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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 136821880859.jpg - (83.91KB, 480x360, bad hair day.jpg) [iqdb]
10846No. 10846
Touhou 14 announced.

Sakuya is playable. Fan-fucking-tastic.
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>>No. 10847
The thing with ZUN's art is that I can't really tell a fake from a real ss.
The backgrounds are same-y, the characters look like ass and the shoot type of Sakuya seems designed by a handicapped blind liberal arts degree student.
>>No. 10848
File 136821967821.jpg - (77.67KB, 822x479, 1327617880122.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 10849
Smug Sakuya fans incoming!

And I was hoping ZUN had already forgotten about her altogether (and all the old characters).
>>No. 10851
It's on ZUN's blog, it's authenticity is undisputed.

As far general remarks, it seems to be a simpler games though I wonder how the fragments would come into play as they were usually associated with gimicks (Life fragments are a reward for surviving a spell card in SA)

I'm sort of shocked that Sanae isn't playable... makes me wonder if she's going to be a returning boss or not.
>>No. 10852
The enemy looks like Rin with a cape.

Also how can we make 'Double Dealing Character' a Mima reference?
>>No. 10856
File 13682310997.jpg - (178.09KB, 480x360, 1368225405836.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 10857
File 136823112292.jpg - (185.44KB, 480x360, 1368226015030.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 10861
I heard something about how the heroine's weapons are acting up (might be why Marisa's Hakkero is acting like a flame thrower) and that they could fight without said weapon (not sure what'd happen when Sakuya and Marisa go weaponless)
>>No. 10862
File 136829379517.jpg - (862.15KB, 800x1131, e912aaf39505ed02f863caf83c026ab1.jpg) [iqdb]
Well then. It's time for a witch to smack a loli bitch.
>>No. 10875
File 136881143632.jpg - (326.69KB, 777x1000, d97b4e2d07f4b21ea37ab955e887514b.jpg) [iqdb]
If Sakuya can be a playable character again then Mima can show up in a game too.
>>No. 10877
File 136881925243.jpg - (482.64KB, 1200x789, byakuren3.jpg) [iqdb]
Time for youkai jesus to kick ass and take names.
>>No. 10878
You are probably looking for this thread: >>10269
>>No. 11000
File 13695408869.jpg - (432.70KB, 1280x960, ddc1.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh for fucks sake.
>>No. 11001
I think someone needs to chill out
>>No. 11005
10/10. Jimmies rustled.
I am going to enjoy the shit out of this game.
>>No. 11008
File 136954255947.jpg - (230.02KB, 960x720, kagerou.jpg) [iqdb]
This, on the other hand, is neat. Can you guess who it is?
>>No. 11015
Tell us.
>>No. 11016
Well, remember how Reimu's yin-yang orb can turn into a cat? Well, here it/she is!
Also she's a werewolf.
>>No. 11018
So moe hakero and knives are confirmed?
>>No. 11023
File 13695491127.jpg - (260.15KB, 1280x960, 1369537900333.jpg) [iqdb]
More toohoos appear!
>>No. 11026
File 136955051882.png - (6.80KB, 548x493, 1369546218951.png) [iqdb]
Sakuya's profile.
There's something in there about Lunarians?

Can anyone translate?
>>No. 11029

Hakurei Reimu

The usual miko from the hakurei shrine.

Her oharai-bou ("exorcism stick"), formally known as a oonusa has started to exorcise demons on it's own lately but it has problems keeping up with them. So she holds unto it until she is close and throws it at her enemies. It feels like she is being used by the oharai-bou so it leaves her unsatisfied, however...

Kirisame Marisa

The normal witch who likes to collect stuff.

Lately her mini-hakkero has begun to emit flames on its own so she keeps it outside her house. The forest of magic is very damp so there doesn't seem to be a danger of starting a forest fire...

Izayoi Sakuya

The maid who lives in the scarlet devil mansion.

Recently, she has found knives that will fly towards her enemies on there own. Since it's so much easier than throwing them herself, she enjoys using them. At that time, she hears rumors that youkai are running wild near the misty lake, and heads out to try her new daggers.

Sakuya you psychopath...
>>No. 11037
"My oonusa is exorcising on its own!"
>>No. 11040
File 136957435935.png - (1.19MB, 960x720, th14 2013-05-26 15-10-38-01.png) [iqdb]
SakuyaA's focus shots are quite heroic this time.

Also, her bomb is now The World, complete with the growing sphere and inverted colours.
>>No. 11044
File 136959020763.jpg - (335.55KB, 850x990, 9723873f8ff6504d61aef0c3acd3d900.jpg) [iqdb]
Her knives look like Yumeko's swords.
10/10 ZUN.
>>No. 11046
File 136959140117.jpg - (63.32KB, 450x426, 1369420325795.jpg) [iqdb]
"so it leaves her unsatisfied"
How lewd
>>No. 11052
So after reading the translated script of every scenario, I reached the following conclusion:

If you pick the A Shot Type, the chosen girl will follow their living weapons, become infected with their enthusiasm, and be more blood thirsty and excited about exterminating youkai than usual.

If you pick the B Shot Type, the girls will cast aside their living weapons, thus acting with a cooler demeanor - like in all the other games - and even a bit reticent about beating up the youkai who want to pick up a fight with them.
>>No. 11054
Sakuya in the B route has her telling the stage two boss "Behave yourself and no one will hurt you... except for the Shrine Maiden".

The plot revealed is that something's causing these youkai to get rowdy as normally they're rather peaceful.

Riled up Youkai and incident resolving tools running amok... sounds like whoever the mastermind is, they want an increase in human vs youkai fighting.
>>No. 11055
Considering we're having arcs across games now.
TH15: Byakuren is now playable!
>>No. 11060
>>No. 11061
I'm not sure if the whole Moriya shrine arc was effectively wrapped up.
>>No. 11062
For starters, the moriya shrine arc (09 10 11 and 12) is over now. Second: Sanae's weapon is extremely boring and would not fit well in this game. Third: she's already nuts about hunting youkai: her B route would be unrealistic.
>>No. 11063
The arc doesn't seem to have any sort of fitting end but rather getting cut off. This game has in some ways a MoF vibe (except this time it's Sanae and Youmu getting bus trips)

Honestly I didn't think Reimu's gohei was anything especial compared to her own power and the yin yang orbs as it just looked like just another Gohei.

Sanae's may be more likely to be special. And while her overzealousness (mainly seen in her UFO A story) is quite infamous, it's not the only thing that defines her.
>>No. 11603
File 137573645621.jpg - (491.99KB, 1200x1200, 1375700883120.jpg) [iqdb]
Necromancing powers go!

Comments on who this new supposedly musician girl?
>>No. 11604
File 137573915483.jpg - (134.61KB, 850x808, sample-5030ab11eec9a483f6bd749651d2bec3.jpg) [iqdb]
Could it be?
>>No. 11605
DDC seems to base the girls on Western creatures this time around, so I doubt a Chinese/Japanese kirin will appear in this game.

If she does, however, I demand Mima back as well. If ZUN brings back a character from the scrapped pile, there's no reason why he wouldn't use a character that has actually appeared in previous games before.
>>No. 11607
File 137575710897.jpg - (90.25KB, 800x600, rokurokubi.jpg) [iqdb]
>DDC seems to base the girls on Western creatures this time around
Sekibanki is not a dullahan. She is a nukekubi / rokurokubi. The term "dullahan" may be used in relation to her in some cases by ZUN, but that has more to do with ZUN not really caring what a dullahan is other than the severed head thing than with her actually being a dullahan. Her powers and even her appearance match closely with those of a nukekubi or rokurokubi, as she has both a stretchy neck and a detachable head; but she has very little, if anything, in common with a dullahan.
>>No. 11618
I keep seeing Kohaku in that goddamn pic.

Anyway, I can't think of western mythological creatures that are related to music but aren't sirens.
>>No. 11619
even if they're western in origin, all three bosses have japanese names
>>No. 11669
Download link is up. Expect FUN, especially stage 5.

>>No. 11681
So, I haven't been on here in well over a year, probably. Just heard about this new game and have been looking up on it.

Getting a case of "Eww, new characters". Though, generic-catgirl-Reimu, Yuugi-Nue and pink Yuuka aren't helping matters, much. Or Prismriver-sisters-minus-one(two). Hell, I still can't get used to Mamizou.

Just wondering if anyone has included the new cast in any of their stories, yet. Something I might find unique or enjoyable about them, even in an admittedly fanon point of view.
>>No. 11682
None yet, unless you count the story YAF made over at /shorts/.

>>No. 11683
Good to see he's still here.

>>No. 11684
The new characters (largely from the DDC trial) have actually shown up in a few stories.

in /th/

Paper Football Days has Sekibanki

Flights of Fancy has the mermaid

Gensokyo's Public Enemy seems like it's going to have Raiko.

there's also The Fifth Age over in /others/ stars Kokoro and currently involves Kagerou.
>>No. 11685
Nice. Got a decent amount of reading ahead of me now. Thank you.
>>No. 13374
Don't mind me, just bumping this thread to inform anyone who doesn't know already that Double Dealing Character has official digital distribution now: http://www.playism.jp/games/th14/

Go buy it and support the fuck out of ZUN.

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