I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 137669558037.jpg - (259.34KB, 850x601, sample-9e640a55d134214780ea6ea4ed15c6c7.jpg) [iqdb]
The previous thread hit the auto-sage limit and I thought we should keep it going. So, I'll start it off.

Reimu has suddenly become ill with a disease that has never been seen in Gensokyo and Eirin can cure it, but she needs to gather the materials. Eirin sends Tewi and Reisen out to gather everything, but things don't go as planned. One of the ingredients is a plant that doesn't grow in Gensokyo so they must venture into the outside world to find it. Time being of the essence would mean that Reisen and Tewi might have to resort to less, savory, means to survive in the outside world as they search for the ingredient. [spoiler]Less savory could mean anything. From murder, to theft, to whoring themselves out. Up to the writer/voters[spoiler]

I'm also thinking about a dungeon crawling type story that features the characters as adventurers in a fantasy style game due to Yukari being bored. The kicker being that Yukari isn't the villain! She'd be one of the original members of the party! It would feature most of the characters in some way/shape/form. The initial party would be-
-Yukari (Protagonist) as the "Support Mage". She would manipulate the "borders of what one is capable of" to increase their "stats".
-Reimu (Sidekick) as the "Red Mage". She would have minor offensive and defensive spells as well as moderate physical power. She's not very keen on the "Game" Yukari created.
-Marisa as the "Rogue Mage". Her specialty would be offensive magic and swiping items from foes. She agreed to this on the terms that she gets to keep whatever she steals.
-Tenshi as the "Fighter". Basically the one who will pummel the enemies until they die, a few spells but nothing major. Yukari had planned on leaving her out of this, but Marisa accidentally let it slip and Tenshi demanded that she be part of it.
-Nue as the "Blue Mage/Mimic". She'd be able to use enemy attacks and copy the appearance and abilities of party members (Stats remain the same but she gains access to some of their spells). Nue wasn't the initial choice to round out Yukari's party, but Byakuren insisted, so Yukari decided to let the shapeshifter join in hopes that it would prove interesting.
I dunno if I mentioned this one before, but I had an idea for a story wherein Anon is a doctor tasked with entering a coma patients mind and waking him up from his dreams.

Said patient is dreaming about Gensokyo as he's a huge fan of Touhou. In order to wake him up, he has to manipulate touhous to make them seem wrong in his fanon (Yuuka suddenly hates sunflowers, that sort of thing),

When someone acts like that, they're forcibly removed from his mind and the story continues as if the character never existed (There's just a meadow where Yuuka had her fields, the patient and other touhous have no memory of Yuuka).

You have to do this with every touhou, ending with Yukari.
Plot twist: with each character you break from the patient's dreams, they will appear in your own dreams. Thus the disease moves from one person to the other...
File 137676913781.jpg - (120.92KB, 706x720, Ridiculously Moe Reisen.jpg) [iqdb]
Are there a lot of CYOA's with Lunar forces on Earth?

I thought of one where one night, a group of Lunar refugees escape to Eientei and ask for shelter and asylum. They're both rabbits and normal lunarians and immediately, the mansion is split on what to do with them. Things don't get better when unusual events start popping; "patients" that are actually armed and investigating the mansion when the staff are occupied, strange devices popping up on the perimeters of Eientei, and once even a bomb disguised as a gift.

Soon, it becomes clear that their worst nightmare is true; the Lunarians are actively hunting them again; they want the refugees but for reasons no one's quite sure why yet.

The CYOA would be mostly from Reisen's POV and might end up going from Gensokyo to the outside world, to the dimensions connected to Gensokyo and of course, the Moon. It would put a huge emphasis on showing a more "familial" side to Eientei (akin to Keymaster's excellent take on the Scarlet Devil Mansion) and more insight into Lunar culture.

No, the Lunarians won't all be terrible pretentious douchebags. I imagine Reisen, Kaguya, and Eirin might have a few contacts back on the moon they could use to help and maybe some of the "Lunar agents" are pulling double agent duty.

As for the picture, I don't know why, but the idea of an adorable young lunar-rabbit child feels like it'd be awesome. A rabbit essentially raised by Lunar nobles that Reisen starts to become rather attached to - motherly Udonge anyone? I imagine the affection would spread eventually, with Tewi becoming the older sister, Eirin going the wizened grandma route, and Kaguya the doting aunt.

I guess the ending might involve a "Commando" (the Schwartznegger film) style raid on the headquarters of the Lunar bigwigs responsible for all of this. Cue Reisen holding enough weaponry to win a small war.
So I had an idea to do some character write ups. Notable characteristics, interesting tidbits, plot threads, that sort of thing. I guess here is probably the best place to do that.

Anyone have any particular characters they'd like to see? I can do one for pretty much any character, PC 98s included.

Mima, Iku, Keine, Yukari, Eirin, Reisen, Okuu
Alright. I'll post them as I complete them, starting with Mima.
Once upon a time, a powerful and mysterious youkai joined forces with a rural shrine to create a place outside of places. As centuries passed, this place grew and mutated into an eastern wonderland.

But this is a later story.

The tale for today comes before that. It is a journey to a far distant time, of events which may or may not have taken place, involving characters shrouded in the deepest of mysteries, all centering around the focal point of a being which cannot be confirmed to have ever existed or not existed in the first place.

Once, long ago, there was a fairy. Born of the moment of the coming day when the first hint of sunlight shaded the skies into the brief moment of deep, nearly black purple before dawn broke in truth. She was a being of places and things between one and another, and so derived her power from tricking a thing into becoming something it had not been before. In time, she would even play her greatest of jokes upon the world, by tricking herself into becoming something new.

She would take a different name, then.

But for the time being, sit a while, and I will tell you a story of the whimsical creature known as Dawn-Breaking-Beneath-Purple-Heavens.
I had an idea about having a villager wanting to leave Gensokyo but not knowing how at all, would try and get out by any means necessary like say, kill the Hakurei shrine maiden causing the barrier to collapse. But at least knowing that Reimu would wipe the floor with him, would try and gather help and materials from others, not letting them know his true intentions.(Like telling the 3 fairies of light that its for a prank.)
I mostly came up with the idea thinking "I wonder if theres like a reverse form as the whole 'WUiG' idea."
Well, that's interesting.
Has there ever been a CYOA where as Yukari, you more or less manage Gensokyo?
People don't like management games

this is /THP/ not /tg/

its not like we have a built in roll system.

I understand, but I imagine rather than trying to do "Sim Gensokyo", it could ibstead be following Yukari's POV around various incidents and striking a balance betweenovert and covert methods of influencing the outcome and naking sure various factions are kept on the leash. Basically havibg Gappy involved in real time usually riggt at the scene of the action.

I guess the scenarios could range from "generic make OC enters Gensokyo and shakes things up" and "one of the religious factions inadvertently starts a major incident" to "the Moonies want to talk diplomacy".
odds are people'd be more interested in naughty stuff than serious stuff.

There could be room for that. I mean it'd be tiring if it was "TENSE POLITICAL SITUATION" 24/7 right? There could also be parties to throw, faceless male protagonists and their garems to intrude on, and of course, good ol' duels to partake in.
Not really an idea, just a concept.

A story where each post/update is written by a different writer. I'm sure this has a name, but I don't know it. Linked story? Anyway, you've probably seen it many times in 4chan or other forums. Many of them ended up becoming an unintelligible clusterfuck, or just ignored and shut down. But I think we, here at THP, have the talent and seriousness to pull it off.

The thing is that there is no plot planned beforehand. Every writer has to work with whatever the ones who preceeded him/her used, but he/she can add details of his/her liking on his/her own. Meaning we can have sudden genre shifts, new characters out of nowhere (the writer must respect the ones who already appeared), etc.

It could be a great success. It could be a total failure. It could be impossible to pull off. But I for one would like to give it a try. How do you guys see it?
I'd like something like that, but I doubt it would work. We'd have some new writer show up for this kind of thing claiming (s)he has the next update, only for it to never come. Not to mention a lot of writers have different styles and prefer different tenses/perspectives. For example, one writer might like to write in first person past tense, while another likes third person present tense.

You get what I'm saying so far? Okay, good.

I also worry that if we did it, it would be a total clusterfuck of plot threads that writers start hoping that the others pick up on them, that never happen. Not to mention we would likely get a random anon who decides to write something that is just a massive troll post, but the future writers have to deal with it.

I think it would work best if we had a list of "Pre-Approved" writers at the start. And how do you propose we do about the IRC? Do we put writers on the honor system to not make plans? Again, I like the idea. I just don't think it'll work well at all.
We used to have something like that, though slightly different. Written by me and Voddie mostly, and whoever felt like it if both of us were disinclined. It was a high school story with the protagonists of the “classic” CYOAs as characters.

I miss that story.
but most of our talented writers don't write these days and mainly hang out in IRC.
I miss ANoN

We need more meta stories other than do the right thing
How about a CYOA where a group of characters swap minds and end up with the powers of their host body?
I thought of that the other day. But I came to the conclusion that body-swap might not be a good idea. Only because I haven't seen it used anywhere where it's used right.

That said. I encourage writers to try and take it on if they think they can use it in a good way.
Not to gain a deeper understanding of each other.
Not just for the amusement.
Not to learn a life lesson.

And as a bonus note. I'm still thinking about the idea. But from the looks of it, I'll drop it and not write it.
The entire world is enveloped by a barrier and thus Gensokyo... well save for Gensokyo's canonical location which is now the last remaining area of modern normalcy but treated as a "strange fantasy land".

Inverse Touhou?

Could you explain this a little more? I don't think I understand what you're trying to say.
I think what s/he means is,

Gensokyo is now "Modern" and the rest of the world is surrounded by a barrier (For some reason). And Gensokyo's canonical location (Where it would be physically located on a map based on the games/manga's/Zun) is considered a "Strange Fantasy Land" despite being "Normal".

That's kinda what I got from it, I may be wrong though.

Nononononono, I meant if basically say, in an alternate universe, Gensokyo and the modern/futuristic outside world had changed places. All of Gensokyo is where the normalcy of the outside world was. Said normal outside world is now where Gensokyo was and is treated as a "weird fantasy land". The plot would revolve around the Touhou's/OC's of this "outside Gensokyo" this time being the outside worlders who go to "normal modern version of Gensokyo which is where canon Gensokyo once was" and finding its normalcy somehow alien and fantastical.
File 137775758243.png - (129.05KB, 512x512, rikako vaguely surprised bustline.png) [iqdb]

I don't think you could have put that in a more confusing manner. That said, I think I get what you mean. You mean a setting in which the Outside World is the place where the magic, youkai, and what-have-you are located, and Gensokyo is the place where technology reins supreme and natural laws are respected.

And to build on this further, this setting would involve the Outsider youkai/magicians/whatever coming into Modern!Gensokyo and being overwhelmed/amazed by what they find there, much like in the standard 'outsider falls into eastern fantasy land' gimmick. That about right?

More or less.
Has anyone ever tried a CYOA where Reisen's illusions actually start becoming real? Essentially, the bunny gains the power to alter reality, albeit with some drawbacks.

No, not that I know of.

Though I think we'll need to know what these drawbacks are so she doesn't turn into Yukari Yakumo 2.0.

I imagine they'd be exhausting, possibility to dribe her insane, and they don't always become fully physically real.
I concur. We don't need another shitty overpowered Touhou around.
Ability to control wavelengths is already a broken ability on it's own.

She's probably already capable of your-mind-makes-it-real tier illusions anyway
Have there ever been any stories where the descendants of the Touhous were prominent?
Off the top of my head, stardust halley over in forest is one.

Besides that on story by YAF, has there been other story with Gender Bent touhous?

Well, there's >>/at/31833. Might be dead after three posts, though.
Was thinking of this crossover and wondering if it was a good idea to write about. I've included a short introduction in the pastebin link. (It's a Gundam x Touhou crossover idea.)


I'd probably pass on it. Those two universes don't have much in common; there's no warfare in Gensokyo, and a spellcard duel would just look silly in Gundam. As a result, I don't think you'd really be able to blend the two series very well. It might just end up as "Gundam, but with Touhous," which might be amusing, but not grade-A story material.

You'll also want a proofreader if you do try anything.
Clowns in Gensokyo

where could this go?

A forgotten Carnival pops up in the human village or some unlucky Carnie straight out of Barnum & Baileys gets gapped in full outfit?
>and a spellcard duel would just look silly in Gundam

Maybe it would work better with G Gundam. You've already got the nonlethal fights and the silly.

Incidentally, the stage 2 boss of the Seihou spinoff Samidare, the "Anareta", appears to be a Gundam knockoff or tribute.
File 138153855953.png - (663.27KB, 693x933, MysteryOftheCainites2.png) [iqdb]
A Tzimicie enters Gensokyo after X Gehenna scenario?

>HFW No Kindred but a shitty Mixed Race Hybrid Kuei-jin Loli that thinks it's Kine
So I'm a big fan of reading and watching aerial combat, and I kinda like this whole Touhou thing.

So I figure why not try and combine them.

Learning Danmaku Top Gun Style. Reimu and Yukari implement the spell card rules. Various youkai, fairies, and other assorted magical creatures come to the Hakurei Shrine to learn.

It turns into a multi day duel with various opponents trying to outshoot, outfly, and outthink each other in the skies over the Shrine.

Kinda like Red Flag but with mythological creatures in the form of little girls and women.

Any thoughts, ideas, etc?
So I'm a big fan of reading and watching aerial combat, and I kinda like this whole Touhou thing.

So I figure why not try and combine them.

Learning Danmaku Top Gun Style. Reimu and Yukari implement the spell card rules. Various youkai, fairies, and other assorted magical creatures come to the Hakurei Shrine to learn.

It turns into a multi day duel with various opponents trying to outshoot, outfly, and outthink each other in the skies over the Shrine.

Kinda like Red Flag but with mythological creatures in the form of little girls and women.

Any thoughts, ideas, etc?
File 138212923811.jpg - (87.39KB, 800x600, Bmwm3gtr.jpg) [iqdb]
OC from the outside ends up in Gensokyo in pursuit of her school loveheart.
Unfortunately, he ends up being the carrier of a human-engineered plague that wreaks havoc in gensokyo and has to rush back out to find a cure in her father's job.

SURPRISE: Everything, from her school love escape to Gensokyo due to lack of faith, to his arrival in the same place as a carrier is a conspiracy to exterminate 'unnaturals'
- 'You didn't think you got that far on our own, did you? -

Cue shocking revelations regarding his father's lab, the conspiracy behind it, the surprisingly adept anti-magic law enforcement divisions and lots and lots of high speed pursuits for no adequately explored reasons.

"Top Gun with Touhou" does sound cool, but I have a few reservations. First, it might end up lacking in emotional weight. A lot of the characters' motivations in Top Gun came from death and trauma in a world with lethal combat, which might be a bit too heavy for your average Touhou setting. Trying to avenge a stolen ice cream cone doesn't quite have the same impact as trying to honor the memory of a dead best friend.

You might also want to consider having an outside force for the trainees to ultimately fight against. If the war game will be among the Hakurei students, a lot of the focus will be on their own rivalries and maneuverings as they vie for supremacy, and things could stay petty the whole way through. On the other hand, an enemy like the Moriya Shrine will force them all to settle their differences and learn to work together to defeat a common foe. Either way has potential, but it's something you should think about.

Of course, that's assuming you don't focus solely on the combat aspect, which you probably could do. I guess I'd be interested to see how a mixture of spellcard duels and real-world dogfighting would work, too.
A story that is set firmly in PC-98, and doesn't use it just as a looking glass to the past. Makai or pre-spellcard Gensokyo.
Don't we already have lots of those?
I only got Ancient Gensokyo and Girl of Death.
File 138255664886.jpg - (47.42KB, 640x480, unlimited beer works.jpg) [iqdb]
Been thinking about this for a while. This needs a lot of research of Merry, Renko and a certain game ZUN collaborated in that is quite niche, and I'm not really arsed to do it. Anyway, here goes. Wall of text incoming.

The Outside World is dying. Plants and animals are dissappearing, natural disasters are becoming more common, people die of unknown diseases, fossil energy sources are almost depleted, and the differences between poor and rich are getting more steep. But there're two people who ignore all these problems and focus on their hobby: the search of strange energy readings and mysterious rocks that appear randomly.

These two people are (guess who) Maribel and Renko, only members of the Sealing Club. However, tragedy would strike them too one day, while they were examinating a boundary like usual. All of a sudden, the boundary opens, a terrifying black hand snatches Maribel inside the gap, and they both dissappear before the eyes of a stunned Renko.

About one month later, Renko stumbles upon a high skyscrapper she doesn't remember being there. The world's plunging into more and more disasters, but she doesn't care about that: she's much more worried about her missing friend. She tried everything and asked for help to everyone she knew, but to no avail. Depressed and sick worried, she goes to drown her sorrows in a tour around all the bars she finds. Drunk off her ass, she finds the Twilight Bar Room (said skyscrapper), a place of legend that only the most drunken of drunkards can find.

Renko also remembers another part of the legend of the TBR: that there's a portal leading to an illusionary world only seen by morning. But only the customers that manage to defeat the owners of the bar in an eating contest can get to the top. Believing it's her only chance to see Merry again, Renko takes on the Uwabami Breakers' challenge, and with the help of former champion Isami Asama, she defeats the three employees of the bar in duels of danmaku, beer and menus.

Rumie Arie, the owner of the TBR, tells Renko that there's not one, but seventeen portals leading to Gensokyo. However, Arie also tells her she's sensed a great disturbance behind those portals: a disaster only referred as 'the Malefaction' has struck the fantasy land, and it's too dangerous to go there. But Renko, believing Merry is in one of those, decides to go nonetheless. Isami, who thinks Renko is a cool gal and doesn't afraid of anything, decides to tag along as well.

And so begins Renko and Isami's adventure into the broken and cursed land of Gensokyo, where they will face the horrors unleashed in the land by the Malefaction with only their wits, their danmaku and a bravery born of the biggest hangover of history. Every portal leads the duo to a certain part of Gensokyo, where they will meet certain characters and live adventures heavily based on Lafcardio Hearn's Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things.

The kicker is that Merry, on her side of the story, is also fighting against the Malefaction and the creatures that brought it: the abominations of the Gap. But to tame these eldritch beings and put a stop to the curse that is affecting both Gensokyo and the Outside World, she must forgo her identity and her past to control her growing powers over boundaries...
>Merry, Renko
I like it.
File 138289885296.jpg - (551.24KB, 568x1534, contemporary rabbit.jpg) [iqdb]
The year is 1969, the Apollo shuttle successfully lands on the Moon. Immediately afterwards, the American government declares a secret war on Lunarian forces. Reisen (not yet Udongein Inaba, for obvious reasons) deserts the Lunar army, flees to earth, finds Gensokyo, and ends up living happily ever after at Eientei. So far, so good, right?

Let's rewind a ways.

Complications arise during Reisen's flight to Earth, forcing her down within the continental United States. A nasty case of culture shock and desperation ends up with her kidnapping the MC while she's trying to get enough money for a ticket overseas. At first the two are the farthest thing from friendly possible, for good reason, up until the point where a Lunarian spec-ops group tries to take Reisen into custody and kill her hostage for knowing too much. At the same time, the CIA bursts onto the scene with heavy weaponry, intent on capturing both a critical source of Lunar information and the man they assume to be her American contact.

Stuck together by circumstance, the duo are hounded by Lunarian task forces, shady government agents, and the good old-fashioned law, as they flee across the country and, eventually, overseas. After all, halfway across the world is a certain mythical fantasy-land where Reisen can seek asylum. The problem is getting there.

"It's six thousand miles to Japan, we've got a full tank of gas, twenty dollars in my pocket, the entire state police is bearing down on us, and we're dressed like hippies."

"Hit it."
Sounds a bit cliché. But hey, things are cliché for a reason, no?

Anyway, there are two minor holes.
One, why exactly Japan? Why couldn’t Reisen have chosen France for example? (Other than for the writer to just make her go towards Gensokyo.)
Two, didn’t she travel to Earth together with Eirin and Kaguya? Why wouldn’t she be with them?
>Two, didn’t she travel to Earth together with Eirin and Kaguya?
No, actually. Reisen is a newcomer and didn't flee to Earth until around the time of the moon landing. Eirin and Kaguya have been in Eientei for a long time.

Question two has already been answered, but you raise an excellent point with the other one. There's no good reason she couldn't just aim for France or somewhere like it, which could lead to a story much more focused on escaping the States instead of a globetrotting quest for safety like the Gensokyo idea.

I missed what made it cliche, but depending on how you look at a story pretty much anything can come across
like that. At least it's not an X falls into Gensokyo, what do? kind of thing.

I picture the tone as generally lighthearted, something along the lines of E.T., Blues Brothers, and Star Trek 4, with maybe some James Bond or Jason Bourne spy action to allow for some darker moments, because when a bunch of people are chasing you with guns it tends to not be pretty when they've cause to use them.

And of course, the mythical Reisen route could finally be made, if Anon worked for it.
My canon is really rusty, but I imagine that she specifically chose to flee towards Eirin and Kaguya. Especially considering how Eientei is a hidden area inside of a pocket dimension, it seems too implausible that she'd find the only other lunarians on Earth without explicitly seeking them out.
Blind Anon gets into Gensokyo, met with Rumia who is amazed that he don't fear of her darkness and then add some birds in the mix Aya/Mystia possible love story and/or have the characters see /sorry for the pun/ the difficulties of blind anons life friendship etcetera.

Something like that~ or my always favourite one when I was dreaming: Jedi Sentinel in Gensokyo.
>Blind MC
I've actually played around with an idea like that.
It won't be easy since you'll have to discard everything visual and instead connect the reader with the other senses.
Truly an interesting idea, but outside my league.
Suppose you're right, but still could be nice to read that kind of a story. Probably would help if the perspective often changes with the other characters too but still quite a challenge.
The blind protagonist idea sounds cool. It would be interesting to "see" what the characters' first impression of different youkai and such would be. Since he is blind, he might not realize that anything is wrong at first, and be a little skeptical at the claims that they aren't human. A pairing with Rumia or Mystia would be cool, though other pairings could also work.

The Jedi Sentinel idea also sounds awesome. An interesting canon Jedi would be Mace Windu. I'd like to see how Vaapad would convert into danmaku; given that Vaapad is centered around the zeal to win, which Mace struggles to hold at bay to keep from going to the Dark Side, it would be interesting to consider how converting it to non-lethal danmaku would affect things. Plus, I'd like to see what he thinks of Gensokyo's ideal of peace and battle mixed together. It would be interesting to see what his reactions to Gensokyo and its inhabitants are like. Though an OC Jedi could suffice with enough work.
I'm tempted to actually take up the idea of a blind MC. I already got an idea for the story and the character.
It'll be a while before I get around to it though, due to my own story, and another idea I've planned to write afterwards so I'm be no means claiming the idea.
A pair of stories that take place in the same universe, but from different viewpoints. They end up interacting with each other or working against each other.

Also, a 100% horror story the likes of Ib, The Witch's House, or Mad Father.
I've always wanted to try the first idea, but it would be near impossible to implement. It would quickly run into the problem of having to update two stories in the same timeframe. Additionally, there is always the danger of people favoring one protagonist trying to sabotage the other in both threads. (though hopefully it wouldn't come to that)

A serious horror story would be nice to have.
I really should stop looking at this thread. It gives me more ideas than I can write.
I've actually wanted to write something like that.

I've got most of the puzzles planned out but I just can't write. I can't even get myself to write my thesis let alone anything else.
>A pair of stories that take place in the same universe, but from different viewpoints. They end up interacting with each other or working against each other.
Here’s an additional twist: the stories have separate writers for different styles and takes on the setting.
I had actually thought of trying that first idea at some point. Two protagonists (possibly brotagonists) with two mostly-different plots, but an overarching plot connecting both. And once both were finished, they would merge into one. I liked the sound of that.

I'd never be able to make it though. Anything that would come from my hands would be a steaming pile of dog shit. From a mastiff. That somehow got onto your table and ate your steak and beans.

Back on topic, has anyone ever thought of trying a mainly musically-based SoL or romance or something? With the prevalence of musical characters now, I think it could be interesting.
Lets count the musical chairs.

Satsuki Rin
Merlin, &
Lunasa Prismriver [Possibly Layla as well in Fanon]
Mystia Lorelei
Kyouko Kasodani [Both members of Choujuu Gigaku]
Benben &
Yatsuhashi Tsukamo
Raiko Horikawa


That's enough pilots to fill Aquarion.

>>12187 here. I apologize for my improper use of vocabulary. When I said "prevalence", in my mind I thought "more than we had before" as we previously had the Prismrivers and Satsuki, but now I realize that "prevalence" was the wrong word to use there, especially with such a large cast. Again, I'm sorry that I screwed up. I still would like to see something based around these characters though. As a musician, I think I would much enjoy it.

tl;dr I fucked up and I'm sorry, but the idea still stands.
Damn, now I really want to find a plot and a fellow writer to put this into motion. Too bad I'm too busy for that.
I’ve been thinking of co-writing a story for some time, but haven’t been able to get in contact with any writer who has the time to focus on a story more.
If you should get the time, I’m more than willing to give it a try. Just call out to me and we’ll try to get in touch.
You can count me in too. I'm juggling two stories right now but I think I should be able to handle a cooperative effort too. Just don't ask me to update daily.
I had dream about that: some guy was fighting the second Lunarian war alongside Marisa (Fallout writefag version) and then they get betrayed by Yukari and frozen solid for hundreds of years-but not before making sure that Yukari's annihilation of earth also affects the moon.
The story then would show their efforts to go back to earth and all that jazz: funny scene when trying to get over the fact that everyone they loved is long dead, heartwarming scene when they manage to get a ship in working order, sad scene when they see the devastation first hand comic relief scene when Marisa finds out she's supposed to be dead (at the Kirisame Memorial) and, climax when they meet with Maribel, Renko the other MC... and Alice.

It sounded better in my dream, honestly)
>Daily updates
You’re a crazy nigga for believing I can do that. I’m only updating once a week because that’s all I have time for.

I had a dream about a body swapping story between the MC and a touhou.
It was a good idea, at least until I woke up and thought about it.
I remember when we had this co-op story with the classic OC MCs as characters.

I miss that story.
Has anyone ever done a story where the previous Hakurei Miko was a central character? Or maybe one presumably set when all the human characters are older and new Hakurei and Moriya shrine maidens are being chosen and trained? I think it's possible to have both happening side by side, with the older miko returning and wondering what this newfangled danmaku nonsense is and generally having some issues fitting in while the next mikos are scrambling to get their shit together.

Didn't you mention ANoN earlier in this thread
Shush, I’m luring Voddies.

Was that its name? At this point I can’t even remember.
>I had dream about that: some guy was fighting the second Lunarian war alongside Marisa (Fallout writefag version) and then they get betrayed by Yukari and frozen solid for hundreds of years-but not before making sure that Yukari's annihilation of earth also affects the moon.
>betrayed by Yukari
>making sure that Yukari's annihilation of earth also affects the moon.


Oh wait, dream logic.
What about a story where the protagonist isn’t the main character?
What I mean is something like a story is going on, and it’s pretty clear in the world, but it is not centering on the protagonist. Instead, the protagonist plays the role of a support character and helps the MC solve the problem rather than solve it himself.
Er, that would just be a supporting character, not a protagonist. The protagonist is the main/leading character of the story.
A Main Character is one the story focuses on, and a protagonist is the one whose perspective we perceive, right?
File 138515389275.jpg - (414.00KB, 850x1189, swap.jpg) [iqdb]
No, the main character and the protagonist are the same thing.

However, I see what you're getting at: you mean a story where we see from one character's point of view, but that person isn't the main character of the story? Hm.

Allow me to apologize ahead of time for turning this into a pseudo writing advice post, but I feel I should set out some background information.

In stories, we have a protagonist (main character) and a narrator. Most of the time, the narrator is a disembodied, omnipresent voice and the protagonist is the leading character that the story follows. Sometimes the narrator and the protagonist are one (i.e. first-person perspective), sometimes the narrator moves around from one character to another, and sometimes there are even multiple protagonists.

One interesting thing about CYOAs is that there is a third aspect in this dynamic: interactivity with the reader. In a CYOA, the reader often becomes the protagonist in the story, though this isn't always true. Some stories have that interactivity without self-inserting the reader in as the main character -- for example, The Game.

Playing with the boundaries of these aspects can create some interesting effects, though I would err on caution with such things: the way you portray your narrator/protagonist relations should contribute to the story. If it can't contribute anything, it's a gimmick, and only serves to make things more complex or confusing than they need to be.

So, getting back to what you were saying: could a character be a narrator for the story, but not necessarily be the protagonist? To be perfectly honest, I doubt it. The "supporting character narrator" would be telling the story from their point of view. Their ideas and thoughts and worries would all become central to the story. The conflict that occurs would have to effect them to keep the narrative interesting, and by doing all this, they would essentially become the protagonist.

Of course, I could have misunderstood you entirely and unnecessarily gone off on a spiel... I guess them's the breaks.
Just out of interest (I am not the guy you were replying to), what would you say that Ishmael from Moby Dick is? He's clearly the narrator, but honestly I would hesitate to call him the protagonist of that particular story. At least not after Ahab comes out of his cabin.
He might be referring to a story that focuses on a minor player while something larger goes on. I think the Hobbit would be an example as Bilbo's adventure in the cave is something of a footnote in the larger chapter of Smug/Gandalf laying the smack down on the necromancer, at least until later where it turns out said footnote became a great deal more relevant to history.
Oh, uh, I've never actually read Moby Dick.

I a little while after posting >>12212 I realized that A Series of Unfortunate Events may be an example of >>12207. The series is narrated by Lemony Snicket, who is a character within that world, but the story doesn't follow him at all. We can still see that Snicket has an interesting characterization to him, but he doesn't become the protagonist.
On the subject of Ishmael and Moby Dick, I think it would be cool to have a 17th to 19th century ship and crew end up running aground in Gensokyo after a storm. They could either end up landlocked from the start, but it might also be interesting to have them end up in the Misty Lake or the lake's river before it hooks up with the Sanzo.

Not sure on what the plot could be, but Moby Dick does give me some ideas. Ishmael had a deep respect for whales in the book, calling them "leviathans", and the degree of supernatural power and intelligence given to them could almost be compared to youkai. Possibly some food for thought. Would be cool to see what whale youkai would be like.

Perhaps the starting point could be the finale of Moby Dick when the whale rams the Pequod. Instead of sinking, the ship runs aground in Gensokyo, with Moby Dick nowhere to be found. Ahab does not intend to give up the chase though. Moby Dick would have probably evolved into a whale youkai, though I'm not sure what he (or she) would be like as a character. The main character could be Ishmael, Ahab, or another sailor.

In any case, I think a stranded whaler would make for an interesting protagonist in Gensokyo, given that his experiences in the new land might make him rethink his career as a hunter. Plus, I think a nautical themed story in general would be interesting.
>>12207 here.

Thanks, >>12212. Seems that was a misunderstanding on my part.
However i didn’t seem to get my idea through just quite even though >>12215 is fairly close.

Let’s say the MC and his friend is going to the shrine (details excluded. Please buy the full version to unlock). When they get there they find out that there are problems and decides to try and help out.
But unlike the norm, the MC is not the one who’ll be doing the solving. Rather, it’s his friend. He’s the one who’ll discover a great power. He’s the one who’ll get a harem. He’s the one who’ll be making enemies and allies. All while you can do nothing but act as backup or just get in the way.
The plot will be centering around him and his adventure with you just following him around unable to do much to help.

This could be an interesting challenge for writers since they’ll have to find a way to make the choices have an impact on the story while affecting the main plot as little as possible.

Now when I write it out actually, I begin to think it looked better in my head. Nevertheless, there it is, about as clearly as I can explain it.
But what would the MC do while his friend is going around having adventures? It wouldn't be fun for the audience if there's nothing that we can do.

...So, basically something sorta like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but with actual plot (and Touhou)?
I think there is something slightly close on the site (that wriggle story in forest), though it's centered around a villager boy while a more traditional story is going with the background with an outsider hero who ends up romancing a powerful touhou.

Not sure how well it's executed for your taste but it's something.
I have had this idea planned out for quite a while now, so I figured I should throw it out already.

A PMC from another dimension tasked with investigating Gensoukyou in preparation for an invasion sends MC and a few others to do the job. Going undercover they act seperately from each other and pose as yet another generic outsider stumbling in. Information gathering and occasional sabotage ensues and MC bonds with Touhous, questioning his mission more and more until s/he switches his/her allegiance. Drama ensues when he spills everything to try and get everyone to prepare defenses before the invasion begins, which it then does.

Obviously contains quite a few OCs (superiors and the other agents, as well as the invaders) with importance and detail mostly depending on anon's preferences (e.g. frequent meetings with the other agents to share information and assign targets, giving them lots of characterisation, or occasionally hearing about how the other outsiders are doing, mostly deleting them from the narrative).
The invasion will have to be fought out and other battles are possible, spellcard training, random feral killing or otherwise. Stats can be as detailed as anon wants again, going either full character creation or just choosing a general type.

I would have started writing it long ago, but I dislike trying to write established characters, thinking I am unable to hit their characterisation. I am more versed in planning such things than actually writing them.
This is basically a fully prepared story in need of a writer more skilled than I am.
Why must the MC switch sides?

You ever see Big Trouble in Little China? I think that's what this should shoot for; a sidekick-esque MC who still gets his own time in the limelight while not being the central focus. Or hell even a focus at all really.

I don't think people would like to participate in a story where every action of theirs is overshadowed or outright blocked by Asshole McGee. Though I could be wrong.
I very much doubt people would tolerate a story about exterminating Touhous.

Explain this then

In story explanation: because s/he bonded with the Touhous more than his faceless PMC.

Meta explanation: because anon will most likely vote for it.

Having MC participate in the invasion would be possible though, seeing as the overall flow would not change much.
I'd be interested in a similiar scenario where the MC doesn't switch sides, the invading force conquers Gensokyo and shapes it to their liking. Or maybe just burns it to the ground. A few months later the surviving touhous are plotting vengeance from the shadows. And there are those who remember you.
In case the story gets written and turns out like this I would fully support this kind of "extension" to what I originally planned. Even works with the surprises I have in mind but not mentioned here.
one story doesn't reflect hte majority of the site.
I seriously think that there are enough people on THP for there to be an audience for nearly any kind of story, including a story where you must kill Touhous. As long as it's an interesting story and it's written well, Anons will read it. Heck, sometimes they still read things even when it's not good.
With the premise set and the plan being flexible it is all up to anon whether they want to make it an all you can kill or not. I just assumed anon's urge to befriend Touhous being greater than the urge to see them suffer and die.
Then again, seeing as we had stuff like Shadow over Gensoukyou and The Tengu Must Die, maybe anon needs to vent that urge every now and then.
there's a niche alright, though some are worried about fans of said niche trying to affect other stories. There's a history of 'out of place' people coming here.
True that. There was a very brief surge in edgemasters on the site some time ago when the popularity of stories like that spiked and started to leak outwards a bit.
Uh, I don't remember Shadow over Gensokyo was about killing Touhous.
Well, early on anon decided to go on a mainly revenge based path in SoG's grimdark world with death and decay everywhere, the MC even offed some Touhous himself (5 total I think).

While an invasion route would (probably) not include insanity holes, bioexperiments and makai summons, the tone would be similar. Aside from the fact that MC would not be trying to survive and enact revenge, but actively carrying out the destruction and being a target for the survivors.
Speaking of invasion stories, I kinda want to write a story about Touhous invading the Moon (real original plot right here)

Problem is:
1. I'm still not sure if I want to involve the Outside World in this conflict. I have zero knowledge in writing military jargons and all that stuff.
2. If it's written in a CYOA format, who would the MC be?
3. I want to kill off Touhous (hey, it's war after all) but I'm afraid anon will rage if I do that.
>Killing Touhou's
absolutely disgusting

Go ahead, if anon doesn't like it they don't have to read it. As long as they aren't dying meaningless deaths I don't see the problem. The only ones who should be immune to to being killed off are those explicitly stated to be immortal. Other than fairies, I can only think of Kaguya and Mokou. Eirin is kinda iffy in that regard, I don't think she actually is immortal.

It comes down to you and your readers. If you write it well, and your readers are understanding then all should be fine. I can't presume to speak for everyone, and I know there are people who religiously advocate against killing characters, but sometimes it can't be helped within the setting. Death is a part of life after all.
odds are those that dislike killing will just hide your thread, though you should be hoping that what's left are good readers and not people who want to see touhou bleed no matter the reason. Ideas like yours tend to attract such people like flies on to shit.
>hiding threads
>not bitching about them on /blue/

Ah, those were the days.

Main problem I see would be with character depletion. As you kill them off, you begin running out of plot options. Touhou's not Shingeki no Kyojin, after all, where you have a readily available supply of (named but irrelevant) redshirts to kill off for drama without consequence. Every character has somebody that loves them, and generous killing risks putting the MC in a very unsatisfying Snow End that is impossible to prevent or get out of without a Deus Ex Machina.

Example: Retreating off of the moon. Oh, is Yukari dead? Well aren't you just shit out of luck. Load save? (Y/N)
I'd have to say the actual issue is that Touhou as we know it takes place after that war, so we already know how things are afterwards. As a result we'd know that Reisen would survive if she appeared, and the same goes for Kaguya or Yukari. The only way to solve the redshirt issue is to make like at least half the cast OCs, which makes the story really not that Touhou at all.

Also the comparison to Titans feels kind of forced, since that manga introduces redshirts as early as the first chapter, and sometimes it takes a character 20+ chapters to actually die. Hell, one guy appears at the very start and doesn't die until like 45+ chapters later. The way redshirts work in that is actually pretty good, save a couple instances near the very start.

But I digress, the whole problem here is we know too much about the situation after the lunar war to make a fanwork about the lunar war actually interesting to follow. If anybody was going to cover it, it should be ZUN or someone with his blessing.
Unless it was a "what if" story in which touhou a can die and thus won't be in Gensokyo later.
Or someone starts a second Lunar War (third counting SSiB?).
>Death is a part of life after all.
No, it isn't.
Not for bacteria, hydras, lobsters, and some youkai as well. Not by old age, at any rate.

Don't go making assumptions about the mortality rates of life forms on the whole. At least 75% of life forms on Earth are immune to death by aging alone, not counting the mitochondria that exist in every cell of every of the others.

Confounded eukaryotes, thinking everything's about them and never acknowledging the ones that let their world run as they know it.
Sage for autism
File 138558654825.jpg - (373.81KB, 1500x1250, This_Hurts_You.jpg) [iqdb]
Who said anything about "aging"? I was merely saying they could be killed. Dying of old age doesn't seem to be a Youkai thing, but they can still be killed after all. How do you think it was done before spellcard duels came into play? If an author wants to kill a character for drama or because they get off on their readers rage then that's their prerogative.

I can't tell if you were just raising a point about mortality or if you were honestly trying to convince me that killing characters is bad. It doesn't matter either way.
>not people who want to see touhou bleed no matter the reason. Ideas like yours tend to attract such people like flies on to shit.

I assume those people are gone now since their story is pretty much dead at this point.

We only need Yukari and Reimu to be alive at the end of the story (for Gensokyo's maintenance). The rest is expendable.

inb4 anon only sending out those two while hiding the others because they have plot shield
Not so sure about that, depends on when the next piece of 'bait' is made.
They're like Cthulhu, sleeping in the depths of L'rker until the stories align with their wish.
>I assume those people are gone now since their story is pretty much dead at this point.
Which story is that?
For many years magic has been dwindling because of the advancement of man. In order to ensure its continued existence, the youkai proposed to hide what remains of magic in an alternate dimension. Safe from the encroachment of man.

Many powerful shamans and youkai congregated to erect this barrier. They hoped that the establishment of this land of illusion would prevent the degradation of all magic. They prayed to the gods to grant them this one moment.

They failed.

Nobody is sure how or why the ritual failed, although many suspect sabotage. The youkai blame the humans, and the humans blame the youkai in a cycle that would last centuries.

Centuries later in modern-day Kyoto, the murder of an exceptionally powerful youkai sends waves across the magical community. The seeming ease in how the powerful youkai was dispatched caused fear and paranoia.

The situation escalates when the signs point to the sole heir of the powerful Hakurei family — Hakurei Reimu. As both sides gear for outright aggression, the Ministry of Right and Wrong steps in to quell the conflict.

The Ministry of Right and Wrong has taken on a more proactive role over the centuries to serve as a sort of neutral party between the youkai and gifted humans. From a purely neutral party, the Ministry was thrust into its role by the damaging effects of the youkai and the gifted on the balance of the world.

As a result of shift in alignment, a dozen new offices were created. From the enigmatic nature of the First to the Twelfth's propensity for high collateral damage in an engagement, each office has its own unique specializations, allies, enemies, and routine.

You are one of the agents in the Ministry's offices. Your job is to enforce that the following rules concerning the magical community are upheld:
1) Never reveal your true nature to a mundane.
2) Never do anything that might expose yourself or the existence of magic.
3) Never do anything that will expose the community.

You and two others are assigned to the case. Your jobs are simple. Find the felon and bring him/her to justice. Otherwise, you risk a full-scale war out on the streets of Kyoto.


I have more extensive notes, but I don't want to spoil things too much. Nonetheless, any comments, suggestions, or questions? I'm not aware of stories here that tackle a premise like this, so I'm a bit nervous.
Hey! i finally found the story ideas thread!

Spanish Inquisition! Gensokyo needs more christians lol. playing the balance between religions a little bit, you know.
File 138590219521.jpg - (46.05KB, 620x310, Nobody expects them.jpg) [iqdb]
Having all the other major Eastern religions (save for Islam), do you really think Gensokyo won't be expecting them?
Keymaster doing a "Being Reisen" CYOA? Another character that, like Hong, generally gets treated like the butt monkey of her particular faction being progressively advanced through a lot of interesting slices of life and reaching a ridiculous, if pretty awesome conclusion. Simple but I think he'd do it justice.
Not sure sure about that. I'd rather have him polish up his general writing first so he doesn't make any more "Ayas"

Being Meiling Aya or Tengu of Misfortune Aya? or both?

I'm like 90 percent sure its the former, and yeah I'd have to agree.
Islam is an Eastern religion now?

It sounds simultaneously simple enough to work while having a lot of possible depth given the myriad number of ways to play up Reisen's backstory and personality. 'Course there are probably way more ambitious Reisen CYOA plots but eh, I'll think of them another time. Sometimes I just need solid, meaty slice of life stuff.

Middle-east... So, yes, I suppose so. If you're being overly literal anyway.
the former mainly as it's a result of taking a fanon thing and running with it past its logical extent. Misfortune is a mix of wrapping up Pleasent medow's thinsg and trying to repair the damage Keymaster had wrought to Aya.

Doesn't change the irony in making a Meiling story casting her in a nice light, he wound up casting Aya in a "joke Meiling"-ish light at least if not worse.
What about a story where Alice finally creates artificial life. The twist being that the MC is the newly created life form.

It's not much of an idea to build a story of, but it's an idea I've had for a while.
Not much is confirmed in that story, but all signs point to >>/others/56217 being exactly what you're proposing.
Oh? Well that sounds interesting. Gotta check that out soon then.
It's heavily implied that's what actually kick started the events of the Idea of Alice.

But it might not be your cup of tea seeing as it's on infinite hiatus.
Story Idea: Orangutan VS Remilia.
Better: Orang-utan vs Patchouli.
File 138613366291.jpg - (26.75KB, 500x283, NhAqA34.jpg) [iqdb]

You mean like an orangutan youkai or just a goddamn orangutan?
You must be fucking with me. Of course I mean this orang-utan. You silly kidder.

That could work.

You are, of course, aware that the Librarian used to be a Wizard? I'm fairly certain he is unable to use magic in his current form, but it's relevant.

I foresee that the fight will end with tea and bananas. And some light asthma attacks, and a small attack by an ape with The strength of ten men.
But mostly just bananas.
I can already see it in my mind:

'Gugnir vs thrown feces, round two'
What about something typical?

A shinigami MC was sent to take the soul of Hieda no Akyuu, but he fell in love with her instead.

Or change Akyuu with Tenshi.

How's that?
I could see it working with either, though differently.

Akyuu and the shinigami would no doubt meet many times over the centuries. First it would be professional, with the shinigami just ferrying Akyuu across the Sanzu. At some point, she'd open up to him, spilling her fears and worries and against the usual policy, he'd do the same. Maybe he has the day off and decides to visit her. After all, she's the only constant in his (un)life that isn't a coworker. They'd go on a somewhat awkward date, gradually growing comfortable around each other. Of course, the cycle can't last and Akyuu grows weaker with each incarnation. But maybe, just maybe, he can arrange something for her in the afterlife.

Tenshi would be very different. He'd be coming to forcibly collect her soul and he'd naturally get his ass handed to him. But he wouldn't give up. He'd train and train and almost be able to match her after a string of losses. They have their big, climactic fight. They've both been disarmed and she's straddling him while punching him in the face and he thinks "She looks good with messy hair and a red face and covered in sweat and she smells of peaches. What the hell am I doing? I can't focus on the fight like this." He throws her off and they roll a bit and then he has her pinned and she kisses him. Of course, she headbutts him afterward, but goddamn he's never felt so alive.


I might just write a proper short for one or both of these.
>dem cliches
I've been thinking of a shinigami story myself. But that right there, that tops any idea I've brainstormed so far.
I take my hat off for you, good sir.

That's not exactly what i had in mind...

well, actually... any of you ever heard of the trope 'In Love with the Mark'?
Please go through with this
File 138624184260.jpg - (540.26KB, 1920x1080, Akyuu.jpg) [iqdb]
Can’t say I do. But I just googled it and read the TVTropes article on it.

So my guess at what you meant is something like this:
The reaper was sent to once again take the Hieda Child’s soul so she could be prepared for rebirth. However in the short span between the reaper’s arrival and Akyuu’s supposed death, he manages to fall in love with her. And as such he refuses to reap her which gets him in trouble with Shikieiki, who’d then send another reaper (Komachi, maybe) to capture both of them. Akyuu for reincarnation. The Reaper for punishment for going against his orders. This’ll lead to a scenario where the reaper decides to fight the system in order to prolong Akyuu’s life as much as possible.

Another thing that could make this kinda interesting is that, legitimately Reapers can only be seen by those who’re close to dying; which would mean that The Reaper and Komachi would technically be invisible to everyone besides Akyuu (and any potential dying man/woman walking around).


Yup. Precisely.

Anyway, if anyone decided to write this and and want to give me credit, im anonymousx1, the new guy from /th/.

Also, congratulation. You are post number 12345
This reminds me of eratoho LA, where you play as a servant to a terminally ill Akyu accompanying her as she wants to peacefully live the last few months of her life away from the village. Your task is to watch over and care for her, while interacting with Touhous who give you presents for Akyu to make her happy.
And then you go and search for a cure to her illness in the bits of free time you can spare.

Source where? I can't find it in the story lists.
It is no story but a variant of the eratoho games. There should be a thread with links to the original (japanese) sites in /at/.
Anyone ever did a CYOA that was like a literary version of classic Chinese/Japanese martial arts action flicks? Something kinda like "Once Upon a Time in China" (http://danbooru.donmai.us/pools/2606?&page=1) by tsuyadashi shuuji.
not that I recall, doesn't help a popular trend in stories is "MYSTERY" at the moment.
I hope we'll have a "BATTLE" trend soon.

I wouldn't personally mind a throwback or what some might call a "retro" trend - basically putting the Touhous in affectionately goofier takes on classic movies.

I really wanna see a super spy James Bond esque "spy" CYOA.

Someone presented a story idea about Iku being a secret agent whose job it was to protect Tenshi. Maybe someone could work with that?

Maybe "protecting Tenshi" is just a part of her cover. Behind the idyllic attitude and passive personality there's a duty bound agent of the Dragon Palace working tirelessly behind the scenes to protect the Gensokyo on His Majesty's Secret Service (assuming the Dragon who helped make Gensokyo was a dude).

Lunarians would be the equivalent of the USSR in this setting I guess?
File 138916049744.png - (553.98KB, 713x1000, stray.png) [iqdb]
So, guys, I have this idea running around inside my head for sometimes. Our MC is a wolf that gets ousted by his clan for breaching the clan's code of conduct and has to live a solitary life. He's heard of Gensokyo in the past from the elders but never believes it to be real, until a chance encounter with a certain wolf tengu changes all that.

Alternatively MC is the anthromorphism(sp?) of a wolf spirit worshipped by ancient tribes that finds itself no longer needed in the modern world and struggles to keep its existence.

Go for it. I prefer the first though
>I prefer the furry though.

This idea was brought about somewhat with a set of stories involving about 3 different protagonists, But I'll be damned if I remember the name of them.
File 139991368739.jpg - (221.13KB, 850x493, everybody out to get you.jpg) [iqdb]
Bumping this thread because the stickied one is past the autosage limit.

Imagine one day Yukari, in her infinite boredom, decides to organize a contest among every person in Gensokyo for shits and giggles. Yukari randomly picks one normal human child from the village to be the "reverse it", who everybody else has to catch and defeat in a danmaku duel. The kid has to run from them and avoid capture, or alternatively reach Mayohiga - where Yukari herself is - and defeat her in danmaku duel to win the game. If he/she either survives one week, or somehow defeats the gap youkai, the kid and his/her family will win a big prize (a large sum of money, or any wish Yukari can concede, for example). But if he/she gets caught, that prize goes for his/her captor.

In short, an unfair game of setsubun with a human child instead of an "oni", with lots of hijinks, betrayals, and danmaku.

Obviously, the MC would be the poor child who is thrown into the game against his/her will, and is forced to run away for his life (well, not really, it's all non-lethal danmaku, but it might as well seem like it, considering how some people are in desperate need of money or simply bored out of their minds). It would be up to the readers whether to focus on escaping the horde of over-powered Touhoes who won't hesitate to shoot him/her full of holes for the prize, or take the battle to Yukari's turf instead and punch some sense into her senile mind.

Along the way, the kid will meet other people who might or might not be playing the game too, and can forge temporary alliances, make friendships, learn new tricks to survive in the wild life and in bullet hell, find legendary cheat items like those of Impossible Spell Card, etc.

The original idea is for the general tone of the story to be goofy and absurd, but it could be played for drama with a bit of tweaking. Like, maybe the kid could find a dangerous artifact that could unexpectedly turn Gensokyo upside-down and change everything...
>maybe the kid could find a dangerous artifact that could unexpectedly turn Gensokyo upside-down and change everything...
Like a magic mallet? Fufufufu

In seriousness, though, that sounds swell. Personally, I'd like it more if the youkai chasing after the humans who are "it" were going in it lethally. Their prize would literally be to eat the humans they catch. Almost like a free meal, since there's less effort needed by the youkai; they just hunt down the prize and eat them without repercussions from anybody.

Of course, the spectrum of how dark the story could get would be up to the writer.

Then again, if you want that "person is running from everybody and no one can be trusted" feeling turned up to the max, you could make the MC a wanted criminal within Gensokyo. They'd be framed, of course (or not?), and every major faction (SDM, Myouren, etc) would be leaping to catch this person and get the huge bounty. Hm, now this is starting to sound like Impossible Spell Card.

Not quite sure if any of this rambling is helpful, but there you go.
File 140053605153.png - (160.26KB, 500x600, Dancing Witch.png) [iqdb]
Gensokyo Ballet Troupe? Basically, ballet is introduced to Gensokyo by the Scarlets and after a few months, the classes are populated by Aya, Hatate, Alice, Sanae, Marisa, and girls from the village. Maybe others, if the writer wants.

Long description short, a ballet-centric slice of life.
File 140057421865.jpg - (172.09KB, 850x601, sample-30b8eca4db6aa1cd48d25dfeca27dddf.jpg) [iqdb]
A harem story with Cirno as the protagonist. Come on people, the tomboy is just lovely, ain't she? And she's been paired with lots of touhoes already, so finding pic shouldn't be a problem.
Not a fan of yuri for the sake of yuri.
>Personally, I'd like it more if the youkai chasing after the humans who are "it" were going in it lethally.
...And then Reimu shoves all involved in bottles.

Why do people want this? Why do people do this in their stories, either, excluding the full-on grimdark ones? It's just not Touhou-like to have character death...Not since Reimu took over at least.
Uh, because youkai are based on the monsters of humanity's legends? Monsters that usually eat humans? Monsters that are confirmed to eat humans within the Touhou universe?
I don't think it's ever stated that youkai don't kill people anymore. Especially the feral ones, the ones who haven't, or don't want to, adopt the new rules. Besides, people die, it happens. Murder is still a thing as well. Besides, it not like everyone has magic at their disposal.
File 140116682595.gif - (936.33KB, 500x281, stop_penis_erect_archer.gif) [iqdb]
FS/N Archer, and british spy Archer in a buddy cop movie. In Gensokyo.

Plot twist. Gilgamesh shows up half through on his bike as a rival PI.

Optional M. Night Shalayalaylaylaylaymen tier twist: One or more of them is a cute girl
Because they're immature kids who think something have to have tons of gore and death to be good. Same sort that play Warhammer 40,000 and take things seriously.

but things in gensokyo aren't generally grimdark and it's been said that the humans in gensokyo fare pretty well against generic feral youkai.

Drop the Gilgamesh part. Give him enough reason to, and Gensokyo (as well as everything in it) dies.

His Ego doesn't like to be brused, and he hates gods. And there are a few Touhou's that fit snugly in that territory.

Besides, if there's anything that can No Sell Mokou and Kaguya's immortality, it's Nasu-Style magic.
File 140149227494.jpg - (45.68KB, 500x375, watching you.jpg) [iqdb]
The MC is a member of the mafia in the prohibition era. now, wait for it, this is when it gets awesome.

During a raid to a supposed rival family's armory, the hit-squad accidentally found themselves inside of a heavily secured secret government research facility.

Forced back to the heart of the facility, the squad came upon a strange shaped vehicle. A DeLorean.

Desperate for a mean to escape, the squad stole the DeLorean and proceed to hit the road.

After breaking 88 miles per hour, the squad arrived in Gensokyo, and found out that their gas tank had been shot to heck.

And then, the MC found out that he now possessed the ability to see 10 seconds into the future.

Satori: My name is...
MC: Your name is the same as your species? That's kind of stupid.
Satori: Well, I-
MC: Your sister? oh, don't worry, she's not a trouble at all.
Satori: Okay...then-
MC: No, i do not appreciate that your hell raven shot me to hell.
Satori: Couldn't you wait until-
MC:Pot, kettle, black.
I wonder, has anyone considered doing a Touhou X Kingdom of Loathing crossover? Given how both universes have a tendency of being afflicted with weird stuff and portals in a general basis, it wouldn't be too far-fetched for both to collide.

For example: a random adventurer, for his umpteenth ascension, decides to reincarnate as an Avatar of a "forgotten" or long dead Touhou character (Mima, Youki, Myouren, etc.), and ends up in Higan. First he must find a way to cross the Sanzu River (like, disguising as a shinigami, crafting a boat, or turning into a ghost), and once he's back in the realm of the living, he must find a way to return to his own world.

The other way around would have one or several Touhoes looking for adventure and, via gap, visit the Council of Loathing and do some quests in their world. Some girls are used to face weird and quirky people in danmaku, but how would they fare against the even weirder creatures of the KoL world?

If someone were able to replicate the witty, non-sequitur, pop-culture overdosed humor of KoL, I believe it would be a very nice read.
Kingdom of Amalur crossover. the MC in this game could weave a giant spear made of the threads of fate.
MC can interact with alternate versions of himself. They're all similar (although personality can differ) and live in the same timeline: no future or past selves to ask advice/warn about. But each Alt!MC take different choices in life for better or worse.

And then they wind up in Gensokyo, with the possibility of landing anywhere, and so begins a story that's multiple-in-one. And for additional fun, they can occasionally go into another version's world; For wacky hijinks, or perhaps to attempt to replace Our!MC as they're a second from going into a Bad End.
Why does that make me think of Hitman Reborn?
So I've seen people made up stories about Tank tsukumogami. But since i know there's somewhere in canon that said nothing built in the past 100 years could become a tsukumogami, why don't someone write a story about a colonial era Man-o-War? Imagine, a tsukumogami, a cute girl that's 80 percent of her bodymass consists entirely of cannons!

inb4 shot down because KanColle
>But since i know there's somewhere in canon that said nothing built in the past 100 years could become a tsukumogami
That's because the definition of a Tsukumogami is an item that has been used for a hundred years before gaining life.
Or one of the definitions at least. It's a bit fuzzy. I'm sure there are some good sites about Japanese folklore out there that can expand on it.

I'm also not really sure if a war machine like a battleship could ever become one, but whatever. Feel free setting sail on the SS Moe if that's your poison.

Just make sure that you have a good idea for a story beyond just "moe battleship". That's not exactly a lot to go on.
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