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You are "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-ing" at the suspension of Touhouproject.com, and after mashing F5 for a couple hundred times you black out and wake up somewhere familiar.

[]Youkai Mountain
No idea how to do UFO characters yet.

No. 115
Long subject is long.
No thinking, just writing.
No. 116
[x] Plummeting towards the ground at great speed.
No. 118
[]Youkai Mountain
No. 119
The first thing you notice is the pain in your head and the mountains surrounding you from all sides.

Nearby you see a blue haired girl in green clothing and a large backpack... wait a second, that's Nitori! And next to her is... Momiji!

Oh shit, you're in Gensokyo. Screw Touhouproject, you're in Gensokyo!

They seem to be talking between each other while still looking at you. They both seem a bit concerned.

What do you do?
No. 120

[ ] Look for a highspeed internet connection
No. 121
[X] Hit F5 again and again and hope that if you press it enough times Kanako might appear. Beat her up because she's 'holy'.
No. 124
While you're glad you're in Gensokyo, you can't possibly live without internet! While thinking this, Nitori is the first to come up to you.

"Are you okay? You just fell all of a sudden."

Nitori loves Technology! She should be the perfect person to find out a way for you to get a computer at least, then you can go to someone else, Yukari or Kaguya for a high speed internet connection.

"Hey, you know where I can get a computer?"

She steps back, surprised. "You're an outsider! That's right!" She turns to Momiji. "It was nice talking to you, please enjoy the cucumbers! Since I was about to go anyway, I'll be going now~!"

Momiji only nods, still a bit bewildered at the situation. Nitori then picks you up, dusts you off just a bit and leads you away to wherever the Kappa places are.

Eventually you make it to a cave full of a bunch of machines and gadgets and whatnot. Nitori tell you that she'll go look around for what she was told was a computer and will be back soon.

What do you do?
No. 126
[ ] Follow Nitori without being seen.
No. 127
You follow Nitori as silently as you can. She makes a few turns into a few hallways, this place is pretty large. Eventually, you follow her into a room filled with dismantled laptops and CPUs where she starts looking around and eventually spots a Laptop that doesn't have any parts lying around it. She presses a button and waits for a while before it turns on. She then closes it again and turns around, heading out of the room. She's about to see you unless you do something.

What do you do?
No. 128
[ ] Turn invisible.
No. 129
[X] Pretend to be the carpet.
[X] .....
[X] Wait, what do you mean there's no carpet here?! Stupid kappa and their love of porcelain tiles!
No. 132
Good thing you've played Metal Gear Solid a few times before. You grabbed the stealth camo because it looked pretty familiar while you were following Nitori.on on it. Instantly, your hand fades from sight and there's only a slight bend in light where your hand is supposed to be.

Nitori passes you without noticing you and you follow her out the room... only to bump into her because she had stopped suddenly when past the door. After bumping into her, you accidentally stumble backwards and the stealth camo turns off. She smiles.

"So you outsiders also know how to use Stealth Camo?! That's amazing! I only tried to make it after Miss Meiling showed me something that did that on a Television! Technology must be so amazing out there!" She seems really happy that you're here, guess when someone's been tinkering with so many things from the outside world, they begin to ponder about how the people of that world live. And here you are, a person from there. "So! Here's a computer that seems to work that only arrived not too long ago!" She hands you the laptop. "I don't really know how to work it other than the button turning it on though..."


What do you do?
No. 133
By the way, first vote wins, unless I can't or don't want to write it. Turning invisible was a lucky one.
No. 134
[x] Go find me a box, you can only feel secure in a box after all.
No. 135

[x] "You wouldn't happen to have an internet connection would you?"
[x] If she doesn't know what that is explain THE INTERNET to her.
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No. 138
"You wouldn't happen to have an internet connection would you?" You ask.

She maintains her stare at you but hums a bit, seemingly lost in thought. She doesn't seem to notice while thinking, but her hands slowly drift up to the gold key on the center of her chest. You can't help but look at her chest while she fiddles around with an old looking key, tapping at each giant tooth while thinking to herself. Her breasts aren't very small, that's for sure, what with her backpack straps wrapping around them and pushing them up. After a few attempt at staying somewhat socially decent by looking at the key or her face instead of her breasts. She squeaks out, suddenly jolting your attention towards her face this time.

"I remember reading about that in a few books that said to contact them on the internet with a weird sentence of www and stuff. Miss Ran told me it was something in the outside world which let people share information and things very easily, even if they were really, really far away from each other! You outsiders have so many nifty things!" She frowns. "But... I don't really have anything like that though... I get a bit sidetracked from project to project and I haven't spent a lot of time with computers to understand how an internet works. I'm... sorry I can't help you." She looks down again, still fiddling with that key of hers.

What do you do?
No. 139
Break time. I'll update next time I get bored.
No. 140
[X] Forget internet. Bed Nitori, NOW.
No. 142
No. 959
If you, sir writefag, don't feel like writing some Nitori rape,
[x]tell Nitori we can make internet in gensokyo, but we will need a series of tubes.
No. 1000
No. 1006
[x] Suggest asking Kaguya if she knows about the internet while seducing her. For cute awesome kappas are not for raping, but seducing
No. 1019
[X]Find a way to create internet.
No. 1064
[+] Suggest that we make an Internet in Gensokyo. They have the nuclear power and enough junk from outside, maybe we can build a server and...
No. 1067
[X] Forget internet. Bed Nitori, NOW.

No. 1108
You can't take it anymore, this is Nitori, adorable Kappa and shy to humans, lover of outsider technology, and she's fidgeting and being utterly adorable right now. You place the laptop on a clear enough shelf near you and stare back at her.

"I'd... really like to be able to help... but..." Her voice gradually lowers in volume as she continues speaking. "... if only... I had known the first outsider I meet would have liked if I knew about computers better..." She sniffs a bit.

"Nitori." You say to her, making her shoot up, letting you get a clearer look at her face. She's been holding back tears and stutters out. "Ah, no!" She looks away, realizing how she must look with that expression of sadness on her face. About the instant she looks away you manage to grab her shoulder and she immediately turns to you, fear rising to her face. "I'm sorry Mr. Outsider! I w-wanted to help so much!" She chokes out, she's about to cry before you give her a hug and she goes silent.

"Shhh." She stays limp in your arms, she has such a calming aroma as you continue to keep her tight in your hug. "There's nothing at all to cry about. Just relax."

You slowly release the hug, still gripping onto her shoulders, touching her like this now... she feels really short. She's still standing the same way as she was when you had hugged her. "Feel better now...?" You ask.
She looks up at you, her tears are flowing from her eyes but she's hardly making a sound. She soon begins to blush furiously and starts to breathe faster. "Do... do you... like... me...?" She asks.

She barely even waits for you to give a nod and give a speech about how much you appreciate her, before she grips your shirt hard and pulls you to her lips. You forgot she still had youkai strength, the jerk towards her and almost slamming into her face was just so sudden. Her kiss feels sloppy, but she does it so passionately that you can't help but feel helpless against it. She pulls away for a second, looking at you with lust in her eyes.

What do you do?

(Meh, this course of action doesn't exactly follow the votes, going in a bad direction? Or not? Voice out an opinion, I wrote this cause I couldn't sleep, but now I'm sleepy. Good night.)
No. 1109
[x] Kiss her back. Get her in the mood for even further debauchery.
No. 1110
[x] Make technology innuendo

No. 1115

This, we are at a good start for seducing her.