said bakeneko and the shikigami are both weak to water), and the two then proceed to make their escape into Gensokyo.

Cue romance, as two equally confused individuals (one separated from the familiar by space, and the other by time) try to make their way in Gensokyo, while trying to avoid being recaptured by Yukari.
Seiga tries to nab the Hourai elixir from Eientei.

Plot twist, the Kitsune Ran has possessed is actually a Kumiho.
So, I'm a huge idiot, who somehow thought Shoutoku was an emperor. Stone me. But otherwise, that gave me the idea of, what with emperor-worship, Miko declaring herself a god.

Even after realizing I was very dumb, this idea would not leave my head, so..Iunno the reasoning any more, but to be honest I just want a cute Futo in a shrine maiden costume, helping her new 'goddess', alright?
Sounds cute.
File 147731446963.jpg - (87.11KB, 800x450, until it is done.jpg) [iqdb]
So, here's one idea that just occurred to me, and I feel like it has some potential:

So, to start, it's an /sdm/ story, where the protagonist is Koa. The story starts when she's very abruptly awoken by some vague dream bullshit, you know the type.

Cut to a couple days later, while she's stuck in the library doing whatever the hell her job is, word comes in that a human has entered the mansion, along with rumors that he apparently made Remilia herself back down from her usual charisma for a moment.

Now curious, readers would guide Koa into getting a chance meeting with the human, inbetween her duties.

And then she does meet him, and it turns out to be pic related, and she remembers exactly who she is (because she's technically a demon I guess just roll with it).

The rest of the story would be attempting to guide Koa into not suffering a nervous breakdown while (optionally) trying to make friends (or at least "not enemies") with the very force she grew up fearing.

Does it sound good?
I've been meaning to write something short and cute about when Letty wakes up in the beginning of winter, and Cirno gets really excited and visits her, but I never got round to it.

Side branches I thought about were Cirno getting memory loss over the rest of the year. Headcanon 1: Fairies lose some memory whenever they die.I think I adopted it from somewhere, but whatever. It's interesting.

Another idea was Letty discussing Cirno with Reimu/whoever, talking about the balance of nature or something. Headcanon 2: Cirno tries so hard to become stronger, I always want her to actually get somewhere. I liked some of those "self-insert at Lv. 1 enters Gensokyo, trains, makes allies and beats big bad" stories simply because of the character development Cirno had with it.

It's just that that Letty/Cirno seems like such a cute parent/child setup.

Sounds interesting. I would suggest casting MC as someone able to fight Yukari in some capacity. Maybe as some type of wizard, priest, or monk type. Simply because it would make the parties encounters with her more meaningful. Also, it might be a good idea to have Chen along or the ride as a possible romance option, just because readers on this site seem to love the imouto option.


No. Forcing Doom Slayer into a supporting role in a slice-of-life type story would compleatly remove any relevance or tie-ins to his source material. Consider, for example, Fuck Gensokyo; the story is enjoyable because MC levies the full weight of his source material into his acceptance, interactions, and integration into the new source material.

I think your story idea would be better off using something like Koa's older/younger sister/brother as the antagonist.

Or, if you really want to go the Doom route, I would suggest a story where Koa seeks out Doom Slayer in order to effect the compleat and utter genocide of a post-apocalyptic Gensokyo, where everyone else was driven insane due to [REASONS], and it's only a matter of time before the barrier drops and they are unleashed on an unsuspecting Japan.


Doomguy and Koa are forced together because of [REASONS], and need to work together to fight the new demon invasion. For added fun, you can make them literally shackled together.


I've read a few doujins with this same premise. The concept seems a bit overdone in my opinion. I would give it a shot since I enjoy cute stories, but probably wouldn't continue reading past the 4th update or so if the characterization wasn't notably exceptional and different from what I'm used to for those two Touhous.
Doomguy idea anon here, that last idea seems like it could actually be pretty hilarious, with or without demon invasion. Like maybe something something magic goes horribly wrong, and now Koa and Doomguy are now bound together, either physically or by some sort of weird demon rules. Thanks for the input, regardless.
I'm not accepting such a piece of fanon spite. The fact he waited until now to do it shows it's to spite fan's take on Ran than anything else.

Retcons are supposed to be used sparingly.
Is it just me, or would a combination of Rumia and Kyouko be a really great combo for getting people lost?
Rumia makes it so they can't see, and Kyouko echoes sounds all around them, so they can't hear anything useful either.
Having said that, Mystia would work just as well for night-blindness, and maybe even better since they're in a band together.

Nah. Losing one or two senses makes everything else go to superhuman levels to compensate. So the MC of that story would eventually learn to navigate and fight using only vibrations felt through the ground. Kinda like how Toph does.

A much better duo would be Kaguya and Tewi. Kaguya uses her eternity manipulation shenanigans to wrap the forest into a Lost Woods style area, and Tewi to negate the persons luck, causing them to pick the wrong way every single time.

How can we be sure they haven't already?
File 148183245653.jpg - (238.46KB, 425x600, tumblr_n6lu5tyf3Z1r8d2ggo1_500.jpg) [iqdb]
Just adapt touhou soccer already
Touhou and Drifters crossover.

Think about it. People disappear from our world and stumble upon a magical one thanks to some all-powerful blonde. Only different being that Drifters also has an all-powerful black-haired chick and has the violence that made Hellsing famous on-screen instead of off-screen.
A CYOA all about Sekibanki

Somebody please. She needs the love.
I'm a fan of this idea. Please tell me more.

Ok so like...

Check it. You following me? So like, there's Sekibanki, right? But suddenly! Boom! Bam! Explosions, dig? An what do ya know, she's suddenly in human worldland(no questions, just go with it).

In comes (you), our delightfully generic high school protagonist(Sexibanki is also 17 or whatever, just go with it). On your way to buy Pogs or Pokemon cards or whatever else you kids do these days when, Lo and behold; some dude left his highly realist onahole laying about. Before you can unzip the ponos like a completely normal person, the head starts yappin about strange men kidnapping her body.

Comedy and romance ensures as you try to rescue Sexi's sexy body from THE EVIL GOVERNMENT DUDES(name could change before final production), and go to school n' sheit.

What do ya think?
Who let you out of Kourindou, Christie?

Either way, my Nether Rod of Judgement glows a radiant green. The Fates have allowed your proposal. Now go, write it! I release you.
So I've had this idea running in my mind for a bit. Hasn't made much of a presence but I figure I'd shove it here for grabs.

So the story is along that lines of this: A cottage is based outside of the human village. It constantly gets rented out to outsiders for free from the leaser.

The catch is, the leaser withholds the fact that the outsider has a time limit of a week before he is killed by youkai skulking the area.

From here, depending on the writer's whims, the story can either branch out into a story from an outsider's POV in where they try to survive the days after the week. OR, it can turn into a short story for Reimu or Marisa as they go about doing their duties of actual investigation as they uncover the truth to the haunted cottage.

The truth: This iteration of Gensokyo is an AU where the inhabitants have a negative disposition towards outsiders in the case of the former. The leaser struck a deal with the skulking youkai, in exchange for killing any outsiders living in the cottage after a week. The leaser can loot their belongings. The motive for the killings is to rid the human village of "those annoying outsiders" OR Similar to the former case, the leaser struck a deal with some youkai in that after a week, they kill any outsider living in it. The leaser can loot the belongings etc. etc. The only difference is that the leaser is working on his own beliefs instead and his actions caught Reimu or Marisa's attention and they begin investigating for the truth.

Dude, this would have been an amazing who-dun-it style suspense read...if you didn't give away the pivotal plot twist.
File 149428124748.png - (213.59KB, 558x614, 26a111e6-54a0-455b-c510-3e19309edd44.png) [iqdb]
Dude, you're talking about a post in a thread made explicitly for pitching story/plot ideas for anyone who might be interested in writing them. Giving away the twist is kind of the point.
File 149429148990.jpg - (327.25KB, 1920x1080, ss_617a6f43c4c673af497bc76de61dbb00e9d4079c_1920x1.jpg) [iqdb]
Darkest Dungeon Gensokyo edition.

Half the cast is fodder, half the cast is corrupted enemies. The narrator is Yuyuko and wants you to stop the tree that destroyed Gensokyo, except, you know, not.

The game writes itself: it's a simplified version of the original game, with the village as the town and Hakugyokurou and Mahoyinga (the only way to access it) acting as the Darkest Dungeon.

A quest-like story full of dice rolls, items, and unique interactions, like Youmu turning against the party if killed, Kogasa taking double stress vs zombified Kyouko, etc etc.
I think the idea has potential, but it would take a lot of thinking to plan out the system in a good way though. I've rarely seen game and numbers being well implemented into a story (although it can happen).

Still, it'd be cool to see this idea done well.

You're gunna need one heck of a good combat/narration style to counteract the salt of people seeing their favorite Touhou die.
That's a really terrible idea.
It'd be really boring unless you update like every 20 minutes, and in that case you probably won't get enough votes because it's not 2008.

Even putting that side, think of it. You'd have to try to fit story in between combat updates that consist of mostly mechanical fighting, not to mention keep a very consistent system. Would you get excited to read the next update and find out whether you hit an enemy or not and little else? I sure as fuck wouldn't.
File 149429604515.png - (424.24KB, 1167x767, ddmarisareimu.png) [iqdb]
I've toyed with the idea before, but I think it would work better without gamifying it. I'd love to see another horror story, especially since 2hus are well suited for the genre being youkai and all.
I think how it was done in Fallout Gensokyo should be the most gamified a story should be. The numbers and fallout menus were there, but they were mostly soft game mechanics. The numbers drove how the protagonist approached problems a bit, but it didn't seems like he would miss a flag because one stat was 2 points too low or anything like that. In the end, all the game mechanics furthered the narrative in some way.

Although, I think the most important thing, is that numbers shouldn't feel boring or meaningless. I've seen a lot of stories where people start attaching numbers to things and it just doesn't seem to fit.
Yeah, this is a good point. But I still want to see people picking who is, uh, 'invited to come unto their maker'
File 150947441297.png - (809.25KB, 1128x1600, aunnnn.png) [iqdb]
So the latest WaHH reveals that Aunn was originally just a statue and manifested as a youkai literally during the Four Seasons Incident.

Slice of life story about Aunn's first days as the Hakurei Shrine's new guardian when?
I need to check something

okay, done
In my high school,I can't find the touhou fans, Dose anybody study in North Carolina?

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