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6162 No. 6162
The sounds and songs of the feast slowly fade as you stagger away from king Harald's Mead Hall. The pale moon looks down on you, and you're certain that the old bastard's gaze is mocking. Despite being utterly wasted you manage to deliver a slurrred litany of insults at the moon, a fierce scowl at your face.

"Why don'cha get down 'ere an we'll schettle dhis you old shit? Think y'can mock me like dat an' get away wit it?"

The moon doesn't reply. You stagger on.

In your state of intoxication you almost collapse in the drifts of snow lining the road, and as you finally reach your house you have to grab the wall to prevent you from sagging down in the snow. Slowly you turn around and move for the door, when you suddenly notice a tall figure clad in white moving around a corner and out of sight. Or did you really see that? You know of no one at the king's court that resembles that figure.

[ ] Go and investigate
[ ] Grab your weapons and investigate
[ ] Fuck that shit, you're going in and going to sleep
[ ] Puke your guts out

If you choose to grab your weapons, choose one of the following:

[ ] Broadsword & Shield
[ ] Battleaxe & Shield
[ ] Two-handed greataxe
[ ] Other (specify)

>> No. 6163
Oh, and by the way, first option to reach five votes wins.
>> No. 6164
[X] Grab your weapons and investigate
[X] Battleaxe & Shield
Guy needs a name.
>> No. 6165
[X] Wepon
[X] Gum
>> No. 6166
{X} Grab your weapons and investigate
{X} Other (twin daggers)
Simple is best~
>> No. 6167
[ ] Grab your weapons and investigate
[ ] Battleaxe & Shield
>> No. 6168

This man speaks truth.

{Y} Grab your weapons and investigate
{Z} Other (twin daggers)
>> No. 6169
[x] Grab your weapons and prepare for glorious battle
[x] Battleaxe & Shield

>> No. 6170
[+] Grab your weapons and prepare for glorious battle
[+] Battleaxe & Shield
>> No. 6171
[x] Grab your weapons and prepare for glorious battle
[x] Other (berserker mushrooms)

>> No. 6172
[x] Grab your weapons and prepare for glorious battle
[x] Battleaxe & Shield
>> No. 6173
[x] Grab your weapons and prepare for glorious battle
[x] Battleaxe & Shield
>> No. 6174
We have a winner. Writing now.
>> No. 6175
[X] Grab your weapons and prepare for glorious battle
[X] Battleaxe & Shield
>> No. 6176
File 121507954976.jpg - (181.41KB , 885x800 , 1206585261145.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Grab your weapons ans prepare for glorious battle.
[ ] Battleaxe & Shield
[ ] Other (Twin daggers)


You quickly decide that the person must be a vile foeman. Your spirit soars at the prospect of battle, the drunken stupor giving way for your mighty Viking Spirit. You quietly thank Odin for granting you the opportunity to fight in his name.

Swiftly you dash inside and grab your trusty battleaxe and shield. You also slip a pair of wicked daggers into your belt. A true warrior can't have too many weapons after all. It only takes a few moments for you to dash back outside and follow the tracks of the intruder.

You spend a few tense minutes following the tracks when you suddenly spot the person you saw. You freeze in your tracks, now almost certain that the alcohol is playing tricks on you. Before you stands a tall, blonde woman dressed in a blue-white dress, her back turned to you.. However, what immediately captures your attention are the nine golden tails that poke out from the back of her dress. She is looking intensely at something and doesn't seem to have noticed you yet.

[ ] Howl a battle cry and charge
[ ] Demand to know what she's doing here
[ ] Gawk at the woman
[ ] Grab a tail
>> No. 6177
{X} Demand to know what she's doing here.
Let's not be too irrational.
>> No. 6178

[x] Gawk at the woman
[x] "Whut?"
>> No. 6179
[X] Grab a tail
Must touch rantails
>> No. 6180
[X] Howl a battle cry and charge...
[X] ...into her tails~
>> No. 6181
[ ] Grab a tail
Let's bad-end this right off the bat, for lulz.
>> No. 6182

My bad end senses are tingling.

{X} Demand to know what she's doing here.
>> No. 6183
[X] Howl a battle cry and charge...
[X] ...into her tails~

Tail route, this must mean that this is the strongest route.
>> No. 6184
[X] Howl a battle cry and charge

>> No. 6185
[ ] Grab a tail
[ ] Demand to know what she's doing here

Attention gettan game
>> No. 6186
So ya'll be working mah' field are ya' son? Dat's sum right neat plotton you got sproutin', yes sah'!

You kin' grow your plotton here, but jus' remember.

I is boss nigger 'round these parts.

>> No. 6187
[X] Howl a battle cry and charge

Leap Attack, followed by Berserk
>> No. 6188
[X] Gawk at the woman
>> No. 6189
[X] Howl a battle cry and charge...
[X] ...into her tails~
>> No. 6190
Name: Skwisgaar Skwigelf.
>> No. 6191
[ ] Grab a tail
[ ] Demand to know what she's doing here

Why not?
>> No. 6192
[x] Grab a tail
[x] Demand to know what she's doing here
>> No. 6193
It appears as if tailgrabbing & answer tiem won. Writing now.
>> No. 6194
>> No. 6195
File 12151136936.jpg - (389.86KB , 605x605 , 120717885050.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Grab a tail
[ ] Demand to know what she's doing here

Tails. Fluffy and soft. They invite you.

You edge forward until you're directly behind her and grab a tail. This tail is the smoothest and softest tail ever, far finer than even the silk of Särkland. You feel as if you could die happily after experiencing this exquisite sensastion. Truly, tail feels so good. Unfortunately your blissful reverie is cut short as the startled fox-woman jumps away with a scream only moments after your assault.

"Kyaa! Stop it Yukari-sama."

She suddenly turns around, far faster than any human would be able to and faces you. Her embarassed face quickly shifts to a shocked expression as she lays her eyes on you.

"Wha- a human? Oh, but, how?"

Not wasting a moment you cross your arms and gaze into her eyes. Intensely focusing you feel the poetry of Odin fill your mead-addled mind, and you manage to speak with only a slight slur.

"Well met, O beautiful fox, wily hunter of the darkened wood. Why have you come to king Harald's hall, unannounced, uninvited?"

"Whaa- um, what?"
Taken aback by your formal challenge, the fox-woman seems more confused than ever. She takes a few steps back and stops.

Suddenly she seems to compose herself. Her eyes focus and her hard gaze bores into you. Her hands knot and harden into long claws. Her voice is like the clash of blades and the din of battle.

"I am Ran Yakumo, Shikigami of Yukari Yakumo. Human, I am giving you a choice. Flee and live, or stay and die. Thank your gods that my mistress has ordered me to show mercy, or I would gut you where you stand for this insult."
It seems as if you've upset her somewhat.

[ ] Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.
[ ] Trust in the strenght of Thor. Fight her.
[ ] Trust in the cunning of Loki (Write-in)
>> No. 6196
[+] Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.
Odin's a god of war and death, too. If talk fails, we have the Allfather's blessing for glorious battle!
>> No. 6197
[x] Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.
>> No. 6198
File 121511411577.jpg - (397.19KB , 575x654 , 1206425326574.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.

Do want Ran route, BTW.
>> No. 6199
[x] Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.
>> No. 6200
[x] Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.
>> No. 6201
{X} Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.
Cyclops wisdom is a go
>> No. 6202
Wisdom it is. Writing now.
>> No. 6203
File 121511954133.jpg - (96.94KB , 578x750 , 121267148355.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tired. Sleepan tiem nao. Return tomorrow.

[ ] Trust in the wisdom of Odin. Talk your way out of this.

You stand still before the vision of fury standing before you. Your mind tells you to flee. You ignore it. Your instincts tell you to fight. You ignore them.

Ran suddenly stops, a certain wariness evident in her movements. She had obviously expected you to attack or flee.

"Are you a fool, human? Are you so willing to die?"

This. This is the moment. You force away all thoughts of fear from your mind and meet Ran's gaze. Calmly you recite the ancient words of the Allfather, trusting in the guidance of his divine wisdom. The words come to your lips unbidden, they pour forth and strike true like the cast of Gungnir.

"A coward believes he will ever live
if he keep him safe from strife:
but old age leaves him not long in peace
though spears may spare his life."

Silence follows your words. Neither of you speak, but the hard edge has vanished from Ran's eyes, replaced by hints of curiosity and wariness.

"Fu fu fu..."
Soft female laughter suddenly breaks the silence as another woman appears, as if from thin air. Her elegant purple dress contrasts with the snow, and her long blonde hair glitters in the starlight.

"Well, well, well. I think we've found the one we're looking for, isn't that right Ran?" The woman in purple smiles elegantly as she speaks. You suddenly feel wary. Not only one supernatural being, but two on the same night. Ill fortune indeed.

"But, Yukari-sama, he isn't..." Ran tries to interject

"Now, now, Ran. You musnt't be so fussy. This one will do nicely." Her name is Yukari. You suddenly notice that she isn't standing on the ground at all. Her legs disappear into a patch of darkness.

"Yukari-sama, is this an exuse so that you can get back to sleeping?" Ran looks defeated. Her ears are drooping and her voice tells you that this has happened many times before.

"Fu, fu, fu... Maybe, maybe not." Yukari suddenly turns to you. "As for you, you're just the one I've been looking for. I'm hereby inviting you to Gensokyo"

Gensokyo. Another name you've never heard. Who are these women anyway, powerful socerers, or evil spirits? You decide to politely decline her invitation.

"Gracious lady, golden-haired. Great in grace and glory. Unwise is the man who accepts unknown offer..."

"Sorryy, can't heear youu" Yukari's sing-song voice is full of cheer as she points cuts you off in mid-sentence.

"And off you go~. Safe travels"

The ground suddenly disappears from beneath your feet. The last thing you see is Yukari's smiling face. Then the darkness claims you.



Congratulations, Anonymous. You've cleared the prologue. And unexpectedly you've started going down the Skald path.

Now, please give me feedback on my writan skills. Should I continue at all? Should I write less alliterative verse? More alliterative verse?

What say you, good Anonymous?
>> No. 6204

Urd, Skald and Verdandy paths then?
>> No. 6206
No, you're thinking of Skuld.

Think of a Skald as an old Norse bard.
>> No. 6207
Skald path? What are the other paths?
It's fine likt it is, i like it. VIKING SPIRITS!
Keep it up.
>> No. 6208

Ah, I see.
>> No. 6209

Fuck yes, warrior-poet.

More kenning would be appreciated.
>> No. 6211
Just keep doing what you're doing. You've got the proper amount of volume and some reasonable choices. Very good narrative style and dialogue, too. All that remains to be seen is the quality of the actual story.

I actually went and looked up alliterative verse, and with that knowledge, the posts got twice as good, so that shit stays. Just don't use it so often it becomes a joke.
>> No. 6212
Write longer posts, give us some walls.
>> No. 6214
holy fuck this is awesome, forest will remain the flawless board
>> No. 6215
File 121514051766.png - (474.59KB , 730x850 , SDMteam3.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6216
One of the two flawless boards, then.

(Saguyafag is an in-joke; doesn't count.)
>> No. 6217
>What say you, good Anonymous?



I like both.
>> No. 6218


>> No. 6219
File 121514815844.png - (369.37KB , 800x600 , UNLIMITEDIDORTWORKS.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6220
I've liked what I've seen thus far, the concept seems quite solid and engaging to me. Although personally I would've gone for:

[ ] Trust in the cunning of Loki. Set her on fire.

Anyway if I might venture a suggestion, detailed descriptions of your surroundings would really work well within this story I think. It'd be fun if perhaps Skaldnonymous composed a verse for each leg of his adventure, it'll set the scene really well while at the same time working brilliantly with in the character. I'm fairly awful at poetry so I don't envy you that's for sure!
>> No. 6221
The weeaboo in me just can't think of that last name as anything but Belldandy.

And holy shit, the Yakumo family IS a triptych.
I never fucking looked at it like that.
>> No. 6226

I just noticed the pic. Now I can't stop imagining Yukari in Almalexia's armor.
>> No. 6230
You know, I was certain that was from Morrowind, and I couldn't figure out why at first, but then I realized: they sky, and the clouds. They gave off the vibe big-time.