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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 134256144077.jpg - (586.13KB, 752x918, b63e2693cc70f256d30250f7262b0111.jpg) [iqdb]
10059 No. 10059
Chill. Share your favorite stories. Have a laugh.
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>> No. 10061
I'd like to recommend an abandoned story and a one-post short!

Legend of the Scarlet Devil
It only had the OP post and a single update, but it looked promising. The writing style is simple and elegant at the same time, and the setting, while unclear, got me very interested. I can only hope the writer returns to continue the story.

Fishing Is a Small Hope
Rather than telling events as they happen, this short is a letter Maribel writes to Renko. She recounts a time she met Minoriko while fishing, and connects that experience to her relationship with Renko. The writer's mentioned that he might write something else related to it eventually, and I certainly hope that he does.
>> No. 10062
These are both excellent. Peerless Magician has only been missing for two months, writefags have come back after longer absences. But just for two posts?

I don't know, man. But I can hope.
>> No. 10063
It is also one of the times I wish the author had been enough of a newfag to put their email in their first post.
>> No. 10064
Copypastaing a (somewhat edited) post from the last thread about newish story rec's. Feel free to discuss or provide differing opinions.

/th/: Favors Owed is promising, both for finally being a Reisen-centric story and having an original idea for the plot (as far as I know, at least, never seen a hitman-styled story on the site before). Entertaining, and will make you feel bad for Reisen even as you're trying to ruin her life. The writefag's also good at writing side H-scenes, if that interests you.

/eientei/: Shooting Star seems to be "astronaut in Gensokyo", featuring an enigmatic Yukari and decently written Eientei crew. Not much to say here.
Touhou I.N. Space is too short and slowly updating to make much of a judgement on yet, but an AU space setting could be interesting.

/forest/: MegaSen's story is the only new one here, and it's a romancing Touhous story (main targets basically being Marisa, Mystia, and Rumia). Characterizations are nice enough, even if the writing quality isn't all that special.

/border/: HY's story, Renko's Adventure. Intriguing somewhat AU plot seeming to be focusing on magicians and the corrupting effect of magic, engaging characterizations, very rapidly updating. Definitely worth a look.

/shrine/: Chronograph (not all that new, but it's the only one I'm familiar with here) stars a western magician OC with some odd connections and similarities to Sakuya, is well-written and has a lot of interesting flashbacks/discussions about magic.

/sdm/: Fae Adventure In Resonant Youthfulness is the new one here. Focused on the named fairy characters, has an interesting take on Daiyousei, as well as an amnesiac protagonist with voices in her head not reminiscent of FoM at all, no sir plus hints at a deeper plot.

/youkai/: Human Divinity, the Aki story, is nice. The prose is detailed and flowing, and there's good characterization for Shizuha, Minoriko, and the protag (an attempted human sacrifice, thanks to a villainous Kanako). Very few choices, but it doesn't seem to need them.

/underground/: Otherwise should be read by anyone who's enjoyed The Game. Fell's writing is good as always, and the protag's narration is as unique and engaging as her predecessor's. Not to mention that a Makai story is a rare treat.
The untitled Alice in Makai story, on that note, is pretty nice too. It's rather lighthearted, despite what the OP might have you think, and has PC-98 Alice starting a new life and befriending the Makai characters. Also features an amusing child Koakuma.

/others/: Theater of Youth is fun, Teruyo seems to be at least trying to subvert the high school AU curse and doing a good job so far. Large number of characters, all interestingly written.
MWiG is the other Mary and Renko story, featuring them stumbling into Gensokyo with an OC friend. Looks like it's going to be getting into Maribel's connections with Gensokyo. Not bad so far, but I'm not exactly sure why it's in /others/.
X-Communist, though it hasn't updated in a while, is funny as all hell. "Russian soldier and strike force fight aliens" is the general idea, though that doesn't do it justice.
>> No. 10066
You're being civil enough and providing reasons, I don't see anything wrong with that.

Oh, and I'll recommend Creeping Shadows in /others/ again. Klaymen deserves more voters.
>> No. 10068
Yeah, not having played the game makes a significant difference in the enjoyment of X-Communist.

Beside the point, though:
Hunter's Dream is well written, and recently(ish) updated from its abandoned hole. Now if Rye can just, you know, continue updating, this is an excellent story which feels a lot like DtRT.
>> No. 10070
>The untitled Alice in Makai story, on that note, is pretty nice too. It's rather lighthearted, despite what the OP might have you think, and has PC-98 Alice starting a new life and befriending the Makai characters. Also features an amusing child Koakuma.
This is rather darkly hilarious in light of the most recent update.

Get on IRC and bug him about it, it might work.
>> No. 10071
Thank you for Hunter's Dream and Chronograph, they're excellent. IN Space isn't bad either.
>> No. 10072
I laughed. Don't underestimate the OP folks.

And I also support checking out Creeping Shadows. Klaymen is dedicated.
>> No. 10073
So, I'm looking for stories centering on Alice. (I've read The Idea of Alice and am reading the Alice in Makai story). What are some others, and are there any that have finished?
>> No. 10074
>What are stories centered on alice?

You mean Alice route or into Alice's character? for starters there's Gensokyo land saga which goes into her character some but Norseman is MIA but there's various other stories about Alice and listing them all might take a while.

>Finished Alice stories.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... NOPE. For all the stories Alice got, they never seem to last until the end.
>> No. 10075
I mostly meant ones that go more in-depth into her character. I'll check Gensokyoland Saga out, though, probably should've already. If listing them all would be too much effort, just a few good ones that come to mind would be fine.
>> No. 10076
Well, the first run of Deluge of Lunar Fantasy has Alice...hahaha!
>> No. 10077
Check /forest/.
>> No. 10079
it'll still take him awhile as most of the stories there are on her route or Marisa's.
>> No. 10082
So, Phantasmagoria of Ran being drunk was bumped, and that leads me to the next logical step: is there any good story with her? One being either finished, either or being still on?
>> No. 10084
Try Tainted bonds as that's leaning towards Ran and still on going, other than that you're shit out of luck.
>> No. 10086
File 134404616191.jpg - (203.20KB, 566x800, 20181394.jpg) [iqdb]
A S.T.A.L.K.E.R Falls Into Gensokyo ( >>/th/144689 ) seems to be updating again. So far, it's a pretty standard drop a thing into Gensokyo story, and in that respect, it's pretty well done. But that's not why I'm recommending it. I'm recommending it because it has a terminally cute team 9, particularly Rumia, and the rest of the characters aren't bad either. Have an excerpt.

>"Hey, stop fighting, you'll break something!" Mystia calls out angrily, and you hear the sound of something wooden repeatedly hitting flesh. You move to peer inside at what's going on, and barely juke out of the way in time as Rumia and Cirno scramble over the counter and away from the angry stand-owner wielding a wooden club. You wince, despite yourself, because you've been on the receiving end of one of those before and they really hurt. Rumia takes cover behind you and Cirno ducks behind Wriggle, even as Mystia's busy ranting at both of the trouble-makers.

>"I work really, really hard to keep that clean and organized, you two!" She snarls, smacking the club down on the counter-top. "So why? Why do you feel the need to come flying in and mess everything up, huh? What stupid argument did you get into that got you to smash into my stove and everything!"

>"She blasted me in the back of the head!" Cirno calls out, holding onto Wriggle with desperate strength even as the bug-girl tries to dislodge the fairy. You note Gijko steadily edging away from what's going on, as if afraid to catch a club to the face as part of the collateral damage.

>"She freakin' headbutted me!" Rumia calls back, and she sticks a tongue out at the fairy. The insult is promptly returned, and you find yourself holding onto the girl's arm as she tries to resume the brawl. To your amazement she's actually dragging you onwards inch-by-inch.

It could use more voters. And it's only on its first thread so you can catch up easily.
>> No. 10087
Because cute lolis = Good story, amirite?

But seriously, I never understand THP's obsession with Team 9, especially Rumia. Is this site full of lolicons or what?
>> No. 10088
Dunno but whatever the case Rumia's fans are pretty infamous for a mix of reasons.

And it's mainly Cirno (original little sister) and Rumia getting most of the attention while Mystia and wriggle get very little

I have a few theories as to why many are fixated on them are:

-Being the little sisters they wish they had
-They're not obstructive to any free-roaming story
-Easier to impress than say a stage 4 boss.
>> No. 10089
>-Being the little sisters they wish they had
It is said that only those who don't have an actual little sister wants a little sister.

My little sister is annoying as fuck and we're almost enemies nowadays, so I would never understand the appeal of little sisters.
>> No. 10090
Right! Since you disagree, I'm glad my post was able to help you identify your distaste for the story without clicking it, saving you valuable time and energy. That is the point of recommendations, after all.

This discussion shouldn't be happening in a recommendation thread, guys. Take it to /blue/.
>> No. 10091
ANy story about the Human Village?
As long as it's a "neutral" story, I'm fine with it. I don't want a story with an oppressed village, and I don't want a story with a village levelling everything around it either.
>> No. 10092
Well, there's Oracle's Wriggle story.

By your definition, the village's definitely neutral there but if you're talking about pro-human or pro-youkai, it's definitely pro-youkai, with anyone who hates youkai being dumb racist hicks.
>> No. 10093
Thank you. I know now that I don't want to read that story.
>> No. 10094
THere's a difference between moderate/tolerance and being overly pro-youkai. By your standards, 99% of the site is pro-youkai.

In that story it's mentioned early on that if a Youkai attacks a villager in the village limits, they will be punished.
>> No. 10096
Not really, closest was Chen starting some trouble and Keine dealing with her (a headbutt was likely involved), but the fact it was mentioned implied it used to happen in the past.
>> No. 10097
That reminds me, is there any pro-human story on THP? I know there are a few of them on FF.net, but given that stomping the Lunar Capital is apparently the first step to write a story like that, I quickly classified them as "piece of crappy shit".
>> No. 10099
What would you want or expect to see in a pro-human story, anyway? I don't think I've seen anyone actually discussing that.

And more detail would let us know if anything here would fit your tastes.
>> No. 10100
The feeling I got on seeing this post was something akin to joy. Still, I'll admit I didn't expect the story to go the route of a terminally cute Team 9. Seeing as I had Rumia be the first touhou the MC ran into, however, I really shouldn't be surprised.

I do like writing them, don't get me wrong, but I don't plan on it being all about them all day every day. A story in /th/ needs to take advantage of the fact that it can toss pretty much anyone into the mix, after all, because otherwise why wouldn't you use one of the more specialized boards?


You've got a valid point in that cute little girls don't make a good story. I'm hoping to introduce some actual PLOT soon enough instead of wandering around and meeting anyone who it's remotely feasible to meet, so maybe when it hits that point you'll be able to get some enjoyment out of it.


It's more like being fans of anyone besides Reimu, Marisa, Sanae or Youmu (and she's debatable) means being pro-youkai.
>> No. 10102
Yeah, in retrospect I'm selling you short and giving people the wrong idea for the long-term. Sorry about that.

Solid characterization and a light-hearted tone make for a damn good base to build on, though. If my credibility isn't wrecked after that "cute girls make good stories" line.
>> No. 10104
Something else than "and then he kicked yorihime's ass without breaking a sweat".

But seriously, what I expect in a pro-human story is a plot stressing the fact that most villagers (aka non-outsiders) are descendants of youkai hunters.
What I hate with most pro-youkai stories is that, most often, the human village is nothing and is burned to the ground before breakfast.
And that annoys me to no end. But perhaps I should continue this argument on /blue/ instead?
>> No. 10105

You know, you're right. I think a better way to put it would be that it's not surprising that most people are more favorable towards youkai characters in general, seeing as they make up the vast majority of the series' population.

Nah, don't worry about it. Right now the story fits how you described it with perfect accuracy.

Now, if you gave the same exact recommendation after all the factions in the Zone found their way into Gensokyo and things started getting ridiculously cloak-and-dagger as a war erupts over control of the place*, for example, then you'd have cause to feel bad.

*Not the actual plot. Probably.
>> No. 10107
>>10096 here
There is also the mention of hunters so good they can take challenge human looking youkai and win. It is these warriors that are tasked with punishing youkai offenders.

Blue Ocean in /th/ is looking to be one but it's mainly the 'HFY'ers dominating the vote? I mean they seem bent on hating Iku despite being a servant of the dragon god.

I'm not him but I wouldn't mind seeing a story where a human does something so well it earns respect from other species, you know, True HFY.

From the way more vocal members are, it might as well be true to them.

Some people excuse human fatalities to youkai perhaps to spite those people who think it's okay for Humans to drive countless species to extinction, not to mention other cultures and natural sights of beauty. And then there's the Genocides.

There's nothing like that on this site. This isn't spacebattles or some other shitty site.

But you do have a good point as some stories here seem to act like villagers aren't that strong at all compared to the outsider MC.

Well sir, team 9 in their respective boards (/sdm/, /forest/) are overshadowed by other characters.

I'm looking forward to the plot you have as _____ in Gensoko stories seem to be commonly made with just the concept with no lasting material to it.

But on the topic, can someone list moderate stance stories (not "kill all the youkai" but not "let them do whatever they want")?
>> No. 10109
You're far too human-biased to have your suggestion count.
>> No. 10111
You're both too human to have your opinions/suggestions count.
Only an AI could be neutral, as it's neither youkai, nor human.
It's neither/nor, right? I'm not screwing things up?
>> No. 10112
You got neither/nor right. At least that's how I use it. If you're wrong, at least you're not wrong alone.

Also, this pro-youkai/pro-human argument thing is extremely tiring.
>> No. 10113
File 134413235789.png - (542.19KB, 900x673, 3ca05605745774723c119c80bf91dbdc.png) [iqdb]
Agreed (and yes, that's the correct usage of neither/nor). Guys, take the pro-youkai / pro-human arguments back to /blue/.

Anyway. Can anyone recommend some good AU (not high school AU) stories to me? Reading Creeping Shadows, but nothing else's caught my attention. And on a somewhat related note, does anyone have a link to an archive of RaAN, since it's taken down from in the storylist?
>> No. 10114
I'm sorry, what's AU?
>> No. 10116
It's shorthand for Alternate Universe. Something like a story where everyone is in high-school is an AU, for example, and a story where everyone is dudes and in-universe have always been dudes, like this thread's OP picture, without any gender-bending shenanigans would also be an AU. Not that it's strictly limited to those two types, mind, but those are the obvious examples that spring to mind.
>> No. 10117
Haaa... For example, a story where Gensokyo is located on the Moon is an AU?
>> No. 10118

It depends on the story specifics, but that sounds like a textbook example.

You can generally term any story that's got significant backstory changes as an AU. Another example would be, say, the Scarlets as werewolves all their lives, with appropriate changes to go with it. A story about Meiling's adventures in China before she got snatched up by the SDM, meanwhile, could fall underneath the bounds of canon backstory.
>> No. 10119
File 134417647760.png - (250.31KB, 800x400, 063748463e4aa664012b081dec1732e2.png) [iqdb]
>Scarlets as werewolves all their lives
>> No. 10120
Mode's Dennou Coil crossover might count? It's... I'm struggling to find good things to say about it, which is usually a bad sign. I remember liking it at the time. And, of course, it's as good as abandoned, so there's that.

It's Gensou Coil on the storylist, here's a link to the first thread >>/th/73994
>> No. 10121
File 134430432660.jpg - (67.56KB, 684x515, OUTSIDER INGENUITY.jpg) [iqdb]
>But you do have a good point as some stories here seem to act like villagers aren't that strong at all compared to the outsider MC.

This. This is silly. Please stop doing this, people.

Although now I want to delve further into this point. So what does the average Outsider have on the average Gensokyo human? We'll assume it's a westerner since that seems to be the vast majority, here.

Western society has grown naturally immune or vaccinated to a hilarious number of diseases. Polio, "consumption" (Tuberculosis), Measles, German Measles. Although if you want to get down and dirty, the population of the Human Village may not support more than one or two diseases, and they might be contained along familial lines. So you could write in a diseased lower class and- Hey, wait, a bit off-topic.

So basically an outsider might be more resistant to common diseases transmitted through contact with cattle, livestock, or the environment by lack of a compromised immune system, preexisting vaccinations, and natural bloodborne immunity.

-Physical abilities
Well, I'm not one to call all Americans fat, but come on. Overweightedness and obesity are problems in western countries. Many jobs and lifestyles are now sedentary. Sitting on a computer does not keep you in top physical shape. Standing at a cash register does not keep you in top physical shape. etc.

Based on canon depictions of the Human Village and inferred material, it's safe to assume that the Human Village is a fuedal or pre-industrial society. This means a large portion of their population would be simple farmers. Farming is tough, backbreaking work without mechanization. Of course, if you want to write Kappa coming down from the mountains for seasonal plowing with their wonder machines, that's fine too.

Or if you want to write Kappa coming down from the mountains to be plowed seasonally, that's fine too.

-General Knowledge
This is where an outsider shines. Pmiss takes a nod in this direction as humans from the outside are sometimes revered for their knowledge. Now your average Joe won't know too much about how to farm, or how to smith iron, or how to erect a palisade, or how to keep a road straight, or how to prevent the spread of infection. But I tell you what, I bet they've heard how to.

You ever watched a documentary? Ever read a wikipedia article? Ever done a lot of both? Crop rotation, peat iron, earthworks, roman engineering, basic sanitation. I'm betting you don't know what any of those mean, but you might think about those words and be able to logically deduce their functions. Knowledge is so ingrained into western culture that you can't just leave it behind. Sit down for a bit, and think about how you could do something, and I bet you'd know how to do it better than a pre-industrial Human.

One could say I miss the point of cute girls being cute magical girls by analyzing it like this, but really, I just like to talk about cute girls being cute girls.
>> No. 10122
Where’s the recommendation, vegetable?
>> No. 10123
Any stories with at least one of the Nineballs as the villain?
>> No. 10124
If Rumia qualifies, there's the Wintertime Alchemist story, but since it's not always her usual "first stage boss" persona, I don't know if it'll suit your taste.
>> No. 10127
There's Dr. Q's story in /shrine/, the naturalist story in /eientei/ had a particularly vicious wriggle.
>> No. 10128
I think that Balanced Lunacy for Ulterior Ends has a villain Mystia, but I'm not sure. And she's not the story's real villain anyway.
>> No. 10130
>Balanced Lunacy for Ulterior Ends

I haven't heard much about this story, what's it about?
>> No. 10131
File 134446598286.png - (3.84KB, 105x140, 14458821.png) [iqdb]
If I'm not mistaking it with "A Flea in the Dog House", I think it's about a dude being thrown into Gensokyo to be Remilia's servant. Except that his friend was brought in too.
Main Character isn't too reliable, since he's too easily depressed and sometimes a butt monkey, but the relationships between the differents members of the mansion are the thing keeping me interested in this story. Especially how they react to the events in the story.
>> No. 10132
Not sure if it's the right topic, but what's your opinion about Shooting Star, that /eientei/ story? Should I read it, or should I avoid it?
>> No. 10133
I'd avoid it, anyone who starts a story with "killing time" means they'll make a half-hearted at beast effort on it and it'll certainly get dropped.
>> No. 10134

It successfully ran for four months already, with decent update rate, length and quality. I’d say it’s 7/10 so far, with potential for more.
>> No. 10135
>decent update rate
>four months
>a little over 100 posts

Out of curiosity, what is a decent update rate?
>> No. 10136

There are fifteen story posts. Over four months, it averages to an update every eight days. If you take into account a mini-hiatus in the middle that lasted a month and a half, it averages to an update every five days. I won’t build a detailed graph of updates here, but overall, that story has what I call a decent update rate.
>> No. 10137
>Shooting Star

Oookay. What are some other stories you'd rate as high or higher?
>> No. 10138
>Or if you want to write Kappa coming down from the mountains to be plowed seasonally, that's fine too.

...I don't suppose there's any story like this?

Anyway, outside that, what would you guys recommend to me, if I'd want to read about the older women here?
I'm talking women like Yukari, Kanako, Yuuka, stuff like that.
>> No. 10139
If it's so successful then why is it the first time we've heard of it?

100 posts in 4 months comes off as possibly sloppy if not short.

A real decent update rate (that takes into account things like proofreading and life) would be 2-3 times a month (4 is practically once a week)
>> No. 10140
3/10, you had me fooled until the last line.
>> No. 10142
>2-3 times a month (4 is practically once a week)

Surely you jest. There's writers here who update more often than this and they write some awesome stuff. HY comes to mind for sure.
>> No. 10143
>an update every five days

Whew. And here I was fretting because I missed a single day.
>> No. 10145
We have much lower standards for updating speed than we did when the site was younger. You're still currently one of the best in terms of speed/quality, though. A single day's delay isn't anything to worry about.
>> No. 10146
Writers who go that fast tend to burn out quite nastily, causing month long delays or massively decreased update rates. HY is no exception as some of his burnouts are quite large.
>> No. 10155
Any stories with stuff on the TD characters yet?
>> No. 10156
I remember glancing over a Yoshika story some time back. It looks very nice and had a good writing style and perspective, so it was probably dropped.
>> No. 10157
Yaf should have a story with Mononobe no Futo soon. At least, that's what the thread below says. His writing style would probably mesh well with her speech style. And say what you will about Yaf, at least he tends to finish stories.
>> No. 10168
Memoria in Discord ;_;
>> No. 10170
I think I've asked before, but I cant remember. Anyways, Is there a 'list' of sorts for the classics of this site. I know the very first story is one, along with The End and other such big CYOAs. So I wanted to ask you all while I'm looking through the story list, which storys are pretty well known around here?

Kira end doesnt count.
>> No. 10173
Are there any Yuuka stories around?
>> No. 10174
You could always go and take a look at /coriander/.
>> No. 10175
>> No. 10176
Are there any stories on Futo? (not just limited to the ones here though)
>> No. 10177
Another Incursion on /border/ needs more love. It's a good deconstruction of the WUiG genre with lots of dark humor. The Touhous themselves are kinda weak, but the setting and its mountain of dead anons is great. It seems like a story that needs to be written.

Also, the cast includes ZUN and a youkai tank.
>> No. 10178
/coriander/ was an old board that was 'removed' (you can actually still get to it if you simply type it into the URL). It's title was "OH NO IT IS MISS YUUKA", but the only story there was "Wintertime Alchemist", which didn't have any actual Yuuka in it.

The board had no purpose, basically, which is probably why it got cut.
>> No. 10179
Define "classics"?
>> No. 10180
A youkai tank sounds pretty cool, but a "mountain of dead anons" and ZUN as a character do not.
>> No. 10181

Weak as in characterization or in power-level?
>> No. 10182

Well, ZUN's role seems pretty minor. As for the dead guys, I'd say the OP can sell it better than I can. I just found it funny how everyone's only slightly annoyed when another outsider does something stupid and gets himself killed.


Powerlevel-wise, they're all extremely dangerous. But part of the deconstruction is that the MC isn't unique or important, so most of the other characters brush him off or treat him with disinterest/suspicion. Makes it hard to develop them.

As I said, though, the general setting makes up for it.
>> No. 10183
I think they got used to it after the 20th outsider threw himself into the lake.

That and I think the inferred goal to the story is to make something of the MC, to gain notice.
>> No. 10184
It was said earlier, but, in case someone is living under a rock, The Game: Otherwise is on.
>> No. 10185
Stories that everyones read, referenced, etc etc.
>> No. 10186
To list a few: WUiG and MiG, as the first two major ones, are pretty indisputably classics (yes, you need to suffer through SNOW END just like everyone else.) Expectation of Sanguine Disorder, aka the only story I know of that HY actually finished, is another. Hakugyokuro LA is another classic as the only story Patchwork actually finished, and a nice romancing ghost Touhou piece. DoLF would probably also qualify (though beware the ending), and maybe This Shrine THIS SHRINE. Klaymen's "I, Youkai" is another, and Owen's ASSM (and to a somewhat lesser extent, AFT) is another definite classic. Last but definitely not least, I'd recommend Fragmentation of Memories (although Lion really needs to get off his ass in IRC and finish it properly...} and Fell's The Game.

I think pretty much everyone's read (at least part of) A Wizard is You by this point, too. Do the Right Thing, as well, especially once you've read WUiG or MiG.

For those that didn't ever finish but should still be read (WUiG also technically fits under this category), there's indisputably RaAN, which was taken down but can be found here http://www.mediafire.com/?2da389iqedbdw9w , as well as GH and Paligenesia. I'd tentatively add Fallout Gensokyo here as well.

That's about all that I can think of at the moment. Other people can feel free to contribute. Keep in mind that "classic" is less subjective than "good", although several of the ones on here are very well-written there are also several that are less so. Additionally, the site's and userbase's preferences have changed a great deal over time, so even though you should probably read all/most of these, looking at the more recent popular ones is a better idea if you're looking for traits to emulate.
>> No. 10187
Yeah while adored and praise, some of these classics haven't aged well. This doesn't change the fact that these stories did something right and that what we have today is descended from these classics.
>> No. 10188
I feel what they did right was engage the reader by updating more than once a week...
>> No. 10189
This tends to be harder now, as the trends have shifted towards more substantial and wordy posts. Say what you want, those are hard to keep up going weekly.
>> No. 10190
Once a week isn't too hard if you're not lazy or swamped with work.
>> No. 10191
>not lazy

>> No. 10192

Sooo very guilty of that.
>> No. 10193
Thank you very much. I've already read The Game and FoM and I believe GH.
>> No. 10194

I've said it before, but I'll say it again; If you're going to read one of my stories, skip ASSM and read AFT. ASSM might be more "classic", but it's just not really that good. AFT is very good, and also more fun.

Yes I am currently writing something, no it's not for THP, and no you don't really care.
>> No. 10195
>no, you don't really care
If you don't want to tell us, don't tell us. Leaving a spoilered note like this is just taunting the people who do care. Jerk.
>> No. 10196
This classics list should have Gensokyoland Saga. Other than that it looks good.

Everyone, The Idea of Alice apparently has revived itself, after nearly 1 1/2 years, so everyone should get over there now and give KW your votes as a welcome back. The story's wholeheartedly recommended.
>> No. 10197

Flight of the Lost Soul and Aria Deception could go up there too. (both unfinished though Aoi Why)

Not too certain if they aged well though.

Does anyone still have the giant image of all the THP Protagonists?
>> No. 10198
File 134702251535.jpg - (824.28KB, 5095x1025, AnonymousinGensokyoRETURNS.jpg) [iqdb]
No idea how recent/outdated it is, though.
>> No. 10203
I only recognize about half of these (I think). Could one of the oldfags do something like a left-to-right identification?
>> No. 10204
YWUiG anon way off to the side made me tear up a little.

I'll second >>10203's request.
>> No. 10205

Heres my drunken crack at it [from left to right]

WUiG Anon - Waking Up in Gensokyo - Gensokyo Man
MiG Anon - Misadventures in Gensokyo - Kira rest in peace, old friend
Shirou? - Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy - Teruyo
Ghostanon - Flight of the Lost Soul - EZMode
Belnonymous - Expectation of a Sanguine Disorder - Hungry Youkai
Futako - Border Crossing - EX Nine
Nemo? - Recoil of Myriad Dreams - Zakeri
Cu-chan - Youkai Mountain LA - Tetro
David - Forest LA - Scorn
CAPTAIN ANONYMOUS REX - Captain Anonymous Rex - Scorn
Adahn - Somethings Happening at Gensokyo - Vodka
______[Don't recognize this guy with the backpack]
Snake - Gunman in Gensokyo - Snake?
______[Don't recognize this guy with the Glasses]
Aoi Watarase - Aria of Deception - EX Nine
RaN Anon - Retrospective and Astronomical Narraration - RAN guy.
______[I'm thinking The Antagonist but I doubt it]
Hakunonymous? - Hakugyokuro LA- Patchwork
Fukuzai Toorima - Collaboration of Missing Numbers - YAF Them Legs
Sigurd - Gensokyoland Saga - Norseman
Suika Wright - Suika Wright - I forget
______[I feel like I know this protag but I don't recognize him]
______[Don't recognize this man with the scarf, but he seems familiar]

I always get the protagonists in the robes mixed up. fuck.

I believe at some point there was a thread around here with all the old original art for the stories but I think it got bumped off.

Is there an archive for /gensokyo/? I recall the old archive being taken down with the new story list up.
>> No. 10206
I think the guy with the hat and scarf is from Harker's story, C-something under the Moon and stars.
>> No. 10207
Moonbunny is probably from Resonant With Vivid Tones,
>> No. 10208
>[I feel like I know this protag but I don't recognize him]
That one, the second from right to left, is the protagonist of Shikigami of the Heart, from Sukima
>> No. 10211
Grill me, gentlemen. Would any of you recommend the wriggle story by oracle over in /forest/? I've grown a certain fondness for youkai of the insect variety...

If not that, what other stories does our lovely wriggle star in?
>> No. 10212

Oh you
>> No. 10213

It's not bad at all. I daresay almost good, as far as slice of life goes; there's not a particularly epic plot, but as far as cute Wriggle goes it's the best on the board.
>> No. 10214

Now hear me folks, it's not that balistafreak is not dear to my heart as well, but I'm open to opinions.

Anyone else?
>> No. 10215
Depends. Will you link me to the porn by the Udongien vs Remilia'd artist? You know, the stuff you promised to write more Gensyoko High for?
>> No. 10216
I think you have your writers who start with T's mixed up.
>> No. 10217
I'll second balista's opinion, it's an enjoyable read. Nice characterizations, and in response to your other question I can't think of anything else the firefly stars in.

Please don't confuse Treia with Taisa. Matter of fact, try not to confuse anyone with Taisa.
>> No. 10218
>> No. 10219

I can link you, but I can't make good on a promise I didn't make.

>> No. 10220
Write some GH anyway. It'll be great. Promise.
>> No. 10221
So this is what happens when I read THP without glasses. I make silly assumption. Oh me. Write it anyway. You'd do a better job. I hope. I think. Nah. Highschool AU is cursed anyway.
Oh, I'd totally take that link. Artist has good style. And I can't find anything worthwhile with Wriggle because the good stuffs been mentioned.

Here's to Theater of Youth staying updated. It's been a while since a good high school AU showed up anywhere.
>> No. 10222
File 134835697960.jpg - (229.08KB, 500x706, 25626255_p5.jpg) [iqdb]
>Highschool AU is cursed anyway.
Once again I am tempted.
>> No. 10223
Technically, ToY is not a highschool AU. Barring something like a meteorite falling and killing me, it'll likely continue to be updated for the foreseeable future.
>> No. 10225
I am addicted to this picture.
>> No. 10226
Do it Yiffles. You know you want to. Give into the temptation of the most overdone AU ever. Deconstruct/reconstruct it into something worth reading.

Oh hell yes.

10/10, would read that AU
>> No. 10227
The problem is, I despise the high-school setting. I’m only tempted by the prospect of rubbing a finished HS-AU story in the faces of all those failed writers. I am a malicious man. Not to mention I’m currently due another story I am ought to start soon, and even that I’m having second thoughts about (not sure I want to commit, want to work on original stuff, experiencing real-life bureaucratic trouble).

I would be kind of for re-starting (resuming?) that OC MC highschool story, but I’d need a co-writing dude for that, and Voddie’s not very thrilled, AFAIK.

Also, while I’m at it, I don’t suppose any Youmu story popped up on the boards/in someone’s memory since my last asking, did it?
>> No. 10228
>Write it anyway. You'd do a better job.
This is very likely.
>> No. 10229
I’ll kick your balls so far up your throat you’ll think they’re your tonsils if you don’t stop that.
>> No. 10230
>co-writing dude
Huh, have there been any stories on the site before which were active collaborations between multiple authors? Seems like it could be an interesting prospect, if they weren't too prone to disagreements.

And no, you're not getting out of writing the Youmu story (Gensokyo Delenda Est, was it?). By which I mean there still have been none focusing on the half-ghost gardener, the closest being a bit more focus in Tainted Bonds. If your second thoughts are extreme enough about the story, obviously it's your perogative to write or not write it. But the latter choice would definitely be disappointing some people.

Taisa, people did like your writing and think it was good, but dwelling on how badly you think things went and being all "woe is me" really is not going to help anyone, least of all yourself.
>> No. 10231

This has GOT to stop. I read your post and thought you were me!

"Huh, when did I make that post?"

I see only one option: We must fuse and create the ultimate form of terrible. I call top.
>> No. 10232
>> No. 10233
Also Kinky
>> No. 10234

Also shitposting.
>> No. 10235



Also shitposting.

Can I ask for feedback on my myriad of shorts I've posted? I dunno, but they don't seem to get the pull that CYOAs do. Generally positive reception... few replies. Are you all too used to CYOAs? Maybe nobody reads them...
>> No. 10236
I'll see if I can get some time tomorrow. I liked them enough to review.

Oh God, imagine a sex scene with Yaf speaking like how he writes. It's disturbing, yet humorous.
>> No. 10237
A few but most ran out of steam before long. The closest to current and active is an excuse for Aya, which is a Treia/Moral colab.
>> No. 10238
If you're only going to post in hopes of starting a pity party for yourself, do us, INCLUDING YOURSELF, all a favor, and don't post.

X-Communist in /others/ is a collaboration between Rabbit and Demetrious, though I don't think Demetrious has written many of the updates.
>> No. 10239
God I want that story to start updating again so incredibly badly.
>> No. 10240

Moral set today as my deadline for the outline. Provided I do not manage to cock up in the next 12 hours, you shall have an update within the week (as we all know I'm the lazy one between the two of us).
>> No. 10241
Oh. Uh. I thought Moral had stopped writing.
This is excellent news!
>> No. 10245
Anyone know of Sakuya/Meiling stories on the site?
>> No. 10246

TreiaXTaisa is my OTP.
>> No. 10251
YAFxHartmann makes more sense.
>> No. 10258
I like that idea. It's so wrong, yet the bile fascination.

How about we open with Hartmann nervous in a hotel room, shyly waiting for YAF to mentor his writing. Yiffles comes out of the bathroom in an elegant bathrobe, sporting a porn stache, flicking stolen car keys around his index and holding a shot of strong whisky in his off hand. He has a sour look on his face and is tense, as if he is going to start a tirade on the jews. Light conversation abounds, and the two exchange banter, YAF's well known faggotry causing misinterpretations and sexual tension.

Hartmann is thoroughly confused, left wanting more by Yaf's inviting speech and rebuffed when Yaf goes tsuntsun and bites back with a scathing remark. One remark to far and Hartmann is hurt and overcome with regret when Yaf rants about Hartmann's behavior and samefagging for votes. But they reconcile and vow to improve after a heart to heart.

And the rest of the story is Yaf genuinely teaching Hartmann how to write and there is no sex involved.
>> No. 10286
Are there any Yukari-focused stories?
Focused as in she's the heroine or something, not a plot device or villain.
>> No. 10287
The closest thing in my mind is Archetype of Self (run 1) where she stole the story.
>> No. 10289
From who, might I ask?
>> No. 10290
Before readers found out about this Yukari's personality, people were trying to make their mind between Alice, Suika, and Reimu.
>> No. 10291
I'll give it a shot.
>> No. 10411
Does anybody recommend Fallout Gensokyo?
>> No. 10412
If it were to ever update again, sure.

But it likely won't, so no.
>> No. 10413
Just because it's incomplete doesn't mean it's not worth reading, and it most certainly is worth reading.

Them walls, man. Goddamn.
>> No. 10414
Probably not. I like my Gensokyo un-nuked, thanks.
>> No. 10415
Though it will never be finished
>> No. 10473
1. Perhaps I'm bumping this thread, and if I am I apologize, but one story I've always liked was Landlord of Mayohiga which was on hiatus and is currently dead and archived. I guess a reason why I liked it, is that the protagonist was in many ways almost the opposite of the typical MC in stories. Typically the MC is an Outsider who falls into Gensokyo, expresses immense interest and wonderment in this new world he/she has fallen into, finds out about and learns magic, falls in love with a character, and finally decides to stay in Gensokyo.

The titular "Landlord" was someone who'd been to Gensokyo many times and when gone from it for a long time treated it like seeing an old friend, chooses to stay in the Outside World, had no magic and in fact can't learn magic, and hasn't fallen in love with anyone yet.

Yeah it was primarily slice-of-life, but I liked the things like the adventures on the Outside and it's the only story I've read where the protagonist admits he probably ultimately could not live in Gensokyo and chooses to live in the Outside.

I never quite understood how the various Outsider protagonists in other stories could just abandon whatever outside life and relationships they had to live in what is still essentially a feudal-era piece of Japan.

2. For me, I liked Fallout Gensokyo because the author put a lot of work into making a fusion such as it work. The timeline, the philosophical and mythological discussions, everything- it all fit together well. Things like putting in era-appropriate music, the various historical quotes, the mixing of atompunk and magic, these were all things I never expected to see in any Touhou fanfiction. I enjoyed Max Rockatantsky and the tribulations he, Renko, and Mary had to, and possibly will have to, go through in their journeys.

Perhaps my favorite part of the story is the mythological discussions. Hearing Max and Daiyousei, and others as well, talk about how mythologies change and what they represent is something I enjoyed reading.
>> No. 10474
most MCs don't have much in the way of existing relationships,etc.

There should be more effort behind why one chooses to stay in Gensokyo than is currently done.
>> No. 10482
Any opinions on some of the newer stories? Once I start something I tend to commit to it so I'd like input before just diving in (and feeling frustrated and/or disappointed). I mean stories like Corpses in /th/, the new /forest/ one, and the two on /others/.
>> No. 10483
On going? I'll throw out "Deft: Glass Half Empty" and "Theater of Youth" as my favorites as of the moment. Oh, Rabbit's "Favor's Owed" is worth a good read. Get involved in that one. He's pretty active with it. "Idea for Alice" is also good but KW hasn't updated in a two months."Second Chance" by thatguyfromblue is pretty good, though I find his writing to be in need of work. "Another Incursion" is one of those stories that needs to be read, or at least it's opening few posts that explore the consequences outsiders face in Gensyoko, namely quick deaths.

As for previous works that were still recent, go through the archive. In /at/, find Lotus Pavilion Back Lounge. Has to be my favorite Touhou porn for it's quality.
I find this one overlooked, but I like Freespace Touhou. Not for the writing or the plot, but because drunk UBOA derails the thread by being drunk. I find it amusing to read every once in a while for the ludicrousness of the situation.
>> No. 10485
>Freespace Touhou
Well that takes me back.
>> No. 10487
Are DEFT stories good? If they are, can someone give a small summary on the plots? I'm considering to start reading them since they are stories that are completed or ongoing.
>> No. 10488
They're pretty nice, just be prepared for these things:

the author depending discussion with your votes
a lack of focus as while the original DEFT and ADEFT leans towards Reimu and Suika, the more recent chapter in /forest/ leans towards the magicians, all with no word of a final answer.

That and the MC takes some time to develop something resembling a backbone.
>> No. 10489
Thought process, "Meh, meh, meh, boring. Wow, YAF's writing has deteriorated. Maybe he just isn't trying with this one. Meh, meh, boring, terrible formatting, wut? Who the fuck is UBOA?"

Hilarity ensues as everyone is left wondering, "What just happened?"

As for the DEFT stories, I like the spin off in /others/ much more than the originals. Theater of Youth is just fun to read.
>> No. 10490
What does DEFT even mean?
>> No. 10491
Distilled Encounters from Festive Times
>> No. 10493
File 13527564613.jpg - (270.50KB, 895x705, 125528901039.jpg) [iqdb]
Can someone suggest some romancing Touhous story?

Like the great classics: SCIENCE, or Hungry Youkai's SDM story with Belmont, or Patchworks Hakugyokuro LA, Kaleidoscope Midnight etc...

Shorts & Longs are both welcome.
>> No. 10494
While we're at it, what story did the "Lake" route first appear? I'm at a loss for it.

Why yes, I am a newfag.
>> No. 10495
Any specifics or should I start listing what I know?

You wake up in Gensokyo.
>> No. 10497
What was the name of that surprisingly good Batman CYOA? I can't find it in the archive.
>> No. 10498
I think you may be talking about City Quest in Others
>> No. 10499
No. I said surprisingly good.

MC was Batman, I think it was actually in Gotham, only with Touhous. Remilia was a crime lord, magic existed, Batman dropped in on assassin Kogasa vs hitgirl Sanae, the latter of whom turned out to just be going through a rough patch in life and was deposited on her rich parents doorstep.
Last I remember Batman was talking to Patchy.
>> No. 10500
I think that was the one Broand was writing? Or another name-that-starts-with-B writefag? Shit, that was a good one. I remember harassing him on IRC to write more of it, but obviously it didn't work.
>> No. 10501
I have been corrected: It was Inquisitor, not Bro&. Why I keep confusing the two is beyond me.
>> No. 10502
File 135294258475.jpg - (300.47KB, 705x1125, dark knight.jpg) [iqdb]
Found it! Superstitious and Cowardly Lot. I can see why I never found it; the title fits, but...

Thanks, anon. I probably won't read any of it again or I'll get sad, but someone's gonna like this.
>> No. 10503
his name on IRC was Brand, easy to mistake at a lazy glance.
>> No. 10504
Basically just any story which contains romance and love. The last good one that I found was "Tenshi in this story" something. It was awesome.
>> No. 10506
A bit of a plug (clench your buttocks!), but you've read the (mini-)sequel and the short(s) as well, yes?
>> No. 10509
Yup! Loved them all. Especially the last conversation with Satori :)
>> No. 10510
What conve—
How about I end you?
>> No. 10511
Well if you don't mind a first love sort of romance, try reading "In the Forest, A Dancing Light".
>> No. 10512

Downloaded to my e-book. Sounds great, it look's like a native Gensokyo guy is the MC instead of an outsider.
Any more are still welcome, I read quite a lot on the job if ya know what I mean.
>> No. 10513

What kind of 'romance and love' are ya lookin' for, fellow stalker?
>> No. 10514

Any kind of story that includes that outsiders meets touhous by accident or not really accident and fell in love in the process.
Like I said stories like: SCIENCE!, Hakugyokuro LA, Kaleidoscope Midnight and the very best (in my opinion) CYOA I've ever read "Expectation of Sanguine Disorder"
>> No. 10515
If you don't mind porn and the fact that the MC isn't an outsider, "The Beast Returns to Gensokyo" has a bit of a romance going between the MC(s) and Alice that happened (mostly) by chance.
>> No. 10516
I got that one already. Good one!
>> No. 10518
Kasen is quickly becoming one of my favorite Touhous. Are there any stories of her yet?
>> No. 10521
Are there any stories here that feature Mary and Renko? I know about the one in /border/ but I don't know any other beyond that.
>> No. 10522

You could try MWiG in /others/, though it's been on a four-month hiatus.
>> No. 10531
Dammit. I was reading through the old recommendation threads and now I have it stuck in my head that Treia is a Tree Tengu.
>> No. 10532

Ah, no life so grand, unfortunately enough...
>> No. 10561
What ongoing stories would you recommend? I don't have a particular genre I prefer.
>> No. 10562

Ongoing, you say?

A Very Lost Infernal is pretty well written, although it takes a lot from the Exalted universe and has distinct /tg/ elements. This being said, I was able to enjoy the flow of the story despite having no experience with Exalted other than knowing that "the world is crazy OP", so you might be able to as well.

I would recommend A Wizard is You, but it needs to update twenty times more often for me to call it "ongoing". That being said, the writing is fast-paced, although until recently plot advancement took a massive backseat to comedic antics, if that's your thing. It's also even heavier on /tg/ than A Very Lost Infernal, so if you're looking to participate in votes you might find yourself baffled. 'course, if he never updates, you'll never need to research in order to vote.

Animating Gensokyo is also very well written - the MC has a surprisingly believable and heroic motivation despite being an expert of "evil dead people magic", and its sister-Yoshika is unbelievably cute. Seriously. You need to read it to believe it.

Gensokyo's Public Enemy presents very interesting moral quandaries, challenging an ideal interpretation of Gensokyo's justice system. It's certainly worth a read.

Favors Owed is written by a massive faget. 0/10, please ban. one of those page-turning dramas, despite packing itself with jokes and humorous moments. Warning: Touhous die, and the protagonist Reisen is in a very, very big moral pickle. It may be too dark for many people's tastes.

In the Forest, A Dancing Light is a cute story that seems to picking up the pace on its conflict in recent updates. The MC is a human native to Gensokyo as opposed to an Outsider, which you don't see very often, and Wriggle is adorable. I'm still wondering how they haven't slept together.

Another Incursion takes the opposite approach, and presents a Gensokyo that has become accustomed to dealing with Outsiders on a very regular basis. It's a little jarring at first, but there's an underlying, subtle ironic humor with the entire setting. I find it worth the time.

Of course, I'm not trying to slander anything by exclusion. I'd honestly recommend reading everything at some point. There's a lot of gems buried in the scraps and dead stories, and occasionally you just might find an ongoing one that really catches your attention.

Like Tainted Bonds, my own labor of love. I won't say anything more about it. Just read it. And discuss, and vote. We writefags live for anon's attention ;_;
>> No. 10563

I would also like to recommend Girl of Death in /underground/, as it shows a lot of promise.
>> No. 10564

Erosion looks interesting and it just started, so if you want to hop in in a fresh new CYOA, you could check it out too.

By the same writefag, 'A S.T.A.L.K.E.R in Gensokyo' has been around for longer. I personally don't follow it, but it's the other ongoing series that balistafreak forgot to add. If you are a fan of that universe you might enjoy it.

I only browse /th/ so I can't say much about the other boards. They're less active than General, but I'm sure there are other active stories there too apart from the ones balista reccomended. And they are more prone to have an specific pairing than /th/, if you're into that.
>> No. 10565
/Others/ has seen an explosion of activity lately, you might want to check the stories out that are there.

Also, there's a neat little story on /blue/ that's worth a read.
>> No. 10566
that's the troubling thing: the cycle that basically keeps things in /th/ and /others/

Many readers in them > Writers want write stories there > More stories > more readers > etc.
>> No. 10567

Which is good, seeing as how those boards were stale a few months ago. I'm glad to see some new blood flowing around.
>> No. 10568
But the result of this is that the other boards are suffering. /eientei/'s desert practically.
>> No. 10571
File 13583581596.jpg - (508.88KB, 787x649, 2546ca7c720a53f17153234aea3f87a7.jpg) [iqdb]
I love the movie/game reference Stories. I would love to read something like"Jedi Knight in Gensokyo" and "Terran Marine killing Zerg in Gensokyo"
>> No. 10572
I'm not discounting the possibility of those stories being good...but they're likely to be complete steaming piles of shit.
>> No. 10573
File 135838569953.jpg - (68.60KB, 600x703, 870967-834541_prototype_super.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm still waiting for my Alex Mercer in Gensokyo.
>> No. 10574
Oh god no.
>> No. 10575
I feel like it could actually be kind of amusing if Mercer got dropped into Gensokyo, only to discover that his arsenal of massacring-people powers were automatically nerfed by the spellcard system.
>> No. 10576
File 135845240553.jpg - (122.20KB, 1024x768, preparing to launch danmaku.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 10577

Muscle mass power + lots of trees = rapid fire flying trees. Mercer would also be absolutely brutal in close combat. I think he would fare well. Though, an encounter with Eirin would be hilarious since Mercer is a walking virus base.
>> No. 10578
Could we put this thread back on topic and make a new one about "story ideas"? Thread derailing is bad.
>> No. 10579
Tell me about your Youmu stories then.
>> No. 10581
>>/shorts/752 is probably the most engaging one I've found.
>> No. 10582

Which happens to be written by him.
>> No. 10583
File 135871876328.png - (7.71KB, 812x732, woosh.png) [iqdb]

Yes. Thank you.
>> No. 10584
File 13587203041.jpg - (7.93KB, 180x243, 180px-Capt__Obvious.jpg) [iqdb]

Don't thank me, it was my job.
>> No. 10585
File 135872337552.png - (9.75KB, 282x282, 1221566360314.png) [iqdb]
Cheeky bastard.
>> No. 10586
Clap. Clap. Clap.
Played Yaf, played.
>> No. 10587
So, Anon, I'm interested in giving Another Incursion a go, but I need a short summary of the story. Thanks.
>> No. 10588

Based on the assumption that ZUN actually is Yukari's drinking buddy. Thousands of outsiders, mostly fans, figure out how to breach the border and generally die within the week. The MC is a semi-ordinary college biochemistry student who is one of the breachers who also has common sense. All the while, mysterious things, bad things, happen and Yukari actively trades technology and deals with foreign governments.

The writefag is lazy, likes to update in walls and occasionally switches perspective to other factions of outsiders roaming in Gensokyo.

Totally not shamelessly self-promoting.
>> No. 10589
File 135894762847.jpg - (66.77KB, 850x719, a2c9317406f56ac3d95815b88c7f481e.jpg) [iqdb]
I still want to read a Youmu story.
>> No. 10590

Kaleidoscope Midnight is ok. Finished, too.
>> No. 10591
File 135899828210.png - (473.50KB, 648x1000, 30f0559eaa697d765d16e2cf31d88c6d.png) [iqdb]

I remember giving that a go and not quite being hooked. Any other Youmu-centric wish fulfilment fantasies tales? Alternatively, has anyone tackled an interesting Miko/Futo/Tojiko yet? I kinda want to get into the Taoism crew, but I can't be arsed to come up with my own head-canon characterisations.
>> No. 10592
It takes a bit, but I don't think there's much else. At least nothing finished.

For Team Taoists...no. Nothing. It's a travesty.
Of course there's stuff on danbooru, if you want to get in to them I meant...but no stories here.
>> No. 10593

There's some smut in /at/ with Seiga. Winemaker's Journey in Gensokyo just got to her, and there's that one where Seiga runs a brothel, though that also featured Aya, Meiling, and Nue as well so it's not all Tao all the time.

Of course, both are long on smut and short on plot since they're /at/.

Really, it feels like if you want to see a story with a specific touhou, your best bet is to write it yourself. Otherwise there's just too many touhous to write about, so unless you're interested in a really popular one like Reimu or Sanae, it's kind of a crapshoot.
>> No. 10594
Do try Lotus Pavilion Back Lounge though. That was good porn.
>> No. 10595
Closest thing for non-at stuff is "Animating Gensokyo" which deals with a Necromancer and an abandoned Yoshika. Odds are he will meet the Taoists sooner or later.

But don't be surprised by the lack of stories with them as even now, there's not a great deal of stuff with newer stuff as most stories in /th/ seem way too content to focus on EoSD/PCB casts.
>> No. 10596
Seiga wasn't running the brothel, she was just another girl in it.
>> No. 10597
Speaking of whoring, please read Path of the Hakurei over in /shrine/.
And vote. Please.
>> No. 10604
Are any of the currently updating stories on Others worth picking up?
>> No. 10605

I read Myouren Academy, but I guess I wouldn't really recommend it. If the one by irrationalphilosopher isn't dead, I'd recommend that.

Also, why isn't anyone reading the Rika story in /blue/? I thought people were always whining that there aren't enough PC-98s.
>> No. 10606
Same Old Story by Realhopper is good.
What's wrong with Myouren Academy?
>> No. 10607
The fact that /blue/ isn't typically a story board probably contributes. Well, that and it started in a topic thread that derailed.

As for Myouren Academy, its a decent first attempt at writing. To those who haven't looked at it yet, give it a chance. It survived the first thread without turning into the typical routefag shitstorm expected of the genre.
>> No. 10608
Tell me, what is it about my story that you don't like? I will gladly take criticism.

But back on topic, When Borders Meet Their End is good. If IrrationalPhilosopher ever updates I'd recommend that along with An(other) Excuse for Aya.
>> No. 10609
Any good stories that focus on the UFO or TD cast?
>> No. 10610
I got a reply regarding the TD cast up in >>10593, so you might want to look into that.
>> No. 10611

There's Animating Gensokyo in /th/. Features a necromancer and his undead sister's disembodied soul adopting Yoshika and rooming in Myouren temple at least for a little while. The Taoists look like they're going to be the antagonists, but I haven't followed it for awhile now since it didn't do much for me.

There's also One Knight in Gensokyo which was amazing, but it died long ago just as it was getting interesting. That one's in the story list.

For more smut, Mind the Gap had a fairly involved Myouren arc where the protagonist sexed up Byakuren, Nue, and Kogasa. MtG is like a grab bag of fetishes though, so it's definitely not to everyone's tastes.
>> No. 10612
I've got a hankering for some youkai moe. Any Yuuka-centric stuff you guys would recommend?
>> No. 10613
>>/at/28564 maybe? It has Yuuka.
>> No. 10614
Not on site but there's an excellent Yuuka story in one of the old bad ends threads. I can dig it up for you, though it's probably on the wiki already.
>> No. 10615
>old bad ends threads
...you sure about the "excellent" part?
>> No. 10616
Would Restorer count as Yuuka-centric? I mean, it's not about her exactly, but once I started writing her, anon seemed really into her.

You know, that I became a horrible writefag and kept ditching everyone, but you can at least see some half-way decent writing! Maybe.
>> No. 10617
Completed Stories-

Hakugyokuro LA by Patchwork - Four out of five stars
This is neat story that focuses mainly on Yuyuko. That doesn't stop the MC from sleeping around a bit since Yuyu doesn't seem to mind all that much. I liked the Youmu characterization and the Prism River Sisters are very entertaining. Did I mention that the MC sleeps around a lot? Yeah, good fun.

SCIENCE! by Klaymen - Three out of five stars
This little gem focuses on Nitori. The MC is a scientist and the story plot is focused around Youkai Mountain. It also happens to include a cute fairy companion. The writing may have aged a little bit, but it's still a solid read. It also may or may not feature a black hole.

Distilled Encounters from Festive Times by Anonymous - Four out of five stars
I suppose I could call this one a "slice of life' story. It features an MC nicknamed "Arc", who was adopted by a village liquor shop owner. It features a "Suikabro" and takes place mainly around the human village/ Hakurei Shrine area. It also sets up an array of ongoing side-stories with a winning cast. There a few flaws with it, but it is highly enjoyable. [Warning, may include Mima]

Incomplete/Dead Stories - Read at your own risk!

Youkai Mountain Limited Adventure by Tetrominon
This one is a bit dated, but it features an awesome MC by the name of Cú Chulainn. It focuses on Sanae and the events leading up to her first encounter with Reimu. It is on the shorter side, but it's worth reading.

Gunman in Gensokyo / Gunman Redux by Snake
GiG is a wild story. It combines many elements together and focuses on Aya. It's one of the few stories that "routelocks" early in the game and the readers get to enjoy the relationship throughout the story. Things do get odd when Yuuka gets involved and some strange things happen to the MC that I have neither the time nor the patience to explain in a short paragraph. It's worth a look.

Contemplations Under the Moon and Stars by Harker
The setting is Eientei, the focus is Reisen, there is a wonderfully cute little sister earth rabbit and the MC is a dapper gentlemen. I don't think I need to explain anything more, go read it now.
>> No. 10618

> "Idea for Alice" is also good but KW hasn't updated in a two months."

And you don't know how sorry he is about that. I went through a rough patch back then. Everything bad that could've happened did, up to and including my cat dying.

I'm a lot better now, of course, and I have thought about updating it (it gnaws at me to leave a story that long unfinished), but would anyone even care? I'm fairly certain I have no readers left. Hell, are most people who read the story originally even still around? I'm not sure anyone would even know what's going on anymore.
>> No. 10619
Two months is nothing. I haven't read your story, but I am certain anon would welcome your return.

Unless you're a terrible writer, then get out.
>> No. 10620

KW is pretty much the farthest possible thing from being a terrible writer, and Idea of Alice is one of the most engaging stories I've read onsite (hell, I rec'ced it a few months ago in this thread).

I'll admit to not being one of the "original" readers of your story, just someone who discovered it in the archives during the year-plus hiatus and liked it a great deal. Still, I don't think there has been much actual loss of readership in the last couple years, and even if some of the original voters have left, I'm sure there are plenty of others like myself who'd remember (and/or eagerly refresh themselves on what was going on by reading the archived threads).

My condolences for your RL troubles as well, but it's good that you're recovering from them. Not trying to force you to write if you've lost interest, but I do think you'd be welcomed back, as would far more of the past dead stories' writers than believe that themselves.
>> No. 10621
I read your story when it was originally being written and I'll tell you I would be excited to see it up again and I now a few others who will be also.
>> No. 10624
You fans would welcome you back. Anon's pretty forgiving of Hiatus as long as you come back and/or let them know.
>> No. 10626
Just for you.

Creeping Shadows
It has an alternate Gensokyo setting where an organization known as "The Guild" tries to maintain balance. It starts out with an investigation in the outer reaches of Gensokyo where a town has gone suspiciously quiet. The MC is hard to describe, but definitely unique. It features a wide range of characters from Patchouli, Marisa. There is an intricate plot with rumors of war. Makai may or may not be featured as well.

Glass Half Empty
This is a spin-off from Distilled Encounters from Festive Times. It features Arc following the magician's path with Alice. She serves as Arc's master and instructs him in the arcane arts. Things go wrong during an ritual and shit hits the fan, leaving Arc to pick up the pieces. That's about all I can say without major spoilers. It's also in it's final thread!

Violet Sky
A "noir" based detective story with corruption, intrigue and some lovely ladies. Yukari, Yuyuko, and Yuuka are all featured prominently in this mystery CYOA. The MC is a washed up ex-cop who dropped out of the force to pursue detective work. This one has style and will not disappoint.
>> No. 10627
/blue/ says I should ask here what Violet Sky and Glass Half Empty are about. So I am.
>> No. 10628

Already done for you, bro, thanks to >>10626. By the way, it's >>/blue/16180 if you haven't done cross-board linking before, but kudos for the descriptions anyway.
>> No. 10629
Yeah, first time I've ever had to do that, thanks.
>> No. 10630
Anyone could recommend me stories outside /th/ that are not too advanced, but currently ongoing? No preferences on any character or kind of plot in particular.
>> No. 10631
In the Forest in /forest/ has been fun. Path of the Hakurei and Chronograph over in /shrine/ are definitely worth your time. Inferno, Girl of Death and Otherwise in /underground/ are both solid stories. And finally, Myouren Academy over in /others/ is decent, but whether it's continuing or not, I can't say for sure.

I want to start reading Serial ATA's work, but I can't seem to find exactly where to start. There's like 4 stories/spinoffs.

And where the hell did Megasen disappear to?
>> No. 10633
/border/ has Another Incursion, which has been discussed at length above me, and an okay story that just started a week or two ago. And others, but I don't read those.

In /at/, there’s Doing Better/Medicine’s Dollhouse, which puts an unusual spin on the mindbreak genre and has a shitstorm every other update, and Reimu's Adventure, which manages to be strangely sincere despite being a shameless sex-fest.

If you're starting Reimu's Adventure from the beginning, be aware that it changes writers partway through the first thread. The second writer's much better.
>> No. 10634

>Glass Half Empty

I approve.
>> No. 10635
Go vote! It's not too late!
>> No. 10636
The Beast Returns to Gensokyo's a pretty good /at/ story. The update speed has gotten a tad slow, but the author seems pretty dedicated to it.
>> No. 10637
>Inferno, Girl of Death and Otherwise

Hah, I kid. Seriously though, who knows where Megasen went? The cynics might say some mean things, but that is neither here nor there.

I haven't checked on Stardust Halley in a while in /forest/, but I like it and Serial ATA's work.

There's also story in /blue/, Characters who never get romanced, that you can glance over. Not many updates, kind of slow, but good for a quick read at the moment.
>> No. 10638
Inferno has 3 updates so far and one recently, so I'm guessing the poster added it in as an afterthought.

I'll put in a recommendation for When Borders Meet Their End in /others/. The premise seems a little generic so far, but the characterizations are nice enough. The writefag, Luminous, has also recently started and completed a CYOA in /forest/ (No Such Thing As Fairytales, 3 months and short but a nice read), which is a good sign for reliability. And seconding Another Incursion for its premise.
>> No. 10639
Serial ATA's stories aren't exactly related (and I believe he finished his tank-girl side story which is related to his /eientei/ story)

He's mainly working three:

Little Soldier lost- His first story and still going for its old age. It's basically a WW2 Russian soldier ending up in Gensokyo thanks to Yukari and ends up at Eientei. Has one of the best Kaguyas I've seen.

Winemaker- Unrelated series of a winemaker and his vanilla-sex filled life. Stands out due to how caring and vanilla the sex is compared to other stories. Also has a Daiyousei anyone would want to marry.

Stardust- It started out slow but is starting to pick up now. Interesting look at a near future Gensokyo.
>> No. 10641
How is Ace Combat Gensokyo? Can any current readers give me a synopsis?
>> No. 10642
Mate, I voted months ago and I'm in the thread still. I'm not going to be the idiot who vote spams.
>> No. 10643
Well there's been some adjustments since the new writer took it over. There may be some flaws but the writer is trying his best.

The Synopsis? It's similar to Little Soldier lost: A russian pilot ends up in Gensokyo due to Yukari and upon finding out what happened to the Soviet union, decides to try reviving Communism in Gensokyo.

The new writer's changes add more depth to some things, things connecting it to LSL, and some new plot lines.

He took it over because he was sick of seeing it rot.
>> No. 10644
Anybody recommend that story by Jerl in the /others/ board, and could you provide a synopsis?
>> No. 10645
I just realized that I'm not actually reading anything besides Fell's story. Everything else, which wasn't much, I either gave up on or is on hiatus.
Recommend me...something. Anything. What needs readers? Maybe I can be one. Nothing to dark, though.
>> No. 10646
Well to be honest I can't say it's exceptional but it's pretty good. Only real issue is how the writer is prone to not writing for stretches at a time.

Synopsis? It deals with a city where most people think they're youkai/etc. called Gensokyo city and the MC is sent there by his company ran by Yukari. There he gets to know some of the residents, takes part in a few fights and an incident and getting used to life there.

it's actually a pretty old story so there's a few classic references.

Any other things I should keep in mind before starting my suggestions?
>> No. 10647
Nothing immediately comes to mind.
>> No. 10648
Stardust over in /forest/, it's SerialATA's newest story and it hasn't had the quickest start. There's also In The Forest, a Dancing Light in the same board, though I would try it and see. Both may be slow but I doubt they'll die off.

There's Ace Combat Gensokyo over in /shrine/ that could really use new readers.
>> No. 10649
Girl of Death in /underground/ is a pretty interesting read.
>> No. 10650
If you're not averse to /at/, The Beast Returns to Gensokyo doesn't get a whole lot of attention other than the odd recc here and there. Although, I'd recommend it with the caveat that the story is fairly different going in than where it currently is.
>> No. 10651
Hahahaha. Maybe if I get really desperate for some Marisa...but until then, no way.

Ace combat's description doesn't sound promising. I'll give Dancing Light a shot, though.

I think I read the first thread of that. Got bored.

>I'd recommend it with the caveat that the story is fairly different going in than where it currently is.
...given what the story is about, I'm gonna need some elaboration on that.
>> No. 10652
Do you have something against him? I know he's not fast, but he's a good writer and one that has been writing since the earlier days of the site. He's also a nice guy.

A Plum Farmer gets tentacle powers but uses his powers for light punishment and/or consensual sex than rape. There might be some more twists on the way
>> No. 10654
I've never liked his writing. It's so dull and cliche; I've never understood why people like him.

...is what I WOULD say, until just now, when I realized I was getting him mixed up with...someone else. Oops.
I'll give Stardust a shot too.
Pass on Beast Returns. Consensual tentacles have never worked for me at all.

Thanks for the recommendations.
>> No. 10655
Who were you mixing him up with?
>> No. 10656
You really want me to say?
>> No. 10657
Yep. Your mix up has raised some questions.

But on topic, Being Meiling has quickly proved itself to be one of the most amusing of the new bunch of stories.

I can sum up one example in two words: Drunk Flandre
>> No. 10658
Was there ever a story with a Komachi route? I'd like to read a Komachi route.
>> No. 10659
Fine. Sukima.
>> No. 10660
There's a few that came close, but none of them are really active. That Infernal story over in /th/ is the latest one with the potential for Komachi route.

Oh wait Tainted Bonds has some potential for Komachi route.

She does have a hard time getting a route as most /th/ stories get sucked into the SDM vortex and /border/'s generally dominated by Yukari and Co.

Ouch... not sure how you could confuse them, but I won't go into it. Serial ATA has been an old time writer who has been evolving with the times unlike some old writers who upon return produce something now considered dated and/or overdone.
>> No. 10661
Good smut, though.
>> No. 10662
His Rin and Momiji stories are on a sort of controversial note as Rin's story ended with her going off for a time. And Momiji's story ended on a note of possibly screwing something up and the sequel? EVERYTHING GOT WORSE! The whole thing smacked of Rule of drama and "Gensokyo's future must be worse than the present"
>> No. 10663
Don't listen to this guy who can't stand dark Gensokyo stories.
>> No. 10664
have you actually read the stories I've mentioned?

My annoyance isn't that it's dark, but that people seem to assume Gensokyo's future has to be dark no matter what.
>> No. 10665
Of course I've read it. That's why I replied to you. I liked it.

And about Gensokyo's future being dark, I think it's more interesting that way, so no complains from me. I mean, if everything's a-ok, no story can be made from that.
>> No. 10666
not all stories require gensokyo being on the fast track to "pain, misery, etc forever" hell to have stories told.

And such futures imply that someone screwed up big time.
>> No. 10667
Well, whatever you say.
>> No. 10668
Well, see Palingenesia. Shit really hit the fan in that story. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it might have one of the darkest Gensokyo futures on this board. It was glorious.
>> No. 10669
I don't even remember what's that story about. Something about the sun and Jewish mythology?

Yeah, I don't want to read it again.
>> No. 10670

They accidentally a new sun, which wipes out the Outside World. Evil god possessing the MC is trying to consume everything with shadows while a civil war is waged between two youkai lords more powerful than Yukari.

Personally, the OC-to-character ratio is a bit too high.
>> No. 10671
Yeah, I never liked it when there are too much OCs in a Touhou story, especially if they're all introduced right at the start.

I mean, who are these people and why should I care? Too much and I can't even remember who's who.

I can like OCs if they're introduced and developed properly. Heck, I know one that I like really much, I want her to be canon.
>> No. 10672
Who's that?
>> No. 10673
Not someone from here.

To sum it up, she's the sole survivor of the slaughtered moon rabbit squad tasked to retrieve Kaguya in the old days.
>> No. 10674
It was a rather well written if very grim dark story (if it got any grimmer/darker, there'd be whores)

Though blindly thinking "grimdark=better" is purely junvile thinking.

I find it sort of funny that a post nuke Gensokyo is actually rather bright compared to some of the other futures seen on the site.
>> No. 10675
Which futures are darker?
>> No. 10676
Let's see....

The story that Sukima did, mainly that racial tensions were at an all time high, Myouren temple got subverted by the human servants, The Hakureis getting basically killed off, oh yeah the previous main characters went about commiting suicide.

>>10668 it's better to ask what didn't go horribly wrong.

Gensokyo Future seemed to have a decent one if not for some OP OC youkai going about making trouble.

Shadows over Gensokyo where things kept on getting worse.
>> No. 10677
I love Gensokyo. Why would I voluntarily read about horrible, horrible things happening too it?
I don't get it.
>> No. 10678
I just checked Shadows over Gensokyo and it has a happy ending. So it's not all that bad.

Dunno what's going on in the story though. Lunarians invading? Eirin's machine?

Yeah, I merely skimmed the story.
>> No. 10679

Youkai fight war with Lunarians. Causes irreparable damage to everything in Gensokyo. Eirin tries to patch things up with souls in machine, fails. Youkai lose when SDM is sacked.

Then Shikieiki and Yukari, who apparently were on vacation or something, step in and push the reset button, making everything fine again.
>> No. 10680
How the hell can Eiki and Yukari just step in and reset everything? Is this yet another one of those "Yukari is omnipotent" interpretation?
>> No. 10682
the reset occurs due to A) things blowing up so badly certain key people die and B) when asked, the MC says Gensokyo should get another chance.
>> No. 10683
>when asked, the MC says Gensokyo should get another chance.
Well, duh, obviously. I mean, who would vote for "Yeah, let Gensokyo burn for all I care"?
>> No. 10684
File 136313126596.png - (116.33KB, 650x633, 29405119.png) [iqdb]
Gensokyo must be destroyed. At least once. I want a story that heavily involves Gensokyo's destruction. Full reader approval optional.
>> No. 10685
Check out Touhou-A-Live. Specifically, its last chapter.
>> No. 10686
Do you have to love Gensokyo to be a Touhou fan?
>> No. 10687
Funny you should bring that up. It also has a bad "future" Gensokyo.

And that's before "The Invasion" happened. Things just keep getting worse and worse there.

Fitting since it's a Live-a-Live fangame.
>> No. 10688
And does loving something preclude you from enjoying stories that might hurt it?
>> No. 10689
The tengu must die by treia does deal with gensokyo's destruction and resetting to do it another way.
>> No. 10690
Really? I just checked the latest update and there's nothing like that.
>> No. 10691
does it ever get past torture porn? As I get the impression the whole story is just an excuse to torture and/or kill touhous.
>> No. 10692
Hmph, that story seems more like a wanking session for Treia's OC. How inelegant.
>> No. 10693
Would anyone mind recommending a story with a male MC and some of the more mature ladies?

I'm talking Yukari, Yuuka (never seen a story with her), Kanako, those type of ladies.
>> No. 10694
Yukari = That Gary Stu story. S.L.D.T if I'm not mistaken
Yuuka = That story with the fanboys in Gensokyo. An old story
Kanako = Nobody's desperate enough to date her.
>> No. 10695
more like everyone goes after Sanae
>> No. 10696
Hakugyokuro LA by Patchwork.
>> No. 10697
Or Aya. She's had a lot of stories too.

Its a shame really. A Suwako story would be one of the best things ever. She could really use more attention.

So, any Suwako stories out there?
>> No. 10699
Forget Suwako. Youmu comes from an earlier game and she hasn't had a story for herself yet.
>> No. 10700
Fanboys in Gensokyo? Does the story have a name? I'm probably going to check that out.
It saddens me that there is no Kanako story out there

Thank you, I'll be checking that out.
>> No. 10701

>>/at/28028 was a Kanako story. It seems to have died, but it managed to get in a few sex scenes, if that's your thing.
>> No. 10702
File 136382291165.jpg - (595.96KB, 650x918, 1358455776370.jpg) [iqdb]
Says the guy who started a Youmu thing and never continued it.

But honestly, I will admit that Youmu gets nowhere near enough love though. I guess she isn't usually seen as being as dynamic of a character as the other protagonists. She pretty much always gets portrayed as the serious and beleaguered servant to Yuyuko's shenanigans.

Really, I think that Youmu has a lot of unrealized potential. A writer could always play up the warrior angle and make her a badass.

For those who prefer drama, Youmu probably has a ton of issues. She was sort abandoned by her grandfather/father/master/whatever the hell role Youki had in her life. Her never-mentioned mother is probably either dead or is Yuyuko herself (possibly the worst parent in Gensokyo, excluding Yukari). Youmu probably grew up without a role-model and constantly measures herself to Yuyuko's failed expectations. On top of that, officially, Youmu doesn't even get vacation or sick days. The girl is well within her rights to be a fucking train-wreck of neuroses.

And for those who still can't think of how to make an interesting Youmu story, here are a couple plot threads:

- Youmu has a rather ironic fear of ghosts. This would make for a good short, either funny or horrifying.
Come to think of it, a series of pieces on what some Touhous fear the most would be pretty interesting.

- One of Youmu's swords can kill ghosts. Think about that for a moment. That definitely breaks some cosmic rules that shouldn't be broken. Screwing with the wheel of reincarnation is a quick way to get hell's assassins or the shinigami after you. Maybe for this plot thread, Youmu's sword could be stolen. Some unknown culprit is killing ghosts, maybe even Yuyuko if you want things to be really dark, and Youmu must clear her name while on the run. I'd read the hell out of that.

- Lastly, Planescape: Touhou. Imagine it, Youmu (and friends) traveling the network of planes which more or less surround Earth. Preface it with Yuyuko sending Youmu off for some rare food if you want lighthearted, or an incident if you prefer seriousness. Maybe the protagonists get lost and can't find their way home.
Another option is an actual Planescape/Touhou crossover. I've heard that Yukari has more than a few disturbing similarities to The Lady of Pain. Run with that, set Touhous in the appropriate factions, and go wild.

I just wrote several hundred words on a character who isn't even in my top ten. Why the fuck can't I channel that kind of focus toward actually writing updates?
>> No. 10703
>Planescape/Touhou crossove

There was one in FF.net. It died when it was just getting interesting (the Touhous were stranded in different Planes). Of course.
>> No. 10704
File 136382916964.jpg - (27.75KB, 225x350, 192663.jpg) [iqdb]
>I just wrote several hundred words on a character who isn't even in my top ten.
I think you know what must be done.
>Planescape/Touhou crossover
We haven't been watching recent shows, have we?
>> No. 10705
What? Do you mean write a Youmu story or adjust my top ten?

And no. I haven't been watching recent shows. I have no idea who that is at all. Please, educate me.
>> No. 10706
Youmu's issue is that she's overshadowed by Yukari, Ran and Yuyuko. And that's just in /border/. In other stories she has to content with Sakuya, Sanae, Kaguya,etc.

I forgot the name but its MC's name was Nemo.
>> No. 10707
>she's overshadowed by Yukari, Ran and Yuyuko
...are you kidding me?
>> No. 10708
Nope, though Youmu is ahead of the Prismrivers, Komachi and Shikieiki.

Most stories in border seem to head in one direction: Yukari or Ran though these days there's no clear heading on modern stories.

You best hope for a Youmu story is writing one yourself.
>> No. 10709
File 136385878547.jpg - (54.19KB, 600x338, lovely.jpg) [iqdb]
Write a Youmu story, obviously.

The show's Mondaijitachi. What it is, is basically Problem Children in Gensokyo: Planescape Edition. Some of the visual designs are rather clear copies. One of the MCs seems like a little bit of a Gary Stu, but it's justified in the source material. And frankly, it's entertaining to watch him have fun. There's 10 eps and it's completed.
>> No. 10710
I still don't understand why there are people who like that anime's protag.
>> No. 10711
File 136390444595.jpg - (180.28KB, 850x629, sample-10fdbc36d2720102bf548b57ff6b27f1.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm not >>10705 but I am thinkin of starting a Youmu story, but I'm torn between writing it or keeping all of my focus on my current story.

Youmu is one of my favorite characters so I would enjoy writing a story revolving around her, but I don't think I could handle two stories at the same time. I am torn.
>> No. 10712
If you're not sure you can keep up with two stories, then don't start the second one. It's painful to see good stories being left abandoned because the writefag is overwhelmed.
>> No. 10723
File 136397626352.jpg - (277.07KB, 1004x945, 1361602577753.jpg) [iqdb]
For what it's worth, I could probably write a few hundred words on pretty much any Touhou with a name, as well as plot threads involving them.

I'll probably write that fear of ghosts idea as a short at some point.

Planescape: Touhou is sounding better and better by the moment. I already have tons of ideas to use. It probably wouldn't be Youmu-centric, though she will likely be prominent. The only things stopping me right now are the fact that I've gone 48 hours without sleep and I'm not sure whether or not to have a few non-invasive game mechanics. (As a side note, I always read Planescape as Planetscape. I still think it rolls off of the tongue better.)

As for the ghost cutting sword plot threads, whomever wants them is free to take them. I certainly don't plan on using them any time soon. The only writer I know of who's done anything of the sort is balistafreak.
>> No. 10726
>Come to think of it, a series of pieces on what some Touhous fear the most would be pretty interesting.
I like this idea, a lot.
I'm not a very good person.
>> No. 10731
Everyone has to face their fears. It'd be scary and mean but reading the moment where they just get over it would be all worth it.
Isn't that the reason for hardships to exist? So we can get over them and grow stronger?
>> No. 10734
Planescape: Touhou is now posted in /others/. It's actually happening!
>> No. 10735
File 136408558396.jpg - (135.86KB, 1280x720, TANOSHII.jpg) [iqdb]
>I still don't understand why there are people who like that anime's protag.
>> No. 10745
Offsite, but probably worth checking out.

Sound of the the city

It's a shortish story about Aya working as a journalist in the real world.

There's also Cirno erotica if that interests you.
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