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10147 2012/08/12 (Sun) 22:12 No. 10147
New episode of that Touhou anime from years ago; any thoughts?

2012/08/12 (Sun) 23:47 No. 10148
When I saw this thread on the list, I thought it was about Star Wars. I just hope the second episode is better than the first one.
And I hope there's Yorihime in it.
2012/08/13 (Mon) 03:06 No. 10149
It somehow managed to be even more boring than the last one.

A miniscule amount of progression in the world's dullest plot, painfully generic characterization, and less than a minute of actual fighting. If you aren't going to animate anything that's interesting to watch, why make an anime at all?

And then everyone forgot they could fly. That was just pathetic.
2012/08/13 (Mon) 03:29 No. 10150
That fucking fanon pandering. Those fucking piping voices. That NO PLOT. No. All around no.

I’ll just go back and rewatch that fandubbed Memories of Phantasm animation. At least that one had bearable voice acting. Which was done all by a single person to boot. That’s impressive. And it also has super lewd character designs, let’s not forget that.
2012/08/13 (Mon) 06:39 No. 10151
Hell of a lot better than the first one. Not saying much, I know, but I liked it. Fanon up the ass, but that's to be expected...and honestly, who cares?
Everyone suddenly has breasts, especially Marisa, and Reisen/Youmu got some panty/bloomer shots. Really, Maikaze? And that Keine cameo that didn't lead to anything was just cruel.

Maybe we can petition them to just make the series about Aya. She's easily the best part of this.
2012/08/13 (Mon) 13:49 No. 10152
I would trade most of THP's stories for a 12-episode anime of this.
2012/08/14 (Tue) 04:53 No. 10153

I'm guessing you mean the worst stories?
2012/08/14 (Tue) 05:04 No. 10154
Unfinished stories. THP's full of them after all.