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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 134944202924.jpg - (60.81KB, 400x568, th135logo.jpg) [iqdb]
10269No. 10269


Get fucking hype.
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>>No. 10270
Can't say that I'm a big fan of the fighting games. The sprites have changed style too. I'm not sure if it's an improvement.
>>No. 10271
Never did well in the fighting games, but I'm still excited. Religious wars are go!
>>No. 10272
>>No. 10273
File 134946554988.gif - (796.60KB, 300x169, 1344651503662.gif) [iqdb]
Oh. My body is SO ready for this.
>>No. 10275
Holy god damn, those sprites suit Touhou like a hole in the head. It looks like a fucking fan game.
>>No. 10276
I wonder if Sanae's going to be the main character again.

Seriously this will go one of two ways: Great or Horrible.
>>No. 10277

What, would you prefer the infamous zombie Reimu? The at-times blobby limbs and faces? The inconsistent character heights and bust sizes?

I like the look of the sprites. They look... polished. Professionally made. Good. You must be like one of those guys who defends DOTA2 for "keeping all the quirks and tricks of the old", not "intentionally recreating all idiosyncrasies and bugs of the WC3 engine because of nostalgia".

I will say that the UI doesn't appeal to me though. The font being used for the English names and the "yes", "no", and "neither" (whatever those mean) looks like it came straight out of Microsoft Word. That should be changed.
>>No. 10278
What? We're talking about fighter sprites, not ZUN art.
>>No. 10279

So am I. Precisely what kind of sprite "suits Touhou", then? If you ask me the old sprites were kind of unpolished; these look good. Unless you're into pixelation.
>>No. 10280
Playing Touhou for the art is like is like playing Call of Duty for its deep, symbolic story.

Get hyped.
>>No. 10281
I doubt it'd change the actual character art, though i wonder if Alphes will have permission to actually give characters curves or not.
>>No. 10282
The SWR sprites and stuff. They're distinctive and bursting with character.
>>No. 10283
This. That third picture on Tasofro's website shows Reimu with a distinctive ZUN face, which is far from optimal.
>>No. 10284
Don't know man.
The portraits look fine to me. Definitely not ZUN art there.
>>No. 10285

I believe he meant Reimu's face on the character model.
>>No. 10447
File 135166606480.jpg - (1.71MB, 1000x1414, 1351214559687.jpg) [iqdb]
So... anyone else think that the upcoming holy war will be our last, best hope of getting Mima back? She is the most likely candidate for god of the Hakurei Shrine.
>>No. 10448
File 135166664190.jpg - (569.19KB, 1024x1024, 2728f95868ebf9d38ca0f737aa74be88.jpg) [iqdb]

As much as I would enjoy that, I reluctantly must disagree.

Hakurei Border also, remember?
>>No. 10449
Mima confirmed to fight Yukari for resident power figure at the Hakurei Shrine?
>>No. 10452
Mima confirmed for never appearing again

>>No. 10462
Nobody worships Yukari, and she's not seeking to get worshiped. Becoming a god would limit both her power and how she could use it.
>>No. 10463

I'm not impressed. Free flight all the time almost never works for fighters, and the animation is as big a step down from the previous fighters as the sprites.
>>No. 10464
I don't think the animation looks bad actually. I'm skeptical about the free flight as well, however.
>>No. 10465
hard to tell if that's the final thing or not but last time I checked there wasn't a great focus on animation in the past fighting games.

Though I can imagine other fighting game fans being unhappy with having to learn entirely new stuff.
>>No. 10466
Oh, it doesn't look BAD, it just looks...dull. Soulless.

>last time I checked there wasn't a great focus on animation in the past fighting games
I don't understand.
>>No. 10467
What... the hell. That free flight seems to ruin the pacing of a fighting game. And where's all those over-the-top special moves? Maybe it's still too early for them to add (or maybe their keeping us in the dark about that aspect), but I hope this isn't what they plan to release for the complete version.
>>No. 10468
I wasn't in love with the previous sprite style truth be told. It got the job done but I didn't think it great. So this is just different rather than better or worse. Neither has real character as far as I see it (often the case with doujin fighting games) so calling it soulless is a bit of a stretch, I think. This time around it looks a bit more fluid as well, so that might be good if the mechanics work out.
>>No. 10469
I'm liking it. It looks natural and it flows really well. I mean, if they were fighting with cards, I imagine it'd look like that.
It does look a little dull. It needs more lasers and spells going off. How can we dodge bullets if there aren't enough on the screen?
>>No. 10475
I imagine the "trailer" was using a demo build and such. That and in recollection, specials in Touhou fighting games weren't really that crazy, though some of the supers would qualify.

That and I think it was advertising the demo, not the full game.

I agree, and there's the fact what we saw was likely a beta build, not something complete.
>>No. 10476
The flight thing to me seems like it might be pretty hard to use in an actual fighting game, but I'll wait and see.

The Characters sprites, in my personal opinon, have a more classical feel to them, like something out of an old arcade game. I like em

Anybody else happen to hear that Music? it sounded su-weet!
>>No. 10536
The more I see of this, the more it looks like just another fangame, and not a particularly great one.
>>No. 10542

A Video I found, has a couple of supers in effect and it appears the character's remaining life functions as a super meter.
>>No. 10545
Those background characters make me rock hard.
>>No. 10547
File 135683411684.jpg - (40.59KB, 240x320, 1356826745468.jpg) [iqdb]
Sys Req:

>OS : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
>DirectX : DirectX9.0c以上
>CPU : Intel Core2Duo2.6GHz以上、またはそれ相当のもの
>メモリ : 1GB以上の搭載メモリ
>ビデオカード : DirectX9.0c、シェーダー2.0に対応したVRAM512MB以上のもの
>ディスプレイ : 1280×720の解像度を表示可能なもの

Also Ichirin confirmed
>>No. 10548
File 135683426198.jpg - (101.24KB, 768x1024, 1356833878133.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 10549
File 135683670379.png - (183.44KB, 343x237, 1356836342978.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 10550

I'm convinced.
>>No. 10551
Link for the trial version.


Touhou fandom sure is fast for these things.
>>No. 10552
File 135690039867.gif - (1.24MB, 320x176, Ichispin.gif) [iqdb]
Ichirin a badass
>>No. 10721
It seriously looks like a fangame but the story and music seem very nice.
>>No. 10727
and the previous fighters didn't? The fighting games are basically officially endorsed fangames (as it's Tasafro that does the programming/etc, ZUN just writes the story/dialogue)
>>No. 10771
File 13659252378.jpg - (143.47KB, 960x543, 549511_10200446793923902_1291744866_n.jpg) [iqdb]
>Human Village is now a fair fight zone
>Rinnosuke is not the only male in Gensokyo now
>Beer is more popular than sake among the male population (Author appeal?)
>Kaguya and Mokou can coexist in the same place without murdering each other
>Yuugi's blue kimono is now official
>Yuugi can go outside the Underground
>>No. 10772
Are the fighting games supposed to be canon?
>>No. 10773
If they weren't, we wouldn't have Suika, Tenshi and Iku.
>>No. 10774
And that would be terrible.

Look at all dem nameless mooks. I'm glad we've got some faced villagers now. Hope to see them show up in doujins in the future.
Not to glad about the reminder that Keine is actually flat, though. Especially with actual titty monsters Yuugi and Eirin in the same shot...not to mention the waitress villager. Grrrgh...
>>No. 10775
Blame ZUN as I'd imagine he'd have some reason to have against having Keine be a hot teacher. I'm surprised Alphes was able to get away giving some characters curves in the first place.
>>No. 10776
>Rinnosuke is not the only male in Gensokyo now
He never was.
>>No. 10777
>Author appeal
You can bet your ass it is.
>>No. 10880
File 13688207849.jpg - (43.50KB, 240x640, chara_04.jpg) [iqdb]
It is time.
>>No. 10881
Sauce faggit.
I need proof before I believe something this good.
>>No. 10882
Never mind. Sauce has been found:

Scroll to the bottom. I'm guessing new characters each day till launch?
>>No. 10884
Well, it was obvious she would appear in a game based on religious wars. Doesn't make it any less exciting to know though.

But what's up with that coolie hat? Is that Byakuren's attempt at following the Gensokyan tradition of wearing silly hats or what?
>>No. 10886
I guess Alphes' into obvious colored eyebrows now, possibly some sort of odd Street Fighter reference but an odd turn regardless.
>>No. 10887
I bet silver against gold that Miko won't be a playable character and neither will kanako.
>>No. 10888
I actually think it's her scroll. Notice how it curves around her body and ends up in her other hand.
>>No. 10889
I thought it was an orange...
Your's makes much more sense.
>>No. 10890
Why does Alphes's arms look so bad now? They are like SA Satori's T-rex stubs.

No, seriously, the art quality o the arms DECREASED from 12.3. Why?
>>No. 10891
It's not the arms per se, but a combination of giant heads, stubby wrists and shitty hands.

At least he's consistent.
>>No. 10893
File 136892126284.jpg - (46.54KB, 240x640, chara_05.jpg) [iqdb]

>>No. 10894
So tiny.
What's wrong with her hair?
>>No. 10895
I really like how Futo's Last Word is a sea of fire.

Doesn't that make Mokou jealous?
>>No. 10896
File 136893260052.png - (144.27KB, 700x700, 1368217387725.png) [iqdb]
T'is is an most exciting development!
>>No. 10897
I don't think there was ever any doubt about legs with Futo.
>>No. 10899
File 136896831082.jpg - (78.34KB, 649x607, 405638_525549917480227_199875595_n.jpg) [iqdb]

>>No. 10900
Damn that mantle!
>>No. 10901
>>No. 10902
muh dick
>>No. 10903
File 136898987597.jpg - (69.96KB, 600x790, 1285412943668.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 10904
Pimp cape is go!
>>No. 10905
File 136899695477.jpg - (174.04KB, 640x360, miko is awesome3.jpg) [iqdb]
It gets better.
>>No. 10906
What is a man?
>>No. 10907
File 136899981671.jpg - (284.12KB, 850x1133, cdf285db060d58a30182bf27b14db32e.jpg) [iqdb]
Futo just jugglin' them plates. What a baller.
>>No. 10908
Tojiko is a bg character
Seiga is a bg character
0/10 game.
>>No. 10909
note what's on the lower left of the screen, look familiar?
>>No. 10910
Tsafro pls. What r the gaijin guys doing there. No memes pls.
>>No. 10911
You forgot the fact they made Okuu's "third arm" a cannon, a piece of ascended fanon.
>>No. 10912
A lot of fanon things were made canon. Daiyousei, Koakuma, Hong Meiling (China), Satori (arguably)
>>No. 10913
Pffft, what the hell?

How do you mean?
>>No. 10914
File 136902002598.jpg - (122.09KB, 800x649, Zun_Designs.jpg) [iqdb]
Look familiar? Guess what was floating around the web before SA?
>>No. 10915
I thought Koakuma (at least her name) was not canon?
>>No. 10916
File 136905447320.jpg - (77.97KB, 422x290, KoakumaIOTMIOTE.jpg) [iqdb]
>Koakuma has no official name; this was confirmed by ZUN very early on. The commonly used name in the fanbase is Koakuma (小悪魔), meaning "Little Devil" or "Imp". ZUN used this term in an answer of the response to the question from the fans, while again stating at the same time that she was unnamed

Correct, but ZUN still used her name.

"China" is more or less the same. "Haha I can't remember her name either so I've called her China before". Doesn't quite make it canon.
>>No. 10917
File 136906601210.jpg - (44.43KB, 240x640, chara_07.jpg) [iqdb]
Newcomer: Nitori

She's a Space Cop In 3D.

Also, looks like Moriya Shrine's not participating. They're all in the background for Youkai Mountain.
>>No. 10918
Well, fuck. She was the one I was least expecting to appear in the game. ZUN never ceases to surprise me.

>Also, looks like Moriya Shrine's not participating. They're all in the background for Youkai Mountain.
I think it's too early to suppose this; for all we know, some background characters might be playable too. Honestly, I cannot imagine a war to recollect faith in Gensokyo without the Moriyas butting in.
>>No. 10919
File 13690710563.jpg - (76.15KB, 640x360, 73-1.jpg) [iqdb]
Don't link directly to their site. It's constantly being hammered for obvious reasons, and is far from reliable.

Besides. This is a goddamn imageboard.
>>No. 10920
Are you fucking joking? Are you fucking joking!?
>>No. 10921
>Not playable

I am so fucking stoked right now.
>>No. 10922
too soon to say but Nitori was unexpected. Here's hoping Wriggle makes it in.
>>No. 10923
Where did you guys get that in the background = not playable?
>>No. 10924
Common sense.
>>No. 10925
that's something to be decided upon a full roster, that and I remember in Fatal Fury two that a couple of playable characters showed up in the background of Andy Bogard's stage (Terry and Mai depending on if one of them is fighting or not)
>>No. 10926

Besides, Suwako proved that gods can create multiple copies of themselves, so she and Kanako can literally can watch themselves kick ass and take names.
>>No. 10927
File 136911025378.jpg - (44.79KB, 320x180, last_07.jpg) [iqdb]
Bitches and whores, get hype. Nitori gonna shoot some touhous.
>>No. 10928
File 136913682664.png - (354.38KB, 664x645, 922755_526278327407386_1309151792_n.png) [iqdb]
Well played, Tasofro. Well played.
>>No. 10929
Of all the 2hos related to religion, and ZUN had to pick Koishi? What the hell?

Well, I'm not complaining. It's going to be interesting to watch our little satori spreading love and pain in this war for faith.
>>No. 10930
Best 2hu game yet? I think so.
>>No. 10931
inb4 Kogasa revealed as the last playable character for ultimate SURPRISE!
>>No. 10932
You can just see the LOVE in her eyes
>>No. 10933
File 136914229416.png - (866.17KB, 1702x1335, 5ed50d59713b210202bfe18077e2ec3d.png) [iqdb]
Truly the greatest decision of all time.
>>No. 10934
I read a comment in Danbooru that claims Tasofro said that "after Koishi there won't be any returning characters". Can anyone confirm (or hopefully disprove) this?
>>No. 10935
Confirmed by IRC translators. No more announcements, but there should be at least one new demo video.

Some guy on facebook is claiming that he looked through the executable of the web demo and got the playable characters from that. This was in June, and he got Nitori and Koishi right, so it's probably legit. The last character, according to him, will be Mamizou.

There might be new characters as well. I don't know how he was looking, but his method could have skipped over those entirely.
>>No. 10936
dunno if that's true, it'd be a giga-troll to various fans.

But yeah Koishi is an oddball among oddballs, considering her involvement is likely because it amused her.
>>No. 10937
This is so stupid. How the flying fuck do you make a game based around religion and gathering faith and not include the religious faction focused on gathering faith? Are we next going to have a vampire invasion without a peep from SDM or a Moon-based game without any Eientei? Fucking retarded.
>>No. 10938
Something tells me they're not going to partake directly in the war, but actually they'll be collecting faith behind everybody's backs while the other factions are busy fighting among themselves. That's their style, after all.
>>No. 10939

So in other words, they'll be the unplayable Boss characters.
>>No. 10940
>>No. 10941
It's pretty odd how Sanae seems to be getting bus trips for this and TH14.

That and it's even more outrageous that while a couple of unrelated characters (Nitori and Koishi) are playable, anyone from the faction who's been done to do crazy shit to gather faith isn't. Even Aya and/or Hatate showing up would make more sense (Incident=news).

This seems a major 180 on the hyping of Sanae as a chronic incident resolver.

Time to make a bunker for the shit that's going to go down if this holds to be true.
>>No. 10942

To be fair, the Moriya Shrine's ideology is mostly "'worship' those goddesses who are clearly visible through your own methods and good things will happen." Which does not really put them at odds with any of the fighting factions.
>>No. 10943
they also are very fond of stunts to gather faith.

SA was the result of such a stunt and another had Kanako try to make a dam with Kappa labor. Histensoku was Suwako's faith gathering project. There's Kanako attempt to make a sky trolley (the plan is to have humans get to the shrine easier)

One could see Sanae's adventures in UFO and TD as such.

SoPM shows that while Kanako and Miko got along rather well, the same couldn't be said of her interactions with Byakuren.

It'd be unlike the shrine, particularly Sanae to pass up such a ripe opportunity. Sanae is usually prone to doing rash actions (one of which provoked Reimu leading to the battles of MoF)
>>No. 10944
"We shall gather faith by not causing a ruckus in the middle of town. Unlike a certain group of ruffians."
>>No. 10946
People seem really bent out of shape about the missing MoF crew. Is it really that important for them to show up here?
>>No. 10947
Byakuren is the only one who openly condones—more so, promotes—the youkai domination of humans. This is something she has already taken to the next step when she went around claiming being a youkai exterminator while secretly supporting the side she was supposed to, well, exterminate. Since her release, all Byakuren has done is resume her ancient agenda, only this time, with the merit of hindsight, she is taking greater care about it.

Contrasted to Miko—who wants supremacy for humans (the natural course)—and Kanako—who desires a reasonable balance (equality)—Byakuren is a racialist youkai despot waiting to happen. She has little reason to trust, or indeed love, mankind; moreover, she has already betrayed it once. Her good-natured sheep’s clothing is nothing but clever disguise. Stay out of her net.
>>No. 10948

Irrelevant tangent: The sad part is, human life is probably STILL worth more under that scenario than in most countries.
>>No. 10949
considering they're known for faith gathering stunts and this whole melee is one massive faith gathering stunt, it'd make perfect sense for Sanae at least to butt in. That and the fact she went about butting into some incidents makes her omission raise some questions.

It'd make more sense for Sanae to be in it than Nitori (Shy people aren't the sort to go charging into a melee)

No Moriya folks in this is like TD (A game dealing with spirits) without Youmu and Yuyuko.

On a side note: What if the thing that got Tenshi's attention was the final battles of MoF? That'd be another notch on "things the Moriya shrine somehow started if unwittingly" It's related as SWR's weather muckery was noted to wreak havoc on the crops that year, and thus likely a factor in this incident.

You seem to overlook the fact that Miko's content to train until the humans demand her leadership. Though i presume with this incident she felt fit to display her power for the masses.

Though I wonder if there'll be some sort of message about the nature of some incidents as some of them seriously affected other things while others were minor.
>>No. 10960
>It'd make more sense for Sanae to be in it than Nitori (Shy people aren't the sort to go charging into a melee)
>No Moriya folks in this is like TD (A game dealing with spirits) without Youmu and Yuyuko.

What if the Moriya folks are secretly the reason Nitori charging into a melee? You think it's just coincidence that the one faction that's apparently sitting this fight out also happens to be the one faction that owns a lot of stuff that just about any kappa would do anything to get a hold of?
>>No. 10963
Not exactly clever unless they're counting on people assuming "They'd never be STUPID enough to do something so obvious" as the Moriyas would be the prime suspect upon seeing a Kappa butt into this.
>>No. 10967
File 136942403438.png - (0.95MB, 1024x1280, 34846540_big_p8.png) [iqdb]
>the Moriyas would be the prime suspect upon seeing a Kappa butt into this.

Which is why this situation is perfectly set-up for one of them to be the final boss.
>>No. 11002
Counting down to the release but it seems Mamizou HAS been confirmed!
>>No. 11003
File 136954146681.jpg - (105.02KB, 960x544, 431937_384969524953224_134954159_n.jpg) [iqdb]
My mistake. I forgot the source.
>>No. 11004
File 136954211398.jpg - (53.83KB, 642x367, 969605_10151600652974020_1852512733_n.jpg) [iqdb]

And another thing...
>>No. 11006
Waiiiit. New toohoo?
>>No. 11007
Well yeah. New games, new Touhous.
>>No. 11009

Name's "Hata no Kokoro", from my limited moonspeak, it means "Flag/fabric of the heart".

And the mask, the game is called Hopeless Masquerade after all.
>>No. 11010
According to NicoNico streams going on *right now*, her name is... Hata no Kokoro. Her playstyle involves the masks that revolve around her.

It's like ZUN just played Majora's Mask this year, hahaha.
>>No. 11011
Beat me to it!
>>No. 11020
Some notes from what I've seen on streams:
Byakuren- boobs, bounce, nuff said.
Koishi: Cute victory animation.
Miko: 2nd Coolest cape in Gensokyo.

The final boss has some interesting attacks, such as what appears to be a shark dive.
>>No. 11022
Second coolest cape?
Who has the first?
>>No. 11025
File 136955047250.gif - (94.41KB, 128x225, 1369543994256.gif) [iqdb]
Bouncing Buddhist tits confirmed!
>>No. 11027
Okuu's as it's hard to top seeing the cosmos on the inner lining.
>>No. 11028
File 13695516005.png - (392.25KB, 1029x1004, 1281114423507.png) [iqdb]
You need to ask?

I think Miko's badass cloak has Okuu beat, though.
>>No. 11031

Who's the Final Boss?
>>No. 11032
I do think Miko wears her better as she comes off more convincingly than Okuu.
>>No. 11033
File 136955638068.jpg - (71.09KB, 686x365, 1369547357249.jpg) [iqdb]
Hata no Kawakatsu
>>No. 11034
File 136955715740.png - (174.52KB, 332x366, the world ends with miko.png) [iqdb]
>>No. 11039
I, for one, welcome our new Britannian Tao overlords.
>>No. 11042
File 136958518881.png - (417.21KB, 700x1034, 44d9b34e137316d3b987118d4e648ce6.png) [iqdb]
Hata no Kokoro's theme, straight from the full game:


I also read somewhere that the 66 masks that she controls were made by none other than Prince Shotoku. If that is true, brace yourselves for an avalanche of MikoXKokoro pictures and mangas.

Also, fanfic artists are incredibly fast at making pics.
>>No. 11043
File 136958986131.jpg - (197.37KB, 850x1133, sample-b3c90762f9279dce34bad609b95d403e.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 11045
File 136959115655.png - (397.40KB, 700x1034, concealed the conclusion.png) [iqdb]
One thing I can say is she sure doesn't look familiar.
>>No. 11047
Paint skills off the chart.
>>No. 11049
File 136959279272.jpg - (305.56KB, 500x701, 35950051.jpg) [iqdb]
I thought the same thing when I first saw her. A long-haired Satori would be pretty nice, wouldn't it?
>>No. 11050
Yeah. First time I saw her, I thought she's a long-haired Satori, too.

Oh well, I like Satori's design so I'm not complaining.
>>No. 11051
File 136959472514.png - (154.08KB, 250x250, kokoro_6530.png) [iqdb]
I dunno, her hair looks more lavender than pink to me.
>>No. 11056
So I made it to Kokoro but then the game crashed. Any ideas?
>>No. 11057
Same thing happened to me. Apparently there's a patch available at Tasofro's site, but after running it the game still crashes when I get to fight Kokoro both in Reimu and Marisa's stories. Maybe I'm installing the patch the wrong way...
>>No. 11059
>>11056 here, checked it out. Apparantly it's necessary to run the game in Japanese locale.
>>No. 11068
File 136965018484.jpg - (613.06KB, 1280x906, 51d8eaba4736af52a44bf0a85982e420.jpg) [iqdb]
>Paint skills off the chart.
This any better?
>>No. 11069
I changed my laptop's settings to Japanese and it still crashes at the same part. I also reinstalled the game again in Japanese settings, and installed the update after that, but the problem persists. Any help, please? I'm sick and tired of dealing with Mamizou's Night Parade over and over again. Seriously, that Spell is awfully hard.
>>No. 11072
I'm >>11069. I managed to solve it. I had a derp moment: what i changed was the language of the system, not its localization. Now it works perfectly and I was able to complete both Reimu and Marisa's scenarios with no problem. Now onto practicing with Byakuren and Miko!
>>No. 11073
Get on irc and fight with us.
>>No. 11074

Now I just have to figure what the fuck is wrong with Koishi and how to play her. It seems like she takes my inputs as 'suggestions' more than orders.
>>No. 11075
She's super buggy. Watch the vine move.
>>No. 11078
From what I have figured out, you change the 3 symbols in the lower corner with certain buttons. One for meele focus (red), one for range (blue) and one for I dont know (green). If you hold the keys turnin them on(they stop flickering) or activate multiple at once, Koishi will sometimes act on her own and do some attacks once the enemy gets too close. Depending on which symbol/s are active her moveset and bullets change.
>>No. 11079

The Something Awful goons translated each character's profile, with explanations for their special skills. Your description is mostly accurate, but have this anyway.

Special Skill: Super Reflexes
When the command for heavy melee attacks, heavy projectile attacks and special moves are entered, the move is "set" and will activate automatically when certain conditions are fulfilled such as enemy placement or passage of time. One of each of the three attacks can be set at a time, and an icon will indicate when a move is prepared.
>>No. 11082
each attack has a specific condition (distance, direction the enemy is in) it needs to activate. Green is for specials. Some specials activate instantly.
>>No. 11137
Does anybody out there have a translation for the menus?
>>No. 11141
There is, thanks to the F.I.A. in the poosh thread.

main option menu

- SE Volume
- BGM Volume
- Display (Windowed) (Full-screen)
- Full-screen Resolution
- Background Quality (High-Medium-Low)
- Draw Rate (Normal) (1/2)
- Vertical Synchronizing (Functional) (Non-functional)
- FPS Display (Functional) (Non-functional)
- Replay Recording (Record all) (Non-functional) (Prompt a choice each time)
- Replay Recording [For Network] (Record all) (Only during fights) (Only during watches) (Non-functional)

Practice menu

- Resume game
- Character Select
- Return to Title
- Reset [Hotkey F1]
- Health [Hotkey F2]
- Spirit Gauge [Hotkey F3]
- Quick gauge recovery [Hotkey F4]
- Adjust popularity for P1 [Hotkey F5]
- Adjust popularity for P2 [Hotkey F6]
- Dummy movement (Neutral, Upward, Downward, CPU, 2P)
- CPU difficulty
- P1 position
- P2 position
- Counter-hit (Yes, No, Random)
- Block (Yes, No, Random, Block once)
- Chickenblock (Yes, No, Random)
- Dummy recovery (Forward, Back, Random)

nothing yet for the profiles menu but I think it should be similar to the past fighters.
>>No. 11178

For writers who don't have the time to wait for any possible patch and want the info contained in them. They are a bit crudely translated but the gist is pretty clear.
>>No. 11879
File 138159474850.jpg - (219.34KB, 849x1200, eecc48c1ddf871a1503e91c39329832e.jpg) [iqdb]
Patch 1.30 added one new skill and one new spellcard for every character except Kokoro (who already had three spellcards).

And you should go see Mamizou's new spellcard. Results are hilarious. Pic related.
>>No. 13147
is there an english patch ?
>>No. 13148
Yep. It's floating around Shrinemaiden right now.
>>No. 13158
Oh? I thought work was given up due to the how speech bubbles were and such.

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